Saturday 31 July 2021

The End of History

At the end of the Cold War a famous essay was published in a magazine called The National Interest, it was 'The End of History?' by Francis Fukuyama. In 1992 he enlarged his essay into a book entitled 'The End History and the Last Man'. In his essay he wrote this:

What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of postwar history, but the end of history as such.... That is, the end point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.

The idea that history was ending was quite puzzling to most people, they didn't think that they were living at the end of history. Because to most people that strongly implies that the end of history means the end of the world and that means the end of our existence. To quote Infogalactic:

The phrase, 'the end of history' was first used by French philosopher and mathematician Antoine Augustin Cournot in 1861 "to refer to the end of the historical dynamic with the perfection of civil society".

I often write about Liberalism and the Autonomous Individual, the idea that the aim of Liberalism is to create the Autonomous Individual. A person who is self made, who can choose their own identity in every way, nothing is predetermined. We are born with a sex, an ethnicity, a race, with predetermined abilities, but that won't be true for the Autonomous Individual. They live at the End of History, a time were events still take place but all of the big important issues have been decided.

The most important is that Liberalism is the End of History, no other philosophy or ideology can replace it because it is, like the Autonomous Individual, the high point of human existence. This is Utopia by another name, no different to the Communist classless society or any other Utopia. The perfect society, run by a perfect system of government who rule over perfect people within a perfect economic system. 

If all this sounds like madness to you, then that's because you're still sane! 

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Wednesday 28 July 2021

The Covid Scaredemic

Right from the start of Covid-19 we have all been treated to the Scaredemic. This is part of something that has has been going on for decades and each year it has gotten worse. The lack of perspective, the idea that everything is solvable and the retching up of apocalyptic language. The End Times, the End of History, the Apocalypse, whatever name you prefer, the end is nigh!

I first noticed this with the weather, just the normal weather reports. Every storm was the worst, everyone was worse than any before. We were constantly warned about how bad it was going to be. But in real life nearly everyone of those storms passed without death, injury or serious damage. Then came the next weather event and you had better brace yourself for the worst. Occasionally it was bad, as we all expect, but it was never the apocalypse. The hype of the newsroom has spread to the weather and now it is just how it is done. From politics to the weather to covid to, well everything, it seems that we cannot escape the hype. Sober reportage has gone the way of the dodo. 

With it has gone perspective, everything is the worst, the most extreme and maybe worst of all, history has ceased to exist. At each point we are denied perspective. Perspective being the ability to compare, but as each event is viewed in isolation and in the most extreme way, we cannot compare. That isolation is on purpose because it maintains the hype. We see this in politics, the media, business, each event is unique, isolated from other events, sometimes the worst since the end of the Cold War or WWII. Meaning that everything before that date is discounted. History ceasing to exist. 

Then we have the idea that everything is solvable, how often have you heard the phrase 'so this never happens again!'. As if it is within our power to stop evil, not some but all evil. That it is possible to eradicate it from existence. Here is a belief that we can be perfected, that it is possible and that it is desirable. But none of those things are true. Instead some problems are unsolvable and human perfectibility is neither possible nor desirable. 

The Covid Scaredemic has simply been a continence and an acceleration of past policy. With a lack of perspective, the idea that everything is solvable and the retching up of apocalyptic language.   

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Sunday 25 July 2021

Shorthand Versus Longhand

Shorthand and longhand are forms of writing, longhand is normal writing where each word is written out. Shorthand is a way of writing quickly, for example to write down what someone is saying in a speech. But it is not like normal writing, it is more like a code. Today it is not used much, but only a few decades ago most secretaries were trained in it, as were journalists. Shorthand is also a phrase, which means give me the quick or short version.

In politics we often use shorthand as a way of quickly explaining things or as a way of assessing something. When everyone understands that it is shorthand then everything is fine, but too often shorthand becomes regarded as longhand. Reading in shorthand is hard as we are meant to read in longhand, but shorthand has it's place. Both in writing and in politics.

The JQ is an example of where shorthand can be useful. If someone doesn't know about the JQ you know they are a normie. It allows you to see quickly how much someone knows. It also allows you to find out if someone has gone too far in their thinking. When someone uses the JQ as longhand, as a way explain the entire way the world works, it loses any value that it had. Some things should stay as shorthand.

Although I notice the opposite problem with Feminism. Hardly anyone calls themselves a Feminist, yet most people support Feminism. Using shorthand here leads to much confusion. 

"Are you a Feminist?"

"No way, they are just man haters. I'm not like that!"

"So do you support women having professional jobs?"

"Of course!"

What they say and what they believe are two different things. That doesn't mean that shorthand doesn't work, but it does mean that shorthand has it's limitations just as it has it's uses.

