Wednesday 31 July 2019

Democracy is Not Our Friend

When I was young I was a Democracy fanboy. Over time I realised that one reason for that was that it was Utopian. It was the end of history, when people would settle all their disputes. Another reason was that it seemed to work. at the same time, growing up I heard much criticism of Politicians and Government.

Here was were my cognitive dissonance was quite active, I agreed that Australia's two major political parties were really the same, disagreeing on very little At the same time I did not lose my faith in Democracy. But if there is no difference between the two major parties in a two party system then how is that Democracy?

Democracy is rule by the people, but how much do the people actuality get to decide?

We cannot choose who gets to run for Parliament.

We don't get to choose policy

No, those decisions are made for us by other people. We do not even get to vote on the major issues. Immigration is about the biggest issue there is apart from War. On Monday 28th July 2019, Senator Pauline Hanson was voted down when she asked for a Plebiscite to be held to ask the question "Is Australia's Immigration levels too high?"

54 voted against the proposal and 2 voted for it!

2 Senators, both from One Nation and including Senator Pauline Hanson voted yes.

The reality is that there is no Democracy, we don't rule. Instead they ignore us and go ahead with their own agenda.

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Monday 29 July 2019

Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Three

The Third Episode went quite well with myself and David Hiscox from XYZ talking about the 1977 movie Don's Party and freedom of speech.

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Saturday 27 July 2019

Needing To Be Needed

Are you attractive? Do people want you? Are you skilled? Do employers want you? Are you a good student? Do Universities want you?

When we are young we often think that being wanted is important. In fact it is something that is often put before us, that we should want to be wanted. That being wanted is what gives us worth. Having more suitors, more job or University offers is what shows our value. However wanting to be wanted comes with a fear, the fear of rejection. But no one wants to be rejected, even though we have all suffered rejection.

Liberalism says that we are all individuals and that we should reject things, many things, in fact everything that stops you from being anything except an individual. Here in it's core value it fails to understand human nature. It simply says that human nature is invented, man made. If that were true it wouldn't be "nature". It thinks that we will be satisfied with being wanted. However at the heart of the human experience is a truth, we do not want to be wanted, we need to be needed.

Being needed is what gives us purpose, it is what we value. Serving others and knowing that if we for whatever reason were not there that we would be missed. Maybe missed is the wrong word. That our not doing something would have consequences, because what we do is something that needs to be done. It's the difference between studying for the test compared to studying for the sake of knowledge. Anyone can want to pass the test, but the real expert is that someone who needs to understand the subject.

Being wanted is nice, it satisfy's our ego which is no small thing. It is however a fleeting thing, something that rarely remains with us. Our need to be needed, that our actions, even our lives have consequences is something that Liberalism does not understand. It wants us to be satisfied with fleeting wants. Are you satisfied with that?

When you look around you do other people that you know seem satisfied with wants?

Wants are fleeting and needs are what Russell Kirk called the permanent things. The things that are important. Children need Parents, Husbands need Wives, Students need Teachers, Employers need Employees, and the same is true in reverse. People need people.

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Thursday 25 July 2019

The End of Privacy

Ten years ago I bought a tracking device, it tracks my movement at all times. It continually sends it's unique signature to the nearest mobile tower and if I get close to another tower then it sends it signal there. And bizarrely I not only keep this tracking device with me nearly all the time but I pay to be tracked. I simply call it my mobile phone.

The extent to which we are kept under surveillance is staggering. The computer that I am typing on sends out messages that are recorded. Each and every search I do is recorded. Your phone company knows every number you call, or that calls you. When you go for a drive or a walk cameras record your movements. Cameras in private homes, in businesses, cameras on highways and at traffic lights.
Not to the mention the devices and apps that people get to track everything from their heartrate to how many steps they make. Of course every "Smart" device keeps track of you and sends data back to whoever made it.

I recently mailed a letter and was asked if I wanted to track it. To catch public transport I must buy a card that I tap on and off as I travel from place to place. All recorded. Then people get things like Alexa to I don't know why, at this point it seems a bit redundant.

People say that if you have nothing to hid then you have nothing to fear. But when thinking that a man in a dress is ridiculous is not permitted. When words are portrayed as an act of violence, then we all have something to hide, we all have something to fear. You may not think that a man in a dress is ridiculous, but there are things that you do think are ridiculous. How long will it be before those thoughts are not permitted?

When they are forbidden remember that there will be no where to hide them. Because in a world without privacy you have everything to fear and nothing to hide.

