Wednesday 23 August 2017

One Rule For Them and Another Rule for Us

Since Charlottesville the Left has decided that it doesn't need to pretend to be evenhanded. In the past it tried to pretend that it was, that Liberalism and Leftism in general was all about fairness. But now the mask has gone. As we have been saying for awhile, Right-Liberalism, support the social policies of the Left-Liberals. Capitalism supports Cultural Marxism.

Does anyone remember lesbian wedding cakes? How small bakeries became world famous for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian wedding, then it was florists and even a pizza shop!

And how the full force of the law was used to force these people to comply. No one had the right to a conscience, no one had a right to their own opinion, all must bow down before equality, everyone is equal and you have no right to deny anyone that equality.

However now Internet companies have once again decided that the law doesn't apply to them, that they can deny people service simply because they don't like someones opinion. BnB decided that it could discriminate against people simply for attending a rally they did not approve of. Google and ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) have both denied The Daily Stormer any access to the Internet, thats right they have been banned from the Internet. Child pornography hasn't been banned, drug smuggling hasn't been banned, terrorist groups have not been banned.....because they didn't break the most important rule, don't be on the Right.

Vdare, a US site that seeks to limit immigration into the United States and elsewhere has been taken off of Paypal. Vdare opposes the endless invasion of America and Paypal doesn't so it makes sense, of course the fact that it is illegal doesn't seem to bother too many people. They trust that they have the money, the power and the powerful friends to keep anything bad away from them. I wonder if that is true.

You will have noticed that the media has stopped using the term Alt-Right and is back to their old favourites of White supremacy and Nazi's. Get used to it because it has worked in the past and they believe it will work in the future, it always works on the cucks. Don't give up on your Nation and your Civilization, your past and your future simply because you don't want to be called a nasty name. Remember that our enemies are Traitors, never forget that and never let them forget it either!

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Saturday 19 August 2017

Support Richard Spencer and Yourself!

Not just Richard Spencer but all of those who are prepared to go out there and support what we believe. This past week the Left and the tech corporations, yes your right they are the same thing, have started taking down sites that challenge them. Actually it just increased this week, this has been going on for years.

People once thought that the internet was a free for all, you could say and support whatever you liked without consequences. But those days are rapidly closing with the big tech companies being near monopolies. And they are using the power that comes with that to close down those they don't approve of. Hate speech is not free speech they say, but that has always only worked one way. One day they will close down this site, but probably only once I get popular. Although if they keep controlling things then why should they pretend to tolerate me.....or you?

We all need to be moving off of the internet and into real life, meeting people and supporting each other offline. Because all of this can vanish, without trace. This week The Daily Stormer was taken offline, but I assume that it was no more offensive this week than in any week past, but now it's gone. Nearly every website that Richard Spencer is associated with has also been taken offline this week.

The internet was created by the United States Government and was therefore required to follow the same rules as the US Government had to, including the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. Since the 1st October 2016, the US Government now has no official oversight over the internet. That means important functions of the internet are now controlled by companies with near monopoly power and they are using that control. In the early days of the internet there was a joke, on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog, now they do.

That means they get to decide who gets to talk and what your allowed to say. Some people think that means stop not stop talking!

The sides are forming up and you must submit or you must prepare for things to getting rougher. Exactly how rough no one can say, but they have power and they intend to use it.

As for Richard Spencer he said he would hold a rally and he has, he is not just a talker or a keyboard warrior. They are trying to silence him and we need to stop that from happening. This is what they would do before the internet, not allow people to speak and always and I mean always claim that they were Nazi's.....nothing has changed!

