Monday 27 March 2023

Hollywoodism: How The Jews Invented Hollywood (1998)

I came across this quite by accident and I decided to watch it and I'm glad I did. It is a look at the early movie Mughals of Hollywood, all of whom were Jewish. While this is very sympathetic to them and certainly has it's own position to push, I also found it quite insightful, particularly in showing why they had the views that they did and why they had them. The start of the documentary when they talk about the Pale in Russia is revealing not because of it's accuracy but because of what they believe to be true. Later on there is a point about how these ideas played out and still play out in Hollywood fiction.

There were also three areas that I felt should be highlighted.

34 minute mark: Where they talk about the Mughals attitude to intermarriage

52 minute mark: Where they talk about erasing their Jewishness

1:18 minute mark: Where they talk about the Mughals attitude to the mixing of the bloods

I have noticed that Hollywood historically did erase Jews which is why so many people, myself included, can be so surprised that it was run by Jews. A movie that is still famous is The Jazz Singer, which even though it was made in 1927 only became public domain on the 1st January 2023. It is the first 'talkie' and is about a Jew who wants to marry outside of his faith and decides he'd rather be famous then Jewish. This is the only movie I can think of for nearly the next 50 years to have a expressly Jewish story. other movies have Jewish sentiments and ideas, but they are not expressly about Jews. In fact religion is normally in the background and rarely in the foreground. The Catholic Church brought in the Hays Code which regulated the contents of Hollywood movies for over 30 years (1933-1968). This meant that nearly ever religious movie you have ever seen from the golden age of Hollywood is about the Catholic Church. Which meant that in a predominately Protestant America, Jews pushed Catholicism.  

It is incredible once you see it just how invisible the Protestant faith is from old time American movies. Often a 'Preacher' will preach in 'The Church', with no other identifying feature. 

Another area that they touch on and which I have noticed myself is how Jewish actors and actresses were turned into Non-Jews. I didn't know that Lauren Bacall was born Betty Joan Perske to Jewish parents. But I have noticed something which continues today and that is the blurring of the line between Jews and Non-Jews. I remember watching an episode of The Twilight Zone(1959_TV_series), where the main actor in a particular episode had a very English name and looked East European. Which got me to thinking about the idea that many actors who were clearly Jewish often played parts that were not Jewish. It further got me thinking about how many parts that were for Jews were played by Non-Jews. Which seemed a bit strange until you think about how often intermarriage and race mixing is supported and endorsed.....and not just by Hollywood.

(98 minutes long)


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Tuesday 14 March 2023

Happy Tenth Birthday Upon Hope!

I was planning to make this my last post on the blog and maybe it will be. I have found it increasingly hard to write, not because I can't find things to write about but because I find it harder and harder to justify to myself. It is not that I have changed my mind, but that this past decade has involved a lot of activity and not much, if any, forward motion.

I know why I write, I write to try and fight back against the world as it is. I write because I want to do something about it. I write to find answers and to find a way forward. But those who hate me don't even know I exist and I cannot point to anything concrete that I have created. All of the organizations that I belonged to, even lead, have proven to be disappointments. People are mostly passive and they fear losing the things that they have, which means that we all lose more. The lack of agency is why we are where we are and why things are getting worse and why they will continue to get worse. Which leads me to wonder why am I writing?

 What purpose does it serve?

I have come to feel that it serves no purpose at all. This will be my 952nd post and about 900 of those are articles and only 1 has ever generated any long term interest, Remigration. Which was written back in 2014 and while others have said and written positive things it hasn't gone anywhere. And after 8 years it has been read 327 times, which isn't a lot. But still more than most articles. 

This is not new, I have written about this before so this has been building for years. Until mid 2019 I felt that the blog was growing and that while very little was happening in real life that there was still hope. But after that I think I was shadowbanned as things slowed down a lot. Then Covid hit and I wrote my first article saying this was all overblown on the 14th March 2020, Viral Crisis which was pretty early. I wrote numerous articles and podcasts on the topic and I had exactly zero people contact me about doing something about it. Which really highlighted that I wasn't a part of a movement, instead I was alone and ineffectual. 

When I started I had a plan and the blog was a part of it, to recruit like minded people, to fight back and to work out why things were so bad and what to do about it. Well I think I have answered why things have gotten so bad and I think I have given a way forward. But what I have absolutely failed to do is to find like minded people who wanted to fight back. It doesn't matter how good your manual on agriculture is if no one wants to be a farmer, it's pointless. 

So I made it 10 years but I guess it really ain't that happy.

Saturday 11 March 2023

The One Hundred And Twentieth Month

120 months is 10 years, which I will do a post on. My best day this last month was the 7th March when I had 165 visitors and my worst day was the 21st February when I had 26 visitors. In total I had 2, 274 visitors.

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Wednesday 1 March 2023

Is Liberalism A Logic or a Conspiracy?

Liberalism is the political philosophy that everyone in the West lives under and in the English speaking world it has been that way since 1689. Yet when people ask the question, what has gone wrong, many things get blamed, but rarely Liberalism. Even though it has been in charge for generations, for centuries. It's a family portrait that you never look at because it has always been there. 

But once you do notice it's quite a shock. The picture that it likes to put forward is one of benign and happy progress. Everything's good and getting better. You should just sit back and enjoy the ride. Many of us do notice that things are wrong, but Liberalism doesn't like you noticing. It then becomes the case that some things once seen cannot be unseen. Which then leads people to ask how does Liberalism work?

Is it a grand conspiracy?

Is it a series of small conspiracies?

Or is it a Logic, a mind set?

Many go down the path of grand conspiracy, it has a certain logic to it. But once you look at how long everything has been going on then it really needs a supernatural element to work. Which some claim to see, however the evidence for either the supernatural or a grand conspiracy are lacking. Even if I also find the idea tempting at times.

I know I've seen it, you may also have seen it, a Liberal changing their opinion on a topic instantly as they realise that what they have been saying is not supported by other Liberals. It's an amazing thing to see, eerie even. Today they are sometimes called NPC's, because in computer games Non Player Characters (NPC) have few if any options and so they only say what they are programmed to say.   

Which leads to a conclusion, that Liberals learn what to say and more importantly what to think from other Liberals. Which includes but is not limited to, Teachers, friends, the internet, TV, movies, radio and last but not least family. We learn things from other people even when we don't know it. However that doesn't explain why those at the top do this as well. They do it because they know what the next step should be, the next step is nearly always logical and they pay attention to what that next step will be. Not every next step is logical, but they normally fall by the wayside. Which means that Liberalism is a Logic, something that leads from one thought to the next and that means that it possible see where it will lead.

But at the same time Liberalism is also a series of constant small conspiracies. So what is a conspiracy?

Here is my definition

'A conspiracy is a plan formulated in secret by two or more individuals with the intention of carrying out some form of action.'

Most definitions state that it must also include a bad intent, but I disagree, Organising a surprise birthday party is a conspiracy. It also implies that only secret meetings with stated bad intentions are conspiracies and I think that is too limiting. Governments and other organisations meet in secret all the time, meetings that are rarely if ever revealed to ordinary citizens and for the most part it would be very boring knowing them all. But within those meetings things happen that do have bad intentions, even if those taking part do not think that that is true. I think that qualifies as a conspiracy.

But this can be taken too far, there is no question that conspiracies are real and that they have an effect. But Liberalism is at it's core a Logic, something that progresses from one thought to the next and that any conspiracies arising from it comes after the thought and in support of the thought.

Something to think about.

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