Monday 30 July 2018

Melbourne Traditionalists in August, 2018

Once again the Melbourne Traditionalists will be meeting up in August to wine, dine and talk politics. We are always on the look out for like minded men to join us. 

If your in Melbourne, Australia send me an email and we will organise to meet up.


In October we will also be having our first Melbourne Traditionalists Conference.

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The Guiding Principles of the Melbourne Traditionalists

1. Loyalty to the Crown of Australia

2. Loyalty to our British and Western heritage

3. Loyalty to the Family, Husband and Wife, Mother and Father and their children

4. Opposition to Liberalism, Right Liberalism, Left Liberalism and Feminism

5. Opposition to the destruction of White Australians, opposed to Multiculturalism, Mass Immigration and Diversity

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Middle Class Welfare

We are all familiar with the idea of people working in Government jobs, we are also familiar with the idea of people not working for the Government. How familiar are you with people who both fit and don't fit into either category?

How can someone both work for the Government and not work for the Government? By working in a job that is Middle Class Welfare. For example Australia has a population of 25 million people and we have 50 Universities. Yes there is a University for every 500,000 people and that University sector employs more than 100,000 people. Nearly all of them Middle Class people.

We also have the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) who are like the BBC, taxpayer funded but not Government controlled. Multiple TV and radio stations all providing Middle Class Welfare. Ohhh we also have the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) who do all of the above but in support of Multiculturalism.

Like most Western countries we have mass unemployment along with mass immigration. To administrate this we have many Middle Class Welfare jobs. The unemployed only deal with the Government rarely, instead they deal with what is called the Job Network Providers. In theory they help the unemployed get jobs, in reality they do the day to day, face to face contact with the unemployed. These people have a vested interest in the unemployed staying unemployed, although they do get paid a bonus if someone gets a job. Who doesn't like a bonus? When it stops you from getting paid regularly.

It is amazing how many Charities get taxpayer money, it's amazing how many NGO's are taxpayer funded. Child care is another area with massive taxpayer funding. As is Aged Care.

One of the biggest Middle Class Welfare recipients is so pervasive that many think it is the natural order of things. I'm talking about Education, both public and private. Teachers and all of the modern hanger on's all cost a massive amount of money. Now Primary School might be needed, but do people really need 12 years of schooling? I'd argue that the answer is no, most people do not need 12 years of schooling. So why do we pay for it? To give Middle Class people jobs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the Middle Class having jobs, I am however against these fake jobs. Jobs that we don't need done being done by people on good wages, sometimes very good wages. Wages paid for by you and I. Okay some of these jobs do need to be done, but why are we lied to about them? Why do so many people who are paid by the tax payer think that they work in private enterprise?

Ending most or at least many of these jobs would sure go a long way to helping pay off our debt. But that won't happen because with these Middle Class Welfare most of the unemployed would be Middle Class women and no modern Government could support that. No better to lead us further and further into debt and misery.

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Thursday 19 July 2018

Melbourne Traditionalists Conference 2018 in Three Months

Over the past few months I have had a number of people contact me to express their interest in attending. With only three months to go you can book and pay for your ticket below. We are currently trying to get a "name" to speak at the Conference, but I cannot confirm anything yet. However everything else is going as planned.

I will be the fourth speaker, although I am being uncharacteristically indecisive in deciding whether I will do a "negative" or a "positive" presentation.

The venue is confirmed but it will only be made public to Conference goers the week of the Conference. I will say it is in an inner Melbourne suburb and close to public transport and it's lovely.

If anyone who is attending has any dietary requirements it's best to let me know via email.

Dates: 19 October, Friday 7pm, Meet and Greet
            20 October, Saturday, 10am-5pm Conference
            7pm Banquet

Venue: The venue is a very nice building, old and beautiful in Melbourne, Australia

Cost: Concession $75
          Full Price $100
          (everything in Australian Dollars, if your unsure if you are Concession or Full Price send me an email)

Register: To register and pay for the Conference go to TryBooking

Lecture Topics

1. Shakespeare and Conservatism

2. The History of the Anti-Suffragette Movement

3. Christianity, Morality and the West

What do you get for your money? 5 lectures, Lunch and Banquet, all non-alcoholic drinks. All inclusive.

