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Feminism, Why we are not Feminists

Feminism, Why we are not Feminists

Feminism is the belief that Men and Women are equal and that the sex differences between the two are either non-existent or minor. The most disturbing aspect of Feminism is that at heart it is a conspiracy theory. The theory states that Men oppress Women and have since the beginning of time, that only Feminists can really see this oppression and there for only they can do anything to stop this historic injustice. Feminism is simply Liberalism as it applies to the lives of Women.

Traditional Conservatives however reject every aspect of Feminism. We do not believe that Men and Women are equal, we believe that Men and Women are vital. They are vital because each sex has different attributes and abilities. Men and Women are not interchangeable they are unique. Each sex encompassing those things needed by the other sex that they themselves do not have. Neither sex is the superior sex because each sex is superior in the things that it is good at and inferior in the things it is not good at.

We also reject the idea that Men oppress Women, both sexes suffer and both are rewarded in life simply because they were born a particular sex. It is not one getting all the goodies and the other receives nothing. Life is without any doubt unfair but that unfairness does not, and should not, fall only on one sex.

Within Feminism there are many divisions most small and some very large but from our perspective it is best to simply divide Feminism into two parts, the parts we can see and encounter. I call them Hard Feminism and Soft Feminism

Hard Feminism
When most people think of Feminism this is what they think of, Women's Studies, all men are rapists, political Lesbianism. This is the hard and often nasty face of Feminism. Here is the reason most women will not call themselves Feminists no matter how close to the Feminist ideal they live. Even standard Liberals can get incensed at their ideas and antics. But of course they are needed, for without them who would have the courage to say the really outrageous things?

No, Liberalism needs them so they can see who ignores and who salutes the latest idea. Sometimes they say things that can seem acceptable to most people. But in reality Feminists often win because society doesn't want to fight. They never thought of the idea before Feminism mentioned it, society has no idea if it's true or not but it just wants to get on with life and not get bogged down in an argument it doesn't really know anything about. Just because Society doesn't want a fight doesn't mean we should just roll over and give up.

Soft Feminism
Soft Feminism is the sort you see nearly every day, the idea that Men and Women are equal but Women have been discriminated against in the past so they need extra help today. It's one of those things you mostly accept because either you haven't noticed it yet or because you must just to get through the day. Offices were everyone is Female, Schools with not a single Male Teacher, Women in traditional Male occupations but no corresponding Males in traditional Female occupations. No fault divorce, child custody and child support, were Men are too often guilty unless proven innocent. When you challenge this you get some interesting responses. Some get very embarrassed as if they've been caught out. Others insist that thinking Men and Women aren't identical is either hatred of Women or old fashioned. As if criticizing something means you must hate it and that new fashion is somehow better, even though we all know fashions come and go.

The idea that Women can and should do anything a Man can do is rife. How can it not be when so many say Men and Women are equal simply because they have heard the mantra so many times before. The idea, that ideas have consequences is an absurdity to these people and they will tell you so. Women can dress any way they want, they can drink as much as any Man and they can be as sexually irresponsible as any Cad. All without consequences they believe. Which is strange because these things still have consequences for men, the mistake is to think that consequences are only moral consequences. The consequences for both are a lack of safety, health issues and emotional baggage and instead of having these problems crop up in life they seem to be the desired outcome.

Feminism has a well deserved reputation for hating Men, some Feminists dispute this, they say it is the actions of Men that they hate not Men themselves. Unfortunately whether that is true or not it is the policies that they support that show their true colours. Men are actively discriminated against in favour of not Women but Feminist Women. It is here that the true hatred of Feminism is shown.

For Feminism believes that all true Women are Feminists and all who are not must either be converted or ignored. Laws that protect traditional Women are dismantled as being pro-Male laws, because instead of Men and Women being partners in life together, they must now be enemies in the war between the sexes. The ideal Women is single with a professional career, children optional but not preferred, who is promiscuous and hard living. The ideal Women is a Bachelor!

Feminism hates Women and femininity even more than it hates Men and masculinity.

When they say that the differences between the sexes don't matter and those that exist should be eliminated they really mean it. They wish for a world were no one can tell the difference between a Man and a Women, where femininity is as dead as masculinity. It is a war against Human nature, it is a war against biology, it is a war against Human dignity, it is a war against Humanity itself.

In short Feminism is inhuman.

For those of us opposed to Feminism we should always remember this:

Not all Women are Feminists

Not all Feminists are Women

Here is a trap Feminists fall for, we should know better.

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  1. Feminism is really Marxism applied to gender and it is dangerous. I live in Northern Ireland and the results of Feminism are observed in virtually every strata of society. The Scottish Christian Reformer John Know wrote a pamphlet hundreds of years ago, entitled, "The Monstrous Regiment of Women," in which he railed against the monstrous rule of women. His title perfectly describes today's feminists. What I cannot understand is the male feminist, because there are many of them, and they cannot see that they are collaborating with those who wish to destroy them, or at least destroy their reputation, by portraying all men as potential murderers, rapists etc. However, not all women are fooled and deceived by feminists and the writer of this comment is a case in point.

  2. Dear Miss White

    Certainly Feminism has been heavily influenced by Marxism but it's main influence, you could say it's parent philosophy, is Liberalism. Liberalism says everyone should be free to do what ever they want and Feminism basically says don't forget women can do anything they want as well!

    The male Feminist is an interest specimen, just as hard Feminists are a tiny minority of women, hard male Feminists are an even smaller group. Most male Feminists are soft Feminists who seem to fall into three main classifications.

    The first is that they have heard it all their life and they just assume it's the neutral position, they often haven't even thought about it.

    The second is a true believer, they often believe in a broad leftist agenda and this fits in perfectly, they paradoxically like to feel guilty and at the same time believe that as they are on the side of the angels the criticism isn't really directed at them.

    The third wants to have sex with women and he believes that by being a supporter he will get lucky, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Mark Moncrieff

  3. Feminism wants women (and men,) to cast off all restraint and live lives of anarchy and debauchery, sold to them as "self-realisation" or similar nonsense. Sadly, many women and men are living the lives feminism encourages them to live. My designation is "Mrs" White not "Miss" White, by the way.

  4. Dear Mrs White

    Of course Mrs., my apologies.

    Debauchery is a topic I'll have to think more about, although I agree with what you've written.

    Mark Moncrieff

  5. As a feminist therapist I find the interpretation of your definition of feminism here both unique and uninformed. I suggest that those with an interest in this area take some time to do some research. A good start might be to define the problem.

  6. What’s a feminist therapist do?