Wednesday 19 March 2014

Why the Domestic Violence Industry Will Fail

Why the Domestic Violence Industry Will Fail

Currently and for some time now there has been an effort to eliminate domestic violence. It started with Feminists, but is now a part of mainstream Liberalism. Even senior Police, who you would think had more sense, have called for domestic violence to be eliminated. The usual call is for zero or no tolerance of domestic violence, but as I shall show these calls will fail. Not because domestic violence is good or bad but because they believe a series of assumptions that simply are not true.

Because this industry was started by Feminists it is their assumptions that make up the starting point. In short they said that:

Men are violent
Women are victims
Men are evil
Women are innocent

Now men can be violent and evil, women can be victims and innocent, but it is very simplistic to believe that the relationship between the sexes begins and ends there. But when you look at the domestic violence industry you will see these claims being made over and over again in one form or another. It is the bedrock on which everything else is built.

Most people think they know what domestic violence is, it is hitting or some kind of a physical assault, it may be some kind of threat or threatening behavour. But according to the domestic violence industry, it is so much more than that. Have you ever yelled at your partner? Had a disagreement about money? Told them they may not do something? Have you ever told them they were stupid? If so you may be guilty of domestic violence!

No hitting, no violence just words

Of course most people think that this is absurd but not the domestic violence industry. Their definition is as broad as possible, of course there is an epidemic of domestic violence when you believe that yelling at your partner is violence. Sadly the Police in many places have been trained to think in exactly this way.

Domestic violence is real, it exists and for those caught up in it it can be devastating. But here we come across another assumption, that domestic violence is planned. You know a man wakes up has breakfast and writes himself a to do list:
Go to work
Put on Football Tips
Do a spot of gardening
Beat up Wife
While I cannot say this has never happened how common do you think this actually would be? In fact in the vast majority of cases domestic violence is a simple disagreement that for some reason spirals out of control. When you look closer you see a number of reasons why these disagreements spiral out of control.

Mental health
Substance abuse

How many arguments have you had in your life? Can't remember? Don't worry I doubt anyone can. Arguments are a part of life as are the various stresses of life. But most arguments do not lead to physical violence or threats of violence. So what makes these different? The sense that things are out of control and that they are going to get worse. That there is no escape from this.

These are real issues some of which something could, at least in theory, be done. But the domestic violence industry for the most part is not interest in trying to stop or manage this problem. Because they have never left the assumptions that underpin the entire industry. That men are violent and evil and that women are innocent victims. In any particular case that may or may not be true, but they don't care about that. They only care about keeping the assumptions alive. Instead of being what it proclaims to be, an industry that wants to protect women, it is much more interested in punishing men. For not only men who do the wrong thing are guilty of domestic violence, if you are attacked and defend yourself you are also guilty. If you are simply a man with no connection to domestic violence you are still a man and men are evil. All men are guilty of what some men do. It's answer is that all men must change, that human nature itself must change. That is the goal of the domestic violence industry.

In this goal it will fail, as all other attempts to change human nature have. It is not there to protect, it is there to destroy and everyone, men, women and children get to pay the price.

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  1. You are correct that the Police now mouth this mantra because it gives them a new line of easy work.

    It is as if we dropped the speed limit to 10mph on highways and then set up "zero tolerance - no speeding" cameras at every off-ramp. Pretty soon the courts would be clogged with outraged criminals.

    The DV Industry gains nothing by "solving" or mediating a resolution to the feminist mantra - it just demands more funding for shelters, more legal aid for poor defendants, more judges, more court resources like Protection Orders and DV treatment Programs. It will never end.

  2. Dear A Dad

    Your quite right in what you say, but I do believe it will end for two reasons.

    Firstly it is an attack against human nature and people get tired of fighting a war they cannot win.

    Secondly this all costs money and the entire world is drowning in debt. There will come a time when this will not be able to be paid for.

    I think it will end, I sure hope it does.

    Mark Moncrieff