Thursday 28 March 2019

They Don't Understand Us

Since the Christchurch shootings there has been a crackdown on many people and organisations on the Right. People have had weapons seized from them, they have been raided by police, they have been told that they are being 'watched'. Facebook has said that it will stop White nationalist and White separatist material from being published on it's site. Because when one White man commits mass murder he is not a lone wolf, he's part of a movement. Because as everyone knows only Muslims are lone wolf's!

The Liberal mind is a a room of distorted mirrors that they think is the real world. And in this 'real world' they believe that thinking bad thoughts is something that people must be taught. Bad, evil people spread such thoughts and that is why the Right keeps growing. If only they could shut down these 'schools of hate', then Multiculturalism would work. The only reason sexism, racism, homophobia and Islamophobia exist is because they are taught and passed on. If only they could stop it and let people know the correct way to think.

You have to wonder if these ideas are taught, how did they start?

 They started because people are capable of independent thought, in other words people can work things out for themselves. And that is something that the Liberal mind likes in theory but not in practice.

I have heard of a company that recently was asked to justify why they employed a certain bad thinker. It's outrageous and as it turns out criminal to sack an employee because of their political thoughts or actions. It's even illegal for an employer to ask an employee their political views. If you live in the West it's probably illegal where you live as well. So why did they do it? Because the employer might panic and the employee might not know their rights.

They try to pretend that legal activity is illegal or morally wrong, Liberalism is moving into dangerous territory.

The police have taken to treating people on the Right as criminals, because thats who they deal with everyday. But we are not a law and order issue, we are a political issue and that is exactly the wrong way to deal with us. It breeds hatred and contempt.

The Courts are regarded as suspect, which is a shame, they were once not that long ago respected. But that respect was built upon the rule of law and impartiality, how many of us really believe that the courts are impartial?

The politicians think that they can use the power of the state to scare us into thinking right. Because things have gotten so bad now that we are expected to agree with the most outrageous things. So they tell us we will be 'watched', that we will be treated as a threat to the state and that our opinions are not allowed.

Government departments and private businesses have 'values' that we must 'believe' if we are to work for them. We are not allowed our own private thoughts or actions.

And they all think that we will just bow down and accept whatever we are told to think!

They really do think that.......that if they can stop these 'schools of hate', that they can win.

The people who rule over us are foolish, moronic monsters. They have intelligence, they have knowledge but they are entirely without wisdom.

We are not here because someone taught us to hate, we are here because we can think for ourselves, we can observe for ourselves the mess that they are making. Things are going to get worse and we need to prepare for that. We need to form mutual aid groups which can support each other. We need to not lose hope. We need to establish different methods of communication.

Strategically Liberalism is in a bad place, removing our means to communicate has come to late, we will find ways around it. To win it must be quite repressive, but it needs to do it silently, can it? I don't think it can. It has created too many enemies for that. I'm also not convinced that Liberalism has the stomach for it. It's self belief is that everyone yearns to be a Liberal, how long can it maintain that when it is forcing people to convert by force?

But their biggest problem is that they don't have any real idea why we believe what we believe. They just don't understand us.

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