Saturday, 4 January 2020

Migrants To Take More Jobs

On the 23rd December 2019 the new Horticulture Industry Labour Agreement was announced and went into effect on the 1st January 2020. It is an agreement between the Australian government and AUSVEG, the association that represents vegetable and potato growers in Australia.

The Agreement allows more migrants to come to Australia to work, because apparently unemployment no longer exists in Australia. Now this agreement is different to past agreements. In the past only unskilled migrants were allowed to work in agriculture. This agreement allows even jobs that require a university qualification to go to migrant workers. And of course every level of job in between will also be open. According to the governments own website, this agreement allows migrants to take 31 different types of Australian jobs.

Mr. Tyson Cattle, AUSVEG marketing manager said:

'It's important to note this is not for pickers and packers. This is for positions such as middle management and roles requiring technical expertise.'

The argument is that Australians just won't do these jobs. Why is it that Australians once did do these jobs but no longer do?

Could it be that Australians are forced to stay in school longer?

Could it be that after 13 years of compulsory education that these jobs are looked down upon?

Could it be that these jobs do not pay wages that Australians expect....and need to live?

Could it be that these jobs have no job security?

The great treason started with working class jobs and has expanded. Even university educated people find it hard to secure employment and that has been true for decades and it has been ignored. At every level of society this is happening. In town and country. Why are we putting up with this rubbish!

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  1. Could it be that the ever-increasing number of Chinese-owned farms will employ only Chinese workers?