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Sunday 18 July 2021

The Fifth Lockdown

Victoria's Premier Dictator Dan has put the entire state under lockdown for at least 5 days because there are 16 cases of Covid-19 in Melbourne. Like every one of the past 4 lockdowns it was done with the bare minimum of notice, in this case about 15 hours. I have been opposed to each and every one of these lockdowns. Even in February 2020 it seemed overblown to me, but I was prepared to be proven wrong, which I have not been. Once again we are under house arrest by another name.

But I must confess that I am perplexed by all this, many things don't make sense. 

Why is it that people just keep putting up with it?

Why is it that so many want to hear lies?

Why is it that small business hasn't revolted?

How can Australia have a lower unemployment rate today then it did before Covid-19?

Why is it that the science and medical profession are going along with this?

Why is it that every profession and industry has gone along with it?

Economically all of this is being paid for with debt and the printing of money. Modern Monetary Policy says that the government cannot go bankrupt as it can create it's own money and it has the entire economy as it's reserve currency. In the past this has always failed, today we are told "it's different", but it ain't. Once confidence goes and the funny money that we are all living off is viewed for what it is, things get very bad. The question is when will that happen?

As Adam Smith said, there is a lot of ruin in a nation.

It seems like everyone is so complacent. Collectively it seems that we enjoy being told what to do and what to think. Which is a very feminine way of living. It seems that Feminism has had consequences that go beyond simply women having jobs. Our society doesn't want to rock the boat, instead it wants to blend in, no matter the cost. I notice nearly all women wear masks, even when it is not required. Although to say that this is confined to women would be wrong. Today men seem to be following the lead of women. Conform and do as the authority figures want.

I particularly think of how no professional groups have raised even the slightest concern with the lockdowns or Covid-19 restrictions. Not the Unions, not the Churches, not any of the professional organisations, not any of the Industry groups, all silent and compliant. Everyone it seems has lost all sense of proportion. 16 people being sick in a state is not a reason to put 5 million people under virtual house arrest. 

I did read another reason for the Covid-19 panic and that was Risk Management. Since the 1980's everything has gotten more and more managed and controlled. The idea behind risk management is to minimise risk and then to eliminate risk. To make everything perfectly safe, which is an insane standard. In reality what it has meant is that risk is feared by management. So it spreads that fear to everyone else. Be afraid, be very afraid... of everything! 

I don't often quote FDR but, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

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Thursday 15 July 2021

Link Love XIV

Using Roman numerals seemed like a good idea when there won't so many of these, but now it's up to 14 I'm not as sure as I once was. Anyway, recently I've read some really great articles and I wanted to share them with you all. 

This one is from the Zman, it is both an article and an hour long podcast, you can do one or the other, or you can follow my lead and do both. The theme here is that "Wokeness" is a new religion. I'm not sure how I feel about this one, 60% yes, 40% no. However I also think that this idea is a good starting point to working out what is going on in the enemies head.

The New Religion

The Left like to talk about how they are on the right side of history, but they have flaws that don't help them achieve their goals. 

The Myth Of Progressivisms Shiny Future

A short article on why man is not God.

Mans Creatureliness 

Here is another article about what is in the enemies head. The meat of the article starts about a third of the way in, although I found the entire article of interest.

The Left And Sex

A retired College lecturer writes here about how the constant push left affected his career and conduct. What he doesn't understand is that he was part of the very problem he complains about, but still an interesting article.

How All My Politically Correct Bones Were Broken

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Monday 12 July 2021

Do We Need Education?

Since the 1870's mass compulsory education has existed in most of the English speaking world. It's stated purpose has always been to uplift all of society. To provide people with benefits that they otherwise wouldn't have. To give an example, the Wars of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars lasted 23 years(1792-1815). Nearly everything written about the experiences of the war was written by officers. In WWI (1914-18), a century later written experiences of the war came from many different people. That all  came from mass compulsory education.

Today, another century on, nearly everyone is overeducated. There are three reasons why we are now overeducated. 1. Increased education hide youth unemployment figures 2. It helped educated middle class people to have jobs and 3. It became a de facto IQ test. In the past both government and the private sector had tests to recruit people. With the passage of anti-discrimination laws those fell out of favour and were dropped. Now that is falling out of favour and more and more and other things are needed as well, criminal record checks, licenses and other forms of pre-testing. 

If the education that people were receiving was needed then these things would not be. Employers would be snapping people up as fast as they could be educated. But today the barista with a university degree is a stereotype. 

Further at every level of education it has been dumbed down and ideology is now baked in. The dumbing down of education has been going on since the 1960's. It makes things easier for teachers, it makes people ignorant, which is supposed to be the opposite of education and it allows more nonsense to be introduced into education. I can't help but think that much of this happens because they have to fill 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 13 years. That time adds up, you could really achieve something in that time.

