Friday 26 June 2020

Men and Women the Traditionalists View

I guess the fault is fine, because most of the comments both at Upon Hope and at XYZ on this article why is this a problem again? are about women. So I think I need to clarify exactly what roles men and women should play in a Traditionalists society.

The first thing to understand is that Traditionalists believe in human nature, that we have limits and that we must admit and accept that we have limits. The mistake is to think that we only believe in our limits. However the reason to understand our limits is so that we can concentrate on the things that we can achieve. Far to much effort is expended in trying to do things that are beyond our ability instead of developing the abilities that we do possess.

Further we need to understand that there is a difference between individuals and other individuals, just as there are differences between one group and another group. We also have to understand that there is a difference between individuals and groups. So for example if I write that most prostitutes are women, that does not mean that most women are prostitutes. Anymore than writing that most criminals are men means that most men are criminals. You can be a member of a group and still be an individual. But at all times we should accept our limitations instead of trying to fight against them.

Liberalism pushes the idea that everyone is interchangeable, disposable, that no one really matters. They frame it as everyone having value, as everyone being equal. But if you are equal to everyone else then you have no value. Value comes from giving something of yourself that others cannot provide. Sometimes that value is unique or rare, other times it is common. A musician gains value by being rare, the more of then there are the less value they have. On the other hand Mothers are quite common, but are very valued. But in each case they have value because they provide things that others cannot provide. Others may be able to imitate them but they cannot replace them.

In a the balanced society each person needs to have a place, a place that they belong. A place where everybody knows that they belong. It is belonging that people crave and that only we can provide, once upon a time that wasn't true but it is now.

This circle is how Traditionalists view human society, each circle supporting the others, protecting the others.

In the centre are the children, next are women and at the edge are men.

Children are at the centre because they are the most vulnerable, they need care and protection.

Women are in the middle because women care for children and they look after men, they also interact with other women.

Men are at the edge because it is they who need to protect everyone. It is their task to deal with the wider world.

The realm of women is the family, the realm of men is the world.

Why is that?

Because the things that make women so good at running the family is exactly the things that make them bad at running bigger institutions. The exact opposite is also true, the things that make men good at running things is why they are not good in the domestic sphere. If a random child was given to a random women and she was told to look after it, nearly every women would be capable of doing so. Her natural empathy would show her the importance of such a task and her practical nature would make sure that the child was cared for. How many men would be capable of that?

We are encouraged to think of these female attributes as minor and unimportant, but that is a lie. They are of the greatest value. Something that women naturally possess.

Once we accept our limitations then we are able to do those things that we are capable of better. That includes knowing our rightful place, the place in which we belong as men and women.

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Wednesday 24 June 2020

XYZ Conference 29 June-3 July 2020

Next week I will be attending a Conference, and your invited.

This Conference has been organised by David Hiscox from XYZ as an online Conference. David is my co-host on the Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast and he often republishes my articles over on XYZ. So I'm very happy that he has asked me to be a speaker. The Conference will run for two hours each night for a week, 10 hours in total and it's all free!

Each night there will be a different Australian speaker who will speak for 50-60 minutes and then there will be a Q and A session of about the same length of time. People will be able to send in questions and get points they might be unsure of clarified.  While the Conference will be live, the talks will also be available for viewing at anytime after that.

Tim Wilms from The Unshackled will be hosting the Conference instead of hosting his normal program on his Youtube channel The Uncuckables.


Where: The Uncuckables

When: 29 June - 3 July 2020

Time: each night 8pm - 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time


Monday: Tom Sewell: Settling Accounts: The Core Principles of the Worldview

Tuesday: James Fox Higgins: Western Arts and Culture

Wednesday: Mark Moncrieff: What is Traditionalism?

Thursday:Adam Piggott Christianity: How did we get here?

Friday: Blair Cottrell: BLM, and advice for young men

Mr. Hiscox has put together a great lineup, if I do say so myself.

Whether your Australian or not this is an excellent opportunity to see what's going on here. To see the calibre of intellect that we have to offer. You might agree or disagree but I doubt you'll be bored!

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Tuesday 23 June 2020

Communism - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Forty Seven

In this episode I look at what Communism is, the ideas behind it, it's core ideas and some thoughts on the future.

Length: 31 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Thursday 18 June 2020

Why Is This A Problem Again?

Why is it that racism is a bigger problem now that it's illegal and socially unpopular to be racist?

Why is it that Colonialism is a bigger problem now that none of the Colonial Empires exist?

Why is it that the Holocaust and the Nazis are a bigger problem now, the further we get away from them?

Why is it that slavery is a much bigger problem now, the further we get away from it?

The answer is because none of these things are real problems and therefore they cannot be solved!

Instead the hunt for these things can go on and on and on without end. A hunt that most people think is weird and annoying but not something that will affect them. After all most people can honestly say that they don't support any of these things. So here are issues that don't exist, but that most people can support fighting against because it doesn't affect them.

