Tuesday 21 January 2020

SubscribeStar - Help Required

Today I received an email from SubscribeStar letting me know that my account has been approved. SubscribeStar is like Patreon, except they don't automatically kick people off for having the wrong views. Obviously you cannot behavour like an idiot and as I tend not too I think I'll be okay. 

I have never asked for support in the past because I didn't need it, now I do need your support.

I have written 685 posts as of this one, I have done six months of the Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast. I read quite a lot to keep abreast of things and I spend quite a lot of time thinking about how we are going to get out of the mess we are in. Not to mention, although obviously I m, organising the Melbourne Traditionalists as well as the Conference. I have also been writing most days and publishing on YouTube nearly every day.

Have a look at the link and if you can support me I would really appreciate it if you do


Thank you
Mark Moncrieff

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