Thursday, 22 October 2020

If You Need To Lie

 Liberalism is filled with lies, half-truths and misdirection's. It is one of the things that alerted me and made me turn away from it. But most people like lies, some even love lies, it hides the hurtful reality. But we on the Right tend to despise lies, it is not because we are too good to lie, or that we are incapable of lying. It is because we understand that fundamentally lies are bad things, even when they give us comfort.

Our enemies do not accept that lies are bad, instead they accept that lies are fundamentally good. That achieving objectives is more important than truth. Truth might make people think about what they really represent. So why don't we just do as they do and lie?

Because we simply aren't very good at it, instead we are blunt, we tell people what we want. Too often we tell people when we are angry. Our capacity for lying is quite substandard. 

Life hurts and it never stops hurting, people want some respite from that hurt. If that comes in the form of lies then why not accept the lies? Most people accept them, they accept them because it makes them feel good about themselves, about others, it takes away bad thoughts, it protects them or at least they feel protected. It is no surprise to me that the idea of the Red Pill was accepted by the Right, it fits right into or line of thinking. The truth no matter how unpleasant is still the truth. If you have taken the Red Pill then you know how much it hurts to have lies taken away from you. To see the ugly truth is quite confronting and most people want to be protected from that. They do not want to see or experience it, but they do. While you can hide from truth, some will always find you.

Liberalism is based upon lies, that people are equal, that everyone can be rich, that Democracy represents us, that we are in charge. It does what lies do, they flatter us, they deceive us and they misdirect us. They make us look at the things that they want us to see and away from the things that they don't want us to see. Most of the time it works and sometimes it does not. But like any seasoned liar they keep a straight face, they concoct a series of lies to confuse you and they keep repeating the lie.

this country was built on immigration

This Country Was Built On Immigration.


Until everyone just forgets that it's a lie and if you deny that their lies are truth, then they announce that you are the problem. 

The lies are what made me notice them and reject them and their half-truths. Unfortunately I see other lies that I also reject and not from the other side. I see far to many people accepting the lie that the holocaust never happened. I see far to many people accepting the lie that conspiracy is everywhere. How do I know that these things are lies?

Four reasons:

1) If someone has to change the definition of words or events to win it's a lie

2) If someone has to change or ignore history to win then it's a lie

3) If someone changes the subject instead of providing an answer then it's a lie

4) Absolutism, if there is no other explanation allowed then it's a lie 

We should reject lies, that is where our strength lies (ironically!). Personally I did not reject one set of lies to accept another. The red pill is correct, look at the truth and accept the truth, do not replace it with other lies. If you need to lie to win are you really on our side?

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Monday, 19 October 2020

China's Century of Humiliation, Part 3 - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Sixty One

China 1916-1949, we go from the period of the Warlords through the Kuomintang government, the Long March, the war with Japan and the Communist takeover. The end of my three part series on China's century of humiliation.

Length: 25 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

China's Century of Humiliation, Part 2 - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Sixty

China's Century of Humiliation continued into the 20th century. In this episode I cover the Boxer Rebellion, the fall of Imperial China and the rise of the Republic of China, the rise of another Emperor and his fall. 1899-1916, it's a wild ride!

Length: 26 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Sunday, 11 October 2020

The Ninety-First Month

A below average month in which I have found it hard to write, the lack of stimulation because of the lockdown has had an affect upon me. Today I went for a walk, the first time I have been past my letterbox in two months. Although I have felt the creative juices flowing in the past week or so. I just need to be more discipline and actually write. I keep finding things that I don't like about the new format, last weekend I wrote two articles in one day, I don't normally do that. But I didn't publish the second article until Tuesday. In the old format it would say that the article had been published on Tuesday, but now it states the date it was published is Sunday, the day it was written. Annoying!

My best day in the past month was the 20th of September when I had 240 visitors, my worst day was the 24th of September when I had a very low 57. In September I had a total of 3,314 visitors, this month I have had 950 visitors.

I have decided to include the information that the new format gives me, which is not always the information that I have provided in the past. My visitors by country over the past 30 days:

1. 1,350 United States

2. 670 Australia

3. 192 Russia

4. 116 U.A.E.

5. 111 U.K.

6. 108 Germany

7. 101 New Zealand

8. 56 Philippines

9. 49 Netherlands 

10. 37 India

11. 35 Canada

12. 32 Belgium 

13. 22 France

14. 21 Ireland

15. 20 Nepal

16. 18 Indonesia

17. 17 Malaysia

18. 13 Cambodia

19. 13 Peru

20. 224 Other (which means visitors from every other country not already listed)

I hope to see you again soon.

Mark Moncrieff

Saturday, 10 October 2020

China's Century of Humiliation, Part I - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Fifty Nine

China was once a great power, the Opium Wars of the 1800's put paid to that. In this episode I give a brief overview of Chinese history and then cover the period from the First Opium War to the end of the century. What in China is referred to as the Century of Humiliation.

Length: 30 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Sunday, 4 October 2020

Is It True That No Ones To Blame?

Have you noticed that when things go wrong no one is to blame? 

In 2018 there was a Royal Commission into the banking industry in Australia. The Royal Commission found out that every bank in Australia was doing things that were at best irregular and at worse criminal. Massive fines were issued and the banks were put on notice that they had to lift their game. But no one went to prison. Charging dead peoples accounts for financial services that they could never have asked for because, well they were dead. Is a crime, it's called fraud, but when a big financial institution does it, it's apparently not a crime, because no one went to jail.  

