Friday 31 January 2020

Destroying The Working Class Through Education

Education does not lift the working class it destroys it!

That is not how it is normally portrayed, normally it is portrayed as education defeating poverty. The poor now being able to do anything they want with their life. It is a very Liberal way of looking and thinking about the world. The Liberal argues that education gives people choices, people are pretty much the same, including in intelligence so it is really about effort and desire. The working class have been given this amazing opportunity.

Before Liberalism education was elitist and personal. They changed that, they introduced 'free' compulsory education. It did improve peoples quality of live and it did expand the ability of workers to work in more economic areas. They also made the people pay for their own education and called it free, they still do. But what they expected was a panacea, a universal answer to the troubles of the working class. That did not arrive, in fact it has never arrived, but that does not stop Liberals from expecting it to arrive. If you listen to teachers, teachers unions or teachers conferences, you will hear this belief spoken openly as if it is a universal truth. More education is always the answer, even when no one asked a question.

In the past fifty years Western governments have expanded education enormously. They did this to find employment for a rising middle class, they also did it to keep unemployment down. Automation is not a new problem, it is an old problem that is getting worse. As factories automated, as wages grew, as the power of unions increased, companies tried to find ways around these issues. They tried efficiency, they tried outsourcing and they tried to limit recruitment. This lead to a youth unemployment problem. One solution for the government was to keep young people in school longer. That also kept more middle class people employed. The promise was that more education would lead to better jobs. In effect the government was saying that they would eliminate the working class through education. Everyone would become middle class.

However there is a reason that different social classes exist and it's not just because of how much money people get paid. Liberalism believes that people are equal, interchangeable. The truth is that people are unequal, they have different characters, abilities, intelligence's. This fundamental truth is denied at every level by Liberals. They insist that everything is malleable, everything changes, particularly if they want it to change. They are absolutely blind to reality.

What this means is that they keep trying to make the unworkable work. If someone is doing worse than someone else there must be a reason. Not a reason rooted within human nature and ability, but a reason that allows for things to be malleable. Maybe the reason is racism, sexism, homophobia, maybe the reason is funding, maybe the reason is teacher quality, teacher numbers, not enough choice of subjects, too much choice. They always seek to find this elusive panacea.

For the working class this means that they are educated more than they need. I think about my own education and how much of it is useless knowledge. Sure I learnt a lot but I also learnt so much I have never used or even needed to know. But things I should have been taught I never was. Why is it that most people will take out a mortgage or a loan but hardly anyone is taught about it in school?

This over education has a quite negative effect upon the working class. The great strength of the working class has been the fact that it is based in the real world. It is it's real world experience that gave it character and strength. Education is not the real world, it is an artificial world with artificial values. It encourages people to overvalue themselves. This is a universal problem because education does not make you intelligent, it gives you knowledge. Intelligence, knowledge and wisdom are all different things. Jobs that were once standard when you had 6 years of education seem like a real letdown when you have 12. Everyone expects, not unreasonably that they should have a better job than they would have had if they were not so educated. Employers cannot understand why no one wants basic jobs and the over educated want to know why they cannot get a decent job. The teachers might be happy, the government might be happy but there search for a panacea causes real world problems.

Which puzzles Liberals, how can it be that the working class isn't advancing as it should be? What is wrong with these people? They have been given this amazing opportunity and they keep squandering it. Here is one of the big reason why Liberals have come to hate and despise the working class. They were presented with a chance to join the middle class and they blew it. One of the great conceits of the middle class is that it believes that everyone wants to be just like them. And that is not true at all.

How do we fix this problem?

Firstly we need to stop pretending that education is a panacea.

Secondly we need to create jobs for young people, teenagers, so that they can either leave school or do part-time school, part-time work.

Thirdly we need to accept that work is the real world and that everyone needs to end up in the real world. Some need to be there much sooner than others.

Fourthly we need to get men back into teaching in big numbers. Men want standards, discipline and they don't want to mother. The feminine influence is now overpowering and we can all see the negative effects that this is having upon education.

Fifthly, schools need to have relationships with local businesses. For too long these two things have been kept apart, but part of the aim of school should be to prepare people for the time when they leave school. Some people start working and they love it, others learn that school is better and it can really improve their commitment. People should be recruited straight from school.

Over education is not a small issue, it distorts everything and it needs to end.

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Wednesday 29 January 2020

Stupid Versus Evil

“IN AMERICA, WE have a two-party system,” a Republican congressional staffer is supposed to have told a visiting group of Russian legislators some years ago.
“There is the stupid party. And there is the evil party. I am proud to be a member of the stupid party.”
He added: “Periodically, the two parties get together and do something that is both stupid and evil. This is called—“bipartisanship.” 
“The evil party wants to bankrupt the country and destroy its morals. The stupid party is, in principle, opposed to those things but doesn’t have a clue what to do about it.(Link to quote)

In every Western nation we have this struggle between the Stupid Party and the Evil Party. In most European countries you have a range of parties to choose from. In most of the English speaking world we get to choose directly between Stupid and Evil. In Europe it's a sliding scale from Stupid to Evil with a range of choices in between.

