Saturday, 25 January 2020

Link Love X

Normally I do one of these a year or so, not because I am on any schedule. But since my last link love post 9 days ago, I keep finding really good links. Non are from the usual suspects although I read you nearly every day.

I wanted to write on this very topic until I saw this excellent article from the Russell Kirk Centre - Would you recognise a dystopia if you saw one?

This is written from a Leftists perspective, but it's a very interesting idea on how to organise a community in the modern world. Something that I know gets a lot on our side thinking.

Professor David Starkey is a leading Historian in Britain, very pro-Monarchy. This is a link to three articles that he has written recently, the first on Liberalism. All three are of interest.

Is sexual morality important? The research presented here says yes!

A 10 minute video on Facebook that tells the history and the deceit behind Roe v Wade, which effectively legalised abortion in America. I found out some information that I didn't know.

Then I found three articles from The Atlantic of all places:

The Troubling Ideals at the Heart of Abortion Rights

Why is Joe Rogan So Popular?

A really informative piece on MH370, the Malaysian airliner that vanished in 2014

Last but not least, or crazy is as crazy proposes.....Is Artificial-womb technology a tool for womens liberation? No it's batshit insane but read on anyway, it's important to know just how they justify this kind of stuff to themselves.

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  1. Regarding intentional communities, I agree, vital. There's a list here, pretty UK-centric I'm afraid, but also lots of other resources, links to books etc A vital research area

  2. Some great links there. We need a nourishing version of on the tradright