Thursday 26 May 2016

Family, Why Do Conservatives Believe in Family?

When I was younger I would often hear the phrase "a Motherhood statement" it was normally in regards to politics. Some Politician or another would say something so general that it was hard to disagree, all Mothers are wonderful, we should all be kinder to one another. While such banal comments are still regularly made it has been quite some time since I have heard the phrase "a Motherhood statement".

I guess that's because Motherhood isn't viewed quite the same as it once was, nor Fatherhood for that matter. Now we often hear how Family is fluid, anyone can form a Family, you don't need Mothers and Fathers, "all you need is love". Now right there's a Motherhood statement if ever I heard one.

But Conservatives do not accept this new idea of Family, that it is fluid, that all you need is love. We believe in Tradition and Order, that people are not disposable, that life should have meaning and that Family begins with Marriage.

A Family consists of one Man and one Women, why? Because that is what is required to create human life. The Future, because Family is about creating the future. Conservatives are often criticized for looking to the past but the reason we look to the past is because it worked, the past got us here. Marriage got us here, One Man and his Wife got us here, millions and millions of them got us here. And what worked in the past, will work now and into the future.

That marriage gives benefits to men and to women and that together they pass on those benefits to their children. That is why marriage should only be between one Man and one Women because only they can create the future. Conservatives believe in the natural and the organic, not in the unnatural and the artificial.

I have heard the argument that if that is how Conservatives feel then how can they support adoption? First of all Conservatives have never attacked adoption because we accept that sometimes the practical is more important than the ideal. Secondly we accept something others fail to notice at all. Adoption is not a celebration it is a tragedy. Adoption means that children has been denied their natural parents, whether it is through death, illness, neglect or some other means it is always a tragedy. Adoption shows how cruel life can be, because a children should be with their natural parents in all but the most extreme cases. We accept adoption but always with a heavy heart.

We can all see for ourselves the cost of divorce and the cost of single parenting. Something that was presented to us as a way of solving conflict we now know from bitter experience isn't true. Both divorce and single parenting make life harder, they put pressure on children and on their parents that they should not have. It often denies children the idea that they are safe and that they are valued. Children grow up too often having learnt that they are as disposable as their parents were. Children should not grow up to think that cynicism and bitterness are normal or that relationships or people are disposable. And that is what they are being taught.

Conservatives do not support these things, not because we are mean or cruel but because they do not work. If we are to have a future, then we must create it and look after it, the Family is the best way of doing that just as it always has been.

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Friday 20 May 2016

Order, Why Do Conservatives Believe in Order?

What is Order?

Order is about things being in their rightful place, because Conservatives believe that everything legitimate has a rightful place. And that just as things have a rightful place they also have a wrongful place. In this context things mean, ideas, objects and people.

Order means that everyone has a rightful place, a place they belong, a place where they are valued. It also means that a hierarchy exists and that things are always unequal. That some things are more important than others, that there is a Natural Order that can only be denied for so long before it restores itself.

It is this that makes Order the great heresy of our time. For our time teaches insistently that there should be no Order. In fact nearly every drama on TV or at the Cinema you see will be at it's core about defying Order, the working class lad who beat the odds, the women who beat the Patriarchy, the Ethnic who beat Whitey. It's the same story over and over again, historical dramas are very good at this story. And Liberals love to tell this story because it reaffirms what they believe. But to Conservatives it shows a different story, that Order will always reassert itself. That Order is the real nature of the universe.

That the universe is a place where God and man are separate and not to be confused. Where man and animals, plants and minerals are separate and not to be confused. Where amongst man there are separate Races and Ethnities, two different sexes and different social classes. Non of them are equal but all have their rightful place, a place where they are valued. How can things be of value if they are unequal?

Men and women are not equal because they are different and things that are different cannot be equal. But try creating a baby without one of them. They now both have value, because their differences, the thing that makes them unequal gives them value. They have different strengths and weaknesses, each has a Natural Order, a rightful place. It is when we try to deny this Natural Order that things go wrong, not because Order is perfect but because it is the closest that we can come in our imperfect universe. Another word for Order is reality, the closer we are to reality the better things run, the more we try to distort reality the worse things run.  

For those who are not Conservatives much of this would seem unreal, like I am talking about a supernatural force. But Order is not supernatural, it is natural, it is as real as the wind, you cannot see it, you cannot taste it or touch it but you can feel it and it can be very powerful. Order is reality and reality is a very stubborn beast indeed.

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Monday 16 May 2016

Tradition, Why Do Conservatives Believe in Tradition?

Why do Conservatives believe in Tradition?

Aren't Traditions old and out of date? Aren't they just hangovers from a past age best forgotten?

Tradition exists so that you and I do not have to constantly remake the wheel. Instead of only learning from our own mistakes we can learn from the mistakes of the past. Hopefully avoiding them. One of the great misunderstandings regarding Tradition is that it involves everything that is old, but that simply isn't true.

Consider this definition from Wikipedia:

"A tradition is a belief or behaviour passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past"

I quite like this definition because it brings out an important point, it is not simply something old that is a tradition, but something with "symbolic meaning or special significance". This is important because it is not the entire past that Traditionalists wish to preserve. When you think about trying to preserve everything in the past you soon realise how impossible such a thing would be. How do you conserve both Pagan and Christian tradition, all of it?

