Tuesday 31 March 2020

Death and Covid-19

Covid-19 the current virus spreading around the world sure has a lot of people worried. For some people that fear is justified. But as I have said before, unless there is something we are not being told the current death rate does not in any way justify what is going on. When I say that I get a few people telling me that I am quite wrong and that it is very serious.

So lets look at how serious this is using Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA as our sample. Population, annual and the daily deaths are rounded off.

Population: 25,000,000
Death rate: 6.622 per 1000
Annual deaths: 165,000
Daily deaths: 450
Deaths from Covid-19: 19

Population: 60,000,000
Death rate: 10.566 per 1000
Annual deaths: 630,000
Daily deaths: 1,700
Deaths from Covid-19: 11,591

Population: 17,000,000
Death rate: 8,812 per 1000
Annual deaths: 150,000
Daily deaths: 400
Deaths from Covid-19: 1039

United Kingdom
Population: 66,000,000
Death rate: 9.398
Annual deaths: 620,000
Daily deaths: 1700
Deaths from Covid-19: 1408

United States
Population: 327,000,000
Death rate: 8.782
Annual deaths: 2,800,000
Daily deaths: 7,800
Deaths from Covid-19: 3175

Death rates come from here.

Deaths from Covid-19 come from here. The figures are correct as of the 31st March 2020.

Covid-19 was first detected in Australia on the 24th January 2020, 24th January - 31st March is 68 days with a total of 19 deaths. Less than a full days worth of deaths in normal times.

In Italy it was first detected on the 29th January, 29th January -31st March is 63 days with a total of 11,591 deaths. 7 days worth of deaths in normal times.

In the Netherlands it was first detected on the 26th February, 26th February-31st March is 35 days with a total of 1039 deaths. 3 days worth of deaths in normal times.

In the UK it was first detected on the 30th January, 30th January-31st March is 62 days with a total of 1408 deaths. Less than 1 days worth of deaths in normal times.

In the US it was first detected on the 20th January, 20th January-31st March is 72 days with a total of 3175 deaths. Less than 1 days worth of deaths in normal times.

In Sierra Leone 100% of people with Covid-19 have died, that single person was very unfortunate. As are all those who have died or suffered due to this illness.

31st March 2020 here
Covid-19 cases: 802, 748
Deaths from Covid-19: 39,019
Recovered from Coovid-19: 172,319

If you do catch it the death rate is close to 5%, which means 1 in 20 people who have it will die.

Recovery from Covid-19, at the current rate that is 21%, or 1 in 5.

Worldwide there are 103 cases per million with 5 deaths per million.

It seems that the vast majority of deaths have occurred among people aged 70 and older who are already seriously sick. People who are in danger of dying in normal times. I am not saying that they should not be looked after or protected, but the truth is that we all will die. One day for each and every one of us it will be our time.

Nothing I have seen justifies what is happening right now, nothing!

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Monday 30 March 2020

Bombing Germany - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Thirty Five

Was the bombing of Germany in WWII justified? I got into a debate on this topic and thought that I would go into more detail on the podcast. I go into why bombing took place, what it achieved and why it helped the Allies win the war.

Length: 32 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Sunday 29 March 2020

Everything Is A Trade-off

It is very common to see options presented as a binary choice, even as extreme's of each other. Option A or option B, with no other options available or spoken about. With each put out there as an extreme and in opposition to the other option. Which also is seen as a moral choice, one option is entirely good and the other is entirely bad. But in reality even if there is only two options neither will provide all of the answers. Each will have both good and bad outcomes, in other words each will have trade-offs.

A trade-off is were you don't get everything you want, instead you get both good and bad outcomes from your decision. This is different to a compromise as a compromise is a conscious choice, were as a trade-off may or may not be. A choice is also a logic, certain outcomes are excluded while others are enlarged. 

People who argue in favour of free trade will often say that to oppose it is to oppose trade.

Here is a binary argument, either you allow unrestricted trade or there will be no trade at all. However those extremes do not in reality exist. Trade can still take place with restrictions. What it also ignores is the trade-offs that free trade requires. Jobs and manufacturing will tend to favour the country with the lowest wages and standards. The richer country will get cheaper goods but the price is that it loses it's ability to produce it's own goods and in less jobs. Those cheap items have a rather expensive price. 

