Friday 31 December 2021

Is The Australian Government Worth Fighting For?

ScotchedEarth asked two questions on the article Politics is not beneath us , the second is in the title above. Many reading this will instinctively say no, our governments have betrayed us, they insult us without end and they pursue policies that are evil. I agree, don't fight for the government.

But I would like to point out a few things

1. Australia has interests

2. The Australian people are reliant upon those interests

3. The Australian people live here

Not the government, the Australian people, not Australian citizens, the Australian people, those of us of British descent born in Australia. There are around 17,000,000 of us. We are still the majority in our country. The country our ancestors settled and built, the country that they fought for. It still exists, it is all around us and it is worth fighting for. 

Whoever is in government, whatever party or system rules we still exist. We should fight for us, for our people, for our future. Don't confuse the government with the people.

The most important question is the NQ, The National Question.

Do we exist?

Do we have the right to exist?

Do we have the right to rule ourselves?

To which the answer to all of those is YES!

That is not only the case when it comes to immigration, but to foreign governments as well as to any foreign threat. Invasion, threat of invasion, threats or attacks on our interests or upon the Australian people. All of these are legitimate reasons to fight against a foreign enemy. 

It has been suggested that anything is better than the governments that we currently live under. I fail to understand that line of thinking. Would a Chinese controlled Australian government want more or less immigration from China? I would suggest more, a lot more.

Would a Taliban inspired Australian government really be better? No radio, music, internet or electricity, if you want that just vote for the Greens!

To quote Fannie Hurst, not Trotsky, 'You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you'.

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Thursday 23 December 2021

Why Do We Have to Fight?

On another article Politics is not beneath us, I received a long and thoughtful comment from ScotchedEarth who basically asked. 

Why do we have to fight? 

Why can't we just be left alone? 

Isn't too much politics the problem with the world as it is today?

(To read his comment go to the link above)

We have all heard the phrase 'nature abhors a vacuum', it is also true in politics. When the Right retreats the Left fills that vacuum. Which means that every time we say I don't want to be involved in this issue, the Left wins. Which in turn means that our lives become less free, because we are increasingly living in their world, the world they built because they turned up.

It is also true that the future belongs to the people who turn up, which is normally said to encourage people to have families. However it also means that it belongs to those who are prepared to fight for it. If you want to keep the park at the end of your street but you never support the people who also want that, you shouldn't be surprised when they start building houses on the site of that former park.

We have reached a stage in Liberalism were it has turned it's back on some of it's older ideas. Ideas like personal liberty and autonomy. Now it believes that we all must believe the same things that they do. To be fair they have always believed that, but in the past they also believed that in time everyone would agree with them. Now they have accepted that not everyone will agree with them, which means that they now need to enforce conformity, either by telling people what to believe or through fear. 

The days when you could live a life with little to no interference from politics are over. Even if you submit you will still never escape their politics. Because they believe that they are near the end of their political objectives, they believe that not only are they winning but that they have won...for all time. But silly people keep getting in the way, people like you and I, people who aren't onboard with their ideas. Which means that they cannot let us rest, they must destroy the last opposition to their plans, the only small resistance to their final victory.

However that isn't true, it is what they believe, but it isn't true.

The truth is that they are fighting a war against reality, people are not equal, men and women are not interchangeable, men and women cannot change into the other. They are not on the verge of victory.

That does not mean that they are going to stop, or that they cannot still gain smaller victories, they can and they will. 

So to answer the first two questions, we fight because we are under attack and because they will not leave us alone.

But your final question needs it's own answer. Too much politics is a major problem today, it affects everyone and everything and it would be better if that was not the case, but it is. Which means that if the enemy has tanks then we need tanks, if they have planes then we need planes. Whatever weapon the enemy has we need to be able to fight it. Not fighting gives our enemies an automatic victory.

Aren't you sick of them winning?

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Thursday 16 December 2021

The Trouble With Christians

This isn't about God, or doctrine or even religion, this is about Christians, about how far to many seek to find a way to avoid the fight. Before I deal with that lets get something out of the way, many of our best and brightest warriors are Christians. That is true not just today but it has been true for a very long time. But that doesn't change what I am about to say.

Christianity changed the world and the world that we live in today has been shaped by two thousand years of it. The only way that that could happen was because Christians had agency, they made things happen, they took charge of events. But increasingly I find Christians to be passive 'it's in God's hands'. Which seems to mean that you (or they) are not allowed to interfere, he has put his plan into action and that's the end of it.   

So we are surrounded by anti-Christian, thoughts, words, actions, even laws and it's all part of God's plan?

Because it seems to me to be the plans of men that are in action, plans that we can oppose, fight and even defeat. But not if we lack agency. 

I'm reminded of a joke.

A man has retreated to the roof of his house, as flood waters surge past. A man in a row boat comes up to his house and says 'get in I can save you' and the man on the roof replies 'God will save me'.

Some time later a speedboat comes alongside the house and says 'get in I can save you!', to which he receives the same reply, 'God will save me'.

The water rises and things are getting desperate when a helicopter flies down to pick the man up, but he refuses to leave because as he says to himself 'God will save me.' 

But instead he drowns in the rising flood water.

When he gets to heaven he wants to know why God hadn't saved him and God replied "I sent you two boats and a helicopter what more did you need!'

To put it another way, it's not good enough to observe God's plan, you have to be an active participant in God's plan. 

Many Christians will say that they are engaged in the spiritual war, or that they are too busy recruiting new Christians to be engaged in these petty battles. However these petty battles are in no way petty. They are the battles of our time, the battles that will decide the future of everything that is important in this world. 

