Thursday 27 February 2020

Congratulations Vdare!

Vdare is an American anti-immigration site and if you don't know their work you should. Today I went to check it out and I found this:

Peter and I, and the VDARE Foundation board, are delighted to announce the acquisition of the historic Berkeley Spring Castle, aka the Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage, in the beautiful resort town of Berkeley Springs West Virginia.
Owning our own meeting space has been a goal for many years, and it’s truly an honor to have this achievement manifested in such a stunning and important property.
This is excellent news, for years Vdare has been trying to host a conference and they have been deplatformed time and again. Their booking would be accept to host a conference and then it would be cancelled. I know they have taken a number (all/some, not sure) to court. This is an amazing outcome, to not only buy a property to host conferences in but such a beautiful one at that!

Here is the announcement: Lydia Brimelow we got the keys to the castle 

Here is some really beautiful pictures: 1886 castle for sale in Berkeley Springs West Virginia

I'm not sure if the decor came with the property or not, if it does wow!

This is precisely the thing that our efforts should go towards. Always strengthening our position and making sure that we build for the future while preserving the past.

To Mr. and Mrs. Brimelow, well done!

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Monday 24 February 2020

Failing To Understand Domestic Violence

Most people think that Domestic Violence is about men beating up their wives.

That is nearly always how it is portrayed to us. That these laws exist to protect women. It's so obvious...and anyone who questions these laws hate women or are seeking to defend men's violence against women.  

However none of this is true, because behind the law is a philosophy. A way of thinking about the world. That philosophy is Liberalism and it argues that freedom is what people desire above all else. A branch of Liberalism is Feminism, which argues that Liberalism is not just about men but that freedom also applies to women. But freedom from what?


They believe in unlimited freedom, you should be free to do anything you like, with anyone you like whenever you like. It is a freedom so complete that nothing is solid. You can become any nationality you want, any sex you want, you can completely invent and then reinvent yourself as you choose. Liberalism argues there are no limits. 

What that means is everything that gets in the way of your freedom must over time be destroyed. That includes all your commitments. Being married means that you are bonded to another person...thats not freedom, marriage must not be permanent. Your family means that you have obligations...obligations are not freedom, your children don't belong to you they belong to the courts. Try telling the courts that your opinion matters more than the judges. Freedom is not a blessing, not the freedom that they want for you.

Nothing is permanent and in the end this type of freedom means that you are disposable.

It's not about violence, or keeping women safe or being equitable, it's about ideology. That philosophy that I wrote about earlier. Because if it was about any of those things the system would accept human nature as it is. But it does not.

 Instead of people learning to live with each others faults, now you can simply dispose of that man or women that you made a vow to love forever. That is the freedom that was promised. This system kills people. But we aren't supposed to blame the system, the system works it's the people who don't. More men, women and children have died since no-fault divorce was introduced then before. But that is a price that they are prepared for you to pay. 

A system that cared about keeping people safe would be concerned with poverty and unemployment, the main reason that arguments turn violent. They would be concerned with giving people coping strategies instead of criminal charges. They would be concerned with false child abuse allegations. They would be trying to help families stay together. They would treat adultery as a serious issue instead of as a private matter that is of no consequence. 

But none of these things matter, freedom, absolute unlimited freedom is what matters. Domestic Violence is not about protecting anyone, it is just another step in creating the world that Liberalism believes should exist.

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Thursday 20 February 2020

Men and Family Tragedies

On Wednesday around 8:30am, a man killed his three children (aged 3, 4 and 6) by setting them on fire in the family car, he then killed himself by stabbing himself in the chest . His wife, the childrens mother managed to get out of the car with serious burns, she died later in hospital. Five people dead in an appalling tragedy.

A tragedy is not something sad or upsetting as this news is. A tragedy is something that ends badly that was always going to end badly, even though people thought it might have a different ending. It turns out to be inevitable. Was this inevitable? I don't know, but what I do know is that the way society and the law treats men means that murder-suicides are inevitable.