In Britain the Stupid Party are the Conservatives and the Evil Party are Labour.

In Australia the Stupid Party are the Liberals and the Evil Party are Labor.

In the U.S. the Stupid Party are the Republicans and the Evil Party are the Democrats.

Sometimes they like to shake it up and the Stupid Party does something Evil, or the Evil Party will do something stupid.

One of the great examples of Stupid and Evil is immigration. Both say that we need immigrants to drive the economy. That they improve the country, economically, culturally, socially, morally. Immigrants are just better people than we are, lets be honest that is the basic argument that both sides make.

However the Evil party has an Evil agenda, they believe that immigrants will vote for them, so they want immigration. So they support changing the people in the West and replacing them with Foreigners. Immigrants vote overwhelmingly for the Evil Party. Because the Evil party likes to give away free things and who doesn't like free things?

The free stuff includes our countries, our society, everything we and our ancestors built and created. Our entire Civilization is being given away for free.

Slowly the population changes and the Stupid Party doesn't seem to notice. Entire areas change population and political allegiance and they cannot work out why. Immigrants are natural conservatives they argue, even though they are not. The Foreign population that has been born in the West are just like us...even though we find out time and again that that isn't true. Nothing seems to make the Stupid Party come to it's senses.

Now many argue that these people may be Evil but they aren't Stupid, they understand what is going on quite well. That may be true, although it might not be true. What is obvious is that far to many of the voters of each party are stupid. Even when it is happening all around them, even when it directly affects their own life, how many people still cannot work it out?

To be fair to such people who else is there to vote for?

Isn't it true that voting always results in a politician winning?

Well yes that is true, maybe thats the real stupid and Evil thing!

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Monday 27 January 2020

The Greatness of Classical Music - Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Twenty Six

Here at the podcasts six month point we look at some of the very best of Classical music. David Hiscox and Mark Richardson join me to talk about the history and greatness of this fantastic achievement.

David Hiscox:

Mark Richardson:

The link includes a good selection of links to great Classical music.

Length: 29 minutes

Click on the Link and enjoy!
Episode Twenty Six

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Sunday 26 January 2020

Protesting the Left Gets You Arrested!

If you live outside of Australia you might never have heard of Neil Erikson. He has his fans and his detractors on the Right. The Left hate him with a passion because he uses their tactics against them. He likes to put a fly into their ointment. Things like crashing a Left wing council meeting and protesting their protests.

The 26th January is Australia Day, the day Australians celebrate our country. The Left however has been pushing the lie that it is Invasion Day. A day of mourning for the Aboriginal people. They say that 'we need to change the date'. But anyone with half a brain knows that no day is acceptable to them. This is what they do, they destroy.  The very first 'day of mourning' was organised back in 1938 for the 150th Anniversary of the First Fleet, by the Communist Party.

Today Neil Erikson was on the steps of Flinders Street Station wrapped in an Australian flag. The Left wing protestors were going to pass by that spot so the police asked him to move on.  When he refused he was arrested.

They are allowed to protest us, but we are not allowed to protest them!

With Victoria police always going out of their way to accommodate the Left. It is the Left who cause the violence, the disruptions and the law breaking. But they are allowed to march anytime they want. They are even allowed to protest our national day without a worry in the world. They are allowed to attack police time after time without consequence. When it comes to to moving someone along it is always our side who the police bully into silence.

This film footage goes for just under 5 minutes and for the first half the audio is terrible, the second half shows his arrest.

Arrested for having Australian Flag on Australia Day

Why is the Left allowed to protest but we are not allowed to protest them?

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Saturday 25 January 2020

Link Love X

Normally I do one of these a year or so, not because I am on any schedule. But since my last link love post 9 days ago, I keep finding really good links. Non are from the usual suspects although I read you nearly every day.

I wanted to write on this very topic until I saw this excellent article from the Russell Kirk Centre - Would you recognise a dystopia if you saw one?

This is written from a Leftists perspective, but it's a very interesting idea on how to organise a community in the modern world. Something that I know gets a lot on our side thinking.

Professor David Starkey is a leading Historian in Britain, very pro-Monarchy. This is a link to three articles that he has written recently, the first on Liberalism. All three are of interest.

Is sexual morality important? The research presented here says yes!

A 10 minute video on Facebook that tells the history and the deceit behind Roe v Wade, which effectively legalised abortion in America. I found out some information that I didn't know.

Then I found three articles from The Atlantic of all places:

The Troubling Ideals at the Heart of Abortion Rights

Why is Joe Rogan So Popular?

A really informative piece on MH370, the Malaysian airliner that vanished in 2014

Last but not least, or crazy is as crazy proposes.....Is Artificial-womb technology a tool for womens liberation? No it's batshit insane but read on anyway, it's important to know just how they justify this kind of stuff to themselves.