Some Christians will say 'this world is not my home', God didn't put you here so you could be a tourist. You are not a tourist in your own life. You have a purpose, or at least you can have a purpose.

Further you are capable of doing more than one thing in life, it is not either or.

Do not retreat to the roof and expect everything to work out, you are a part of God's plan and he will help those who help themselves.

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Tuesday 14 December 2021

The One Hundred and Fifth Month

Three days late for this months update is about right. My output over that month was not great, I had a three week period where I didn't write anything. Sometimes I think maybe I've written everything that I have in me and I don't have anything more to say. But then I come up with something I hadn't thought about before, which I guess means that I haven't run out of things to say. Sometimes I think it's all too depressing and the black pill overtakes me. I also wonder if I'm achieving anything here. Numbers are small, comments few and supporters fewer. It can get pretty lonely, some months I don't get a single comment.

Most of the time it doesn't worry me, I mean it's amazing that I even have the opportunity to get what I want to write out there. This site costs me nothing and I have never been censored, maybe I've been shadow banned, but I can't prove that. I also know that the fight is long and uphill and our enemies numerous. And the comments I do get are normally good.

The irony of having a break is that it's not a break, I fret about the blog, about not writing, about losing readership, about not fighting back. A break always has bad consequences as you'll be able to see when I post this months numbers.

In the last month, 14th November to the 14th December, instead of the 11th to the 11th, I had 1890 visitors. My best day was the 16th November when I had 150 visitors, my worst day was the 6th December when I had 35.

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Thursday 9 December 2021

Politics Is Not Beneath Us!

Here is a problem that I see over and over again on the Right. A problem that goes back as far as there has been a Right. That if we mind our own business and stay out of other peoples way then they will leave us alone. I see this at every level of politics, from philosophy to international relations. But is it true?

No it's not, and the reason that it's not true is because it can't be.

Everybody has interests, things that concern them, things that they believe will advance them. For conflict to occur all that needs to happen is for those interests to overlap. It is true that there are many more rumours of war then there are wars. The potential is there in all conflicts of interest for it to end peacefully, but that is not the only possible outcome.

It is very disheartening to see how ready those on the Right are to stop fighting. There is an idea that politics, in all it's forms, is beneath us and that the only reason we fight is because we have been forced to. That is a pitiful attitude. We are not warriors who seek out battle, who are willing to suffer pain and sacrifice. Often we are not even ready to suffer inconvenience. When you look around at the world today and wonder how things got so crazy, a big part of the answer is that we so often consider politics as beneath us.

Our enemies don't feel that way, they love the fight, they love upsetting us, they love destroying the things we love. They do not consider politics beneath them at all and that is why they control all of the institutions. Because they love political fighting and we consider it beneath us.

I see the same in international affairs, if we leave the world alone then it will leave us alone. I hear people, not just on the Right, who say that if some other country is in trouble then we shouldn't fix their problems. But when we are in trouble it's assumed that everyone should be willing to fix ours. But to be in a position whereby other countries care about your troubles, you have to be paying attention to theirs. 

Further if we have to fight I'd much rather we did that fighting in someone else's country. 

Another thing that concerns me is how little the Right seems to understand it's own people. Whites, for better and for worse, are empathetic, we are interested in other people. That's one of the reasons that we came to rule the world and why our civilization is now the worlds civilization. We try to understand people, to see the world from their perspective, that allows us to trade, to negotiate and to defeat them in battle. On the flip side it has lead to the multiracial society that is now destroying us. It seems that we understand other people better then we understand our own.

That understanding means that we care what happens to other people in other places, it means that we are busy bodies and we need to understand that about our own people. 

Our objective should not be to live a peaceful life, our aim should always be to support what is important to us. Politics at every level is life, it's real and it's important. We ignore it at our peril and it's showing.

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Wednesday 1 December 2021

Never Forget The Personality Issues

I was over at Taki Magazine when I read this article by David Cole, Antiwhite 'Woo-Woo' Woos Whites, in which he highlights something that we should highlight more. That so often politics is about fixing the problems that someone has encountered in life. In other words, people often use politics to fix their personality issues. 

Something is wrong with them or at some point something bad has happened to them. Politics provides a certainty, a ballast that keeps them upright and that stops them from drowning. It also gives them a focus, something to concentrate upon that isn't themselves or their problems. While at the same time providing a target that they can use to blame and to vent their anger against. That doesn't mean that everything is personal, I have no doubt that they believe what they claim to believe. That they may even want a better world and sincerely believe that this is the way to achieve that. But it is a very common thing to look at what these people want and to think that it is crazy. How often have you thought, 'how could any sane person think that?'.

Most of these people are not insane, but it does help to explain how people come to a point where they can believe things that if implemented would be insane. Of course we live in a world in which many insane ideas are in operation. Ideas that we are told that if we don't believe, then we are the one who is insane. 

But what if these ideas are not simply ideological ideas, but that they are also psychological ideas. Ideas that are presented as being able to fix society and it's problems, but which also exist to fix the disturbed personality, to make right the wrong that have been done. Then politics starts to look a bit different. 

Over the years I have very much noticed this being an issue with Feminists, the more you learn about them the more they need fixing. Something has gone wrong in their life, rape, bad relationships, divorced parents, an abusive childhood. Feminism is about fixing that wrong and societies problems are a way of pretending that this isn't personal. This is selfless and about stopping others from suffering the injustice that they once suffered. 

Sadly, no political ideology can fix issues like rape or bad relationships. But when your trying to fix yourself maybe that's not the point.

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