Friday 25 May 2018

Things Missed

Today would have been my Mothers 78th birthday and as luck would have it I found a note she had written entitled "Things Missed". I believe it may have been for one of the grandchildren's school projects asking about what things used to be like. From the other messages with it I think it's around 10 years old. It starts at number 5 so I assume there were other parts to it, maybe I'll find it, maybe I won't, maybe it never existed, however I think whats here is interesting.

"5/ While loving shopping centres they are getting a little to upmarket and forgetting shops like the old country store that stocked not only a large variety but also value, customer service and friendliness.

Children being able to go to the park or local shop on their own in safety as more people would be about keeping an eye out.

People are still basically the same, good, bad, etc., but are always in a rush, trying to fit everything into the time they have. Some parents seem to have forgotten that they are in charge or are frightened to say yes or no in the proper order.

6/ I have found a lot of very polite and friendly young people, who will offer a seat, or open a door just as quickly as some older folk will. Maybe it's a case of how you treat people as to how your treated. (I do fantastic)"

I do fantastic made me laugh because it was true she did do fantastic. The other thing that jumps out at me is how much common sense there is there. Something so uncommon now a days.

I miss that.

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Wednesday 23 May 2018

Melbourne Traditionalists, June, 2018

Here we are nearly half the year in with our next meeting of the Melbourne Traditionalists coming up. As always I encourage everyone who thinks like us to do more than read or get angry about the state of the world. Only when we build up groups will we be capable of doing anything. Slowly groups are forming and things are happening. However the old saying is true, many hands make light work.

If your in Melbourne Australia and you are interested in making contact, send me an email at:


On another happy note I will be adding a new group to my list of links. I have been asked to write for, the first article is an old one that I would like to get a wider audience, setting up a conservative group in real life.

The Guiding Principles of the Melbourne Traditionalists

1. Loyalty to the Crown of Australia

2. Loyalty to our British and Western heritage

3.Loyalty to the Family, Husband and Wife, Mother and Father and their children

4. Opposition to Liberalism, Right Liberalism, Left Liberalism and Feminism

5. Opposition to the destruction of White Australians, opposed to Multiculturalism, Mass Immigration and Diversity

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Monday 21 May 2018

Things I Hate About the Left

My last article was about the things I admire about the left, but of course I do not admire the Left at all. Only things that I want us to steal and use against them. However just as I thought about the those things, I also thought about the things I hate about the Left.

Pretending that they care
The Left don't care about people or institutions, some individuals do but they are the outliers. In reality the "compassion" they talk about is about using these things as a weapon. The weapon is then used to destroy. Destruction is not compassion and when it has served it's purpose then the old weapon is discarded and a new weapon is chosen. They sometimes do good but that is not why they pretend to care.

The reason they pretend to care is so they can use emotionalism. What's emotionalism? It is where emotion is used to replace logic. It's not important what the issue is or what the facts are, whats important are how does the issue make you feel. Stop thinking and start feeling. When you do that then you allow someone else to do your thinking for you. Which is exactly what the Left want.

They very much like their 5 minute hates. A specialty of emotionalism.

Heres another annoying one, where they think or feel something and pretend that that is what you think or feel. Once you work out that they are trying to project their bizarro ideas upon you then it's like water off a ducks back. However most people do not understand this and they accept the projection as real, which is why the Left do it. The Left are so bizarre they even come to believe it themselves.

The Left is very anti-Israel now days, guess who supported the creation of the "Zionist apartheid state"....yes thats right the Left. They twist and turn in their beliefs because they look at who is most powerful. So when Jews had little power they supported the Jews, now that Israel exists and is successful they support the Palestinians. They don't care about either peoples, they are simply weapons. The entire conflict is used as a weapon by the Left. If the Palestinians start winning they'll be back to loving Israel, because thats how they roll.