A strange thing about people is that we often divide things into male and female even though both sexes do something. For example we think of men when we think about money, power, jobs, violence, but about women when we think of beauty, hygiene and emotions, for example. As shorthand it works fine, we get into trouble when we forget that it is shorthand.

Society and the law treats men as if we do not have emotions, as if we have no right to feel. Certainly men are not as connected to their emotions as women or children are. Which means that when emotions do reach our core, they are extremely intense. And we find it hard to know what to do with these invasive thoughts. Unlike women, talking about emotions can make them seem more real, bigger. However bottling them up can lead to an explosion. What men need are answers, not talk.

But what answers are there when the women you love leaves?

What answers are there when you are treated as if you are not your own children's father? 

What answers are there when the things you have worked for are taken from you?

In the past, before no-fault divorce, before men were demonized, these things were rare. But that is no longer true. When men have their lives destroyed and their hearts ripped out they often find little support or sympathy. Because men aren't supposed to have emotions or at least they are only allowed happy emotions. Sadness, hate, anger, are all real emotions, they are not alien to human experience. However that is how they are treated today. As if these feeling should not exist and that is wrong.

What is also missing is charity, Christianity valued charity, today when thinking about charity we think of giving money. Charity also means a generous and forgiving nature. To be generous with our time, our love and efforts. It also means to forgive those who wrong us, not automatically, but when someone seeks forgiveness or we need to give it to ease our suffering. But charity is not often shown to men, in time that will also apply to women and then in time to children.

Everything is unforgivable, no room for charity at all. Men are increasingly not allowed to be human or to fail. The fact that failure is a part of life, that it is inevitable means that this leads to explosions.

The way men are being treated and have been for decades is totally unnatural. Men and women should have children within marriage and that marriage should last for life. Sure it is possible live another way, with children being born outside of marriage, with marriage being regarded as a short term thing. But these have consequences and we can see those consequences all around us. The impermanent has replaced the permanent. Nothing is stable or solid, instead everything is hollow and cheap. Including our relationships and our lives.

That some men react violently to everything that they love being taken from them should not be a surprise to any person who thinks. It might not be nice but it is entirely natural. That that can lead to suicide or murder should also not be a surprise. That does not make it good or something that we should encourage. However we do encourage it. Every time we support the break up of a family we encourage this. Because it is inevitable that at some point a man will be driven to these extreme measures. We need to stop creating these situations.

Your children should not be taken from you, your marriage should not be taken from you. That people are imperfect is true, that we do not always treat others as they deserve is also true.  But in a world without charity then we are all just enemies.

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Wednesday 19 February 2020

Link Love XI

I've come across some great articles recently and as I'm catching up with things I haven't been writing as much as normal. So instead of leaving you all hanging, have a read of these.

This was published in an American Socialist magazine and I must say I agree with nearly everything written here. In fact in the last podcast, I read out some portions and we talked about them.

On a completely different note, Doctors dothings differently to normal people, they even die differently!

How Doctors die

In Australia General Motors was known as Holden, yesterday they closed down the brand. Everyone is playing pass the buck. In these two articles is the real story.

Killing the Industry Softly - The 1985 Button Car Plan

& by David Hiscox.

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Monday 17 February 2020

Organise and Let's Get Better At This - Melbourne Traditionalists - Episode Twenty Nine

In this episode David Hiscox and I talk about what we on the Right need to do better. Organise, support our own people, physically, morally and financially, do more, do better.

David Hiscox:

Length: 30 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!
Episode Twenty Nine

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Sunday 16 February 2020

The Political Man

Mark Richardson over at Oz Conservative had this gem in one of his replies to a commenter:

The temptation is to try to find a quick fix solution. "If we do this, then things will be put right, and we don't have to worry about politics anymore, things can go back to normal". What's needed instead are men who see "polis life" - a commitment to political life - as being a normal part of masculine commitments, in any age or time.