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Recycling Garbage

I'm old enough to remember when recycling was not something the government was interested in. Instead it was your own effort to recycle, if you were interested in recycling. Of course that was 30 years ago, now the government is not only interested it is insistent that we recycle.

I remember the introduction of recycling bins, I remember the size of the bins changing, the rubbish bin got smaller and the recycling bin got bigger. I remember being told how important it was that we recycle. I remember being told how strict the rules were for what could be put into the recycling bin.

In the past year there has been a widening scandal concerning recycling in the State of Victoria where I live. It started a few years ago with people pointing out how much of our electronic waste was sent to the Third World. Then it became a more general concern about plastics in the world's oceans. It was pointed out that most of that waste didn't come from the First World but from countries like China and India. Sure it was a problem but we couldn't do much to fix it.

Then there was a fire in a recycling yard, a big fire whereby people were told to stay indoors because the smoke was toxic. Then another, then another and recently two in the same month. People, not unreasonably, started asking questions. Why do these fires keep happening?

It turns out that the secret of recycling was sending our waste to the Third World. Where they recycled it? The basic answer was, who knows, who cares, it's not our problem anymore.

However the reason the fires started was because countries in the Third World had decided that they didn't need our waste anymore. So while everyone hoped that they would change their minds, the waste piled up. And once in a while it caught fire. The Fire Brigade has finally had enough and put strict restrictions on the recycling company concerned. Which might send it out of business.

The question I have is where is the responsibility of the local governments, the State government or of the Federal government? Apparently they are not responsible for this. Except I cannot find a single point that doesn't go back to bad policy and bad planning.

It turns out that wishful thinking isn't enough, because while in theory we can recycling things, in reality that's not true. No one wants the recycled goods, so no one can recycle and make a profit. So we are sold a lie and instead it is exported.

Until we return to reusing and repairing  items this mess is going to continue....and get worse!

Edit: California's largest recycling center chain RePlanet closes all locations

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Wednesday 24 July 2019

Model Immigrant!

Nino Randazzo died recently at the age of 87. He was a former editor of Il Globo, an Italian language newspaper published in Australia, he edited the paper for 30 years.

Mr. Randazzo was an immigrant, but I do wonder why he came here as it seems clear to me that he never intended to fit into Australia. He edited an Italian language newspaper, he also became a Senator....not in Australia, but in Italy!

His loyalty wasn't to us, but to his homeland. Italians are often held out as the model immigrants, they assimilate and they don't cause trouble. In fact the long trouble they ever had was because of our reluctance to accept them, I heard that a few months back. 

Liberalism always loves them and never us, it ain't good enough and it never has been!

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Monday 22 July 2019

Melbourne Traditionalist Episode Two

Here is the Second episode of the Melbourne Traditionalists podcast. I talk to David Hiscox the Editor of XYZ about Adam Goodes, sport and racism.

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Sunday 21 July 2019

Melbourne Traditionalist Conference 2019

Three Months to go and a lot of work still to be done. However the Conference is happening!

I am still confirming speakers, including the keynote speaker, although the signs are pointing in the right direction. The venue last year was great, but we were really at capacity, to be honest it was the perfect size. As I'm expecting more attendees this year, I need a bigger venue.

Date:  18th October, Friday 7pm Meet and Greet
           19th October, Saturday 10am-5pm Conference
           7pm Banquet

I will be giving a talk at the Conference: The Origins of Cultural-Marxism

If you have any questions please send me an email uponhopeblog(AT)

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Saturday 20 July 2019

In Praise of the Moon Landings

Fifty years ago today the first man stepped onto the surface of the Moon. The most amazing engineering achievement in the history of mankind.

It is also a great achievement of the English, of the 12 men who have walked on the Moon, 9 of them were Englishmen. Okay born in America, but ethnically English.

Neil Armstrong (20th July 1969)
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin (20th July 1969)
Alan Bean (19th November 1969)
Alan B. Shepard (5th February 1971)
Edgar Mitchell (5th February 1971)
David Scott (30th July 1971)
James Irwin (30th July 1971)
John Young (21st April 1972)
Charles Duke (21st April 1972)

1 Irishman
Eugene Cernan (11th December 1972)

& 2 Germans
Charles "Pete" Conrad (19th November 1969)
Harrison H. "Jack"Schmitt (11th December 1972)

They went in 6 missions between the 20th July 1969 and 11th December 1972, each mission going to a different part of the Moons surface.

However it was not the first manmade object to impact the Moons surface, that honour goes to the Soviet Union who successfully got the rocket Luna-1 there on the 2nd January 1959. It would take the Americans until 28th July 1964 before it could achieve the same success.

