Saturday 29 December 2018

2018 Review

Over the past week I have had terrible writers block, I have sat down to write and nothing has come out. In fact I have already written more than all those other attempts combined. The real problem was that I have written on so many topics that when I became excited by a topic I found I had already written on it. Bullying check, domestic violence check and so it went on, then I thought I might do a round up of the year.

It didn't take long for 2018 to take a bad turn, when in February my Mother died. Fortunately, with three days still to go, the year didn't get any worse. I had Britfest, a celebration of British heritage and culture to help keep me busy, it was a great success and in 2019 we are doing it all over again.

On the political front The Melbourne Traditionalists has had their best year ever, something I've very happy with. We have had more people become interested in being involved, with our last meeting being the best ever in terms of number of attendees. And of course we had our First Melbourne Traditionalists Conference, which was great! I really enjoyed the talks and meeting the people, to be honest it was so exciting to see an idea come to fruition.

I also participated in my first election campaign this year the Victorian state election. I handed out leaflets for an independent candidate on our side. The day of the election was quite dark, was the result. But on the third day I started to change my tune, the candidate received 2.5% of the vote with only two weeks campaigning. Now that isn't much of the vote but it was fourth place out of nine candidates. It got me to thinking about how to do it better and to really get our way of thinking out there. I'm looking forward to trying to put some of those ideas into practice in 2019.

Unfortunately I also found more evidence of people not thinking the problems of our times through. People who say they are against immigration but have never thought about race or ethnicity. People who hate how society is but think the changes that have occurred since the 60's are good. People who hate Feminism but think men and women are equal. It's amazing how many people cannot think logically, depressing actually.

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Wednesday 19 December 2018

Utopia, Why It Can Never Exist

Sir Thomas More wrote his most famous book, Utopia in 1516, although it wasn't published in English until 1551. Utopia is a Greek word meaning "no-place", over time it has taken on the meaning of another Greek word, Eutopia which means "good-place". In modern English Utopia means heaven on Earth, a perfect society.

The first book of this nature is The Republic by Plato in which he puts forward a perfect City-State. In this City-State children are not raised by their parents but by the Government, it's as nutty as a fruitcake. And there is the recurring theme in all of these Utopia's, that nuttiness never goes away.

Conservatism rejects Utopia, but non of the Ideologies do, in fact quite the opposite. They only exist so that they can push their idea of Utopia. Libertarianism, Anarchism, Liberalism, Communism all have at the end a Utopia, a perfect world, where a perfect government rules over a perfect economy and it is all filled with perfect people. What is obvious is that there is no room for unbelievers.

While it is certainly possible to believe in a Utopia and even to work towards achieving it. It is not possible for a Utopia to ever actually exist and the reason is that people and circumstances change. Because even if it were possible to achieve a state of Utopia it would never be able to remain there, things are constantly moving. People grow older, they change their opinions, their desires, they make decisions both good and bad. They do not remain a constant. Over time of course new people are born and they grew older, as do the next generation and then the next and so on. Each one wanting things that the last generation didn't think were that important. Even without technology or any new knowledge it would not be possible because of human nature.

Now those who believe in Utopia don't tend to believe that human nature exists. Instead they believe in the Blank State, that humans are born empty vessels who are ready to be filled with whatever they want to fill them with. However human nature does exist and we are born with inbuilt traits that grow as we get older. Human nature means that we desire things even if we are not told that we desire them. Ambition, lust, inquisitiveness, competition, approval, we have all of these things inside of us and they do not remain in one state.

Nor do circumstances, the weather changes, seasons change, the availability of goods change. Oil is cheap, oil is expensive, it changes things. Now extend that from one item to everything, because everything changes. It's why Communism as an economic system cannot work because there are simply to many moving parts to keep track of. That principle remains in place for economics as it does for society. Life is far too complex for a Utopia to ever really exist.

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Thursday 13 December 2018

Independence Means You Have Failed

All my life I have heard Independence held up as one of the greatest ideals of our age. Men, but particularly women, should be Independent, that they should not be reliant upon any other person. Independence meant that you are free and freedom meant that you never had to compromise. What they never talk about is the cost of that freedom.

To be Independent means that you must have a well paying job, it means that you live alone, it means that relationships are of little to no importance, it means no marriage and it means no children. Look at television and movies and you see this Independent character everywhere. In fact they are the modern standard. In older films, particularly the 1930's and 40's you also see this character, but in these older movies they normally cease to be Independent by the end of the movie. Not today.

Today Independence is portrayed as heroic, the lone hero holding out against the human cruelty of the world. I even see people passing along to each other samples of this idea. That women shouldn't need men, that men don't need women, that man and woman are the natural enemy of the other. That love, trust and hope in the opposite sex is only for fools.

But it is exactly the opposite that is true, to have any measure of success in life you need to love and to be loved. It is healthy and natural to want and to need another person in your life. To love them, to trust them and to share a dream together. To put it bluntly you need to become dependent!

Dependence is what is missing from our world. It means being connected to someone deeply, it means that instead of trying to be everything you have a partner that you can share the burden with. That burden is real and at times it feels like it will crush everything from you, your hopes, your abilities, your very life. In this life we need others.

 Loneliness is not a reward, carrying the burden of life alone is not a reward. Do not let them win, do not follow their bad advice, they are not on your side, they do not have your best interests at heart. They want you alone, they want you sad and dependent not on someone that you love but on them. Fight them for your sake and for ours, fight them because of your ancestors and fight them for your future progeny. Because if you don't the future cannot exist.