So often I hear a version of this, the quick fix, the idea that one simple change can put things to right. When the truth is that no one thing, person, political party, government, idea, ethnic group, ideology is to blame for everything. And the problems that we face are not new, they didn't arrive last Thursday, or even in our lifetime.

The solution to our problems are long and complex, not simple and easy. Which means that we need to have a commitment to a political life. To accept that our responsibilities are not something that we can simply put aside and worry about from time to time. Instead it is a permanent commitment.

What is a political life?

It is the same as our commitment to our nation and our family, a burden that we must accept and carry on with. In practice it means supporting the causes that support us and it means fighting the causes that want our destruction. It means being men and defending the things that we love.

Preserving the things that we love, our people, our families....the same thing.....and destroying the things that want to harm them. That is what men have always done, worry about politics and the big issues in life. To organise, to provide, to protect. Not to worry about the small things, the petty things, that is not what men should spend their time upon. 

Make a commitment to become that political man, that man who supports the things he loves in word and deed. Donate to support the people and causes that support you, commit time to help out, join organisations.

Do not be passive be active!

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Thursday 13 February 2020

Dictionary of The Right


What they think it means: That racism is bad

What it really means: As only Whites are considered to be able to be racist, anti-racist means anti-White


What they think it means: To deny people opportunities because of their sex, race or religion

What it really means: To make a choice between two or more options


What they think it means: A wide range of people from different backgrounds

What it really means: Less White people, particularly White men


What they think it means: That people are of the same worth or value

What it really means: That everyone is the same and interchangeable


What they think it means: A follower of fascist thinking or philosophy

What it really means: Someone the left doesn't like


What they think it means: A person who believes that men and women are equal

What it really means: Women must get priority over men even when it hurts women


What they think it means: A person who arrives from overseas to help build the country

What it really means: Someone who arrived after the country was already built


What they think it means: A means of building up population numbers and showing how tolerant they are

What it really means: Replacing the people who are already here whether they like it or not


What they think it means: Everyone should be able to be a part of society

What it really means: Unless you have any opinions that they don't like


What they think it means: A follower of National Socialism or Adolf Hitler's thinking or philosophy

What it really means: Someone the left doesn't like


What they think it means: Someone who hates other races

What it really means: Someone who notices that different races exist

Further Definitions


What they think it means: An immigrant

What it really means: Someone who build the country

White Supremacist

What they think it means: Treating everyone equally

What it really means: Not allowing White people to organise or protest in support of their interests

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Wednesday 12 February 2020

Girls Should Dance, Boys Should Do PE

Today I read this about the Australian Football League Women:

 Two days ago the competition launched and the first match was played live on television. I tuned in for purely investigative purposes and after watching about ten minutes of the ‘action,’ I can only conclude that these women are grossly overpaid.
Watching women chase a football around a field was like watching women chase a football around a field. It reminded me of being back in school and lounging on the side of the school oval as the girls did their physical education lesson. They were pretty useless at the physical education bit but we weren’t watching for their athletic prowess.
When I read that I also thought back to school and how much the girls hated Physical Education. I remember so many girls seemed to have their period every week. They really hated it. Not all of course but most did it under sufferance. Now if you tell people that girls shouldn't do sport people tell you that it is unhealthy. Sport leads to physical fitness, you know what else leads to physical fitness?


Today when we think of dancing we think of it as a means to attract the opposite sex, of a male and a female dancing together. However traditionally that was not true. There were dances for males and dances for females, as well as dances for both. Girls love dancing because it's feminine, dancing is sensuous, it follows rules, it seems freeflowing but isn't, it highlights the body in both form and flexibility, which is why most boys hate it. Although it also involves things that both boys and girls do like, such as discipline and the mastering of skills. Both of which boys require in any physical activity.

Apart from schools that train performers, I cannot think of any schools that teach dance as part of the normal curriculum. Sure many schools do training for their school formal, but like I said thats not part of the normal curriculum. Why not?

