Tuesday 27 June 2017

Australian Pride March

Last Sunday the 25th June I attended the Australian Pride March in Melbourne. As we are in the Southern Hemisphere it's winter here, although the weather has until a week or two ago been quite mild. In the last few weeks it has gotten very cold and the top temperature on Sunday was 14 degrees Celsius (that's 57 degree Fahrenheit).

The march is the first one for the year formed up at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens for an 11:30 start. The first Patriots arrived around 9:30 and Police were already on site. Unfortunately the Left also turned up around 10:00 and started their normal mindless chanting. The Police were quite firm with them this time and kept them away from us. I however didn't arrive until after the march had already started and I joined the back of the march about half way to the Victorian State Parliament, which was were we were heading.

On the way Police formed a line separating the march from the Leftists protesting our right to be there. The Leftist then left to form a new line on Bourke Street directing in front of the Parliament but around 100 metres from it. We marched to the steps of the Parliament were three speakers spoke. The Left tried to down out our speakers by playing loud music, we should get our own sound system if they want to play that game. The Police had the vast majority of their members facing the Left and only a line of Police horses facing us. I should add that there were even more Police horses facing the Left. The speakers only spoke for about 15-20 minutes which was good. While we were there it started to rain, fortunately only for a minute or two. When it stopped I looked up and to my right was open blue sky, to the left clouds. We then moved off back to the Royal Exhibition Building where some further short speeches we made and then the march ended. 

Some Thoughts:

The Police were there in numbers and they looked after the Patriots, always making sure the two groups were separated.

I did not see any violence at all, but in the footage screened on the news they had scenes of violence. The Left tried to follow us back to our start point but the Police stopped them and all of the violence was between the Left and Police, regardless of what was said on the news. 

The True Blue Crew who organised the march were flying Australian flags and were wearing clothes with flags on them, the Police made sure they were protected even after the march finished.

It seems the Police have finally worked out that the Patriots don't start fights we finish them. If the Left attacked us we would fight without question, but that is not what we went there to do. We went to show our pride in our heritage and our country.

The Police did very well and my only complaint was that once again they filmed us for Intelligence purposes. 

Numbers were down on last year, somewhere around 200 people, maybe less. But it was the first march of the year and it was a cold day.

We still outnumbered the Left.

One thing that made me happy was more than once I heard a Patriot call the Left Traitors to their face, it's true they are and it's good to see people voicing that fact.

This is going to be an annual event, this year was the second. 

Many people look at the news footage and feel that they will be in danger if they go, but most of the people on our side were fit young men. Having said that I saw a young women in a wheelchair, another man on a mobility scooter, older men and women were also there. Patriots come in all shapes and sizes and it was great to see them all there.

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Saturday 24 June 2017

Police and the Patriot Movement

On Sunday 25th June 2017, tomorrow, there is going to be a Patriot Pride Rally in Melbourne Australia, barring any unforeseen event I'm going to be there. Two weeks ago I attended a BBQ held in a public park in which about 50 Patriots attended and around 25 Police also attended although the Police invited themselves. Due to the behaviour of the Police on the day I have made a formal complaint to Victoria Police. Since then a few things have been revealed that show how the Patriot Movement in Australia is thought of by both the Police and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation also known as ASIO.

At the BBQ on the 11th June the Police were openly filming everyone and taking down names. I was searched to see if I was carrying any weapons and then they decided to search me to see if I had any drugs on me. I didn't, it was a fishing expedition to see how naughty we were. The area where the BBQ was held had even been assigned a status as a "Designated Area" which means that Police can search you simply for being in the area. Remember that the BBQ was held in a public park. 

Now the organizers of the various rallies co-ordinate with the Police before each rally. The rallies are not spontaneous they are highly organised. To co-ordinate withe the Police means that the Police know the people running the rallies. So why are they filming people attending a BBQ?

