Friday, 23 November 2018

Who Would You Vote For?

Today I voted, a day early, in the Victorian state election. I've complained before about how far left my electorate is, so I have brought home my how to vote cards that are given out before you enter the polling booth. And I'm going to ask you, how would you vote?

1. Liberal
2. Independent
3. Labor
4. Victorian Socialists
5. Greens
6. Animal Justice Party
7. Reason

Thats the order that they are presented on the ballot paper. Maybe you'd like some background, so here it is.

The Liberals - Pretend Conservatives, love business and destroying Melbourne's heritage, however in my electorate they have no change of winning.

Independent - A former local mayor, sometimes Labor member but not at the moment it seems as Labor have put him second last. A very mixed bag.

Labor - Current member and the current Government. Bad on crime, just terrible.

Victorian Socialists - Socialists, in a way an inspiration as it shows what can be done. They are the real deal, full on Socialists.

Greens - Watermelons, green on the outside, but red on the inside. They talk a good game, they even have individual policies that I support, but thats just the icing the rest of the cake is horrible.

Animal Justice Party - Again it's not that they are wrong, some of their ideas are good. However when a political party represents animals instead of people you really have to worry.

Reason - Secular Liberalism, they use weasel words, like drug reform instead of drug legalisation.

That is the lower house, in the upper house there were 52 candidates....I won't force you to go through that!

So in all honesty who would you vote for?

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  1. Shooters party in the upper house
    Liberal lower house in a safe labour seat

    1. Sustainable Australia in the Upper House
      Liberal in the Lower House is how I voted.