Friday 24 June 2016

Immigration, Why Do Liberals Love it?

When it comes to Immigration and Liberalism there are three time periods that have existed.

1. Nineteenth Century (The Early Period)

2. The Two World Wars (The Middle Period)

3. The Post-War Period (The Later Period)

In each country these periods are slightly different, for example in the United States the Middle Period was 1925-1965, where as for all other English speaking countries the Later Period began in 1947. But lets look at each period and it's special nature.

Liberalism believes in the Autonomous Individual, that people should be free from all restraint and in the Nineteenth Century, when Liberalism as we would recognise it first came into existence. The Industrial Revolution was spreading and it encouraged bigger populations and one of the big questions of the age was what to do with Europe's growing population. But there existed an answer, North America and to a smaller extent South America, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand and for the French, Algeria. Together these under populated areas of the world could absorb the excess peoples of Europe. While Immigration had existed before this time it wasn't a part of Liberal ideologue. After the Napoleonic wars, Liberalism came to support Immigration or more correctly Emigration. Here was a way to combine a number of different strands of Liberalism together. People who Emigrated were self-made men, they were leaving behind their family, they communities, their nations, they were men who could invent themselves in a new place. They were Autonomous Individuals.

Emigration also had an economic base as well, it took people from places where labour was over supplied and took it to places where labour was under supplied. Liberalism was and is a Middle Class Philosophy that believes that Business makes men free. Because money is as welcome in China as in Southampton. But land cannot move so it ties people down. Emigration destroys peoples old connections, because hardly any of them would be able to return home. Emigration was a one way trip. To that end Liberalism supported Imperialism and Colonisation, things you may have noticed modern Liberalism says are wrong.

By the time of the First World War the amounts of people moving out of Europe were in the millions each year. The war would put a stop to most large scale Immigration as it was simply too dangerous to travel. Attitudes also hardened as the war made people suspicious of foreigners and the Russian Revolution fueled that suspicion. The war also put a big dint in the idea that economies always grew, another core belief of Liberalism. These attitudes would continue throughout the Inter-War Period and into the Second World War.

But two things were to change this situation, one was the Holocaust, the second was the massive amounts of refugees in Post-War Europe.

When the true extent of the Nazi's crimes against the Jews became known in the West there was profound shock. Nazism made a mockery of the ideas of human progress, of Liberalism. The World wanted answers, how could such a thing have happen and how could it be stopped from happening again? Liberalism founds the answers, there were three groups to blame, the Nazi's, the entire German people and the peoples of the Western Democracies. But hadn't the peoples of the Western Democracies fought Nazism? Hadn't they done a great deal to destroy Nazism? The answer to both was of course yes, so how could they be to blame for the Holocaust? They restricted Immigration.

The Liberal argument went like this, if the Democracies had allowed unrestricted Immigration from Germany then all of the Jews could have escaped and the Holocaust wouldn't have happened. It's not very good thinking as in 1930 there were approximately 500,000 German Jews, but the Nazi's killed approximately 6,000,000. The truth is that the majority of those killed no one seriously thought were in any danger. It would have seemed outlandish in 1939 to think that the Jews of Salonika in Greece, or in Kiev in the Soviet Union were in any danger from the Nazi's. But with Liberalism feelings are more important then facts and many people were told they should feel guilty for failing to save people they never had a chance of saving.

The war also left millions of people displaced, with no home or family to return to, in some cases with no country to return too. And with Communism taking over Eastern Europe many had no where to go. At first the Allies thought that the problem would sort itself out but by 1947 it was becoming obvious that that was not the case. Drastic measures would have to be taken to solve this international crisis. The solution was to allow these Refugees to Emigrate to countries that were largely untouched by the war. Every English speaking country (with the exception of Ireland) and many South and Central American countries were convinced to take in large numbers of Refugees. The scheme lasted for 5 years and solved a great deal of the problem. But for countries like Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa the scheme was the stepping stone to further long term Immigration schemes. Schemes that while there names have changed have never stopped. In time every Western country would become part of these schemes.