Tariffs have their own trade-offs, they protect local manufacturing and jobs which is good. The trade-off is that goods are more expensive, there is a more limited range and it encourages complacency. 

Each of these has trade-offs, and those trade-offs can be made bigger or smaller by adjusting the conditions. It depends upon what is trying to be achieved. If the aim is cheaper goods then free trade is better, if the aim is to protect manufacturing and jobs than tariffs are. Every option comes with a cost, someone will be the loser. That is true of nearly every option.

It is important for us to understand that everything has trade-offs. That our enemies argue their position because they believe that they will not be the loser. To properly refute them we need to understand why they believe that. We also have to accept that our plans will have winners and losers, just like everybody else's plans will.

Everything is a trade-off!

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Thursday 26 March 2020

Whats Going On Coronavirus? - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Thirty Four

David Hiscox and I talk about whats going on with the coronavirus. Shutdowns, panic buying, conspiracy, what aren't we being told? There's a lot to talk about.

David Hiscox: XYZ

Length: 32 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Sunday 22 March 2020

Pandemic Panic

Last week a relative of mine went to buy a freezer, but due to the panic buying that has been going on they have all been bought out. She was told that more might be available in late April. Yesterday I went to buy a big bag of dry cat food and if it was available some toilet paper. I didn't buy either as they weren't available, but it was nice that they in the same aisle directly opposite each other, or at least they were supposed to be.

This panic buying demonstrates how little trust people really have in politicians and our institutions. For many people in our multicultural paradise of course our institutions are foreign institutions. They do not know them, understand them or trust them. However that also extents to many of our own people who have also lost trust in these self same institutions. Then again maybe that is the right attitude as they failed to stop this panic. The media fueled it, the politicians were indecisive, the supermarkets were quite happy to sell 3,000,000 toilet rolls to everyone who wanted them. No one it seems had the common sense to simply say stop!

Now the politicians have decided to be decisive and they have overreacted. Their decisions will now lead to a recession, if we're lucky, if we're not depression. Shutting down economic activity is going to have an impact and you and I will get to pay for it whether this turns out to be the black death or a complete fizzer. I lean heavily towards fizzer.

Unless the politicians know something that we don't. Because from what we have been told the current measures are massively out of proportion. Of course if they know something that we don't, why don't we know it?

From the reporting I notice that the media gets confused, on purpose or because of ignorance I don't know, between:

Someone who has coronavirus

Someone who is sick because they have coronvirus

And people who have died from coronvirus

They seem to mix these up as if they are the same thing. We still don't know even basic information, such as what race or ethnicity are most affected for example. No, instead they insist that we are all equally at risk. Something that is never true. Entire countries are being shut down and no one even has a mass testing program in the pipeline. Do we even have the ability to do mass testing or have we outsourced that as well?

Currently in Australia as of 22 March 2020, the Australian government has announced.

127,000 people have been tested in Australia

1,098 cases have been confirmed

7 have died

The economic risks that we are currently undergoing we will be paying off for decades. Today the Australian government has announced a $66 billion stimulus package. When I said the Liberals were no better than Labor I was right. Instead of a surplus this year we get at least another decade of debt. Even if they get serious about getting rid of our debt, which they absolutely are not going to be doing.

The Australian rules football season which started on Friday has been cancelled. New South Wales and Victoria are going into lockdown with all non essential services to be banned.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said Victorians will still be able to go to the “supermarket, the bank, the pharmacy and other essential stores” but services deemed unnecessary will be closed.

What happens if I am wrong and people start dying in large numbers?

How will any of this work?

The panic has not just been in the supermarkets, it has been active in the highest offices in the world.

Unless they know something about this virus that they aren't telling us!

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Thursday 19 March 2020

Voting Our Way Out Of This

We need to use every weapon at our disposal and that includes voting. But whenever you talk about this subject someone who has taken the black pill turns up and tells you that 'we cannot vote our way out of this!'. To which I reply how would we know, how many candidates on our side have actually run for office?

There have been a lot of candidates that we hoped was on our side. Occasionally we even got it right, they really were on our side. Sometimes we got flawed candidates, people who once in a while did the right thing in our eyes. But far too often we have hoped against hope. They have been traitors.