I have also been told of ASIO contacting various people to find out their thoughts. Blair Cottrell who runs the United Patriots Front, who run many of the rallies, said this week on Facebook that ASIO had asked to meet him and that he did in fact meet with them. Then he was told in a phone conversation with a senior Victoria Police Officer, that the reason he was constantly being banned on Facebook was because ASIO had asked Facebook to restrict his assess to the platform. The link above is to a video Mr. Cottrell put out in May before he knew this.

Things are becoming serious, the Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police and ASIO are all involved in keeping track on the Patriot Movement. ASIO it seems is involved in restricting the Patriot message and the Police at every level regard us as a threat. I have said this before and I will say it again the Police have picked a side and it is not our side.

It is clear to me that they do not understand us but more importantly they do not approve of us. What do these well paid Government employees have in common with us? For them life is good, for them agreeing with diversity training can get them promoted and we threaten that. 

They know that we are angry and that most of us believe that things are getting worse not better. 

They know that we are becoming more organised. 

They know that we are growing and making more contacts. 

But one thing that worries them more than most is that most of us are not respectable middle class people. They don't know what to make of this, they think we are bikies or their like, but our purpose is serious. 

That is why we were checked for weapons (or was that just me who was checked?), but as all Patriots know we don't start fights we finish them. That is why things are getting serious because we are constantly being attacked. There is no where we can get away from this. That is not of our making but for the Police it is easier to pretend that we are the problem instead of accepting the reality that we are reacting to problems. 

Interestingly in the last few days Tommy Robinson has decided to sue Cambridgeshire Police for harassment. This is what we can start to expect as well. 

Things are getting serious.

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Sunday 11 June 2017

The Fifty-First Month

What a month!

May has been my best month ever, the first half was amazing and then it dropped down quite a way. I admit the first half of the month was much better than the second, but the drop started before I dropped off. I have been sick over the last few weeks, a virus that is nothing serious but it has taken a lot of my energy. And the past week I have had phone and internet issues, issues that it seems have not ended.

My best month up until May was July 2016 when I had 5,575 visitors, in May I had 7, 655, more than 2,000 more!

My best day was fantastic, 462 visitors on the 15th May, I had two worst days, the 4th and the 9th June with each having 44 visitors, 44 is a long way down from 462!

Graph of Blogger page views

United States
United Kingdom

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea
The United Kingdom is up as are Germany and Canada. France is nearly three times what it was.

Brazil is basically the same.

The United States, Australia, Russia and Ireland are all down. 

The Netherlands is back in the top 10 and South Korea has left.

I have also received visitors from the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine, Turkey, Jordan, India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Colombia, 

I hope to see you again.
Mark Moncrieff

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Monday 5 June 2017

The Anti-Government of Liberalism

Why do we have Governments?

They tax us, they make laws that we are forced to obey or risk being punished, there are any number of reasons that make people question why Governments exist. But Governments exist for a reason, they provide stability, just as the Family does, but the stability that it provides is unique. It can control large areas and populations, in fact without Government neither large populations or Civilization could exist. Government is important, it does things that no other human institution can do. And the most important of it's many tasks is to keep those in it's charge safe.

To keep you and I safe, not absolutely safe, but to  keep us safe from "preventable evils" in the words of Enoch Powell. To protect us in war and peace from Foreign Powers, to enforce Law and Order, to take reasonable measures to protect us.

However that no longer seems to be the case. The Tradition of millennia seems to be at an end as Liberalism seems quite content to see the murder of it's citizens and to go on with the same mearly mouthed platitudes.

Now that it is Summer in Europe the annual Terrorism "Incidents" will become nearly weekly events. These attacks will be big and small, they will normally kill some innocent and sometimes great numbers of people. How often will we be told that the suspect or suspects "were known to Police"? But it never seems to stop these attacks, instead the endless war goes on, with those whose Duty it is to protect us still demanding our loyalty while showing us non in return.