But of course the issue is never the issue, the issue is always about the Revolution and the Revolution is always about the destruction of Western Civilization. So these problems are used just as an acid would be used. To disfigure and to frighten people into doing whatever the acid thrower wants.

Lets face it the Portuguese Empire was the last and it ended in 1975, so even the youngest Imperialist is 62. WWII ended in 1945, so if you were a 12 year old Hitler Youth fighter then today you are 86. The last slave in a Western country was freed in 1888 in Brazil, so the last infant slave owner would now be 131. The last slave in the English speaking world were freed in December 1865, so the youngest English-speaking slave owner would now be 154 years old.

How many 154 years old do you know of?

Why are these things a problem now, why not 20 years ago or 20 years in the future?

Because we have given too much power to women as a group. Women have many virtues, but they also have flaws. Flaws that in the past men and women knew about and that is why in so many books from the past you will see warnings about giving women power. The Bible is famous for this. For women emotions are much more important than logic. What we are living through is all about emotion, how do people feel about things. People are not being asked to reason, nor are they being asked to use logic. Instead they are being told to agree with the group. I am not saying that men are blameless, far from it. Men have allowed, encouraged and have gone alone with this. If men had put their foot down then none of this would be happening or would even be able to happen. When women think that they are strong and men behave as weaklings then this is what we get.

Only when men regain what we have lost, lets be honest, what we have given away, can this problem be fixed. There is no solution to this problem, with the possible exception of exhaustion. Until logic is restored by men, until masculine strength is restored by men, until strength of character is restored by men, there is no stopping this monster.

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Wednesday 17 June 2020

Minneapolis Burning - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Forty Six

In this episode David Hiscox and I talk about the recent riots in the U.S. and around the world, how it relates to Covid-19 and the XYZ Conference.

Length: 30 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

I'm not sure if Youtube or Blogger is to blame, but I cannot put the episode up as an image, but I can do it for other videos from Youtube!

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Sunday 14 June 2020

The Left Is Always Prepared

Do you remember when Dylann Roof murdered nine black parishioners during a bible study class back in 2015?

Do you remember that he had photos of himself with the Rhodesian and Confederate flag?

Do you remember that the Left used that as an excuse to remove Confederate flags and monuments from public display?

How did they do that?

The secret is that they had planned it all along, they know the chaos that they have created. They knew that it was inevitable that an event would occur that would create anger. They didn't know what that would be exactly, but that wasn't important. What was important was that they be prepared for that moment. The moment when peoples emotions take over, when their anger is seeking an outlet and they provided that outlet. Don't get sad, do something so that this can never happen again!

But of course a flag didn't murder nine people, a man did. So they use these murders to attack symbols. Symbols that they hate, that they already hated. They know what they hate and they put the effort into making sure that when something or someone they hate can be attacked that they are attacked. They coordinate, they organise, they campaign, they build networks, they attack on every level. Intellectually, emotionally and physically. They try, but don't always succeed, in focusing on one target at a time. And whatever they win they claim, whether it is 1%, 25% or 100% of what they claimed they wanted. Finally they always claim total victory and at one and the same time say "there is so much more to be done!".

The 2020 riots are not about George Floyd, certainly that was the trigger, but just like in 2015 it was already planned. Now they didn't know what the issue would be, but they knew that an issue was inevitable. Because thats the way the world turns, there are always new issues. You will notice that the riots are happening in Democratic states and in Democratic cities. Which leaves these Governors and Mayors with quite a dilemma. Should they crack down on their own voters?

Now many people will say that these riots also have a racial component and even that the racial component is the dominant one. Which is both true and false. The black population is reacting emotionally, not intellectually. The Left is the one that has put in the hard work behind the scenes. It is they that have done the coordinating, the organising, they campaigning and the building of networks. The Left is overwhelmingly White and Jewish. It is they who concentrate on "the other", it is they who highlight and antagonise their grievances. They use these people as weapons against us, just as they use other groups. We should never lose sight of that fact.

The Right needs to get as good as the Left, we need to coordinate, to organise, to campaign and to network. We should know that the next Leftist campaign is already being planned, it should never be a shock to us. Whenever people are emotional or angry we should expect the Left to exploit that and they can because they have put in the effort before hand. Why can't we do that? 

We can.

While always remembering to not put purity before victory, if we get 1% or 25% or 100% of what we want then we should always claim it. We should also claim total victory and we should always follow that up with "but there is still so much more to be done!"

It works and we can see not only that it works but how it works. It's about time we started making it work for us!

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Thursday 11 June 2020

The Eighty-Seventh Month

Blogger has changed the format in which I get information, so you will start to see it in a different format.

This month my best day was the 4th june when I had 344 visitors, my worst day was the 15th May when I had 77 visitors. This month I have only had 6 days under 100. In May I had 4,237 visitors, from the 11th May-11th June I have had approximately 4,130 visitors.

