Thursday 26 January 2017

Australia Day

Every year we get the same rubbish, each and every year. Today is Australia Day, the day Australians celebrate their nation, but each and every year without fail we are attacked.

The Aboriginal lobby and the Left have taken to calling our national day Invasion Day. And today in Sydney there has been violence as the Left, always the Left decide to protest our national Day. They say that the 26th January is provocative and that the date needs to be changed, but we all know the truth, the problem isn't the date, the problem is that we dare to be proud of our country.

Last night driving home I saw this giant billboard on Bell Street in Preston, ohhh yes nothing says Australia Day like Muslims. And like always who put this up, that's right White traitors, people who cannot wait for their own people to be destroyed. The poster was originally put up on the other side of Melbourne in Dandenong, but it was pulled down because people complained, then they decided to put more up. Ohhh how much they love us, love to denigrate, attack and deny we have a right to our own country that is.

For the past decade there have been a series of lamb ads for Australia Day, they have become quite popular. Here is the original lamb ad, now compare it to the current years ad, 2017. The first is funny and patriotic, the second starts funny but then takes a very serious drive into right on Leftism territory. It doesn't even mention Australia Day, the original reason for the lamb ad campaign, and while it does show numerous national flags the one missing is the Australian flag.

And today of course is the day every level of Government in Australia and the media likes to rub our faces into the truth of their betrayal with citizenship ceremony's. Yes nothing quite says Australia like giving our country away to foreigners and pretending their Australians.

The one bright side this year has been the winner of the Australian of the year award who seems to be a real scientist who might even be worthy of the honour, instead of the politically correct oxygen thieves we have had in recent times. The award has been so polluted that I cannot quite believe it and I'm waiting for the other foot to fall.

Australia Day is further proof that each time we compromise to achieve peace we lose, we don't get peace and instead they always want us to compromise more. We need to stop compromising and we need to stop thinking that they might have a point. Nothing we surrender will ever be enough for them, it's time we start giving them what they deserve, nothing!

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  1. It seems that refusal to compromise is part of the beauty of Trump. His inaugural address wasn't "statesman-like" they said, because he didn't issue a long string of meaningless platitudes but pledged to his supporters that he would keep their trust. Quite a shock: a president who sets about to keep his election promises. DC is in for quite a shakedown, it seems.

    I hope he carries on the way he has started.

    (I didn't originally intent to comment on three articles in a row. I don't wish to steal your thunder (which doesn't seem to be a grave danger) or always add my 2 cents.)

  2. The lamb ads have gone from gently mocking new ageism to endorsing the leftist view of the nation: the Aborigines are our hosts who graciously allow us to be here; we are all boat people; the party is open to all and sundry, openness and diversity is what matters etc. It's a little window into the leftist mind.