Today and for many decades the Immigrants have not been from Europe but from all around the World. The false idea that the peoples of the Western Democracies helped kill Jews in the Holocaust now allows, Muslims and Hindus, Buddhists and Animists to enter the West because our prejudice killed the Jews not the Nazi's. Liberalism uses every dirty trick in it's book to get what it wants.

But the Immigration that takes place today is a reversal of the Immigration of the Nineteenth Century. Instead of exporting people, Liberalism is now importing them. But much of the same ideas remain. Immigrants are people who leave their families, their communities, their countries, they are Liberals even if they don't know it. Every Immigrant is an Autonomous Individual, able to remake themselves, they are not tied down by land they are instead free because money means freedom. They are not loyal to their old country and they are not loyal to their new country, they are true Liberals. They are free, self-made men and women, free from loyalty, free from their traditions, free to create any future they like. Compared to an Immigrant what hope does the Native born have to offer Liberalism?

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Friday 17 June 2016

Three Reasons Not to Vote Liberal

I have been a long time hater of Mr. Turnbull, the Prime Minister of Australia. I won't hide it or deny it, I despise him. But this month he has fallen even further in my esteem. I really should send him a letter of congratulations, I mean it's hard to be so low in someones estimation and to sink lower, it's a real achievement. So what has happened for him to achieve this?

1. On the 2nd June, just as the election campaign was getting under way, a ceremony was held at Richmond Airforce Base for the return of 33 bodies from Malaysia and Singapore. 25 of those bodies were the remains of Australian soldiers killed during the Vietnam War. For Australia that is 5% of all of our dead from that war. The Governor-General was there, but the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Shorten? They was too busy to pay their respects, too busy campaigning and selling us more of their lies.

2. The week after that the Australian Government brought out a television campaign. Because whats the most important thing that the Government can tell the Australian people during an election? Well it seems that the most important thing was that men are violent and women should fear them, ohhh but they didn't stop there ohhh no they decided that the most important thing to tell the nation was that it all starts with boys!

Thats right boys, children it seems are to blame for domestic violence. Don't believe me, check this out. 

And you'll notice that comments have been disabled, thats Liberal speak for "why are people so mean all we're trying to do is make them perfect!". And one final point, you will also notice that everyone is white, why isn't everyone else in other Government ads all white?

And here is a link to the Liberal Parties page with the full interview:

And heres what he said:


Do you agree that the colonisation of Australia can fairly be described as an invasion?


Well I think it can be fairly described as that and I’ve got no doubt – and obviously our first Australians, Aboriginal Australians describe it as an invasion. But you know, you are really talking about a historical argument, it’s really an argument about a word. The facts are very well known. This country was Aboriginal land. It was occupied by Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years, 40,000 years. Some of the most ancient works of art are rock carvings - in the world - are here in Western Australia.

I remember ensuring they were protected on the National Heritage List when I was the Environment Minister up on the Burrup Peninsula. So this was and is and always will be Aboriginal land."

At the Reclaim Australia Rallies the Left (Antifa and Socialism Alliance) would chant at us "This is Aboriginal Land, always was and always will be!"

So now we have the Prime Minister of Australia saying nearly word for word what Socialist Alliance thugs chant!

If this is Aboriginal land then the Commonwealth of Australia is illegitimate, I wonder how the other members of the Liberal Party feel about this? Although I haven't heard a single word of complaint, this is the man they chose as their leader!

I intend to hold my nose and vote Labor after all if we must have a Left wing fool as Prime Minister, we should at least get the one who everyone agrees is Left wing.

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Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Australian Election - More Liberalism, Less Choice

On the 2nd July 2016 Australia has a Federal election, both Houses of Parliament (the Senate and the House of Representatives) are up for election. The election was called because the Government (the Liberal Party) wants to control the power of Trade Unions and the Opposition (the Australian Labor Party) doesn't. It is such a hot political topic that neither side has wanted to mention it at all, or to put it another more accurate way, it was an excuse.

Now I must confess I am very unhappy with this election between Tweedle dum & Tweedle Dee. Whoever wins the election will put someone who doesn't deserve to be Prime Minister into The Lodge (the Prime Ministers official residence). On the one hand we have a man who stabbed a Prime Minister in the back so that he himself could become Prime Minister. And on the other we have a man who stabbed two Prime Ministers in the back but got other people to do it for him. Lets face facts we aren't dealing with two moral giants here.