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Wednesday 22 January 2020

The Feminine Nature of Democracy

Democracy, even when the electorate was all male, is feminine in nature. Masculine features include strength, decision making, hierarchy, decisiveness, providing, cohesion, leadership. Feminine features include weakness, consensus thinking, mothering, community building, nurturing, planning, influence. Of course these are not complete lists but they do give an idea of each sexes strengths and yes feminine weakness is a strength. Because it gives a place for men to excel.

What does any of this have to do with Democracy?

Each system of government has strengths and weaknesses, because perfection does not exist. However Democracy is presented to us as the best form of government. So to hear that it has features, let alone flaws can be quite confronting to many people. Because they have simply never thought about the subject.

We do not have direct Democracy, we have instead representative Democracy. Which means that we do not represent ourselves but we have proxy's to represent us. Even direct Democracy is feminine in nature as it requires the strong to give way to the weak, it requires consensus thinking and it takes away hierarchy, decisiveness and cohesion. Instead of men working behind a leader, now men are regarded as having equal say and equal responsibility, something most men know instinctively is not true. Each man has different qualities to the next man, that is why in nearly every culture a mans character is important. Democracy says as each man is as good as the next man not only does his character not matter but that each man has the same character.

In a representative Democracy feminine qualities are much more important than masculine ones. Each vote is regarded as equal in character to every other voter. Someone of bad character is treated the same as someone with good character. In fact we are told that character isn't real. Each vote is of the same value because we are all equal. Even though we all know people who have a bad character.

Bold decision making is nearly impossible, everything must be agreed upon, no one must be left out. If someone doesn't agree then that person or group can gain power simply by implying that a decision is illegitimate, because they do not agree with it. We see this every week, nearly everyday!

Leaders are not respected because we know deep down that they are not leaders, simply placeholders. Here today gone tomorrow. Instead of appearing to us as if they were human mountains, something so permanent that we could not imagine life without them. We view them as a clouds, blowing all over the sky to be replaced by another cloud of a different shape. They think that they reign over us but they only rain upon us.

Men have always provided for women and children. It is something so ingrained that we still think that way. We still think of men as the provider. That's why men should pay on dates. Men hunted, men did the heavy labour, brought home food, money, prestige. Men provided protection by keeping away hostile animals and men. They protected by building houses. Today all of that is done by strangers. We cannot even provide for ourselves. Protection is provided by the government, as is food and money. 

As each year goes on we become less free because we are mothered. Mothering is a beautiful thing, we all needed it and without it the world would be intolerable. And as mothering has it's rightful place, it also has a wrongful place, a place it should not be. Increasingly we find ourselves mothered when there is no need for it. Of course we need rules, people do need rules. But there is a limit to how many rules there should be. We are told that safety is important, yes but safety like all things can be taken too far. I think everyone reading this can think of an example. Regulations, paperwork, everything over planned. It is no coincidence that when men ran the world things were strict but with a light touch. You were trusted to behave and if you didn't you faced harsh punishment. In today's world it is exactly the opposite you are watched and monitored, we have rules and regulations for everything. We even have more rules in our social life, they may not be enforced by the government but they are just as strict and they are everywhere.

I am not saying that feminine qualities are bad, in there place they are powerful, needed, even beautiful. But so are masculine qualities. Democracy takes away societies masculine qualities and replaces them with the feminine. Leadership, decision making and decisiveness are urgently required, as are the other masculine qualities. Democracy cannot provide these things for us.

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Tuesday 21 January 2020

SubscribeStar - Help Required

Today I received an email from SubscribeStar letting me know that my account has been approved. SubscribeStar is like Patreon, except they don't automatically kick people off for having the wrong views. Obviously you cannot behavour like an idiot and as I tend not too I think I'll be okay. 

I have never asked for support in the past because I didn't need it, now I do need your support.

I have written 685 posts as of this one, I have done six months of the Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast. I read quite a lot to keep abreast of things and I spend quite a lot of time thinking about how we are going to get out of the mess we are in. Not to mention, although obviously I m, organising the Melbourne Traditionalists as well as the Conference. I have also been writing most days and publishing on YouTube nearly every day.

Have a look at the link and if you can support me I would really appreciate it if you do

Thank you
Mark Moncrieff

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Monday 20 January 2020

Prince Harry/Iran - Melbourne Traditionalists - Episode Twenty Five

David Hiscox, Mark Richardson and I talk about Prince Harry's troubles and Iran.

David Hiscox:

Mark Richardson:

Length: 27 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!
Episode Twenty Five

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Sunday 19 January 2020

Melbourne Traditionalists Conference 2020 In Nine Months

The venue is already booked, but unlike past years I don't have any of the lectures worked out yet. Not to worry these things tend to come together.