The broad Left believes in an end to history, a time when life is so close to perfect that it basically is perfect. Liberalism believes in the Autonomous Individual, Communism believes in the classless society. However to achieve any of these goals they must deconstruct what already exists in order to make way for it. And deconstruct is simply another word for destruction. In other words their aim is destruction, plain and simple. They are incapable of building, all they can do is destroy.

Parasitic (Entryism)
Because they can only destroy they take over Institutions and use them to their ends. They don't create new businesses, no, instead they take over an existing one and use it to achieve their goals. They use their patience to support fellow travelers entering and they prevent others from entering. They drive us from the public square and take control of it for themselves. The one things that gives me comfort is the recent saying "Go Woke, Go Broke". Being woke means that you accept the things that the Left says. But once a company does that they do tend to go bankrupt, I just wish they could achieve the same results in government without taking the rest of us down.

Everything about the Left is bad, but the one I hate the most is how they lie. They lie instinctively without any shame or remorse. In fact quite the opposite, they revel in their own filth. No lie is too bare faced to use, no lie to harsh. Like the Devil they are the masters of deception. They use all of their talents to advance their cause.

The Left must be defeated!

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Sunday 13 May 2018

Things I Admire About the Left

The broad Left, which includes Liberalism, has a number of attractive attributes. Things that I wish existed on the broad Right. Thats not to say I admire the Left, simply that it has been successful for a reason and in many ways we should seek to emulate them....on these points at least.

One major problem I see on the Right is that we are inpatient. We want things fixed right away. On the Left they may demand that things happen right away but they will accept even small victories. Everything is gradual, everything is slow, everything takes time and they accept that. The slippery slope is an artform that the Left understands. They never reject a victory, whether it be great or small, everything that advances their cause they accept.

Solidarity (Never punch Left)
The Left look after each other, behind the scenes every part of the Left hates every other part of the Left, but hardly ever do they do that hating in public. If Charlottesville had been a Leftist protest those involved would be treated a Martyrs. They would be on TV, in magazines, they would be treated as heroes. The Left looks after the Left. Why can't we do that? Why can't we look after our own? Why do we feel the need to attack them? The Left recruits other Leftists, not just in politics but for employment. They look after each other, when was the last time you heard of someone on the Right giving someone a job just because they were also on the Right?

The Left has never denounced Communism and they never will and it doesn't matter if they are Communists or not. They look after each other. If a Leftist organises a rally and three people show up, they don't denounce him, they don't let everyone know how stupid or pathetic he is. No, what they do is they protect him, "What rally? No that a joke nothing was organised". They lie, they deny, but they never ever betray him....thats admirable. Why do we feel the need to betray our own?

All of that requires discipline, they get rid of people who aren't disciplined. They look after everyone in their movement, at least politically. They do not betray their crazies because they know they need them. Not all the time, but they need them. Instead they control them and that requires discipline. If people are not prepared to be disciplined then they ostracize them until they get the message and they leave. That takes discipline.

Active in everything
There is no area of life that the Left does not get it's sticky fingers into, it is active everywhere and in everything. It is active in politics, in art, in education in everything. That is why we need to fight it everywhere. It is also why we are constantly outflanked. Things we don't think about they do, they are always looking to affect things, nothing is sacred and nothing is off limits. Until we are prepared to get our hands as dirty as the Left they will continue to outflank us.

Something for everyone
No matter what level of involvement someone is committed to the Left accommodates. You like to protest, no problem, you like to letter writes, no problem, you like to organise, no problem. They always find people for the job and vice versa. They also let people stay in the area of the Left that they want to, your an environmentalist, then stay in that field. Your an animal liberationist, a homosexual activist, a Feminist, the Left is a big tent. We need to do the same.

Never giving up
This one is so important, they never give up, they just keep fighting. Even when they have suffered a total defeat, they simply move on to another issue. They never give up. Until we come to the same conclusion we cannot win.

The Left has much not to admire, but they also have things that we should not only admire but that we should copy. We need to fight better and we need to do better full stop!