It took the Soviets until their 6th attempt to get to the Moon, it took the Americans until their 16th attempt!

The race for the Moon had three objectives, prestige, scientific knowledge and to prove the ability of each countries missile technology. The military side is often forgotten, but the Cold War was a real war with less shooting. The Space Race was a way of getting public support for spending large amounts of money on missiles. It also softened the blow to many scientists and engineers.

No matter, the achievement was real!

For further information on the Moon Landings:

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Thursday 18 July 2019

A World Without Loyalty

Liberalism believes in a borderless world, a world in which people, money and goods can move without restriction. A world with unlimited freedom and without consequences.

Which means that it does not have loyalty to anyone who belongs, to anyone who was born here. If you listen you will hear Liberals say exactly that. Because an immigrant, legal or illegal, is someone who has chosen their own destiny. They are not being held back by where they were born, nor by their class or ethnic origin. They are self-made and therefore more "fully human" than you or I.

Our loyalty to the place that we were born and to the people who are like us is regarded with contempt by those who think they are our betters. They cannot understand why we remain loyal. They cannot understand why it matters to us or that they have betrayed us. They think that they are supporting vast ideals. Ideals that will lead to a better world, a fairer world a world without loyalty.

Yes they really believe that a better world is one without loyalty. Because Liberalism is not about the group, it's not about community, or country, or nation, or civilization, or God, only the individual matters. And they believe that we are selfish, that we want only what is good for us. That the individual is supreme. That means that to be loyal to our group, our country, our nation, our civilization or our God is wrong. Our loyalty should only be to self.

That's what Liberals find so admirable about immigrants, that from a distance it can seem as if they have broken free of all those things that held them back. That they are no longer loyal to where they were born or to their own people. They like to think of them as random individuals who by physically moving where they live have transcended what they were before. An immigrant has performed magic, they have become a Liberal....whether they realise that or not.

That's why they love them more than us, that's why they are more loyal to them than to us, that's why we are become second class citizens in our own countries. However what happens when we decide to be as loyal to them as they are to us?

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Wednesday 17 July 2019

How Big a Problem is Racism?

Here in Victoria the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner has come up with a scheme to enlist local councils in the hunt for racism. You see the Commissioner is concerned that people are not reporting racism, because they don't know how too.

Kristen Hilton, Equal Opportunity and Human Right Commissioner, said there’s been a 70 per cent rise in racism complaints made to the commission in the last two years.
Last year the commission received 188 complaints.
“Those complaints figures are actually pretty low when you compare them to the conversations we have with communities that are affected by racism,” Ms Hilton said.
188 complaints, not 188,000, not 18,800, not 1880, 188....and thats after a 70 per cent increase!

Not even one a day!

The Commission it seems is so starved for work that they are going out and looking for it. You see under Liberalism even good news is bad. You would think that the Commission would be thrilled at such a low number.

Ms Hilton said the initiative is not about targeting individuals, it’s about revealing broader problem areas for racism.
“It’s not about going after a particular perpetrator,” she said.
“If we collate evidence we can talk to organisations about something that might need to change.”
The hunt never ends.

However in the gender swap surge article I quoted from a few days ago there is this interesting bit that sheds some light on the topic:

Minister for Equality Martin Foley said the bill - reintroduced to state parliament in June - was a step forward for LGBTIQ Victorians. "The Andrews Labor Government believes in everybody's right to simply being who they are, and being supported in that," Mr. Foley said. "Since being elected in 2014, we have invested more than $60 million in initiatives that make our community fairer and more equal."
 That's a lot of money, but as we all know the supply of racists and bigots vastly outstrips demand these days.

“We’ve heard from African and Muslim communities that they would like to share their experiences with racism.
“In some cases they’d like to make a formal complaint, but they often don’t know where to go or they don’t know how to do it, so there’s a bit of a feeling of helplessness.”

$60 million and they can't even get them to fill in a form. It sounds like good money wasted, no matter which side your on.

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Tuesday 16 July 2019

It's Not Illegal!

A while back I was talking to a man and he asked me if my emails were encrypted and I told him that no my emails were not encrypted. He encouraged me to use an encryption system and I asked him why I needed one? He replied that that way no one could read what we were emailing each other about.

Okay security is important, common sense is important and discretion is also important. But the undercurrent of the discussion was that what we were doing is illegal or at least seen as illegal by some government organisations. It's a popular idea that we are all under surveillance and that they are gathering information so that they can pounce on us. Maybe.