Dates: 16th October 2020, Friday 7pm Meet and Greet
           17th October 2020, Saturday 10am - 5pm Conference
            7pm Banquet

Venue: The venue is an old and beautiful building in Melbourne Australia

The Conference includes five lectures, lunch, banquet, all non-alcoholic drinks and if past conferences are anything to go by, the great company of like minded people.

My review of the last Conference
The Second Melbourne Traditionalists Conference

Three of the lectures from the last Conference were filmed, two are currently on YouTube, links below. The last one I hope to have up soon.

Why The Dissident Right Needs E.F. Schumacher: Small Is Beautiful

From ABC to XYZ: Alt-Media In Australia

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Thursday 16 January 2020

Link Love IX

Time for some more link love:

A great explanation of the sexual hierarchy

A reminder that the changes we see around us is not just about bad philosophy

A sad but revealing tale of regret, even if she doesn't quite understand why

'Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another' H.L. Mencken

Maybe the Green movement and the Right have some things in common!

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Wednesday 15 January 2020

It's About Us!

We have many enemies, we have many who want to break us down. Many on our side notice this, they notice that not all our enemies look or sound like us. They want others to notice. The Jews, the Muslims, the Blacks, the list goes on. I am not saying they are wrong to notice, or to point it out. However it does miss a very important point.

It's not about them, it's about us!

We should spend far more time on building up our side instead of noticing our enemies. We need to build our networks, our communities, our future.

I find far to many people thinking about our enemies, instead of thinking about us. We are the important people, not because we are better or worse, but because we are us. Everyone needs to look after the interests of their own people. Including us, we need to spend less time thinking about how they did us wrong and more time on looking after our own. Because once we do that we have rejected the bitterness of the black pill. We have begun to build our own future. To support our own people.

Concentrating on our enemies also does two things that we need to reject.

1. We don't think about the traitors, our own kind who are our bitterest and most dangerous enemy.

2. Our enemies are raised up as a supernatural force, one that can be hated but never defeated.

Treason is our great foe.

And the idea that our enemies can never be defeated must itself be defeated.

Everyone of us needs to do more to support our own people. Employ our people, date, marry and have children with our own people. Do everything in your power, no matter how big or small to support our people. Taste the bitterness of the black pill and then spit it out. Do not give into despair, do not give into the idea that we are defeated or that we are out of the fight. We have not begun to fight. The tide is turning and we need you!

This is not about them, this is about us!

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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Australian Bushfires - Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Twenty-Four

In this episode I have David Hiscox from XYZ and Mark Richardson Oz Conservative here with me. We talk about the Australian bushfires and how the broad Left has sort to benefit from this tragedy.

Length: 25 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!
Episode Twenty Four

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Monday 13 January 2020

From ABC to XYZ: Alt-Media in Australia

David Hiscox, the editor of XYZ gave this talk at the Melbourne Traditionalists Conference in October 2019. In it he talked about his childhood and his political awakening. As well as talking about XYZ.

Length: 54 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!
From ABC to XYZ

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Sunday 12 January 2020

The Veteran Crisis

Since 2001 and the attacks on New York and Washington D.C. military personal have been in Afghanistan and since 2003 Iraq. Today there are still forces there. That means that since 2001 we have had troops returning from those wars zones. These men and they are overwhelmingly men, have returned to a veterans system that doesn't seem to work. What is failing them and what are the issues that they have to struggle with?

Lets start with some normally unrecognized things that create problems for veterans. The first is that military life is planned, what you are doing tomorrow, someone else has already decided that. The individual has little to no say over what they do from day to day. Sometimes that's not true, but normally it is. You also don't have much autonomy, the job you do you have been trained to do, in a specific way. Everything about your life is planned. Even many of your own time is planned by someone else, everyone goes for a beer, or to the gym, or whatever it is someone else has planned it. It is so pervasive that you don't even think about it.

As a civilian you need to make decisions all the time. In the military a large number of people can tell you what to do, but as a civilian that is rarely true. That means that life had a structure and now it does not. Instead of it being a solid it becomes a liquid. You also can lose a sense of purpose. In the military you have a purpose, if you don't do your job people could die. You serve something greater than yourself. But once you have left the military it can seem that no one has a purpose, that structure is gone. You need to find your own purpose, which is not easy at all.

Another factor is money, in the military you can be well paid. I know that in Australia it's probably the best paying job you can get in your late teens. You get used to that, you think that that amount of money is normal. Why wouldn't you? However not many jobs in the real world pay as well with no qualifications. For many leaving the military can see a drop in their standard of living. If your married or have children this can be quite a shock. For those who have to go on a pension it is a big drop. You have to change every expectation you had down and that is not an easy thing. It leads to depression and often people don't understand why, they understand that they have less money, but not necessarily that it can also affect how they feel about life. 

Then we have PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, this a medical condition were by people who have been in life threatening situations find it hard to cope with the aftermath. Normal stresses seem extreme, horrific moments are relived and life becomes an effort to survive having survived.