Which is why we need our own candidates.

I've heard the arguments against it, but they are defeatist and I hate defeatism.

The first thing to do is to get organised, five people are what you need to get started. You can work with less but it gets overwhelming fast. One is the candidate and another is their campaign manager, everyone else is a worker. The campaign manager worries about running the campaign, not the candidate. They need to concentrate on policy, what do they support and what will they do if they are elected.

The other way is to find a candidate who is already running and help them. Remember you don't need someone who you agree with 100%, because that probably isn't going to happen. 90% is good, so's 75%, hey even 60% isn't that bad. Push that Overton Window in our direction.

Most people think that the campaign starts when an election has been announced. The time to get ready for the election is when the last one finished. Make sure that the candidate is known in the local area. Use the candidates strengths, if they are a people person then get them meeting people. If they aren't then do letterboxing. Let people know he exists.

Too many people think that to win we need the become Prime Minister or President to have any influence. Many believe that once that has been won then everything will be easy. Neither of those things are true.

Running for the Senate is usually what people on our side think about when it comes to running a candidate. There are two really big reasons not to run for the Senate. One, everyone thinks the same thing so the Senate ballot paper have over 100 candidates and is over a metre long. Two, it's really hard to campaign in a Senate race, how do you get large numbers of people over a large area to even know that you exist?

Personally I think the House of Representatives has a better chance of working because each electorate is a confined area. In my electorate we have a large number of candidates. In others I noticed only two...two!

Picking the correct electorate to run in can make a big difference. They don't need to live in the electorate that they run in but it does have advantages. If they do not live there then they at least need to know about the electorate. 

An Australian Federal electorate has around 100,000 voters in it.

A Victorian state electorate has around 20,000 voters in it.

Local governments are elected via Wards which vary quite a lot in how many voters are in each, from hundreds to 20,000.

To win we need to fight on every level. It's not a choice either we fight or we automatically lose....which is where we are right now.

Now everyone likes to win, but the most likely outcome is that you will support someone and they will lose. Learning to fight is part of fighting. And small wins are better than automatic defeats. Running a candidate is good, getting votes is good, getting enough votes that you get financial support is also good. Each small victory can help to win bigger victory's. Each is step towards getting candidates elected.

Far to many on our side want someone else to do something about this. That someone else needs to be you!

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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Council Sacked

The City of Whittlesea's deputy mayor, Alahna Desiato, and mayor, Emilia Lisa Sterjova, are being sacked along with the rest of the councillors.

Whittlesea is a local government area just north of where I live in Melbourne's north, it's where I grew up. It was multicultural before the term was even invented. Currently the Victorian state government is in the process of sacking the council and appointing an administer to run the council. This is a safe Labor area so it fulfills the two basic requirements for a local government to get the sack. It's Labor controlled and it's multicultural.

It's so bad that it's being sacked by a Labor government.

Local government is not supposed to be party political, in reality it totally is.

From the ABC
  Legislation has been introduced to State Parliament today to dismiss the council due to serious governance failures revealed by municipal monitor Yehudi Blacher.
Mr Blacher found the council went through five chief executives within five years and spent $500,000 on legal disputes.
Local Government Minister Adem Somyurek said the people of Whittlesea had every reason to be disappointed in the council.
"The monitor has found that an intractable toxic culture has developed of infighting and division and internal bickering, which has led to the total collapse of governance at the Whittlesea City Council," Mr Somyurek said.
This the third council in Victoria to be sacked in the last 10 months. In the City of Casey, one of the Councillors has fled to Egypt, well why not it's his real country.

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Tuesday 17 March 2020

Nonbinary is a Sham

So says James Shupe, the first person to be legally recognised in the United States as nonbinary. So what is nonbinary?

Nonbinary is the idea that a person is neither man nor female, that they are a third sex. Male and female being binary and they are neither therefore they are nonbinary.