The truth is that in the computer age everything we do with computers or mobile phones is not a secret. If they want to know what you are interested in then they know. The idea that you can be secret on the internet is probably not true. Now I'm not suggesting that the government is all powerful and all knowing, because it isn't. However if the Eye of Sauron happens to fall on you then you probably don't have any secrets that they don't know. That becomes less true the more people that the Eye of Sauron falls upon, a 100, 1000 or 100,000 people. Each step becomes harder.

But all of that is void when we remember an important detail, nothing that we are doing is illegal. I think far too many people think that what we believe is illegal, it isn't. Nor is what we write, or say, or do. Leafletting, attending rallies, organising, socialising are all legal.

If what your doing is illegal then yes, security and secrecy are paramount. If it's not then common sense and discretion are enough.

The Left and now Liberals like to pretend that what we believe is so far beyond the pale that it's illegal. Thats how they write, it's how they speak and it is what they believe. However it just ain't true!

Don't fail for the idea that we are doing is wrong or illegal, it's a trick and it is not true at all!

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Monday 15 July 2019

Melbourne Traditionalist Episode One

Here is the First Episode of the Melbourne Traditionalists podcast. I talk to David Hiscox the Editor of XYZ about Art, Classical Music and the Little Mermaid.

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Sunday 14 July 2019

Driving Towards the Cliff

Civilizations end, ours will one day end. Just as each person will one day die so will everything that we know die. Too many people take that as a defeatist statement, that as everything dies then there is no need to do anything. But between birth and death there is life and life makes doing things worthwhile, meaningful.

You do not need to look far to see that our Civilization is being driven towards the cliff. That in many ways we are living on the achievements of the past. And that one day we will have run out of those achievements. That the people who's job is is to look after those achievements, politicians, academics, clergy, are not. Sadly we cannot look to them to save us or our Civilization. Instead we must work around them in most cases.

On of the worst of our enemies are the political parties. In Australia we have 3 major parties:


Each one of them is bad and each one is driving towards the cliff, with us as unwilling passengers. We are not interested in their suicide pact, but they are in control, not us.

The Liberal Party will drives us there doing the speed limit

The Labor Party will be speeding

& The Greens are driving a car with a rocket on

And the cliff gets closer and closer, only the speed is different, never the destination. In other Western countries the names might be different but the destination isn't.

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Saturday 13 July 2019

Read More History

Something that is good for everyone, particularly for our side is reading. A good portion of the people on our side are readers. Which is great, however not enough people read history and for a Traditionalist history is very important.

Unlike the other political philosophies we do not wish to destroy the past. We wish to learn from it, because knowledge is important. I cannot stress that enough. Knowledge is power, history is all of recorded human existence and prehistory is human existence before writing. But in that exists a vast pool of experiences.

What can you learn from reading history?

Defeat is survivable
Utopia's never work
The good guy doesn't always win
Suffering is a part of human existence
Human nature varies but doesn't change
That there are always more than one side
Even the biggest enemies can be defeated
People are fallible, as are the things that they build
Some problems aren't caused by people but by nature
People are both simple and complex, rational and irrational
War and violence are part of the human condition and not separate from it

So how should you go about reading more history?

I would first suggest going to your local library, some are great some aren't. Once their I would check out the simplest book on the subject, which probably means it's in the children's section. One mistake I see people make is to go for the biggest or most complex book on a subject and give up. To avoid that mistake is easy, go for the simple book. Once read move up in complexity.

I would suggest getting either general overviews of a historical subject or short biographies. Long biographies look great on your shelf but are often quite complex.

Some recommendations to get you started, all general overviews by Professor Geoffrey Blainey:

Short History of the World by Geoffrey Blainey

Short History of the Twentieth Century by Geoffrey Blainey

Shorter History of Australia by Geoffrey Blainey

Professor Blainey is one of Australia's greatest historians, he also had the courage to openly question immigration back in the 1980's and he was of course attacked for his troubles. I'm not suggesting that he is the only author to read, but he is a good start.

Our side needs to read more history, particularly from before the Twentieth Century and even more so from before the French Revolution.


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Friday 12 July 2019

"Gender Swap Surge"

This article is from Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper, the 8th July 2018 page 7.

"More than 30 people a year are changing their gender in Victoria, according to data.

Figures collated by Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria reveal that 250 people had their new gender recognised on their birth certificate over 8 years.

This includes 38 Victorians in 2017-18, and 33 in the 12 months before, who chose to be registered as male, female or another non-binary option after undergoing sex-affirmation surgery.

The annual figures have remained relatively stable since June 2009."