He and the National Policy Institute  need your support, every bit helps, all of their ability to raise money online have been closed down. Here is what Mr. Spencer has to say on this:

I have been overwhelmed with calls, texts, and emails about the best ways to support The National Policy Institute in the fight that is now only beginning. While most of our online fundraising tools have been shut down or locked permanently, there is still the old-fashioned way—mail.
To support The National Policy Institute, send funds directly to our address:
The National Policy Institute
PO Box 320482
Alexandria, VA 22320
We are grateful for any help you can give. Your support has never been more appreciated.
The crisis we have long predicted and about which we have only theorized is now beginning. We are ready. Are you?
Richard B. Spencer
PresidentThe National Policy Institute
Three things to do

1) Start forming groups offline

2) Support those who are on our side, politically, financially and personally

3) Prepare for things to get much rougher online and offline

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Wednesday 16 August 2017

Charlottesville - "I'm tired of seeing White people pushed around!"

As a regular participant in Patriot rallies here in Melbourne Australia, reading about what happened in Charlottesville was like rewatching a movie I had already seen. Now that I have read quite a number of Alt-Right articles I am extremely angry at these writers. Everyone from AntidemThe Mad Monarchist, to The Zman have put in the boots.

They all attack the Nazi imagery and the Neo-Nazi's for daring to turn up, but here's the thing they did turn up!

Where was Antidem, The Mad Monarchist or The Zman, or any of the other armchair critics?

Many are attacking Richard Spencer and the other organisers, but what have they organised, you know in the real world with real consequences?

Rallies are not like blogging, they are physical real world events that bring people together in real life away from the keyboard. People who do not do real world events involving hundreds of people have no idea of whats involved and of the forces that are pitted against you. Morgoth has it right when he wrote " Making Nationalists walk through Antifa to get to their rallying point and putting the counter-demonstrators right next to the protesters is exactly what the police always do in Britain"....and Australia and the United States.

Every rally is like that, the Police are not on our side, that is a very easy thing to write but it is quite another to see it and experience that with your own eyes. It is also quite an experience to see how distorted was the thing you saw with what is reported by the media. How one man with a swastika tattoo defines the entire rally according to them. Although if no one with a swastika tattoo turns up then they film the worst dressed man all day and portray him as the entire rally.

All violence at rallies are caused by the police, because if you don't want two groups to fight then you keep them apart. Police know this, they have been controlling crowds for a long time, why is it that when the Right, any variant of it, does a rally the police seem to simply "forget" that part of their long experience?

Another thing that made me angry was the ignorance of some writers, this one takes the cake.

" If you are going to hold a rally. (1) Have an actual point to the rally other than malignant narcissism. (2) Don't hold it in a place where the cops will actively coordinate with ANTIFA. (3) Don't have Richard Spencer involved with it because he's a fuck up"

Let me answer each one of these:

1. The point of the rally was to oppose historical statues being removed, to protest the anti-White rhetoric of the Mayor and to unite all of the groups on the Right.

2. The cops actively and non-actively (by ignorance) coordinate with antifa, everywhere!

3. Richard Spencer is actually doing something....or is that the problem?

Instead of attacking the people who turned up and risked life, limb and reputation to support what EVERYONE on the Right keeps complaining about, how about attacking the police for not doing their job, the media for being liars and propaganists and the Left for always turning up to our rallies to start violence. No it's much easier to attack the people because they wore a swastika!

Remember this, the Left NEVER attacks Communists, NEVER!!!

And if you think that by making everyone dress nicely that we will then become respectable, think again. Complaining about swastikas is a way of hiding the fact that these people turned up and really did something. Of course the vast majority did not wear a swastika, but the Alt-Right has still attacked everyone who went....bloody hell it makes me mad!

Here is a convenient list of everyone the Left believes are Nazis:

Liberals who don't agree with them
Normies who turn up to rallies
Normies who walk past rallies
Normies who have never heard of any rally

In other words everyone who is not them is a Nazi, if you don't want to be called a Nazi join the Left, otherwise harden up.