Obviously you cannot so you must either reject both or accept those things that have symbolic meaning or special significance. Our society has done the later, we have Traditions that originate in Pagan times and others that originate in Christian times. Over time Traditions change, new Traditions arise and old ones die off.

So if we accept that over time Traditions can and do change, why is Tradition important?

Why keep Traditions if they change?

Because they have meaning, they connect us to the past, to the people of the past, to their deeds and their thoughts. Tradition reminds us that we are not alone, that others have been here before and struggled and survived. That things that are past are not forgotten. But Tradition also has another extremely important task, it connects the past, the present and the future. Because at the heart of the idea of Tradition is the belief that the future will exist. In fact without the future there is no point in having Traditions. Traditions are not simply about remembering the past they are about celebrating the future. The fact that there will be a future.

A future for a group, because Traditions exist for different groups of people. Different religions have their own Traditions. Different nations and societies have their own Traditions and that is as it should be. Because a made up Tradition, an artificial Tradition has no meaning or significance. It is only when something from the past has meaning or significance that it is really a Tradition. Conservatives believe in the organic, in things that naturally occur, not in the artificial, in the made up and invented. A universal Tradition is fake, worse than that a universal Tradition means real Tradition, things that have real meaning have been sacrificed to make way for the fake. There are enough things in life that have no meaning, that are simplyly done because they must be. Tradition is a reminder that things greater than ourselves exist and that we are part of something greater, that we are not alone.

Why do Conservatives believe in Tradition?

Because it is important to remember the past, to respect it, to learn from it. It is important that life have meaning, that special things should be celebrated or commemorated. That our nation, our society should be distinct from others, not isolated or distant but distinct. Just as we want others to have their own distinctions. That we reconcile the past, the present and the future. That we have a future. Tradition does all these things and nothing else can. That is why we believe in Tradition.

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Wednesday 11 May 2016

The Thirty-Eighth Month

It's been a slow month this month, both in terms of posts and numbers. April was the first time I have been below 2000 visitors in over a year, although it was just under, 1996 visitors.

This month I have only done three posts, about half of what I have wanted. But to be honest I feel very disheartened, as I'm sure my posts reveal. That I am whispering into the wind, that everything I have written is pointless, whether it is good or bad. I have considered not writing anymore, to simply stop. But then I get another good idea, another topic I should write about and it keeps me moving forward, at least for now. So I'm still here and I'm still writing, if slower than I should be writing.

This month my best day was the 5th May when I had 120 visitors. I had two worst days when I had 45 visitors on both days, the 15th & 26th of April.

United States
United Kingdom

United States
United Kingdom

The outstanding performer this month is Russia, up from 23 visitors last month to 284 this month!

Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Canada are all up, Germany has tripled.

The United States is the only country remaining in the top 10 that went down.

Brazil and India have entered the top 10, while Japan and Romania have left.

I have also had visitors from the following countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Libya, Ethiopia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Mexico, Antigua & Barbuda, Chile, Argentina,  
I hope to see you all again soon.
Mark Moncrieff

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Friday 6 May 2016

How Long Have We Got?

In a hundred years time there will still be Conservatives, people who believe in Tradition, Order and Family. But what type of traditions will there be in a hundred years? What sort of order and I dread to think of what kind of family will exist in a hundred years if Liberalism continues to triumph.

In a hundred years will my country still exist? The land will still exist but will my country? Will my Race still exist or my Ethnicity? In a hundred years time will people still think of a white person when they think of an Australian?

A hundred years is a long way off isn't it?

So lets look at right now, how long do we have?

Three days ago the Australian Government announced that the immigration target for next year is 190,000, the same figure it has been for the last 5 years. That means that in the past five years 950,000 people have been allowed to moved into Australia to live. So basically every 5 years a million more people arrive in Australia.

Australia's population reached 24,000,000 around the start of 2016, so a million people every 5 years is a great deal of people. In 1968 the population was 12,000,000, in 48 years the population has doubled. At the current rate there will be a new million added every 3 years from births, immigration and longer life spans. Today 36% of every person living in Australia was born outside of Australia, only Luxembourg has a higher percentage of people born outside of the country.

Australia is disappearing right before my eyes, I see it every day. But the thing that makes it even worse is that I know that the failed social policies of Liberalism has lead to a decline in Australia's white population, just as it has everywhere else in the West. Feminism means women spend the most fertile time of their life working instead of having children. Men have lost out to Free Trade and Feminism and find it hard to have a stable income. Both of these things mean that families are not being created, that the people of the future are not being born.

By the middle of this century there will be a massive drop of the White population world wide, by around half. It will not be equal, some areas will be much more affected than others. But at the same time the non-white population will increase. So the percentage of White people in the world will be even smaller.

So apart from depressing everyone, whats my point?

My point is that we don't have forever. The days of Conservatives sitting around navel grazing are over.....assuming we want things fixed. If we are to have any affect on the future we need to get moving, time is running out. Unless we do something to change the future it isn't going to be our future.

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