It goes on but this is the important part for now. We are subjected to a near constant refrain that we must be more accepting of the transgender. We see constant representations and we are lead to believe that this is a massive population. In the State of Victoria population 6,000,000 we have 250 people who have had an Orwellian 'sex-affirmation surgery'. Or at least have had their birth certificate legally falsified.

One thing that I did find positive was that the numbers have "remained relatively stable" for a decade.

One final portion from the article

" However, the number could rise in the future, with a proposed state law allowing people to change their gender on official documents without undergoing medical procedures."

In other words the government wants to change the already bad law to allow people to change official documents without having had any 'sex-affirmation surgery'.

Liberals, in this case from the Australian Labor Party, believe that being able to change your sex means that you are truly an individual. To use a phrase that Liberals love Transgenders are becoming "fully-human", something you and I can only dream about. We are trapped by our biological bodies, but the Transgendered are liberated from such concerns.

Liberalism is an acid and it destroys everything it touches, even biology and common sense.

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Thursday 11 July 2019

The Seventy-Sixth Month

I have made a decision regarding the blog, however I'm not going to say what it is I'm just going to try it and see whether it works or not. Offline, at least politically, things are moving in the right direction. That directs my attention away from the blog even though I know it is important. I'll leave it at that for the moment.

My best day in the past month, maybe ever was after I posted the last monthly update on the 11th June. That day I had 1135 visitors! My worst day was the 4th July when I had 16 visitors!

If I had 16 visitors everyday it would take me 71 days to get to 1136, what a contrast.

In total I've had 2,761 visitors in the past month.

June - July

United States
Unknown Region
United Kingdom
May - June

United States
Unknown Region
United Kingdom
Australia, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany are all mildly up.

The United States, Unknown Region, Russia and Brazil are down.

India is back in the top 10 and France has left the top 10.

I have also had visitors from the following countries: Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Greece,  Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina

I look forward to seeing you all again.
Mark Moncrieff

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Friday 5 July 2019

The Labour Shortage Lie

This week I read this article Employers seek overseas applicants for tradie jobs in Adelaide, the article starts with:

'Younger generations not wanting "to get their hands dirty" combined with outsourcing of manufacturing offshore has left Adelaide industries struggling with a skills shortage, employment experts say.

This has led to a number (of) trades struggling to fill jobs, as businesses look to overseas workers to fill vacant positions.'

Here is an article about Canada's fake labour shortage, Labour shortage Canada economy

Here is another on America's fake labour shortage, Labor shortage workers us

However I have been hearing this since the 1980's, that idea that young people are so entitled that we need too look elsewhere for labour. Back then it was a joke.

A job seeker is in an interview and the interviewer asks what the job seeker wants from the company to consider working there. The job seeker replies that he wants "$80,000 and a company car". The interviewer responses with "how about a corner office, personal assistant and a high end car?". The job seeker exclaims happily "your joking" and the interviewer comes back with "yes, but you started it!".

Why do young people have these expectations?

Because that is what they are encouraged to want. I remember being told that I didn't want to work in a factory so I had to do well. I remember hearing a teacher tell a student that they should try harder at school because then they could become a lawyer or Prime Minister!

I went to a technical school, but even there this rubbish was alive and that was 30 years ago.

Of course the problem isn't young people, it is the disconnect between government, schools and what skills are really needed in the real world by employers. And they are all to blame. The government treats school and the work place as totally separate things that should never have anything to do with each other. Schools do not teach to help people get or keep jobs. Employers always want someone else, the taxpayer, to finance the skills that they need to run their business.

This is allowed because our economy is an open economy. In a closed economy only those people in the economy could participate in it. In an open economy people from all over the world can participate. That means that the locals are discarded in favour of foreign workers, instead of taking the unemployed or the disabled as workers.

The call is always that the local worker cannot or will not work, that they are lazy and a drain. Which implies that the employer and the foreign workers are performing a patriotic act by replacing them!

Of course the reality is that employers like foreign workers because they can pay them less, sometimes much less. Secondly the foreign worker is in a servant relationship to their employer. They will often put up with terms and conditions that a local worker would not tolerate.

The labour shortage lie is a rebellion by employers against high wages and regulations. They seek to find a way to get around these things. In a closed economy they couldn't because they could not get foreign workers into the country, nor could they export that labour. In a real labour shortage, like during the World Wars, everyone with a heart beat is drawn into the economy. Unemployment ends, women, minorities, the disabled are all employed as much as possible. We do not have those conditions, therefore we do not have a labour shortage. And if we did higher wages are what draw people into employment.   

Labour shortage?

Lies, lies, always lies!

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