There is another idea that I keep reading, that if we are called Nazis and no one looks like a Nazi then the Left will look stupid, but if there is someone with Nazi imagery then we will not be able attract anyone. So Mass Immigration, the destruction of jobs, the unbelievable level of debt, diversity, the constant pressure to support men becoming women and the endless stream of anti-White and anti-male rhetoric will not help our cause because someone wore a swastika. Let me tell you in all frankness that if that is all it takes to keep people away from us then nothing will save us and we are right royally fucked!

Stop complaining and start doing!

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Friday 11 August 2017

The Fifty-Third Month

July was a much better month then June, thankfully!

I have had some help from Reddit, whoever is putting up links to my articles on Reddit, thank you it's working!

This month has seen a good turnout for the Melbourne Traditionalist meeting and a number of emails from men and women. Not everyone who contacts me is suitable, mostly because they are Classical Liberals, my hope that is that in the future they can move into the Traditional Conservative movement. But I always reply and I try to meet each individual before introducing them to the group. It is very important to keep the group as united as possible.

I need more Australian visitors, I need to get back to over 500 visitors a month, this month I achieved that for one day.

My best day this month was the 26th June when I had 437 visitors, my worst day was on the 14th June when I had 38 visitors. In June I had a total of 3,438 visitors.

United States
Puerto Rico
United Kingdom

United States
United Kingdom

The United States, Canada and Germany has more than doubled. Australia, the United Kingdom and Brazil are up.

Belgium is basically the same and Ireland is down. 

France is back into the top 10, Russia and the Netherlands are out.

Puerto Rico is new, all 114 of these visitors came onto the site today!

I have also received visitors from the following countries: the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, Israel, U.A.E., Kuwait, India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Colombia, Chile,

I hope to see you all again.
Mark Moncrieff

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Thursday 10 August 2017

The Problems of a Universal Basic Income

In recent posts I have had two regular commenter's make comments in support of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), here how modern liberalism works and here returning to full employment. Now these Gentlemen normally have interesting thoughts to impart so I do not want anyone to think I am singling them out for criticism, but I think I need to make a few points regarding the idea of a Universal Basic Income.

Most people think of the idea as being about proving unlimited free time and spending money. However the reality would be quite different. I will divide my thoughts into three broad areas:


We don't have to travel to the future to see the problems with this idea, in fact we already have many of the problems, today they are simply smaller in size. The UBI is basically the modern Welfare State but with everyone included. Today most people still work for a living, but under a UBI it is assumed that these people will still get the UBI, otherwise it isn't really Universal or Basic. However there are two major economic problems.

1. The UBI is the base price upon which everything is worked out. In other words the UBI is the basic wage and everyone gets it. If everyone is paid the same wage then everyone is poor. In theory people can be paid more for working or for being a veteran for example. To pay for that the UBI has to be smaller and when there is an increase in the UBI everyone gets richer on exactly the same day, so in reality no one is richer.

2. The Welfare State is a form of Socialism, there are two problems with Socialism. Now the first may be fixed by technology and that is that failure is rewarded and success is punished. This model leads to economic collapse, at least in theory an Automated economy might be able to side step this issue. But it cannot avoid the second problem, it costs an astonishing amount of money!

Let me give you an example.

There are 350,000,000 people in the United States x 365 days in the year x a $1 a day increase to the UBI = $127,750,000,000 (127.75 Billion dollars).

Thats an astonishing amount of money and it wouldn't make anyone happier or richer!

Biological (natural selection and attraction)
With or without a UBI people are biological creatures, we need air, water, food, shelter and we want someone to love and who loves us. In other words we want to attract a mate. Men are attracted to a womens looks. Women are attracted to a mans status. When men and women have exactly the same income and therefore the exact same social status, what are women supposed to be attracted to? How would a man attract a mate when he has nothing to offer?

You can already see this, successful women cannot find long term partners and unsuccessful men cannot find partners. And even though both groups are lonely, they are simply not attracted to each other. If the aim of the UBI is to make people miserable it will be a great success.