Whats interesting is how no one I meet seems to be very interested in the election, even though everyone seems to agree that we heading towards disaster. Maybe it has to do with the lack of choice between the major parties and lets be honest nearly all of the minor parties as well. Should I vote for more Immigration or should I vote for more Immigration? Should I vote for more Debt or should I vote fore more Debt? Should I vote for more Feminism or Should vote for more Feminism? Or would I like Homosexual marriage right away or would I like to wait? 

Wow, the choices are simply amazing aren't they! 

Now there are elections I am excited about, for example Brexit, I really really want Britain to vote to leave the EU, that would be a great win. I'm also excited about Mr. Trump being the Republican candidate in the U.S. Sure he isn't a Conservative he's a Classical Liberal, but he really was the best of the bunch. As I keep telling people here I don't know if he will be a good or a bad President but I would vote for him.

In Australia I don't want either Liberal or Labor to win, although one of them will. If the Liberal party wins then Australian politics will move to the left and at the next election the Liberals will lose in a landslide. If Labor wins then Australian politics moves to the left and at the next election Labor loses in a landslide. Although if Labor wins it will mean the end of Mr. Turnbull as leader of the Liberal party and a return to more Conservative territory. I also wonder how long Mr. Shorten would last as Labor Prime Minister before he was himself "knifed".

I have been wondering for quite some time whether I should vote. Australia is the only Western Democracy where it is compulsory to vote (it has been since 1926) and if I didn't vote I would receive a fine and if I tell other people not to vote I could go to jail. But I have decided to vote, not for either of those reasons but because there are other parties in the election apart from the Liberal and Labor parties, both good and bad. In most electorates in Australia the contest will be between the Liberal and Labor candidates, but in my electorate it will be between Labor and the Greens. 

That means that there is still something to fight over. The Liberal party drives to the speed limit, Labor drives faster than the speed limit, the Greens drive so fast they have a death wish. Like all parties of Liberalism they are all taking us to the same location, only the speed differs. Although speed is important it would be best if we changed the destination. As that is not possible at this time I will vote for the sometimes sane, instead of the always insane party. Although my vote will start with neither of them, it will start with the most Conservative party I can find, which in reality mean's Liberalism Lite, then the Liberals and then Labor, followed by the Greens and then the parties that make the Greens look sane. So under Australia's Preferential voting system I will end up voting for Labor.  

Sadly who ever wins I think we are in for a really dismal time.

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Friday 10 June 2016

The Thirty-Ninth Month

This month been good in most respects, I've been very happy with both my posts and with the number of visitors. Although I am surprised by some of the numbers, both good and bad but I'll talk about that further down.

My big news is bad, although maybe good for the blog. My current job finishes at the end of the month so unless I score a new job in the next fortnight, possible but unlikely, then I'm unemployed again. To be honest I'm looking forward to the finish, the hours are insane and the pay is okay but not great. For example I have worked every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, since early December last year and I only got that off because I told them I wasn't working. And each weekend shift is 12 hours long. I also wont miss the stress "I need a Security Guard to start ASAP", that means the Guard needs to be onsite within 1 hour, not a very easy thing to do at 3am and sometimes insanely hard at 3pm. And as I told a colleague I didn't know I had a social life until it stopped. So finishing up has an upside. But of course the reason I went to work was because they paid me and I sure will miss their money even if it wasn't that great.

In fact this post will be a day early because I haven't finished yet and I'll be working on the 11th.

Now the number of visitors this month has been good, I have had four countries in the hundreds, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Russia. The United States while it is still the country where I get most of my visitors from went down to nearly 600, that is very very low for the U.S. Australia was even higher than it is now,, in fact this is the highest my Australian numbers have ever been, it reached 496 although it also went down to 430 during the month. The United Kingdom was around 50 higher than now and Russia was in the 300's at one point. It's been awhile since I have had four countries in the hundreds.

My best day was the 6th June when I had 114 visitors and my worst day was the 29th May when I had a woefully low 27 visitors.


