Monday 28 June 2021

How The Super Rich Avoid Taxes (Legally)

 Here is an excellent video that does e4xactly as the title says.

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Saturday 26 June 2021

Heading Towards The Revolution

The word revolution has two meanings with the meanings often being used interchangeably. The first is the original meaning, which is the violent overthrow of a government. The second meaning comes from the French Revolution, which is that everything, the government, society, religion are all being overthrown and replaced. So when a revolution happens in the Third World and one dictator replaces another dictator, that is the first kind of revolution. In the Western world when you hear people talking about revolution they nearly always mean the second.

Revolutionary has three meanings, it can simply mean something new, it can mean that someone is dedicated to overthrowing the government, or it can mean someone who is dedicated to overthrowing 'everything'. 

Most histories of revolutions talk about the principles, about the high ideals that propelled the revolution forward. But that is putting the cart before the horse. Revolutions break out because people have lost faith in the government, in fact in the entire system of government. Looking at history it seems that that always boils down to money. The government has gotten itself into so much debt that it cannot pay it's bills. That leads to people who normally support the government, either turning against it or refusing to defend it, in word or deed, when it is attacked. 

Is there any Western country that is not in debt?

Is there any Western country that has a plan to get out of debt?

So we are heading towards a revolutionary environment, one in which debt comes to dominate everything. 

Many in economics believe that revolutionary means that we are heading into new economic territory. That might be bad but it also might be good. But never before in history has creating money out of fresh air worked out. Today our governments print money that in reality has little to no value and one day that fact will become accepted. Again, if history is any guide. If it is not then the Economists are right, the revolution does mean new.

Or does revolutionary mean the violent overthrow of the government? 

One thing that will be different is that this problem is not confined to one country or region, it is wide spread. That means that one revolution may lead to another and so on. 

Or does it mean the overthrow of 'everything'? 

If so then people had better be careful what they wish for, because revolutions rarely turn out as the revolutionaries want. 

Debt means that whatever we are in will not last, but that does not mean it has to end tomorrow. As Adam Smith said, "there is a great deal of ruin in a nation". Which means that it takes time to destroy. 

What will the revolution be like?

Here is a podcast that I did on revolutions

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Friday 18 June 2021

Asia and the West

Consider this, in 1911 China became a republic, then in the 1930's and 40's Chinese Nationalists and Communists fought a civil war. China's history is thousands of years old and until the mid-1800's Republicanism, Nationalism and Communism were no where to be seen. Because they are foreign ideas, not Chinese ideas and that is the theme of this post. Asia is today filled with ideas that aren't theirs and it is leading them to ruin.

This has taken a long time to come about, Asia was very resistant to Western efforts to trade with them. In the 1800's the Western powers forced Asia to open up to trade through military force and threats of force. But once the doors were open it became like a flood, Western ideas and material goods came to dominate and while there was resistance a new elite came to power by using those ideas and materials. Japan even tried to reject it's own history and culture and to become a European power. That only failed because the European powers rejected Japan's efforts as absurd.  

WWII brought about two contradictory outcomes, the Japanese conquest of Singapore meant the end of the European empires. It had broken the idea that Europeans were invincible, something that may seem stupid today, but wasn't when they had won victory after victory which had brought Asia under their control, either directly or indirectly. The second outcome was to reinforce that the West was superior. It's way of thinking, it technology, it's military force. The Allied victory in the Pacific was primarily American, which lessened the blow because while they were also White they weren't Europeans. They were a different power and the Korean War would push this outcome. By the end of the Cold War the American way had joined hands with the European way and had become the Western way. Victory in the Cold War again helped.   

But all of this had a cost, Asia willingly surrendered it's initiative to follow the West. It made Western technology, it reconfigured it's economy to fit into the West's economy, it followed Western culture. That's not to say that it didn't keep any of it's own, it did, but it followed the West to a high degree. To give but one example, traditionally brides in China wore red, in the West brides wore white. Today brides nearly everywhere wear white, because in the West it means purity, but traditionally in China white was the colour of ghosts and bones, in other words the colour of death. That is quite a big shift, but a shift that matches with the idea that the West does things better. 

Today Asia is confused, it policies have lead to the same social and demographic problems that the West suffer from. A low birth rate and a culture of sterility. In South Korea the birth rate is the lowest in the world at 0.9 births per women. I do not think that bigger is better, but it is a symptom of the Western disease. It has accepted the Western way of doing things, even when that is disastrous. It looks to the West for the next move, but we don't have a next move. We are also confused, the confidence that once was our hallmark is rapidly diminishing. Is Asia going to follow us down the transgender fiasco? It has followed us down the feminism one. The one saving grace is that Asia has not followed us down the mass immigration and multicultural path. 

However there is no evidence that Asia is capable of following it's own path. Ironically the lower IQ of other regions will protect them from our worst follies. But Asia has gained so much by following our lead and that will be their downfall, as it will be ours!

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Saturday 12 June 2021

The Turner Diaries - A Book Review

For my birthday I received a copy of The Turner Diaries, normally I would put a link in but any link I put in would get old quite quickly. While I had certainly heard of the book before I had never even seen a copy. So I was interested in finding out exactly what this book was about. 