Liberalism believed that it could import endless Foreigners and that Liberalism would break them down, just as it had done to White society. The plan was that the Foreigners would aid in the breaking apart of White society and that at the same time the new comers would also be broken down. But that didn't quite work out as planned. Most of the Foreigners remained Foreigners, even if they were born in the West. It's the same all over the West, we all have the exact same problem.

Liberalism is not Governing us, it is providing Anti-Government, it is making us unsafe on purpose. It didn't begin at the last election, it has been going on since the 1940's. Our own Governments have used Immigration to break up our societies, to put in place Laws to divide and control us. The new comers always need our protection because they are unsafe in their own lands and then once they are here they need protection from us. In both cases we are the enemy and our own Governments command the invading forces. We are not allowed to say that we are being invaded because we voted for the Government, this is our wish. We want to be invaded, we want laws to divide and control us.

We live in the Age of Anti-Government, an Age in which our own Government works against us. Far too many people still think that Governments exist to protect us, but Liberalism only exists to serve itself not to serve us....we are on our own until Liberalism is destroyed!

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Thursday 1 June 2017

Zombies And Their Meaning

Over the past two decades Zombies have become a common villain in popular culture and it leads to the question, why? I'd like to put forward some ideas, but first I need to look at the history.

The word Zombie first entered the English language in 1819, in a book about Brazil, but as a word to describe the undead that comes from Haiti. Haiti is the western part of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, a former Spanish, then French colony. It is the worlds first Black Republic and the only country in the world that can trace it's independence back to a successful slave revolt. Unfortunately Haiti's history since independence has been just as sad as it's history as a colony. One thing that it can lay claim to is it's own religion, Voodoo. Between 1915-1934 Haiti was occupied by the US Marines and it is during this period that Zombies became known outside of Haiti.

A Zombie was a person who had died who was brought back to life to serve as a slave. Some say that the person was not dead but was drugged to make them appear dead and then their "corpse" is stolen from their grave and revived, again the purpose was so that they could serve as a slave. The idea that you could work hard all your life and then be denied eternal rest was greatly feared.

In the 1930's movies began to be made by Hollywood about Zombies, they were the living dead. If they were dead it was as if they still lived and if they were in fact alive it was a fate just as bad as death. In short it was a totally unnatural state. These Zombies are slaves without emotion or much independent thought, they exist to serve.

In 1968 the movie Night of the Living Dead was released and it changed how Zombies were seen, even through the word Zombie is never said. In the movie the dead, referred to as Ghouls, come back to life and begin attacking and eating or infecting the living. Made for $114,000 it went on to make $30,000,000 and it was the fans who began referring to the Ghouls as Zombies. Nearly all Zombies since have taken on the characteristics of the Ghouls in the Night of the Living Dead.

The next change didn't come until the 1990's with computer games and the rise of First Personal Shooters. Yes they started in the 1980's but they became very successful in the 1990's and this success had it's own problems. Some people complained about the violence in computer games, so some developers decided they needed something they could "kill" that no one could really complain about. First they tried Nazi's and then Zombies and it seemed to work, much of the criticism stopped. How could you complain about "killing" something that was already dead?

But here's the problem, Zombies are undead, that means that they were once alive, they were once living people, they are our ancestors. When Zombies attack they are attacking their own people. So when you "kill" a Zombie you are fighting against your own people, maybe even your own loved ones. And if you do not fight them they will eat you or if you survive they will infect you and make you a Zombie. Because of the fear of infection no one can trust anyone else, the only thing to fear is life and death, the undead and the living, no one and nothing can be trusted. Even in victory there is only defeat. Talk about alienation!

But doesn't alienation describe our society perfectly?

Liberalism seeks to cut us of from our ancestors and from our family, to alienate us from our base. It seeks to isolate us from our fellows, there is no such thing as Class solidarity anymore, there once was. The only thing we have to fear is life and death. Zombies and Liberalism have much in common.

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