Monday 21 October 2019

The Second Melbourne Traditionalists Conference

The Conference happened, but it nearly didn't!

Not due to events but due to a lack of ticket sales. In the first month that tickets were on sale not a single ticket was bought. In the next two weeks 8 tickets, in the end there were 29 attendees. About a quarter were new. I was much happier at the end then in the middle of that process.

The Friday night was cold but not too cold, the Meeting and Greet started off slow and then all of a sudden the room was full. One of the new attendees said he was worried about coming as he wasn't sure what to expect, but he was very glad that he came along. It is the classic problem that we all have with meeting new people, whether an individual or a group, is that we can often imagine the worst. We are very lucky in the people who attend, both friendly and intelligent.

The Saturday was much more of the same weather as the night before. Unfortunately while the Conference was due to start at 10am we didn't get started until 10:30 as quite a few people were late. Now it sounds like the Conference was one problem after another, but apart from ending up 1 hour behind schedule by the end of the day the rest of the day went well. First up we had Mark Richardson from Oz Conservative who spoke about Shelley and the Origins of Liberal Thought. To see such clearly Liberal thinking coming from two centuries ago really highlighted how long this rot has been going on. Then we had a talk on E.F. Shumacher: Small is Beautiful which I must say was quite revealing for me. Here it seems is an economist who Traditionalists need to read and understand. I will be adding him to my reading list.

David Hiscox from XYZ had his talk From ABC to XYZ: Alt-Media in Australia broken in half due to the late start. However it didn't seem to do any harm and it was interesting to hear his thoughts on Alt-Media. He started off talking about his early life and the changes that he has seen and that have influenced him, sadly I was out picking up lunch so I didn't get to hear it. Then we had a Jewish perspective on the JQ from a based Jew. His answer was that the JQ was solvable by Jews going to Israel. Which I agree with. The last talk was my own talk From Class Warfare to White Genocide: The Origins of Cultural Marxism. I was quite pleased with my talk and with the reaction to it.

We finished up with some short presentations, which included a poet selling his books and signing them. Then the chairs were put away and we went to dinner, which like the Meet and Greet and the Conference was a friendly event. Whenever I saw two men together they were talking, no silences, and then they would start talking to someone else. You would think that a Conference would be a stuffy environment, not a bit of it.

Last year was good this year was better!

The First Melbourne Traditionalists Conference

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