Social (what do you do with unlimited time and no future?)
Having unlimited time when your 20 can be great, at 30 it can still be good but at 40 you want something of substance in your life. A UBI will not provide that because it cannot provide it. People think of what they would do with unlimited time and they think about how they will write a symphony or a novel, or paint some great piece of art. We have had mass unemployment for 40 years now and how many symphonies, great novels or great works of art do you remember being produced?

I'm not saying that nothing will ever be produced, the Author of Harry Potter was unemployed. How often will that happen? I'll tell you, not often.

How will people maintain marriages with nothing to look forward too. Poor people don't go on holidays.

In a world in which everyone got a UBI and there was 80% unemployment, you have a world ghetto, a Brazilian favela everywhere. High crime, high promiscuity, high levels of neglect, drug and alcohol abuse. A life of unending poverty and with nothing but death to look forward to. People think that they will struggle and make it out, but most people are average, for most people there will be no escape.

Is that really the world we want?

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Saturday 5 August 2017

The Problems of the Age of Automation

Slowly over the last three centuries technology has replaced manpower, muscle power. Before that time muscle power, both of men and animals were the primary way that energy was used to create wealth. In the main that wealth was food and clothing and the excess went to create the churches and governments that existed. Starting roughly around 1700 machines began to replace muscle power, that process is not complete, maybe it never will be. But in most jobs machines began to do the work that once only men could do. Since 1900 that process has increased and since the invention of computers it has accelerated. Now there is talk of machines, Automation, destroying 80% of jobs within decades.

A world in which 80% of men would be not only unemployed but unemployable. Recently there has been a push by people such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates that computers and robots will take away jobs so the answer is a Universal Basic Income. Whereby everyone gets a basic income whether they have a job or not. Now this idea is not new, it's been around since at least the 1800's but it has always been viewed as a Utopian ideal, not as something that would work in the real world. But if machines do the work and generate the wealth then why can't people simply get an income and relax?

Before I answer that I want to point out a problem with the basic idea that Automation will destroy 80% of jobs. Firstly it isn't coincidence that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are raising this as an issue. If a robot or a computer program replaces you in your job, you have been screwed, but they have gotten richer. They profit from a world with more Automation. In other words they are soliciting for work and that fact should never be forgotten.

However that does not mean that they are wrong, the simple truth is that we all more or less accept that Automation will destroy jobs, we are just uncertain about which ones and how bad that disruption will be. Will it be more of the same or will it be catastrophic, we don't know. But maybe we should be thinking about both possibilities.

Now let us suppose that the future job situation is catastrophic and 80% of men are unemployed and unemployable. That future is unsustainable and will lead to a Civilizational collapse, now people may think I am jumping the gun but I will use Ancient Rome as an example. There were two Roman States, the Republic and the Empire. We have been to the Moon and we still marvel at what they achieved. But it shouldn't be forgotten that both suffered crises that lead to their collapse. The crisis of the Republic was political and it lead to a political solution. The Republic ended and the Empire came into existence. However the crisis that ended the Empire also ended it's Civilization.

The crisis of the Republic was created by slaves, the conquests of the Republic meant that free workers, citizens of the Republic were replaced by free labor, slaves. However a world in which only 20% of people have jobs means that we have a new form of Feudalism. The Empire tried to solve it's problems by creating a form of Feudalism. It failed because the central administration and new Feudal Lords had nothing in common and worked against each other.

Here we would have both situations at one and the same time. In fact it would be worse because the unemployed have no reason to be loyal to either, so now we have three groups who hate and despise each other. And there can be no compromise because no one has anything that they can compromise with. Because everyone wants the same thing, money. Everyone loses and there can never be any economic downturn because no one can afford it. We would be left with a super rich who can do as they please, a Government that only exists as a form of peacekeeper or peace enforcer and everyone else who really doesn't serve any purpose at all. How long is such a society sustainable?

The age of Automation is not some Utopian paradise were everyone has unlimited free time and spending money, it is a living nightmare. If such a future looks like existing it would be better to smash the machines, before we end up getting smashed!

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