If you ever find yourself Independent then you have failed., take it from one who is.

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Tuesday 11 December 2018

The Sixty-Ninth Month

The month started off great and then I got sick and hasn't ended well. Story of my blog really. But it's always strange, why do people come in huge numbers even when I'm not posting and then fade away when I do start posting? I have no idea, maybe it only seems that way. 

In the last month I have had 3,307 visitors. My best day was the 2nd December when I had 297 visitors and my worst day was the 16th November when I had 34 visitors, stuck between two days with over 100 visitors each!

United States
Unknown Region
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

United States
United Kingdom

The United States, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, France and the United Kingdom are down.

Russia, Unknown Region, the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands are back in the top 10.

Turkey, the Ukraine, the Philippines and Germany are out of the top 10.

I have also received visitors from the following countries: Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Finland, Switzerland,  Portugal, Spain, Poland, Albania, Romania, the Ukraine, Turkey, U.A.E., Iraq, India, Nepal, China, South Korea, Cambodia, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Madagascar, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Honduras, Brazil, Columbia, Peru

I look forward to seeing you here again.
Mark Moncrieff

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Friday 7 December 2018

Whats Your Intersectionality Score?

Are you telling me you don't know your Intersectionality score?

What are you sane!

So what is intersectionality?

"the theory that the overlap of various social identities, such as race, gender, and sexuality, contibutes to the systemic oppression and discrimination experienced by an individual"

In other words Leftest crap.

I scored 9 and I am more privileged than 86% of you suckers!

I played around with it and the best score I could come up with was 97, in which case 89% of people were more privileged. Although to get there I had to become a trans-women of colour who was disabled and a devout Muslim!

If I kept everything the same but changed my religion from Muslim to Jewish I got a score of 92, but still 88% of people were more privileged.

I know what your thinking, what about if my disabled trans-women of colour was a devout Christian, 85 with 86% of people being more privileged.

If you would like to find out your own interesctionality score go here, , great entertainment for 10 minutes or so.

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Wednesday 5 December 2018

The Immigration Pos Never Ends

This week SBS, the Special Broadcasting Service put out an article on Immigration which says that 82% of Australians support Immigration!

Now thats a big number and it doesn't quite ring true of my experience as an Australian who lives in Australia. So lets have a look at this: 82 per cent of Australians support immigration despite population concerns

"A report by the Scanlon Foundation found more than four in five Australians see benefits to immigration, but concerns remain around overcrowding and house prices."

"The survey, which canvassed the views of 1,500 randomly chosen Australians, also found 52 per cent of Australians consider the current intake of migrants either 'about right' or 'too low'   

"But 43 per cent took the view that the view that the migrant intake was 'too high', up from 37 per cent last year. The finding is the highest since 2010 when it peaked at 47 per cent"    

82% in the headline, but 52% further on think it's about right or too exactly do you reconcile these two numbers?

How do you reconcile that 43% think that immigration is too high with 82% support for immigration?

In the article there is also a survey that is current,

SBS News poll

Do you think Australia's current intake of migrants is:

Too low

About right

Too high

Even an SBS poll shows 51% think immigration is too high....SBS who's charter it is to support Multiculturalism!

As I went through the article I thought, I recognise the author of this report, I've seen him supporting this type of thing before. The article calls him a researcher from Monash University, which is a bit of a let down in reality he is Professor Andrew Markus, Head of the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilization.

"Professor Markus has served on a number of panels, delivered numerous public presenations and keynote addresses. These included...."

The Research Institute on Social Cohesion
The Inclusive Brisbane Board
Parliament of Australia Senate Select Committee on Strengthening Multiculturalism
Settlement Service International
Cultural Shift from Settlement to Belonging
Deakin University’s inaugural conference ‘Cultural Diversity and News in Australia’
Australian Human Rights Commission’s ‘National Forum on Racial Tolerance and Community Harmony 2017’
Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s annual conference
Victoria University’s Colloquium ‘Far-Right Narratives, Movements and Networks’. 

Amongst others.

Lets be honest the man is a stereotype and no one forced him to be so, instead he chose to be one.

But there is another thing here, at the start of the article it mentions a group called the Scanlon Foundation, who are they?

Turns out the Scanlon Foundation was founded in 2009 by Peter Scanlon who is worth about $600,000,000 Australian dollars and he just loves immigration. The website is quite clear on what it's about. "The Scanlon Foundation aspires to see Australia advance as a welcoming, prosperous and cohesive nation particularly related to the transition of migrants into Australian Society."     

This article, Scanlon backs population growth is from 2009.

"It also happens that Mr. Scanlon has extensive property development interests, which clearly benefit from immigration-fuelled high population growth. 

Turns out Peter Scanlon is also a stereotype, a Right Liberal who just cannot see any downside to immigration and big money. One of those business types who think that every silver cloud has a silver lining. A good old fashioned Liberal who believes that borders stop people from making money and that no damn barrier should exist between the movement of money and people. We don't have a country anymore we have something better, a economy!

The Right Liberal stereotype finances a study that proves we just love the same thing that he loves. The Jewish Academic stereotype write's it all up and presents it for public consumption and the public broadcaster who takes our money but which has never been on our side presents it all as fact.

When it comes to Immigration the pos never ends.

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