Friday 27 November 2015

The Islamic World and our Common Problems

Recently when I have read a Liberal's idea of what to do about Islam, it always involves the idea of an Islamic Reformation. Which seems a strange thing to want, after all the Reformation brought centuries of war, hatred and bitterness to Christianity. What they really want is for Islam to become more Liberal. What they really want is a miracle.

The truth is that there is no Islamic Reformation on the horizon and everyone with any sense knows this. If anything Islam is heading the other way, towards a more traditional view of religion and we can thank Liberalism for a large part of that. The modern Islamic world has to a large degree given off a distorted view. It builds new modern buildings and gives the impression that it is westernizing, but much of that is window dressing. A show for us the outsiders and for the Muslim insiders. The truth is that the economies of much of the Islamic world simply doesn't exist. Instead of building a diverse economy, the Islamic world has come to rely on oil to produces it's wealth. And it does produce wealth. But it is also destroying any possible way out because it corrupts the Traditional rulers and it destroys any hope of leading a traditional life. It also destroys more westernized states, because it corrupts them as well. But the greatest corrupter of the Islamic world is the West, but I'll come back to that.

Islam was once one of the great Civilizations of the world, but it has been dying for centuries. It's greatest days were 1000 years ago, it's hard to think of any major or important advance or discovery that has been made in the Islamic world in the last 500 years. A century ago the Islamic world was stagnant. In the 20th century Oil took a stagnant culture and corrupted it because it gave massive amounts of wealth to people who never earned it. One little talked about fact is that nearly everything in the oil business is done by Foreigners, financing, exploration, planning infrastructure, building infrastructure, management, drilling and extracting oil, fire fighting, transportation and shipping are in many places done by Foreigners.  In many places the local people, don't do this kind of work, but they get the benefit through cheap oil and social programs. For rulers and ruled, the wealth that comes from oil is like mana from heaven, like winning the lottery every day.

But just as failure causes problems so does success. For better or worse the traditional ways of life are dying out and in there place is a hybrid Islamic/Western culture. But modern Western life can be very alienating, add to this the problem of people having too much time on their hands and add to that a population that is over educated. Now many of these problems we in the West understand because we have them as well. But us Westerners don't have a way out, we are Westerners living the Western way. In the Islamic world one way of breaking out is Islam, because unlike the West which is overwhelmingly secular, the Islamic world is still overwhelmingly religious. When these people embrace Islam, they are also rejecting something, they are rejecting the West, the Liberal West, the Liberal vision.

For us in the West this leaves us with three large problems.

1) Islamic Immigration

The economies of the Islamic world are failing  jobs, money and meaning are missing (there are exceptions, South East Asia for example) . Many are over educated, angry and frustrated and they look at the West and decide to emigrate. They look to build a new life, but they often find that the promised land is every bit as frustrating as the one they left behind. The culture is alien, nearly everything is strange and they seek comfort in the old ways. Now I'm not against Islamic immigration, I'm against all immigration, legal and illegal, Islamic and non-Islamic because a country should look after it's own people first and always.

2) Islamic Terrorism
Another path is to fight the West, to attack Liberalism. Some might think that as we are also opposed to Liberalism we have something in common, but we have no common cause with radical Islam. Radical Islam is as much our enemy as it is Liberalisms, just as Nazism and Communism were our common enemy. Radical Islam is a mad dog and you don't make peace with mad dogs, you shoot them. Classical Liberalism was capable of fighting our common enemies, modern Liberalism is very confused and it keeps hoping for that miracle I mentioned at the start, unfortunately for us I think they are unlikely, very unlikely to get it.

3) Nauru      
Nauru is a tiny nation of 8000 people in the Pacific Ocean just above the Equator. It was first a Germany colony before Australia captured it in 1914 and it was one of Australia's very few colonies. In 1968 Nauru became independent and most people believed it had a wonderful future ahead of it. You see Nauru was rich, it had Phosphate, which is a fertilizer. It made Nauru rich and while the Phosphate was running out Nauru had a future fund, hundreds of millions of dollars which it would invest in foreign countries and live off of the interest. It was a good plan and most people thought it would work. But it failed and it failed because the people of Nauru had never earned this money, it was like mana from heaven, like winning the lottery every day. So they spent it like it was free money and now Nauru is not rich. This will be the fate of the oil rich countries and it will be a massive destabilizing factor that will effect us all.

Islamic immigration we can end, if we have the will, currently Liberalism wants the opposite. We can defeat Islamic terrorism, if we have the will, currently Liberalism does not have that will. Maybe it is possible to stop the Islamic world from becoming Nauru. The modern economic history of the Islamic world makes quite sad reading. Some will say they are not our problems, but they will be because they will affect us and that makes them our problem.

