Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Happy Birthday Upon Hope!

Happy Birthday Upon Hope!

Well today is Upon Hope's 1st birthday, I didn't think I'd make it and nor can I believe that it has been an entire year since I started. It has been a roller coaster of a ride, in turns both enlightening and mystifying. 

First off I would like to thank Mr. Mark Richardson of Oz Conservative who inspired me to start this blog and who also gave me some insights into the world of blogging. He has also been very generous in providing links to a number of my articles. 

I would also like to thank Mrs. Laura Wood of The Thinking Housewife for her support, she has also supported me by linking to articles and thanks to both of these people I have been more widely read than I would otherwise have been.

I have also received links from a number of other sites: 

http://athriftyhomemaker.blogspot.com.au/ also known as Adventures in Keeping House

npinkpanthersmusings now known as Percy's Pensieve

I thank you all for your support.

I have had 15,236 visitors this year with the 25th of April being my worst day with only 5 visitors and the 13th of August being my best when I had 377 visitors. 

This post will be my 139th post, my early posts are quite small compared to what I write now, but that has it's own virtue. My most clicked on post is The discrimination of anti-discrimination which has been clicked on 636 times. The least clicked post is 4 of 20 The principle of variety which has only been clicked on 4 times, to be honest it just ain't that bad. It was part of a series I did on the 20 Conservative principles and it was very important to me as it led me into looking closer at Conservatism. Sadly it was like the plague to the site as visitors left in droves, for every 3 visitors, 2 left. Fortunately, months like that are rare.   

My visitors fall into 3 groups. Americans make up 60% of visitors which shows that there are alot of Americans looking for answers, I just hope that the internet is not where it ends and that you all start looking for like minded people in real life. It's obvious they are there. The second group are Australians who make up 20% of my visitors. I really want to connect with my fellow Australians and do what I have urged my American visitors to do. In both Melbourne and Sydney there already exist Traditionalist groups you can join. There is absolutely no reason this cannot be done in other cities and in the country. The third group is the rest of the world who make up the final 20%. I must admit it is very gratifying to see countries I never thought would be interested in what I have to say keep turning up. I can never be sure if it's the same people or different ones all the time, but either way it gives me a thrill. Something I never expected. 

I sometimes wonder about the lives of those who visit this site, whats troubles them? Are they looking for something to pass the time or are they looking for answers? Are they students? Unemployed? If not what type of work do they do? Where do they live? Are they working class or middle class? Are they Traditional Conservatives? Do they agree with me? 

I sometimes wonder about myself and this blog. Am I bashing my head against a brick wall? Am I contributing anything of value? How often should I post? Are the topics I pick what people want to read? Why do so few people post comments? Does that mean my posts are so good there is nothing more to say? Or does it mean they are so bad it's best forgotten? 

I enjoy getting comments, it has lead to some of my best posts. I obviously enjoy when people say they like something, it's great to know that someone has found it of value. Interestingly I have never received a nasty comment and yesterday for the first time I deleted a comment as it was spam. So maybe I should be more grateful for that small mercy. 

Now I'll show you all some graphs that Blogger provide to show you the roller coaster I was talking about earlier.

Graph of Blogger page views
This graph shows the ups and downs of visitor numbers each month, the lowest was in June when I had 616 visitors and the best month was January when I had 1946 visitors. The only comment I will make is that this month, the most right hand side of the graph, is for the current month which is only 1/3rd through at this point, so it looks much worse than it is in reality.

Below are the top 10 posts followed by the number of clicks each has received to date.

I have no idea what the difference is between a "Referring URL" and "Referring Sites" is, but I present it here anyway. 

Referring URLs

Referring Sites

Search Keywords

traditional conservatism
upon hope blog
why to conservatives believe that society should have different classes
exemples of lonely but successfull people
free trade versus protectionism
free trade vs protectionism
mark moncrieff hope

Below is a map and the numbers for the top 10 countries that have visited my site this year.

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom
I thank you all for visiting here, I hope I have given you something to think about, I hope I have contributed something of value. I plan to continue posting and trying to further the cause of Traditional Conservatism and I hope you do as well. Here's to another year of posting......Happy Birthday Upon Hope!

Yours Sincerely
Mark Moncrieff

Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future 

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