The conceit of the book is that 100 years after The Great Revolution a diary is found that was written by an ordinary member of the Organisation called Earl Turner. Everything is written from his point of view, with the exception of some notes to explain things, mostly for a future audience, not us. It begins in 1991 and goes until 1993, but it is not a day by day account. Dramatically I understand why the book has proven so popular. It is easy to read and always logical, it covers a great deal of ground, different types of action and locations. It shows you what is happening and gets the reader into the story. It is also technical, so if your interested in weapons or 'how would that work' questions then that is there. Just enough but never too much. Things constantly happen so it's hard to get bored at any point. Earl Turner is also an interesting character, both an everyman that most men can relate too and a heroic character. One forced by circumstances to go from everyman to hero. In the beginning Turner finds it hard to believe that he is capable of killing, by the end he kills countless people. While I won't spoil the story, I think it fair to say that the book and the violence within the book escalates by quite a bit.

So why is this book so controversial?

The book also escalates it's racial violence, at the start Whites need protection from the government. But the Organisation isn't Pro-White, it's anti-everybody who isn't White. Their ideology is at times anti-Black, at others anti-Jewish and at others anti-Liberal. Each is criticised  multiple times throughout, but not at the same time. Each is treated as a separate issue. Just as the White traitors are always treated as a symptom of the disease and not as a cause, even though they are the ultimate cause of the problems. I was going to write that the killing of non-Whites was extreme, but actually the killing of Whites by the Organisation is also extreme. Turner and the Organisation are fanatics and killing people comes to mean nothing to them. Everything becomes about ends not means and killing anyone regardless of race or guilt to achieve those ends is justified in the book. Of course most people who dismiss this book simply call it racist, but it's not just non-Whites who die in droves. 

As a story it's a good action story, it never lets up, something is always happening or about to happen. But this book is also about ideology, and a book that kills all non-Whites and a good deal of Whites is not a book on how to achieve our aims but one that shows us how things should not be done!   


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Friday 11 June 2021

The Ninety-Ninth Month

Not much to report this month, apart from not writing as much as I was sick, just a common cold. But it put me in bed for most of a week and I'm just over the cough a month later. 

My best day this month was the 1st of June when I had 360 visitors. My worst day was the 26th May when I had 46, my only day under 50.  

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Monday 7 June 2021

The Unintended Reformation - Conclusion

While it has taken me far longer than I had hoped to read this book, I am very glad that I have read this. For a number of years I have argued that Liberalism began in the Reformation and that is backed up by this book. It asked questions that I had not thought of and it has pointed me in directions that have opened my thinking. 

How could the Universities brush Christianity aside so easily, even though it took a long time? 

Why did rationalism seem like such a good answer, but it failed to provide the answers that it promised?

Why don't we live in a more Christian society, when that was the aim of the Protestant reformers?

I have reviewed each chapter in turn, for a book this detailed I think that it was the best way to do it. 

Here are the links:

Excluding God

Relativizing Doctrines

Controlling the Churches

Subjectivizing Morality

Manufacturing the Goods Life

Secularizing Knowledge

This is not a light read, it is an academic book written by an academic, but with that proviso I think that the book is excellent.

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Tuesday 1 June 2021

Women Are Life

The female body creates life. That is it's purpose, it is why it exists. Women create life, their bodies allow life to grow, their minds, manners and temperament encourage the continuation of life. Quite simply life cannot exist without women. Which is why Liberalism attacks the female body and the female mind. 

At every turn the very nature of women is attacked. Men, the fathers of women, the husbands of women, are a threat, don't trust them. They are violent and dangerous. Women need men just as men need women. But each is encouraged to distrust, even to hate the other. Childbirth is the worst pain a women can endure and life is about avoiding pain. Abortion, the ending of life is better. If a women must have a child, as few as possible. Career and making money, having a good time these are all better things than family. 

Men are also required to create life and over time they have a very important part to play in a child's life. However women are a constant in a child's life, If a child grows up in an all female environment they might not notice that they have missed out. But if a child grows up in an all male environment they will notice that they have missed out. The love, tenderness and care that a women can give is hard for a man to provide. But we have reached a stage whereby we can pretend that these things are unimportant.

Today we hear that women can do anything, some even believe it. That they can do any job, no matter how dangerous or damaging. That those who object hate women, they think that women are inferior.  That a women's worth is really about her abilities and skills, nothing to do with her inborn nature. To imply that womens greatest strength is motherhood and her ability to create and nurture life is to reduce women to a broodmare. 

It is how Liberalism argues, to always twist truth to it's own vision. They reduce women to small, weaker men and declare that to be a triumph. Because it transforms what women are, it transcends what women are, it ignores what women are. Women have a nature, but Liberalism denies that nature, animals have natures, humans should rise above their natures and become fully human. To do that they need to reject their own nature.

This is why they push so hard for women in the military, in police, in combat. These things are the ultimate transformation. They are about leadership, authority and about killing. Women not as lifegivers, but as lifetakers. The most extreme inversion of womanhood. 

We see this pushed in advertising and in movies and tv shows. Women are just as capable of violence as men, in many shows women are even more violent then men. Many people with no experience of violence believe these lies, just like they are supposed to. 

Liberalism doesn't support women, it always supports itself. Women must like men become Autonomous Individuals, self made. To achieve that women and womanhood must no longer be associated with life and lifegiving. They must become like men and be ready to deal out death.

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