Friday 23 February 2018

Friends and the Autonomous Individual

I was going to post on another topic today, but then I saw this article, Schools Consider Banning "Best Friends", please check out the 3 minute video or read the article, it's quite Orwellian. Then I saw that Mark Richardson had posted on another Liberal attack on students, this time at Harvard. And I thought this cannot wait.

I often write about the Autonomous Individual and how they are the endpoint, the goal towards which Liberalism is working. Both of these things, the banning of best friends and the destruction of Fraternities and Sororities is about the same thing. Creating that Autonomous Individual.

When Liberals think of the Autonomous Individual what they think about is an individual who is self made and independent. They are not dependent upon any other person. However what they don't seem to notice is that such a person is completely alone and completely disposable. They have no Race, no ethnicity, no religion, no family, no parents, no children, no husband or wife and no friends. You see the Autonomous Individual cannot have any attachments, attachments mean that they are not really independent. Nothing is allowed to get in the way of their independence, nothing is allowed to get in the way of the autonomy.

Having a best friend is an attachment, it can be a substitute for a romantic relationship. In a truly Liberal society there is no room for love, because love is an attachment, lust should be enough, it better be because it's the only thing your allowed. Lust will end, lust is shallow, the Autonomous Individual is not allowed any attachments so lust is allowed. Friendship is a form of love, not lust, and thats not allowed.

I keep using the word "allowed", if the Autonomous Individual is independent how can they be forced to do anything?

Because the freedom that Liberalism talks about is not freedom from Liberalism. Liberalism is the only philosophy allowed and you will love it, the only love allowed. You will do as society tells you to do, but you will do it freely because you will not be free from Liberalism. And when you complain or rebel, then the government will put you in your place. Because when Liberalism rules and all other social structures have been destroyed, the family, the church, community, nations, marriages, friendship, all destroyed. Then only the government can hope to fulfill the functions that they once performed.

And when that day arrives you will treasure the government, your only parent, your only friend, your only everything. Friendship has no place in a Liberal society. The Autonomous Individual is alone, all alone.

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  1. It's a good point. The AI is the implicit role model signalled by the media, TV, movies etc. His great virtue is that he stands for nothing, and therefore cannot be criticised. He can endlessly reinvent himself, not only over the course of his life, but even just in the course of a conversation to avoid causing an argument or a clash of values.

    I think the AI is roughly the same as Nietzsche's Last Man, and the Bugman cited by the Alt right.

  2. Well put, Mr Moncrieff. The deeper loves and attachments are not defended within a liberal culture. The idea that best friends should be banned is one more symptom of this.

  3. "The Swedish Theory of Love" is mostly about it. It is worth to watch it.
    I think in Plato "Lysis" there is also suggestion about it.

    Problem is not new but is definitely bigger then in old times.