But in this article 'I was Americas first nonbinary person. It was all a sham. Mr. Shupe who is no longer nonbinary gives his insight. He states, as should be obvious, that he was suffering from mental illness and was trying to escape both his identity and his past. Like many who suffer from gender dysphoria, he suffered abuse as a child. Children are self centred, they must be to survive. However that means that when bad things happen they internalize that, it becomes their fault. So as they get older, maybe quite old, the abuse troubles them and they seek to escape from that memory. sadly those memories are part of who they are, so some seek to escape who they are by becoming a different sex. By becoming an entirely new and different person.

But it doesn't work, because the changes which in some cases are quite radical, are also superficial. Instead of confronting those bad memories and experiences and putting them into perspective. It becomes an effort to hide them, to deny them in the belief that they will go away by themself.

In Mr. Shupe's case he didn't want to be nonbinary, he wanted to be a women.

   I should have been stopped, but out-of-control, transgender activism had made the nurse practitioner too scared to say no.
Here is a point that he comes back to quite a bit, he was in no fit state to be making these decisions, but people are now to scared to say no. For good reason, when a therapist tried to tell him to stop he fired her and then reported her.

gender stereotypes were my means of implementation. I believed wearing a long wig, dresses, heels, and makeup would make me a woman.
Feminists begged to differ on that. They rejected me for conforming to female stereotypes. But as a new member of the transgender community, I beat up on them too. The women who become men don’t fight the transgender community’s wars. The men in dresses do.
The men in dresses remain men despite everything.

Three years into my gender change from male to female, I looked hard into the mirror one day. When I did, the facade of femininity and womanhood crumbled.
Despite having taken or been injected with every hormone and antiandrogen concoction in the VA’s medical arsenal, I didn’t look anything like a female. People on the street agreed. Their harsh stares reflected the reality behind my fraudulent existence as a woman. Biological sex is immutable.
It took three years for that reality to set in with me.
This is where the nonbinary part comes in.

 When the fantasy of being a woman came to an end, I asked two of my doctors to allow me to become nonbinary instead of female to bail me out. Both readily agreed.
After pumping me full of hormones—the equivalent of 20 birth control pills per day—they each wrote a sex change letter. The two weren’t just bailing me out. They were getting themselves off the hook for my failed sex change.
Here is an interesting point, how the medical profession has allowed itself to be bullied into going along with all of this. I wonder if these professions were still 90% male if this could have happened?

Unfortunately he was supported to become the first nobinary person, but as he himself now admits it was a sham. Not because he didn't believe it, but because it wasn't reality. I encourage you all to spend the 10 minutes or so to read this article, it is sad, discouraging as well as hopeful because in the end he found his way back when so many don't.

 There is no third gender or third sex. Like me, intersex people are either male or female. Their condition is the result of a disorder of sexual development, and they need help and compassion.
I played my part in pushing forward this grand illusion. I’m not the victim here. My wife, daughter, and the American taxpayers are—they are the real victims.
There is one part of the above that I don't agree with, Mr. Shupe is a victim, as we all are in this sad and dangerous sham.

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Monday 16 March 2020

What Do Traditionalists Believe Episode - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Thirty Three

In this episode David Hiscox and I go through my manifesto and talk about what we agree and disagree on.

David Hiscox: XYZ

Length: 47 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

What Do Traditionalists Believe, Length: 5 minutes

Or if you prefer to read it: What do Traditional Conservatives believe?

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Sunday 15 March 2020

Melbourne, Still Australia's Terror Capital

Yet again a Muslim has gone on a knife rampage in Melbourne, it happened on the evening of Thursday, 12th March 2020. He first attacked a PSO (Protective Service Officer- who are at all Melbourne railway stations) at Jolimont station. He pulled out a knife and cut the PSO across the face and arm. The PSO's are armed and in pairs, but he got away. He then went to Richmond railway station where he caught a train. He got off the train at Glenferrie station and walked to Coppin Grove where he stabbed two women in their early thirties. One died and the other has life threatening injuries.

Around 45 minutes later at 12:45am, a man called police to say that he had been stabbed near the corner of Queen Street and Cotham Road, Kew. The 59 year old man later died in hospital. A few streets away in Walton Street, a man was shot dead by police when he threatened them with a knife.

Two innocent people dead, two others with injuries, one maybe both with serious wounds. The PSO it has been reported needs plastic surgery. All because of bad decisions made decades ago.