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Friday 11 May 2018

The Sixty-Second Month

I'm still not posting enough, I know why my numbers are down, way down. I need to post more than once a week, but that has not been happening. I keep saying I'm going to get better at posting, but it's not happening. I'm not dead, I'm not sick, I haven't run out of things to write about, I've just been busy with real world things. All I have to do is get my real life to understand that my writing on the internet is more important....wish me luck!

My best day in the past month was 4th May when I had 288 visitors, my worst day was the 28th April when I had 32 visitors. In total I had 2,445 visitors, that 1,000 less than last month.

United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

United States
United Kingdom

The only country with any big upswing is Russia. The United Kingdom and Germany are also both up.

Canada is exactly the same.

The United States has halves, Australia is down by nearly 300 and France and Spain are also down.

The United Arab Emirates and the Ukraine are in the top 10, while Poland and Brazil are out.

I have also had visitors from the following countries: Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, India, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Algeria, Mali, South Africa, Fiji, 

I hope you all visit again soon.
Mark Moncrieff

Update: I originally posted last months visiting countries, I corrected it 40 minutes later.

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Saturday 5 May 2018

Politics, The New Religion

When I was in Secondary School in the mid 1980's my school library had a book that I loved, The State of the World Atlas. It had maps showing the world using various themes, what countries had capital punishment, or conscription, or power plants or I think you get the basic idea. One of the maps was on world religions and it showed the religion of the Soviet Union as Marxist-Leninism. In the description it stated that the Soviet Union officially had no religion but that Marxist-Leninism was in reality the defacto state religion.

It had a bible, the Communist Manifesto, and other "holy" texts. It had it's own Saints and Demons. It had it's own processions. It had it's own paradise and it's own hell. It was my introduction to an idea I found quite shocking, that politics could be a substitute for religion. For a long time the idea sat there but I did not forgot it. Today I think that they were correct, that belief is belief whether that belief be of a material or of a supernatural nature.

That means that as religion, particularly Christianity and Judaism have been disappearing, belief has continued. Not belief in God, instead in mans ability to create our own paradise on Earth. For a long time God's paradise and mans paradise lived side by side because mans paradise looked to be a long way off. In the last 100 years God and his followers have had to compete against mans paradise. A paradise that seemed with each passing decade to be closer. To many people we didn't need supernatural miracles as man was now able to create his own miracles. The rate of technological advance during that time WAS truly spectacular.

During the Twentieth century there was an assumption that technological progress would spell the end of religion and in it's place would be rational thinkers. However human nature is not like that, in reality we are both rational and irrational. That means that if we reject one belief we go looking for another. It satisfy's both our emotional needs and our logical needs. So believing in Communism or Liberalism can become a religious experience. But there is one major way that this new religion is deficient and that is it's own belief that it not a religion. It means that the believers faith is always being challenged and they feel that they must defend it constantly against attack. 

All modern political philosophy's are Christian heresies, but they have never completely shed their Christian skin. Missionary work is important, so is preaching, so is conversion. However unlike Christianity there is no church to gather at for that work, instead everywhere becomes their church. And it's not just one day a week. Every school, every workplace, everywhere and it must be directed at everyone at all times. Everything must be political because politics is their religion. It's why the time when you could have a rational argument about politics or religion are over. As the The Z Man wrote a few days ago "Today even NASCAR is a sermon", as there are no churches anywhere is a good place for a sermon and for any reason.

Today I read that the word Fascist simply means Heretic. As soon as I read that I knew it was true. So that means that Nazi, Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Islamaphobe also simply mean Heretic. For example, I am a Racist, not because I hate people of another race, but because I do not believe or support the current religious orthodoxy. That is why no matter how much we bow down it can never be enough. We must become Orthodox ourselves, just like them, if we wish to be saved.

We have all seen this get worse, we have left the battle of ideas and now we have entered into the battle of wills. Is their will really stronger than ours?

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