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Thursday 19 November 2015

3rd December 2015, Melbourne Traditionalists Meeting

This is just a short post, but on the 3rd December the Melbourne Traditionalists will be meeting. If your in Melbourne, Australia and your interested in coming along send me an email. uponhopeblog (at)

I'll be there, as will Mark Richardson of Oz Conservative. If this meeting is like past ones, you'll be in the company of people who see the world as you do. Something I think you'll agree is not an everyday event. So if your in the area and you have the time get in contact with me!

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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Hold Back This Day - A Book Review

Recent I read Hold Back This Day by Ward Kendall, this sci-fi novel is set on Earth nearly a century after the Unification of Earth under the rule of World Gov. World Gov believes in Racial equality, or to be more correct in the elimination of all races and the creation of one race. All peoples have been divided up into Skin Tone Classes, Pale White is Skin Tone 1, Blueish Black (where skin is so dark it gives off a faint blueish tinge) is Skin Tone 10. The ideal skin tone is Skin Tone 5 and World Gov works to create an entire World of Skin Tone 5's.

The main character is Jeff Huxton, a Skin Tone 1 Australian, who grew up in Australia Zone 5, as a racial minority with most people being a mix of White and Black African "blend". His first wife and his son are also a Skin Tone 1, but by the time the story starts she has been killed in a race riot. His second wife is primarily Asian and their daughter is closer to the ideal skin tone.

Jeff is a Teacher and he has had a successful career all things considered. At the start of the novel he arrives with his family in Africa to begin a new job as a Skoolplex Administrator. A High School Principle, but with additional duties, there is also a "Harmony Project", that helps people of the wrong skin tone to breed with others of the opposite but equally wrong skin tone. Jeff approves of this, he is a loyal and devoted servant of World Gov and it's ideals of making a better world through eliminating racial differences.

He also knows that he is living through the last days of the White race and that World Gov has not always done things nicely. But through it all he still believes in the greater good that World Gov proclaims and some of it's claims stand up. It ended war by unifying Earth and many are like Jeff believing that they are creating a better world. One of the things I liked was how the problems of World Gov are introduced little by little, it is very subtle and well done.

The novel is about Jeff's political and racial awakening, he knows right from the start that World Gov has secrets. And it is how many, maybe most people operate, being able to believe things that are mutually exclusive. I felt this was also well done. Piece by piece Jeff moves from loyal to disloyal, from dedicated to rebel. I found his journey quite convincing.

Sadly I did not find everything convincing, some of the terms strike me as strange, Multiculturalism is used, even though it is not World Gov policy and it seems quite old fashioned and out of place in the setting. Nayra also seemed out of place, I wouldn't say what it is as it is important to the plot but it struck me as silly. I also had a problem with Jeff's love interest later on, it just didn't seem realistic, she seemed like a plant and I was surprised when she wasn't. However he also received a surprise ally at the same time which I thought was a stroke of genius and a very good political point as well.  

I also liked the ending, there is both a happy ending and a tragic ending and they both make sense, thats quite an achievement. Overall I liked this novel, it has it's faults but it also does what it sets out to do very nicely. It is well written and if your after a good read that makes you think then why not give Hold Back This Day a read.

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Thursday 12 November 2015

The Thirty-Second Month

Well this has been a great month in terms of numbers, I've also been quite happy with what I've been writing. I've also been happy with the popularity of some of the posts and the comments, all of a high quality. Thank you!

I unlinked from the Sydneytrads as I had been unhappy for awhile about them not linking to me, when they did in the past, As I wrote in Loyalty, if your not on my side then you shouldn't expect me to be on yours. In a nutshell it's really as simple as that.

This month I had only two days below 50, the 14th October with 30 and the 22nd October with 40. My best day was 222 on the 1st November.

11th October-11th November

United States
United Kingdom

11th September-11th October
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand

The United States is doing quite well, as is Australia, I'm very happy with these numbers. Russia has come back out of nowhere. The United Kingdom is up as is Canada, India, France and the Netherlands.

Germany is way down, in fact it is the only country in the top 10 to have gone down. The Ukraine and New Zealand have both left the top 10.

I have also had visitors from the following countries Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Macedonia, Greece, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, U.A.E., Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Brazil

I look forward to seeing you all again.
Mark Moncrieff

Sunday 8 November 2015

The Great Replacement

In France the term for Mass Immigration and the declining White population is called The Great Replacement. Which in one short phrase sums it all up, we are being replaced. It is a massive historical event we are living through and we are told that it is nothing to worry about and that we shouldn't even notice it. But we do notice it and here I would like to look at the inside and outside pressures upon us.

Why is the White population declining?

Currently the White population is increasing, but that will end soon. Within the next 50 years there will be a large collapse of the White population worldwide. Worldwide there has been a failure to replace population. For White people to have more White people. Many have wondered why this should be, but to my mind it is obvious, the Governments of all Western countries have pursued policies that either directly or indirectly lead this way.

Abortion is not a policy designed to increase population, in fact it is a way of suppressing the native born population. The Government legalised it but it makes out it is powerless to do anything about it. The people demand it and they must give the people what they want.