In September 2020, Westpac, an Australian bank was fined $1.3 Billion Dollars. The largest fine in Australian history, because it once again was more interested in profit then in stopping child molesters, drug cartels, and various money laundering operations from operating. But no criminal charges, because no one is responsible.

When the Australian government decided to stop international travel into and out of Australia in 2020, it had returning international travellers quarantine in hotels. The Australian Army looked after the organising and security for these hotels, except in Victoria. In Victoria the security was given to a private security company. Now that it has proven to be a disaster, no one wants to accept responsibility. The Health Minister resigned, but even in her resignation letter she rejected responsibility. 

The lack of responsibility is a major problem and it is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. But I don't believe that those who think that they are our betters do consider it a problem. It seems to me that this is by design. Liberalism wants life to be lived without consequences. But at the same time Liberalism really likes bureaucracy, it has a passion for the impersonal. It seems to think that the personal is the problem and that organisations are the answer. Because in an impersonal organisation no one can be to blame because no one is responsible. No one person makes the decisions.

It means that fighting back is quite hard, because no one is to blame, no single person is responsible, that means that everyone is innocent. It means that the most inhuman and vile acts can be sanctioned because there is no one to stop it. People are encouraged to group think, to act without thinking, to simply go along with the flow. Because no matter what happens everyone is innocent, because no one has made the decision. 

Big organisations allow this to happen because they are systems. But there are three things that can be done to stop it. Firstly you make leaders instead of managers, secondly you make people responsible, if your subordinates make a mistake your responsible, thirdly you can achieve this by breaking up big organisations. A corporation is not owned by one person, but a company owned and operated by the owner is. 

One reason that we are going down the tube is because no one wants to accept responsibility. We should not accept that no one is responsible. We need to hold those responsible to account.

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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Reality And The Corona Panic

Many people, maybe most people, certainly our governments have been living during 2020 in a bubble of unreality. All due to their reaction to Covid-19. It is not the disease that is unreal, it exists, it has been the reaction that has been unreal. When the disease was confined to China we heard and saw footage of quite outrageous goings on. People dropping dead in the street, people being locked into their dwelling, police forcing people back into their own buildings, streets being fumigated. Many people saw this and panicked, even though these things are now a distant memory, they are still panicking.

What should be obvious is that most of that footage was fake, no where else in the world have people dropped dead on the street. But people still keep pushing this idea, acting in word and deed as if any minute the disease will act in this way, even though we now have 9 months of experience to know for ourselves that this isn't happening. Instead we are told by the government that we must have perfect safety and many people push this line of thinking as well.  

 The reality is that people are not immortal, it is neither unnatural or abnormal for people to die. We all must die, every single one of us. But we are instead told that life is precious and that if even one life is saved then it has all been worth it. Those most at risk of death are the elderly and those who are already sick, particularly those who have more than one major medical condition at the same time. That's not new, that is how it is everyday. But it's as if we are hearing this for the first time. As if this was not universally true a year ago.

We are told that everything must be done to stop the spread of this disease, it is that serious. But is it that serious?

Consider this, the person most likely to get Covid-19 in Australia is a women in her 20's, the person most likely to die from Covid-19 is a women in her 80's. Yet our governments are treating both women as if they are the same, as if they are interchangeable, as if they are equal. Equality means that you cannot treat different people in different circumstances differently. So instead we are all treated as if we are elderly and have multiple medical conditions. 

We are constantly and breathlessly told how many people have the disease, as if having the disease is the same thing as dying from it. This lie has been continuous for the past 9 months. Every other disease has vanished from public discourse. It is as if Covid-19 is the single greatest threat to mankind ever, which simply is not true.

This year around 57,000,000 people are expected to die from all causes, so far 1,000,000 of those deaths are people who have died with Covid-19. Not from Covid-19, because nearly every person who has died with it was elderly or had multiple medical conditions, or both. 

The response to the disease has been extreme, entire economies shut down. Economists have been asked what happens when you shut down the world economy? They have answered that no one knows because in the entire history of the world no one had considered that this was even possible.

The Australian government has said that we are doing well, unemployment is around 6%, but most who look at the problem say a much more realistic answer is 15%. Although others point out that somewhere between 5 and 6 million Australians are currently on Jobkeeper, a $1500 a fortnight payment introduced in 2020 to keep people employed if the business that they work for has dropped in revenue by 50% or more. If those people are included then Australia's unemployment is somewhere between 45-55%!

Between now, October 2020 and March 2021, the extra payments of Jobseeker and Jobkeeper are going to be wound back. During that time we will all get to find out how costly this has all been.  

The social cost is enormous, personally I have not gone out of my driveway in over 2 months. Apparently that level of social disengagement is considered healthy now. The truth is that I'm nothing special, I read yesterday of a dementia patient in a Victorian nursing home who had not been outside or had a shower in 45 days, because the nursing home is in lockdown!

The effect on children has been just as extreme, for months they were not allowed to play in public parks, children who's only contact with family, friends and schooling is via the internet or telephone. No hugging, no meeting new friends, no new experiences, encouraged at every stage to be scared of normal human interaction. Even your own family are spreaders of disease and death...even though young people are nearly immune from dying. The youngest person I know of that has died from Covid-19 was a 17 year old girl from Florida who had a compromised immune system. Maybe she isn't the youngest, but the younger you are the better off you are. 

Even at this late stage I still hear people and the government spreading the most outrageous fear. That horse has bolted, this is not the Black Death or the Spanish Flu, it's not even that deadly. What it is is a panic, something that has been true right from the start.

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