In the past before mass compulsory education, people were still educated. Not all people of course. But people were educated in private homes, in public schools (which is why in England private schools are called public schools.) and in apprenticeships. Only a tiny section of society were taught things that were not practical. Today it is rare for someone to study something practical until after they have left secondary education. Why is that?

Couldn't people today in secondary school be taught practical skills?

Of course they could!

Just to give one example, why couldn't nursing be taught in upper secondary school?

Nursing comes in different levels, basic nursing, first aid, child health are all good things to know, particular for girls. Practical skills that would help in becoming a nurse or a mother.

But maybe I cannot break away from the past or the present. With the amount of ideology that is being pushed in schools and universities, I do wonder if they have outlived their purpose. Would a Traditionalist society allow this to continue?

I think not, the problem is many fold, but at a basic level can we trust teachers as a profession, in schools or Universities?

I'm not convinced that we can.  

Are these institutions so debased and corrupted from their objectives that they could continue?

I think that they are. 

Instead of education money going towards schools it should go to parents so that they can have more choice in where their children are educated. Then parents could decide whether they want to home school or join a community school?

A community school being a small school of between say 30-100 or so students.

How many University courses couldn't be done as apprenticeships?

Certainly every practical profession could be. 

How many academic subjects need to survive?

I'm not sure all of them do.

Do we need education, yes. 

Do we need it as it is currently done, no!

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Sunday 11 July 2021

The One Hundred Month

You would think I would have paid attention to this, but as so often real life got in the way. Getting to 100 months I mean. Here I am 8 years and 4 months after I started the blog, 313,000 visitors later, having written 858 posts. It's been a struggle to get here, but it's helped to shape my thinking and it gives me hope. Whether it should I'm not sure. Anyway 100 months is a good achievement. This month the only thing of interest is can I trust the numbers that Blogger gives me? I know it's an old complaint, a recurring complaint. Am I really that popular in Sweden or France? While I do have visitors from both countries regularly, I have my doubts about these numbers. My worst day in the month was the 8th July when I 49 visitors. My best day was yesterday, the 10th July when I had 1,115 visitors, that's 400 more than the next best day. Sweden 3.32K United States 1.59K France1.52K Australia 403 Indonesia 122 Germany 55 United Kingdom 54 Russia 48 Canada 46 Belgium 31 Netherlands 24 New Zealand 22 Hong Kong 13 India 13 Switzerland 10 China 7 Philippines 7 Ireland 6 Argentina 4 Other 145

Thursday 1 July 2021

The Division of Labour

I'm sure that you have heard the term 'hunter gatherers', what interesting about the phrase is that collectively they live by being hunter gatherers. But at the same time the hunters and the gathers are different people. The hunters being men and the gatherers being women. The division of labour.

Our bodies and our minds have been shaped by this division of labour. Men are bigger, stronger, harder and warmer, because they have more muscle. Women are smaller, weaker, softer and colder, because they have more fat. Everyone knows this, but today we have decided that what we know, experience and can see with our own eyes must be denied. You will hear people tell you that there are no differences between men and women!

How can that be?

Well it cannot be, it is a lie, a lie that is increasingly being made into law. It is certainly modern custom and if you openly deny their lies you can be punished. Many have been.

Many will say that while men and women are different they should be the same. That is what equality means. Here is the weasel argument, because they argue men and women are equal when it suits them and men and women should be equal whenever that suits them. It's not about principle, it is always about tactics, because 'they are equal' and 'they should be equal' are two different things entirely.

The truth is that men and women are different and that means that they should be doing different things, because they are good at different things. What is instead argued is that everyone is the same, in fact interchangeable. But every single person knows that is not true. Because if it was then there would be nothing to distinguish people from one another. Any person with the right education and or training could be changed with another without issue. Today we are told that we cannot complain about differences, we are trained to shut up and obey, we are trained not to notice, to deny our own experience. However we still notice that different people, produce different results, even doing the exact same job. 

We also notice the difference between men and women, We even notice that mothers and fathers are different. That brothers and sisters are different. We are told that they are not but we notice none the less. Our biology is real and so are the sex differences, those differences lead to the division of labour. Until the 1970's it was accepted everywhere, through all of history and prehistory that men and women were different. That they performed different functions, economically and socially. Even in those few societies, such as the Communism states, that tried to pretend that the sexes were not different, they didn't get far. 

Those sex roles meant that men looked out towards the world and its problems and women looked inwards towards the family and home. Together they became experts in their respective fields and together they became something greater then just themselves. They became a family and a people. Today those who think they are our betters are trying to undo all of that work, to unmade our families and our people. To make men and women not cooperate as they have done for untold times, but to compete against each other and to become enemies.

We must fight for reality, that men and women are different and that together we are greater than we are as mere individuals!

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