I think of this as a filing problem, think of this. Your mind is like a filing cabinet, every experience you have is filed away in the filing cabinet. However most of our experiences are perfectly mundane, things that we have experienced hundreds, if not thousands of times before. For example we get up in the morning, get dress and walk to the shops, very mundane. Each experience is filed into it's appropriate place. But what happens if you get up in the morning, get dress, walk to the shops and a meteorite hits the Earth and kills a group of people in front of your eyes. Your mind tries to file these things away in there appropriate place, but where is the appropriate place for a meteorite crashing to the Earth and killing people?

So instead of it being filed away it instead keeps repeating itself over and over again looking for a place to file it. Experiences need a place to reside in our mind, even bad experiences. When they are filed then they are contained. Many people find this too painful and they turn to drugs, legal and illegal and/or alcohol to help them cope. And while these things may be needed for a time. For the mind to get back under control it needs to be able to think and the purpose of drugs and alcohol is to stop the thinking process. To numb it into submission. However in reality that prolongs the agony, the mind needs to file this experience away it needs to get the experience under control. Until this happens the mind cannot heal.

Then we have something that is becoming a bigger problem for everyone, isolation. After WWII people liked to join everything. But from the 1960's onward's that has reversed. Today people don't like to join anything. They want everything to be informal, no commitments. However this means that you do not interact with people. Sure you might have 1000 friends on Facebook or on some other part of the internet. The internet tricks us, it makes strangers seem like they know us, like we know them, but thats not true. The reason we can talk so openly to people on the internet is because our relationship is in reality superficial. There is rarely any substance there. Only in real life can you gain that substance. Most people are lucky to have 5 people who they could call friend. And a friend is not someone you know, or even someone you call a friend. A friend is someone who you can turn up on their doorstep at 3am and they are glad that you turned to them for help.   

The best way to help yourself is by reengaging with other people and with organisations in real life. Find others who served and talk to them, do not try to pretend that that part of your life didn't happen. But also connect with people and activities that are not service related. Join a group or start a group, be active in your community. Do not isolate yourself and be of service to others, serve a cause greater than yourself.

A veteran might not be able to change the system but they can help themselves and the lives of others. I encourage you if you are a veteran to help.

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Saturday 11 January 2020

The Eighty-Second Month

In December I had 5,103 visitors making it my fifth best month ever. Between the 11th December and the 11th January I had 4,058 visitors, so lower than last month. But on only 6 days have the numbers been under 100, every other day has been over.

I have also started to record my articles and have begun putting them on the Melbourne Traditionalists podcast on YouTube. They have quite small numbers, but every bit helps get out the word. 

My best day this month was the 15th December when I had 511 visitors and my worst day was the 25th December when I only had 41 visitors...I guess people had better things to do that day!

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region
Australia is the only country that is up.

The United States, Russia, France, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Canada, Unknown Region and Germany are all down.

Argentina has left the top 10 and Spain has come in.

I have had visitors from the following countries: Ireland, Isle of Man, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Turkey, U.A.E., Iran, Nepal, Seychelles, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan, Nigeria, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina.

I look forward to seeing you all again
Mark Moncrieff

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Friday 10 January 2020

Children Need To Play

'One in four Aussie kids doesn't have anywhere to play at home' that is according to research commissioned by Ikea. That's appalling!

In the past children could play in the street or in their backyard, but now that is getting harder to do. Today most people do not have experience with children, in the past that wasn't true. Whether you wanted to or not you had experience. And of course most mothers did not work, so that meant that children could play in the street because many eyes we keeping them safe. Cars were much noisier which also meant it was safer to play in the street.

We the increase in the size of houses and the destruction of backyards, the available space for children to play has also decreased. They cannot play in the street or in a backyard, their option are limited.

Parents are also much more involved than in the past, instead of letting children find their own entertainment. Yes this sometimes let to trouble. It also lead to self reliance and parents disciplining their children when things did lead to trouble. To develop into self sufficient adults children need time to work things out on their own. To find out their own limits and interests. They need time to be bored and to find ways to not be bored...or boring.

Today another obstacle to play is technology. TV's, computers, mobile phones, even headphones. All of these things restrict play. It is not that they do not have there place, they do. It is that while they may provide entertainment or distraction, they do not allow children to play. Play serves two purposes, one it allows children to learn about the adult world and secondly it helps to develop their physical and communication skills. Play helps children to grow and children who do not play suffer.

Play is not simply fun for a child it is education, development and growth, all in one. Sure they need other things, play is not all that a child needs. But they do need play and they need a place to play. They need to be able to design their own rules, they need to fail, they need to learn about human nature, they need to learn their limits, they need to learn other peoples limits and they need to succeed on their own as well. Play allows all of this to happen and as a society we need to give children a place to play. We need to stop building bigger houses and build bigger backyards!

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Thursday 9 January 2020

Should We Reintroduce The 'Hundred'?

In Anglo-Saxon England the lowest form of government was the Hundred. Ideally a Hundred was made up of one hundred households. It's purpose was to provide for the poor, to act as law enforcement and to provide one man trained and equipped for war.