If anyone has any questions please send me an email uponhopeblog(AT)

I look forward to see you there!

Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future
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Sunday 15 July 2018

Why Do Liberals Reject Race Realism?

Liberals love to point to studies, as the late Lawrence Auster said

Christians say "In the name of Jesus Christ"
Muslims say "In the name of Allah" &
Liberals say "Studies have shown!"

They always tell us how they love science and inquiry, logic and rationality, however they exhibit some glaring omissions, biology for example. Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, independently,  developed a theory called the Theory of Natural Selection, which states that different forms of life develop to occupy different niches within their environment. Liberals have always been very big supporters of the theory, however that enthusiasm has been remarkably inconsistent when it comes to people.

The idea that a plant or an animal developed through natural selection to fit it's niche is quite unremarkable. But if that is true of people then that means they are best in one such environment and not in all environments. And of course it does apply to people. Which means that different environments would breed people of not only different looks and bodies, but with different temperaments and intelligence's. If that is true then people are not universal creatures, instead they are distinct from each other. Each race is different as well as each sub-race, what most people call ethnic groups.

You don't have to do much investigating to discover that that idea is blasphemy to Liberals. No, all people are equal and thats that, no if, but's or maybes allowed!

The reason that Liberals take that view is that they are follows of Evolutionism. The idea that things start simple and over time become more complex. The term was popularised by the 19th century Philosopher Herbert Spencer who was enormously influential between 1860-1900. Over time the term Evolution replaced the more cumbersome but more correct term, Natural Selection. And many cannot tell the difference between Natural Selection, the idea that each living thing exists in it's own niche, and Evolution, the idea that life starts simple and over time becomes more complex.

Natural Selection is a scientific idea, however Evolution is a political idea. It was a way of explaining how progress worked and why it was the way of the future. So when Liberals see race realism they reject it because they don't see Evolution. They don't see simple things becoming complex, what they see is what everyone else see's. That living things, including people, have limits. Evolution says that those limits are temporary, they can and will be overcome. Natural Selection does not say that at all.

However Evolution is an idea and biology is reality and when Liberals find out the limits of reality they always insist that reality change. In that they are remarkably consistent.

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Wednesday 11 July 2018

The Sixty-Fourth Month

A slow month, not helped by me getting sick, nor by a frustrating month. By next month I should have done 500 posts!

My best day in the last month was the 19th June with 213 visitors, my worst day was the 4th July when I had 31 visitors. Overall not a happy month, my American visitors are back under 1000 and my Australian visitors are under 500. Total for the last month 2,488 visitors.

June - July

United States
United Kingdom

May - June
United States
United Kingdom

Canada and Germany are the only countries that are up this month.

The United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Brazil and France are all down.

Ireland is basically the same.

Vietnam and Russia have entered the top 10.

Spain and Finland have the left the top 10.

I have also had visitors from the following countries: Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, U.A.E., Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Algeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, Peru, Argentina.

I hope to see you all again soon.
Mark Moncrieff

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Sunday 8 July 2018

An "Accident of Birth"

One thing Liberalism has worked against for an awfully long time is status by birth. That one should be born to a position, like Royalty or the Aristocracy. Instead Liberalism believes in people being self made. That you should occupy a position in society because you earned it, not because of an "accident of birth".

However, what exactly is an "accident of birth"?

The more I think about it the more bizarre the phrase becomes. Does it mean that anyone could have become the Prince of Wales for example? The phrase implies that there is an enormous waiting room where all those waiting to be born are waiting for instructions. And that it is entirely random, or in other words an accident, that you have the parents that you have. But of course it is not an accident at all.

Every child came about because one man and one women made them, and no other combination will work. The fact that a child has it's own father as it's father is not an accident, anymore then the fact that it's mother is it's mother is an accident. There can be no other outcome. In other words there is no such thing as an accident of birth.

Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales because he was born to his own parents. Maybe he has always wanted to be a Kalahari bushman, unfortunately for him, he didn't have the right parents for that. Instead his inheritance is something quite different, in fact it's not simply his inheritance, it's his birthright!

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