We have been told that this is a case of mental illness, maybe. Muslims who have mental illness seem to stab people quite a bit. But the real question is why was he here?

Why do we need these people at all?

The answer is that we do not need these people. Their culture and religion is alien to us and it has no place among us. They are not our people but a mixture of foreign peoples. Who we are told insistently that we must call our countrymen.   

Once again ordinary people have had to pay the price for the bad policy of the government.

How long are we going to put up with this?

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Saturday 14 March 2020

Viral Crisis

The Prime Minister and state and territory leaders want all non-essential gatherings of more than 500 people to be suspended from Monday amid fears about the spread of coronavirus.
 It came after Australia's chief medical officer told the leaders at a COAG meeting that mass gatherings of more than 500 people should be cancelled.
Friday the 13th, March 2020 from the ABC.

Governments are starting to treat this as serious, as serious as the fear mongers in the media have been. Already we have seen panic buying and cancelled travel plans. Massive payments are being made by the Australian government to prop up the economy.

Yet I keep having this feeling that I've heard all this before. I keep hearing in my head the word 'Wolf!'. We have had this panic quite a lot over the past twenty years. But I don't remember any such scares before then. Ohhh yes there was one great panic in the 1980's, the AIDS scare. The thing to learn about that is that we were lied to. Unless you engaged in certain behavours you were safe.

So what has changed in the past twenty years?

Two things changed.

The first thing to change was an attitude, maybe we should call it an optimism. If you go back the middle decades of the twentieth century it is not uncommon to find scientists and doctors talking about eradicating disease. Smallbox and polio are two examples of this being carried out. Antibiotics would prevent disease and laboratories would find cures. The Liberal cult of progress feed right into this line of thinking. The cult of progress said that everything starts primitive and over time gets better. Everything is perfectible. Disease and other medical conditions are problems today but in the future they will not exist. This war would be won.

Today it is much rarer to hear that line, instead we have transhumanists talking about eliminating death. But most people, including the scientists and the doctors have lost that optimism. They no longer believe that this war can be won. Instead we are engaged in an eternal struggle. Unfortunately it seems that we slipped from one bad idea to another. In the past two decades, inspired by the AIDS scare, it has become the standard idea that every new disease may herald the end of the human race. Every outbreak is a new crisis. Have the medical authorities become addicted to crisis or adrenaline or is it now built into the culture of the medical profession?

The second thing to happen was China, this is the third major disease scare to come out of China since 1997. Bird flu also known as Avian influenzaSARS which is also a Coronavirus and the current Coronavirus, COVID-19. Trade between China and the West was quite small before the 1970's. Since then China has become the worlds largest export nation. Today it is easier to find something with 'Made in China' on it than any other country...even your own. That hasn't only affected economics. We are seeing that right now. More than a billion people packed into China with all of their animals and add to that a humid climate. It is an environment that creates it's own dangers. New diseases find ready hosts quickly because people live so close together, it cannot be avoided. That close proximity then helps it spread. Modern transportation then helps it to spread further.

It seems that the medical profession knows things that you and I don't. They know how dangerous this all is, at least potentially. Add to that mix our aging population, the mix of different races and ethnicities, each with their own vulnerabilities. What do you do if one part of the population is susceptible but others are not?

Were all equal and interchangeable, so we must all be treated that way. Everyone must be told that they are just as much at risk as anybody else. Even if it's a lie, particularly if it's a lie.     

It's possible that I am wrong and that all of this is necessary, we will all know before long. But I have the feeling that this will be like the other events, people will die, but no where near the numbers that we have been told to expect. Then we will be told about how it could have been greater except for the efforts made. Personally I feel that I have heard 'Wolf!' once too many times.

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Friday 13 March 2020

Liberal Debt

Back in April 2019 the Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said that after 12 years of deficit budgets we were returning a surplus.

Clip is: 1minute, 9 seconds long

Today it is revealed that instead of being in surplus we are still in deficit. 14-billion over budget this year. The government has said that the bushfires and cornonavirus have pushed them over the edge. Hows this for an idea, how about not telling us that there is a surplus before we actually get into surplus.

Last month Treasurer Frydenberg, Australia's first Jewish Treasurer, decided to insult the opposition's budget this way.