Sport is masculine, it is competitive, rough, dirty and dangerous. Most boys like sport, they like being physically active and taking risks in a controlled environment. Most girls do not, they still want to be physically active but not in a masculine way. They do not want to be rough or dirty and they most certainly don't want to do something dangerous. But we insist that girls can do anything that boys can do even though boys want their own activities and girls aren't that keen to compete against boys.

It's time to let boys be boys and to let girls be girls, to encourage each sexes abilities and talents instead of constantly insisting that they compete against each other. For boys sport is a very good fit, for girls dancing is. If some girls like sport then fine, if some boys prefer dance thats good too. There are always exceptions to the general rule. But if given a choice we know what most boys and girls would pick. 

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Tuesday 11 February 2020

The Eighty-Third Month

The past month has not been good and I don't expect the next to be any better. The blog has done alright, although it has suffered a big drop in numbers between December and now. I'm planning to write more on this soon. As a result I have not been writing as much as I have been in the past six months.

In January I had 3643 visitors, between the 11th January and the 11th February I have had 3309, so the trend is downwards. My best day was the 2nd February when I had 206 visitors, my worst day was the day before, the 1st February when I had 64 visitors.

January - February
United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region

Germany and Canada are both up.

Unknown region is basically the same.

The United States, Australia, Russia, the Ukraine, France and the United Kingdom are all down.

Spain has left the top 10 and Argentina is back in.

I have had visitors from the following countries: Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, U.A.E., India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru, Chile.

Mark Moncrieff

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Thursday 6 February 2020

It's Alright To Be White - A Guest Poem

A guest poem by P. L. Melbourne

It's alright to be white
It's not wicked or obscene
It's okay to be black, brown or yellow;
To speak and be seen

It's not perverse or malicious
As some want us to believe.
We're all sons of Adam
And daughters of Eve.

So don't shrivel in shame
Because of your race;
The sound of your name,
The colour of your face.

It's fine to be European,
On Japheth's family tree;
From north of the Mediterranean
And West of the Black Sea.

It's awesome to be Anglo-Celtic.
There's reason to celebrate.
It takes millennia of toil and innovation
To make people great:

From the Britons to the Normans,
The union of the states,
The melding of the genomes,
Of rival and of mates.

The monarchs of the realm,
And commoners, each one,
Have weaved a living tapestry
Under the northern sun.

Resilience and resolve
Through famine, plague and war.
Just reward for honest work
Which providence has in store.

The genus of thought:
Objectivity and creativity,
Born of verity and passion
Where the Word set minds free.

The traditions we firmly hold
Which are ethnically unique.
The unspoken niceties
And the language we speak.

That Christian worldview
Which bound us all together.
An immovable morality
Which won't change with the weather.

There's darkness in our history,
When wicked deeds were done.
By preventing their repetition
We show its lessons are being won.

A people who are honourable,
Love truth and honesty,
Will guard their culture's treasures
Against destruction by the enemy.

And we who are descendants
From the colonies of empire
Stoke the fire of remembrance,
Not the fuel of a pyre.

For without a blood heritage
We forget who we are,
Absorbed into the nonentity
Masses of the universal jar.

Condemned to oblivion
By the hostile forces of nil,
We face our furious accusers
Who demand an outrageous bill.

It's time to say, "No more!"
We will no longer conform
Under menacing threats
Of the collectivist swarm

We will keep our Britishness,
Our Anglo-Celtic ways,
Our ancient Christian heritage
All our live-long days.

(Jan./Feb., 2020 - P. L. Melbourne)

Monday 3 February 2020

The Decline of Classical Music - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast Episode Twenty Seven

What lead to the decline of Classical music?

David Hiscox, Mark Richardson and myself spend this episode discussing just that.

David Hiscox :

Mark Richardson :

Length : 30 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!
Episode Twenty Seven

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