Wednesday 23 March 2016

Liberalism – The Story of an Acid

Critics have often described Liberalism as a disease, A disease can weaken the body, it might even kill, but a disease might be fought, it might be defeated. But Liberalism is an acid, it destroys and disfigures everything it touches, including Liberalism. Can an acid be defeated?

Is there a single institution, that has not been disfigured by Liberalism?

Monarchy, Parliament, Democracy, Family, Marriage, Religion, Law have any of them emerged unscathed from Liberalism?

Children, morals, education, trade, freedom of association, labour relations, relations between the sexes, have any of these gone unaffected by Liberalism?

The thing that makes Liberalism the most radical of all Political Philosophies is it’s ability, and it’s desire, to destroy everything it touches. To reduce everything to Liberalism, only Liberalism all the time.

Liberals will say that they are builders, not destroyers. That they have built a better world. But how often will they admit the destruction that they are responsible for? When they do admit it they claim that it was necessary, what was destroyed was a bond, it made people slaves, it held them back, it stopped people from achieving their true potential. To Liberals all of these are good reasons to destroy something.

But Liberalism is not mindless, it does not destroy things for fun, although it’s fellow travellers might. No, Liberalism has a vision of the future, it has aimed it’s sights upon a better world, filled with better people and for those who believe no amount of set backs, complaints or reality is enough to end the dream. For every Liberal knows that the future is late.

You would think such an attitude would make Liberals impatient, and sometimes they are. But overall Liberalism is amazingly patient, the dream is inevitable, it will always come true. They truly believe that a better world filled with better people is on it’s way.

And what would this world look like?

The perfect Liberal world differs between Liberals, after all they are individuals. But it would look something like this. A Government that looks after the needs of every single Individual. There would be no such thing as family or even society. There would only exist Individuals and the only reason the Government would exist is to provide what those Individuals with the things they cannot provide for themselves. The world of the Autonomous Individual.

There are some things that even Liberals seem confused by, would business exist, would money, what about marriage? Would men and women still exist? Would race? Religion? Some say yes all of these things would exist, others say no non of these things would exist.

Now think of the world that you and I live in today and think about the world that I have described, the world of the Autonomous Individual. There is quite a difference between the two. Now think of all of the things that Liberalism must destroy to create it’s vision. They must destroy anything that binds people together, Nations, Family, Society, all must be destroyed.

So how does Liberalism go about destroying these things?

By being an acid, by dissolving those things that bind us together. Step by step they remove the things that stand in their way. For all of Liberalisms faults it is very logical, the next step is normally easy to identity. Let us use the family as an illustration. The first step was to say that Kings and Priests were illegitimate, then they moved onto fathers. Authority was the enemy they attacked here. Then they sort to remove Marriage from the authority of the Church and move it from something Sacred to something Secular. To remove God’s authority and replace him with man’s authority. That included the power to grant divorces. Then they said that women needed to be free of fathers, of their family and from their husband. First they attacked the power of Kings and Priests, then of the church, then Fathers and then of Husbands. They sort step, by step to remove any authority that they did not have power over. This all happened before 1900.

They had a long break during which they suffered some advances and even some defeats. Then they started again in the second half of the 20th Century. They started by talking about sex, about sexual freedom, about how people within marriage should be free to do as they desired with their partner. But that was simply a smoke screen, what they wanted was for all people to reject authority, including the authority of a persons spouse. What they wanted was for people to become dissatisfied with what they had in life, to desire, to lust after more, particular sex. They pushed pornography, they pushed sexual freedom, they pushed the idea that cheating on your partner was a personal issue not a legal one. They pushed for Adultery to be made legal, after all it only affects two people they argued. They push for no-fault divorce because it was only between people, it didn’t affect anyone else they argued. This all happened by 1980.

But they like to put their fingers into as many pies as possible, you never know which one will be the one with the idea to break through. They supported homosexuality, it’s decriminalization, it’s relentless push to be made legitimate, to be accepted. They did the same with the transgender issue. They pushed for Feminism, which is logical as it is a branch of Liberalism. All of which is an attack on the family. Liberals like to say that this idea is wrong, but if it was truly wrong they would have stopped pushing these ideas, but they never have.

Women should have careers, careers are compulsory, husbands and children are optional. They pushed the idea that marriage was also optional, love is not a document, you don’t need anyone else’s authority. No, Liberalism says you are your own authority, you’re a rebel against all of world history, against everything that has ever been. History is wrong, society is wrong, everything is wrong, except the Individual.

At each step they use the acid of Liberalism to dissolves the edges, to destroy the form that we all know. Soon it is misshaped and discoloured, it is no longer as it was. They point to it and say “look at this old tired thing, if it was worth saving it wouldn’t be so misshaped and discoloured”. Never revealing or admitting that they are the ones who made it look this way. No, they look to the victims of their brave new world and say they wanted the world this way. We are only giving the people what they want. A want that mysteriously they know but that the people don’t. Liberalism is an acid and it destroys everything it touches. 

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Friday 18 March 2016

Women and the Unprincipled Exception

The late Traditionalist Lawrence Auster wrote of the Unprincipled Exception, the Unprincipled Exception is where Liberalism proposes a universal idea that it then provides an exception to. An exception that is entirely against the principles that it claims it supports, in other words an unprincipled exception.