Clip is 2 minutes long

Which is a bit hypocritical as he is so concerned with any criticism of Jews. Back in October 2019 he called for more education on the Holocaust because of two bullying incidents in Melbourne schools. One was anti-semitic, a Muslim student made a Jewish student kiss his shoes and it was photographed. The photograph is in the article linked above. The other was by a 5 year old, what does a 5 year old know about antisemitism? 

It's absurd.

Bizarrely the article by SBS, Australia multicultural broadcaster has a typo where 'billions' has been written instead of millions.

But what really offends me is the idea that the Liberal Party has any moral grounds to pretend that it is prudent. That it is a good financial manager, that is simply no longer true. The Liberal Party is every bit as bad as the Labor Party.

The days when the Liberal Party could claim to be better are long gone. This reminds me of full employment, they talked about returning to full employment for two decades and then they stopped. They had fooled enough people for long enough that people no longer took any notice. Debt and the Liberal Party are on the same path.

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Wednesday 11 March 2020

Happy Seventh Birthday Upon Hope!

I've had my best year yet on the blog, which is always a nice thing to be able to say. July was my worst month with only 2,998 visitors, but the next was my best with 5910 visitors. Over the year I have averaged 4,200 a month. Something happened in July to blogger, before that time I routinely got hundreds on each post, but from the start of July I rarely got over one hundred. Not sure what happened but even though each post was down, overall I got increased numbers. I have written some quite good pieces and from July to December I was on fire. I tried to write each day but in reality it was more like 2 out of every 3 days.  Then In January I really needed some help so I asked for people to support me on Subscribestar. For nearly the entire first month not a single person thought I was worth supporting, not even for a dollar a month. Now I have two supporters who each have pledged $10 a month, thats $120 a year. Now that's a serious commitment.....Thank you!

I have to admit that the lack of support nearly killed the blog. I really had to struggle to write. People don't have unlimited money, unfortunately I really do understand that. but the total lack of interest was a real kick in the guts. Particularly as the amount of material I produce keeps increasing.

This article will be the 160th article I have written in the past twelve months. I have organised the second Melbourne Traditionalists Conference which was a great success. Along with David Hiscox, the editor of XYZ, I have started doing podcasts on YouTube and this year I have been putting up older articles as well. So each day something goes up, even though we do the podcast each Monday. David Hiscox has also been putting articles of mine up on XYZ, in fact he puts up about 2/3rd's of everything I write. Which I must say has been a good boost to the ego, as has been his support. I think the recent increase in numbers, particularly from Australia, is in no small part due to that support. Thank you David!

And the Melbourne Traditionalists has had regular meetings and continues to grow. 

I have had 242, 586 visitors to this blog over the past seven years.
2013 15,000 visitors
2014 20,000 visitors
2015 30,000 visitors
2016 38,000 visitors
2017 44,000 visitors
2018 43,000 visitors
2019 52,000 visitors

My most clicked on article is still What do Traditional Conservatives believe? which has been clicked on 6507 times. My least read article is Parenting, there's an app for that which has been clicked on only 47 times.

My visitors fall into three categories Americans who make up around 40%, Australians who make up around 15% and the rest of the world who make up the remaining 45%. In the last month the number of Americans who have come to my site reached 100,000.

Below are the top 10 articles that have been clicked on with the number of visitors each has received.

6507 What do Traditional Conservatives believe?

3791 Free-trade Versus Protectionism

3487 Why don't the poor marry?

3314 Why do Conservatives believe in different social classes?

2455 Feminism, why we are not Feminists

2404 What is more important, the past, the present or the future?

2248 The balanced society

2170 Housewives, good for the economy and society

2153 The problems of Monarchy

1397 Multiculturalism, the conclusion

The list will be different to the list on the left as I believe that they are weighted towards more recent clicks.

Here is the "Referring URL's" and "Referring Sites".

Referring URLs

Referring Sites

Search Keywords

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upon hope
the thinking housewife
free trade vs protectionism

Here is the list of where and how many people have been to this site over the past seven years.
United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region

The only change is the Netherlands is back and Indonesia has left.

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope that thing keep heading upwards!

Mark Moncrieff

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