Friday, 3 January 2020

Scott Morrison, Political Football

Currently in Australia there is a bushfire crisis. People have died, the number of houses destroyed is heading towards 400 and the navy has had to evacuate people by sea. The fires started early and we still have our hottest months ahead of us. Things are bad and people want answers.

The media has decided that one man is responsible, Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia. You see in December he went on holiday and apparently he's not allowed to. There was a complaint that he should have been doing something to fight the fires. Surely a Prime Minister, any Prime Minister can be spared for a week or two?

I mean there is a Deputy Prime Minister, couldn't he run the government while the Prime Minister is away?

The answer is of course yes, but it appears that this fact is unknown to the media, or the opposition. He cut his holiday short and returned to Australia, he was holidaying in Hawaii, and is now being criticized for doing the only thing he can. He is touring areas affected by the fire and showing his personal support. It turns out that this is also not allowed as it is all a publicity stunt.

So going on holiday showed a lack of empathy and offering support to people affected by the fires is a PR stunt!

To top it all off there is nothing he can do. Fire fighting in Australia is a State not a National government responsibility. The National governments job is to provide support before and after. The army and navy have been called in to help, but that is not unusual at all. Although naval evacuations are!

Then there are those who are attacking the Greens party because they have had a policy of not supporting burn off's during the winter months. This policy has allowed the undergrowth to grow, all of which fuels fires when they arrive. While the Greens do bear some responsibility, no where in Australia are the Greens in power. New South Wales has a Liberal government and Victoria has a Labor government. Why are we once again blaming the wrong people?

Now I hate to defend Scott Morrison, or the Greens for that matter, I have no love for either. But we should hang them for the crimes they have actually committed instead of for someone else's crimes. 

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