Sunday, 1 December 2019

So Much For Right Wing Terrorism

Earlier this year the head of ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization) was asked by a committee of the Australian Senate about right wing terrorism in Australia. He downplayed the risk, stating that no right wing group was listed as a terrorist organisation. However 26 groups are listed as terrorist organisations by the Australian government.

'Under the law, there are two ways for an organisation to be identified as a terrorist organisation. The prosecution can prove beyond reasonable doubt that an organisation is a terrorist organisation as part of the prosecution for a terrorist offence. Alternatively, the organisation may be specified in Regulations as a terrorist orga​nisation. This process, known as 'listing', requires certain processes set out in the legislation to be followed.'

Every group listed is Muslim, 22 are Islamist, 3 are anti-Israeli, 1 is both Islamist and anti-Israeli and 1 is a leftist group that is also Muslim.

With this knowledge it would be prudent to restrict Muslim immigration. Of course the Australian government is not prudent. Instead if you point out the fact that every terrorist group listed by the Australian government is Muslim you are told that you are either a racist or a trouble maker. It is claimed that to point out these facts invites a terrorist attack.

If that is so then why are Muslims allowed to immigrate here?

If it is not true then why are they allowed to impinge upon an entire group and imply that they are terrorists? Isn't that both immoral and illegal?

Of course without mass immigration then the threat to our internal security would be negligible. But whats the problem with a terrorist attack, or two, or two hundred when your on the road to Utopia.

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