United States
United Kingdom

United States
United Kingdom
Australia, the United Kingdom and Brazil are all up this month.

The United States, Ireland and Canada are basically the same.

Russia, Germany and France are down.

India has left the top 10 and the Netherlands is back.

I have also had visitors from the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Algeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Angola, South Africa, Mauritius, Reunion, New Zealand, Fiji, Turks & Caicos Islands, Colombia, Chile.

I hope to see you again soon.
Mark Moncrieff

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Tuesday 7 June 2016

Destroying the future

I have been thinking for some time now that of all of the Political Philosophies only one actually cares about the future. I know it sounds strange to see such a thing written but the more I think about it the more certain I am that that is in fact the case. When you look at the list of Political Philosophies, Communism, Fascism, Liberalism, Anarchism, Libertarianism non of them believe in the future because they all believe in the perfectibility of man, that man is God.

When you think like that then what does the future mean?

It means that the future has an end date.

What a bizarre idea, that one day the future will end, alright everything ends, one day the Human race will end but we are talking about an amazing amount of time between now and then. But the End of History is something that could break out at any time according to these Philosophies. That one day man will just be perfect, that one day Utopia will arrive and man will finally be God.

Now you may think I'm being unfair, that I am attributing things that these Political Philosophies don't believe. Sadly thats not true, they all believe in the perfectibility of man and when that occurs, in the End of History. As the future has an end date, it doesn't make sense to preserve things, it doesn't make sense to hold back or show prudence. The future isn't the love of a lifetime, it's just a one night stand. Have fun while you can because the End of History might be here before you know it.

As Liberalism is the Philosophy that is today in the lead, let us look at how Liberalism treats the future.

Liberalism encourages having a good time over preparing for the future. It encourages people to always do tomorrow what should be done today. Marriage is something for tomorrow, not now, as are children. Sadly many people find out that "not now" can really mean not ever. Education has been dragged out, which means the ability to be financially responsible is dragged out as well. This extended period of education means more debt and more delay in the ability to finance your own life. More delay in becoming an adult.

Just as Liberalism encourages delaying Family, it also encourages debt. Not just in education, but in all areas of life. Credit cards and easy credit, why should you miss out on the finer things in life just because you don't have the money to pay for it? No need to worry you can buy now and pay later. Enjoy yourself, don't think seriously about your life or your future, everything will work out. Until it doesn't.

But of course debt isn't confined to the Individual, Liberalism believes very much in big Government, in Government being able to do everything that the Individual cannot. That all requires a lot of money and debt is a great way of financing it. Because there is the idea that the debt will never have to be paid back. The debt just keeps growing with no end in sight, why would it end when it is unlimited or it may as well be. They truly believe that debt is not really a problem.

All of this means that if allowed to continue the future will not be as happy as the past. What happens when our population collapses and we cannot pay off our debts? Do you think the rest of the world will simply say okay no problems we'll help you get back on your feet? No that is not what will happen. The future that should be ours is being destroyed by Liberalism.

A future in which we live in a country that is populated by our own countrymen instead of with random strangers. A future in which we have stable Families and marriages, in which people are not disposable. A future in which we can control our own economic future, instead of having to sell off everything to pay our debts.

Only Conservatism believes in the future because only we believe that man is not perfectible, that man is not God. Only Conservatism believes that the future is for us Humans eternity, that the End of History will never arrive and that we must prepare to look after the future. Because only Conservatives believe that the past, the present and the future are inseparable and that once you break that link then you are destroying the future.

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Friday 3 June 2016

Liberalism - The Only Restaurant in Town

Let me tell you something about the Australian character.

An Australian goes to a restaurant, the food is bad, the service is bad. But he doesn't make a scene, he doesn't complain, he pays his bill and he leaves the restaurant. And he never returns.

It's such an issue that I have seen news reports on this very topic in which restaurant owners ask people to complain. Because if they don't the restaurant goes out of business. Now this strategy works because there are other restaurants. Unfortunately I also see this strategy in politics. The idea that we can ignore the bad policies, the bad ideas and just move to another restaurant. But if there is only one restaurant in town, then it doesn't work.

In politics we currently only have one restaurant and it's name is Liberalism.

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