England at that time was a rural country, so a Hundred would have included a number of villages. And it would have included people of different social classes. An important thing to note is that while they needed to provide a soldier, every man was in fact a soldier, a member of the militia. But the equipped man was a professional soldier who would serve either the King or a local Lord.

Today normal people don't have much to do with law enforcement, unless they work in that field, they are a criminal or the victim of a crime. In Anglo-Saxon England there were no police or courts. Or at least not as we understand them. If a crime was committed within a Hundred, then the members of the the Hundred were responsible for catching the perpetrator. What was known as the 'hue and cry'. The Hundred was also responsible if a member committed a crime.

What relevance does any of this have for today?

Today we are policed by strangers and we live under the control of large impersonal bureaucracies. We are all strangers in our own land. The Hundred is a community, one where we need each other and one that provides support to our countrymen. To people outside of our Hundred.

Who better to know who needs help then the local community? You might argument that we don't have communities now, to which I would reluctantly agree. The Hundred would return community to us. Because we would need it and we would need to contribute to it. It would return local authority to us, instead of that constantly being taken from us.

In practical terms it would be the lowest function of government. Even our local government is large and impersonal. This would bring it down to human level and it's tasks can be decided by us. But I want to introduce you to the idea, the concept, of local people looking after local needs, the return of the community.   

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Wednesday 8 January 2020

The Historical Stages of Liberalism

Like most things Liberalism did not arrive fully formed, it has progressed in stages. In my opinion Liberalism has 9 stages that it has passed through and the latest one that it is still in. It has taken many wrong turns, had many false dawns and has had many failures. But because the endpoint is understood, the Autonomous Individual, that means that these can be corrected. It also means that people and organisations can start their own initiatives without any central authority. The logic of Liberalism is brilliant. This logic stops opposition as they are often reacting to something that Liberalism has begun.

The 10 stages are:

The Proto-Stage

The Reformation

The English Revolution

The Enlightenment

The French Revolution



Liberal Socialism

Death of Classical Liberalism

End of the Cold War

Each stage overlaps with it's neighbour and while I will provide dates, depending upon the location these can vary.

The Proto-Stage
In the Ancient world there were Liberal ideas, it did not spring from nothing. You can find these ideas come from the Greeks, the Bible and the Romans, Republican and Imperial. But none of these survived in anything but the written word, or the implied written word. In the Middle Ages you start to find proto-Liberal ideas as well. Nearly always these are Christian ideas that the church declares to be a heresy. 

The Reformation
Whether Protestantism is a heresy or not is an argument for another day, what is beyond dispute is that the Catholic Church viewed it as such. Officially, it was regarded as a heresy until the Cold War. For the history of Liberalism the Reformation is important because it allows ideas that were once kept in check to exist and even to thrive. It also introduced arguments that attacked the very foundation of Christian belief. Here is where the idea that church and state were separate things began and that the state decided that it was supreme.

The English Revolution
The English Civil War was fought in the 1640's, but it didn't end until the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The war was not simply a political conflict, it was also a religious conflict. Between Anglican and Puritan. The Puritans won, twice, and that would push ideas that started within religion to move into political philosophy. And in time into Ideology. Thomas Hobbes book Leviathan would also provide a foundation for Liberalism because he introduced the idea of the social contract, a contract between the individual and the state. Not between families, or communities, in Leviathan there is only the individual and the state. This was also the time of the Levelers and the Quakers. A time of radical thinking. The Glorious Revolution was the second victory of the puritans, it transformed England into the first Liberal state. Not a liberalism we would recognise, but the beginnings of one.     

The Enlightenment
The 1700's is generally regarded as the period of the Enlightenment. What started with the Reformation takes it next big step here. The rejection of the supernatural in all it's forms, superstition, prophecy, miracles and God. And the institutions that believe in the supernatural. Man is now to take control of his own destiny. This also leads to the rejection of the past, particularly the Middle Ages. It also see's the creation of the second Liberal state, the United States.

The French Revolution
Whether the French Revolution is Liberal or not is up for debate. It certainly pushed ideas that are now regarded as Liberal. It was it's violent rejection of God, Church and King which was a radical departure from the past. This let to two different paths, one which was championed in the English speaking world said that personal liberty and property rights were supreme, that trade, free trade was the right policy. The second path was the European path which said that the state existed to make decisions and that the individual was free to do what they wanted as long as the state approved.

Before the 1830's Liberalism was ill-defined and its adherents were generally unorganised. They came together for a campaign, against slavery for example, and then went their own way. Now they began to form more permanent organisations. Here is were most political parties start to be formed, before that they were loose groupings, now they became organised and disciplined. This also meant that they began to push their agenda in an organised way. Before this time it is unusual to find laws that are clearly Liberal, from the 1830's that changes dramatically. This is also the age of Laissez Faire.

