Sunday 28 March 2021

How Liberalism Will End

In our minds eye we see the end of Liberalism coming about because of it's insanity, or because of people seeing the light and accepting our arguments.  If history is any guide, Liberalism will end when the money runs out or if there is a major war. Currently my bet is on the money running out.

All of the important revolutions have come about because the government ran out of money and with that, political capital. In 2020 the US printed 25% of all US currency that has ever been printed!

How long can it be before governments start running out of money?

And political capital?

Around 80% of international trade is conducted in US currency. 

When you read about revolutions it's always about how tyrannical the government was, how bankrupt their ideas were, how people yearned to be free. What they rarely talk about is how financially bankrupt they were. This creeps up on a government, bit by bit it's options and credibility fade away. Until it is forced to ask for help. If it is far enough down, then it will be forced even further down until it ceases to exist.  

That doesn't mean that we win, it means whoever is ready will take over. Are we ready?

The short answer is no.

When Liberalism stumbles we need to be ready!

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