Marriage is in decline, it is amazing to think that only 50 years ago no where on the planet did No Fault Divorce exist. Yet it is portrayed as the natural order. It would be barbaric for it not to exist, just like that most barbaric of decades the 1950's. Marriage encourages the sexes to be on the same side, but that is discouraged, no men and women are rivals everyone knows that. Marriage is too serious for young people so don't get married when your young, and why bother when your older, you don't need a piece of paper to prove you love someone. And when you find marriage, boring, or challenging, or unsatisfying for any reason you feel like, just get divorced. Teach your children that even one of their parents is disposable. That no one is safe, that everything in life is about short term thinking and how you feel right here and now. Non of this encourages children. And of course the Government who legalised all of this, say's it is powerless to do anything about it.

The destruction of the family goes hand in hand with the destruction of marriage. But it does further, single parenthood is funded by the taxpayer and encourages men and women to be promiscuous. It actively discourages marriage, which unites men and women in a common cause. Family is now supposed to be artificial, not natural. Women with multiple children to multiple fathers, such women have always existed but never has it been funded by the taxpayer and never has it been portrayed as good, even admirable.

The destruction of the working class is an ongoing issue, the moving of factories to the Third World, the destruction of working class jobs. These have all been a direct attack upon the family. A working class man cannot support a family without a job, without a permanent job. A job that is now often out of reach. And all hidden by the rise of the paper economy, created not by wealth but by paper money, created by confidence. But all at the expense of the working class family.
Women working outside the home is a long term issue, women have always worked, but outside of the home and away from her family is really only within the last century. Now womens work and her family are divorced from each other. For single women, working can become a trap, most want to meet a man and marry. But to qualify a man must make at least as much money as she does, at least, but now that is harder than ever as men and women are paid the same for the same job. At each stage men and women are encouraged to compete, instead of uniting.

Even when people marry they can fall for the negative portrayals of parenthood, children drive a women crazy, they take up her time and stop her from realising her dreams, they are a total nuisance not really worth the bother. Fathers are incompetent, forever washing the baby with the dishes or doing something equally silly. But Fathers are also men and that means that they are also violent and probably sexual predators. Every generation in the past thought parenthood was one of the greatest achievements that a men or women could have. Of course all those previous generations probably lived in the 1950's, barbarians!

Because one thing that previous generations never had to be deal with was the fact that we are now Eternally Young. We are the first generation that will live forever, maybe, nothing certain but it is possible. Even if we do die we can still die at 95 in a snowboarding accident, reliving the youth we never quite left. Remember every time you see a parachuting Grandmother on the News, it's not a celebration of her achieving old age, it's a celebration that she's so young. It's a celebration of youth culture. Never dress your age, your so young, no matter how long ago you were born.

Which leads into the final failure, Nothing is about the future. Apart from the economy there is next to no planning or thinking about the future. Previous generations put in place a continuing or rolling future, family begets family. Everything was based upon the family as the building block of society and it was the family that would continue into the future forever. But they also lived in a world where they believed that the future would be more or less like the past. But now most people do not believe that at all, they believe that the future will be unlike the past. That the future is so chaotic that no one can plan for the future. A society such as this doesn't need children as children are for the future and our society, believes that there is no future.

But while all this is going on our Governments have been importing people, Mass Immigration is one of the greatest historical changes in world history. Why have they engaged in such a thing?

They want to prove one of the basic themes of Liberalism correct, they believe in the Equality of all Peoples. That everyone is the same, men and women are the same, races are all the same, in all abilities, as are all ethnic groups and all religions. The only race is the human race, and all differences are due to culture and that once there is a unified culture then all of those petty differences will vanish as if they never existed, because of course they don't exist. So moving large numbers of people of different races, ethnicities and religions together is not going to fail as it has everywhere throughout time, no they will all succumb to Liberalism and become good Liberals.

They also feel that as the West is rich it should help to Destroy Poverty. It can do that by sending money overseas and it can do it by bringing in poor people and letting them share in our wealth. It doesn't matter if the Immigrants are rich or poor, we can look after them. The Liberal can show how compassionate they are by spending your money, it's a win/win for them. Remember the West is rich it can afford this, you can afford it.

Finally we come to the greatest of all Liberal beliefs, Leveling. That in the end all peoples will cease to have differences, because differences create conflict, but that can all be done away with by Leveling. No rich or poor, no smart or dumb, no once everyone is Leveled then there will be no need for conflict. We will all live in peace and harmony. It's utter rubbish but it is at the heart of Liberalism.

The Great Replacement shows no sign of ending or even of slowing down, although resistance is growing. Conservatives must fight both the cultural decay as well as Mass Immigration. It is not benign, it is designed to destroy us, for the greater good of Liberalism. The Great Replacement is White Genocide, carried out by our own Governments against our interests and against our will.

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