From roughly 1880-1920 the Progressives seek to bridge the gap between Liberalism and the working class. Liberalism up until the Organisation Stage was hostile to the working class, it viewed them as unnecessary, even as a hindrance to property rights. Up until the 1880's it tried to ignore them, without success. Progessivism was Liberal unless that Liberalism worked against the working class. It tried to humanize Liberalism, which had revealed that it had quite a vicious side. 

Liberal Socialism
The First World War saw most of Europe adopt a form of war socialism. Much of Liberalism was suspended for the duration. No free press, no free movement of labour, no free movement of goods or money. The economy in most countries saw the adoption of socialist economic policies. After the war that tended to drop of but it was not forgotten and when the Second World War came those same Socialist economic policies were taken up again. For most people the two wars showed that Socialism could be used within a Liberal Democracy. This continued into the 1980's.

Death of Classical Liberalism
Socialism is about as far from Laissez Faire economics as you can get. By the 1950's there started a revolt within Liberalism. A branch wanted to get back to a more open economy. At the same time Communist ideas had made their way into Liberalism. The idea of Class Warfare helped the death of Classical Liberalism. In it's place Right Liberals who wanted an open economy, Left Liberals who wanted what they regarded as a fairer society and Feminists who wanted women to take their place within Liberalism, came into being. Slowly the older styles of Liberalism waned to be replaced by these newer forms.

End of the Cold War
Once the Cold War ended Liberalism began to believe that it could see the endpoint, the Autonomous Individual. Certainly a lot of effort had gone into his creation. It believed that from this point on it had no serious rivals and that it was simply a case of deciding what it wanted and perfecting it. However it has started to understand that it has limitations, something it did not accept. It is like a marathon runner who isn't sure how far away the finish line is but he can feel his energy running out. But he is still running, he hasn't stopped, he is convinced that the finish line exists and that he is close.

As you can see Liberalism has had many twists and turns and I left out many of them. I wanted to present to you an overview that shows how it has changed over time and not always in the obvious way. It has, as I said at the start, taken many false paths and recovered. The genius of Liberalism is that it has an endpoint that can be worked towards. It's second genius is it's patience, something we need to learn.

For those of us who are not Liberals the finish line is not there, but that will not stop them from causing a lot of trouble trying to get there. The story of Liberalism is no where near it's end and so is the story of those of us who oppose it. 

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Tuesday 7 January 2020

Recording My Articles

Something I have wanted to do for years has finally happened!

Since starting the podcast I have learnt a lot more about recording and Youtube. I have this week recorded the very first articles that I wrote back in 2013. Starting today one will be published each day this week.

My plan, although plans rarely work out entirely as planned, is to put up an article each day. Youtube having made it much easier to schedule content or at least it's easier to me. None of these are long, this week none go over 4 minutes in length. At this rate I have about 2 years worth of material and hopefully in that time I'll produce some more!

The articles all have the same picture, a lovely picture of a sunrise from Princes Bridge crossing the Yarra River in Melbourne.

Click on the link and enjoy!
Upon Hope Articles

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Monday 6 January 2020

The Rise of Skywalker/The Last Valley - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Twenty Three

WARNING SPOILERS -  In this episode David Hiscox XYZ and I talk about two movies. David reviews The latest Star Wars movie The Rise of Skywalker and The Last Valley, which I recommended that he watch - WARNING SPOILERS

Length: 42 minutes

Click the link and joy!
Episode Twenty Three

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Saturday 4 January 2020

Migrants To Take More Jobs

On the 23rd December 2019 the new Horticulture Industry Labour Agreement was announced and went into effect on the 1st January 2020. It is an agreement between the Australian government and AUSVEG, the association that represents vegetable and potato growers in Australia.

The Agreement allows more migrants to come to Australia to work, because apparently unemployment no longer exists in Australia. Now this agreement is different to past agreements. In the past only unskilled migrants were allowed to work in agriculture. This agreement allows even jobs that require a university qualification to go to migrant workers. And of course every level of job in between will also be open. According to the governments own website, this agreement allows migrants to take 31 different types of Australian jobs.

Mr. Tyson Cattle, AUSVEG marketing manager said:

'It's important to note this is not for pickers and packers. This is for positions such as middle management and roles requiring technical expertise.'

The argument is that Australians just won't do these jobs. Why is it that Australians once did do these jobs but no longer do?

Could it be that Australians are forced to stay in school longer?

Could it be that after 13 years of compulsory education that these jobs are looked down upon?

Could it be that these jobs do not pay wages that Australians expect....and need to live?

Could it be that these jobs have no job security?

The great treason started with working class jobs and has expanded. Even university educated people find it hard to secure employment and that has been true for decades and it has been ignored. At every level of society this is happening. In town and country. Why are we putting up with this rubbish!

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Friday 3 January 2020

Scott Morrison, Political Football

Currently in Australia there is a bushfire crisis. People have died, the number of houses destroyed is heading towards 400 and the navy has had to evacuate people by sea. The fires started early and we still have our hottest months ahead of us. Things are bad and people want answers.