In the past 50 years Liberalism has had a lot to say about women, something that before that time wasn't true. There is even a branch of Liberalism that cares for very little else, Feminism. Certainly Feminism existed before then but before then it was regarded as the ugly stepchild of Liberalism. But so much of what Liberalism has to say about women involves the Unprincipled Exception.

Liberalism has comes to believe that all people are equal and that includes the idea that men and women are equal. That the only real difference between men and women is cosmetic. Therefore all areas of society must be opened up so that women can compete on a level playing field with men. Or at least that's the idea, the reality is a little different.

In reality men and women are different, they have different strengths and weaknesses, different interests and different abilities. That means that men and women have different levels of success. But that offends Liberalism. Liberalism has decided that men and women are equal so that is the new reality, actual reality be damned!

What the new reality demands is made law and women must be pushed into equality, no matter who it hurts. Girls and young women must be continually told how "girls can do anything" so that they never need to think about the issue they just "know" the correct response. Women need to be constantly reminded of how hard done by they are. Men are the Class enemy, so just as whites are always to blame, so are men always to blame when this utopia doesn't work. And men are often blamed because this utopia hardly ever works as it's supposed to.

To make it work laws are passed, on equal pay, on anti-discrimination (which is of course discriminatory), anti-sexual harassment laws and of course quotas. Equality becomes an end in itself, it is even defined as a feature of a countries national values.  What all these laws do is drive a wedge between men and women, particularly over time as men come to feel that they are undervalued. And that is the whole point, to drive a wedge between men and women, the Autonomous Individual doesn't have groups loyalty's. No they are Autonomous, without anything holding them back, the more society is destroyed the more Liberalism achieves it ultimate goal and we can all become fully human.

The real problem with all of these laws is that they are Unprincipled Exceptions, they all say women aren't really equal to men so we will force men and women to believe or at least say that they are equal. Equal pay laws weren't designed to have men paid the same as women, they were designed so that women would be paid the same as men. Sexual harassment laws were designed to protect women not men, but if they are equal how can women need protection? There is the irony, every law designed to push equality shows that equality does not exist, if it did the laws wouldn't be needed, the law wouldn't even be possible.

Marriage, family and a belief that we are building the future allows both men and women to see and encourage the virtues in each other. But single life does not, it encourages men and women's vice's, we come to see the opposite sex not as partners in life, not in a shared future, but as rivals, as people who seek to hurt us and do us harm. As people that we needs things from but who we do not wholly trust or respect. That leads to relationships were people expect to exploit their partner. It is not a virtuous life, how can it be?

Liberalism loves to talk about how virtuous it is about how it believes in big and grand ideas, but ideas have consequences and when men and women view each other as untrustworthy, as people who deserve little or no respect Liberalism is to blame. It set us up to fail and we have. Liberalism always wants the credit but it's time it started taking the blame.

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Friday 11 March 2016

Happy Third Birthday Upon Hope!

Another year has passed and this post will be my 295th since I started. I started this blog because I was sick and tired of the things I saw around me, I was sick of seeing my people becoming a minority, I was sick of our biggest enemy being our own Government, I was sick of being told two men should marry and that parents were optional extras in their children's life. I'm still sick of all of it and much else.I have found answers to questions I had and something, bizarrely, to questions I didn't have.

Ironically I never started this blog to be a writer, I started it because I want things to change. I still do. And I often wonder if I serve any purpose, but one good thing about the internet is that I get to see if anyone is reading, well to be honest I can never know if anyone has read it or simply clicked on it. Currently I'm getting over 2000 visitors a month, slowly, very slowly the site grows, it's a long way from when I started. The only way things can improve is by moving offline and into the real world. But my attempt to do that has failed and currently I am a writer.

I have had 66,407 visitors since I started, 30,000 in the last year.

My most clicked on article is What do Traditional Conservatives Believe? which has been clicked on 3230 times, My least clicked on article is Taxes, Budgets and the Economy which has only been clicked on 20 times!

Over the past three years Americans have made up around 45% of my visitors, the next country is Australia at 15% and then the rest of the world combined covers the remaining 40%. No other single country is over 10%.

Here are some graphs that Blogger provides me.

  Graph of Blogger page views
The big spike is from March last year when I had 4,523 visitors, as you can see by far my best month. Before that I had not been able to get above 2000, since then I have not gone below 2000. My worst month this year was September when I had 2,148. Over the long view you can see that while each month goes up or down overall the trend is upwards. The last month seems to be down but that is the current month which is only 1/3rd through.

Below are the Top 10 posts followed by the number of clicks each has received.

What do Traditional Conservatives Believe?   3230

Free Trade Versus Protectionism   2435

Why Don't the Poor Marry   1987

Why do Conservatives Believe in Different Social Classes?   1643

Feminism, Why We Are Not Feminists   1328

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The Discrimination of Anti-Discrimination   856

The Balanced Society   716

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The Loneliness Epidemic   664

I still have no idea what the difference between a ""Referring URL" and "Referring Sites" is, but as I've presented the last two years it seems shame not to this year.

Referring URLs

Referring Sites

Search Keywords

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Below is a map showing the top 10 countries that have visited the site in the last three years.

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom
It would have been so nice for the United States to have clicked over the 30,000 mark, only 52 short!

The top three countries are the same, the fourth through ninth countries are the same but in different orders. In tenth spot the Netherlands has replaced Romania.

Heres hoping for a bigger and better year and thank you all for your support!

Mark Moncrieff

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