The media has decided that one man is responsible, Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia. You see in December he went on holiday and apparently he's not allowed to. There was a complaint that he should have been doing something to fight the fires. Surely a Prime Minister, any Prime Minister can be spared for a week or two?

I mean there is a Deputy Prime Minister, couldn't he run the government while the Prime Minister is away?

The answer is of course yes, but it appears that this fact is unknown to the media, or the opposition. He cut his holiday short and returned to Australia, he was holidaying in Hawaii, and is now being criticized for doing the only thing he can. He is touring areas affected by the fire and showing his personal support. It turns out that this is also not allowed as it is all a publicity stunt.

So going on holiday showed a lack of empathy and offering support to people affected by the fires is a PR stunt!

To top it all off there is nothing he can do. Fire fighting in Australia is a State not a National government responsibility. The National governments job is to provide support before and after. The army and navy have been called in to help, but that is not unusual at all. Although naval evacuations are!

Then there are those who are attacking the Greens party because they have had a policy of not supporting burn off's during the winter months. This policy has allowed the undergrowth to grow, all of which fuels fires when they arrive. While the Greens do bear some responsibility, no where in Australia are the Greens in power. New South Wales has a Liberal government and Victoria has a Labor government. Why are we once again blaming the wrong people?

Now I hate to defend Scott Morrison, or the Greens for that matter, I have no love for either. But we should hang them for the crimes they have actually committed instead of for someone else's crimes. 

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Thursday 2 January 2020

Is Capital Punishment A Deterrent?

Peter Hitchens has an article up on the death penalty, which I highly recommend, in which he provides some quite useful statistics. They are all for England and Wales between 1956 and 2004.  Here is a part of his article that is needed to give some background to these statistics:

The 1949 UK Royal Commission on Capital Punishment (which was inconclusive on deterrence and most other things) pointed out that deterrence was very hard to establish. Countries which abolish the death penalty usually do so after a long period of suspension, or when it is hardly used, or when the law is unclear. So the murder rates before and after the formal date of abolition often tell us very little. In Britain, this is also the case. The death penalty had its teeth drawn in 1957 and the annual number of executions in the final years of capital punishment was small. So the penalty's official date of abolition, 1965, is misleading. There's another feature of this I'll turn to later.
Then there is the difficulty of classifying murder. The 1957 Act introduced a category of 'manslaughter due to diminished responsibility' which got you off the death penalty. And so, for the eight years after 1957, this category of homicide grew quite sharply. Some suspect that these are cases which would have been murders before 1957.

Homicide means all unlawful killings, murder means killing with forethought. These are not the amount of homicides or murders, these are the number of convictions in these particular years.  All percentages are rounded off.

Homicide 94

Murder 32

1958 (2 years)

Homicide 113 (120% compared to 1956)

Murder 30 (lower because of 'manslaughter due to diminished responsibility' change)

1964 (6 years / 8 years since 1956)
Homicide 170 (150% compared to 6 years earlier / 180% compared to 8 years earlier)

Murder 44 (147% compared to 6 years earlier / 140% compared to 8 years earlier)

1966 (2 years / 10 years since 1956)
Homicide 254 (150% compared to 2 years earlier / 270% compared to 10 years earlier)

Murder 72 (160% compared to 2 years earlier / 225% compared to 10 years earlier)

1975 (9 years / 19 years since 1956)
Homicide 484 (190% compared to 9 years earlier / 515% compared to 19 years earlier)

Murder 107 (150% compared to 9 years earlier / 335% compared to 19 years earlier)

1985 (10 years / 29 years since 1956)
Homicide 614 (125% compared to 10 years earlier / 650% compared to 29 years earlier)

Murder 173 (160% compared to 10 year earlier / 540% compared to 29 years earlier)

2004 (19 years / 48 years since 1956)
Homicide 648 (105% compared to 19 years earlier / 690% compared to 48 years earlier)

Murder 361 (210% compared to 19 years earlier / 1128% compared to 48 years earlier)

Britain does a census every ten years, in 1951 the population of England and Wales was around 40,000,000. In 2001 that population was 52,000,000. If the population had increased at the same rate as the convictions for murder, the population of England and Wales would be 45,120,000,000.

Yes 45 billion people!

In 2004 there were 759 murder charges, 361 resulted in a conviction....thats a failure rate of 53%!

Add to that the fact that medicine has advanced enormously between 1956 and 2004. Imagine, for a horrified moment, what the statistics would be if medicine had not advanced since 1956.

One of the most basic of government functions is to keep people safe, another is to administer justice. How does allowing the murder rate to increase by more than 1000% achieve either of those things?

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Wednesday 1 January 2020

Remigration - Episode Twenty Two - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast

In this episode David Hiscox from XYZ and I spoke about my Remigration plan. A sane, rational way to reclaim our country.

Length: 29 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!
Episode Twenty Two

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