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region

I have also had visitors from the following countries that are not listed below:

Ireland, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia,  Singapore, Egypt, Uganda, South Africa, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, 

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region
United Arab Emirates

Tuesday 9 June 2020

Marinated in Liberalism - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Forty Five

We are surrounded by Liberalism, you could say that we are marinated in Liberalism. What is Liberalism? How does it affect our lives? Why we are not Third Way and why do Traditionalists oppose Liberalism.

Length:30 minutes

Click on the link and Enjoy!

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Friday 5 June 2020

Liberalism in 2020

Liberalism is the political philosophy that controls all of our life. In 2020 it is undergoing a bit of a crisis, nearly all of it self inflicted.

It massively overreacted to Covid-19, now some caution was justified we had a brand new disease and it's effects were unknown. It is clear now that it was not a repeat of the Spanish Flu and that while some people do need protection from it, most people who get it are quite fine. That wasn't known a few months back. But the way governments around the world have reacted to it is quite revealing.

We found out that science and medicine are not as rigorous as we had all hoped. Instead they accepted the worst case scenario very early on and despite any new evidence continued on with their first plan. We are really at a stage were science, one of Liberalism greatest achievements, is starting to produce diminishing returns. It looks to be taking medicine along with it. Now as I have already said caution was justified, maybe the lockdown, as it has come to be called, had some merit. But as it became clear that this was not as deadly as at first thought that should have ended. Instead it has continued, even today most of the rules put in place to deal with a mass death event are still in place. Even though it is clear that no mass death event has happened or is going to happen.

Global Warming/Climate Change has already dealt a blow to the prestige of science, this new panic has done nothing to help. Science thinks that it is immune and that it has nothing to do with politics. That is not true at all, it has picked sides and people have noticed, this is heading in a very bad direction.

The lockdown has also revealed that while people have largely obeyed the governments directives, that goodwill cannot be relied upon forever. Peoples goodwill are starting to run out. For most people the lockdown has been good, they have had time to relax, to get away from the rat race. Driving has been a pleasure, even going for a walk and having the entire time to yourself has been a benefit. The best benefit has been people being able to reconnect with their immediate family.

For others the benefits have been few and far between, for the sick and elderly this period has been a very hard time. For social people and for those living in small places it has also been hard. Financially it has affected people quite differently, some people have had their lives destroyed by the lockdown. Others are, due to the generosity of the government, doing quite well. In Australia the government doubled the unemployment benefit overnight, after arguing for 20 years that it was economically irresponsible to increase it at all apart from matching inflation. In fact it was so generous that it had to bring in a second payment for those people with jobs, as people were leaving their jobs to get the more generous benefit. This has been repeated in one way or another all over the West.

Most people have not felt the effects of the Recession yet, today both Australia and Victoria are officially in recession. The government has gone into even further massive debt or should I say that the taxpayer has gone into further massive debt. Any illusion that the debt would be paid off can I think officially be discarded. People have been made more dependent upon the government and it in turn has become more unstable. Bad times are coming.

While most stores are closed, some that are open have begun to run out of supplies. Not food, but things that have a long supply chain. In other words items that come from China are getting harder to get. In the short term thats very bad. As we have all found out 95% of our medicines come from China. Not just our pots and pans and plastic junk, but even things that are required to keep people alive and healthy. The global economy has been exposed to the full light of day and we have not been happy with what we have seen. What is now the future of Globalization?

At best it is tarnished, at worst it may lead to war with China. That's how serious the Covid-19 panic has been. It has exposed all of the worts that exist in the Wests relations with China. Liberalism tried with all it's heart to convert China into a Liberal state. It gave away it's factories, it's power, the future of it's own people so that China would see the benefit of becoming more like us. It was seen as this great prize, it would lead to a more peaceful world as Liberal states do not fight other Liberal states. Now all of those dreams lie in tatters, it has cost us, our countries and us individually, and all it has lead to is more hostility, it has failed at every turn.

Now we have the riots in America and they seem to be spreading to other countries. The lockdown it seems has had a price. Certainly it had another trigger and it is now couched in terms of anti-racism and stopping police brutality against black men, but it seems to me to be more than coincidence that at the first change that comes along it has lead to riots and civil disturbance.

Here there are three problems that Liberalism has given itself:

1) It has spend years fueling this fire and it has no idea how to stop it or whether it should stop it.

2) In the past week or so it has done everything to encourage these riots.

3) No one on either side of Liberalism has the answers to restoring law and order.

These riots will end as the rioters will run out of steam, riots end one of two ways. Either they are violently suppressed or they peter out as the rioters lose their enthusiasm and there is less and less to loot or burn. But when that happens Liberalism is still left with trying to find answers to the three problems that it has created for itself.   

Seeing police and even military bending the knee to rioters shows that there is currently no answer to law and order. It is being lost. President Trump or Prime Minister Johnson are not law and order men, no matter how much they talk about it. The Mayors and governors are also not capable of restoring law and order. This matters more in the long term than the short term. As I said the riots will whither away, but their legacy will not. The biggest legacy is that it was allowed to happen and that no one put a stop to it. The rioters ruled the roost, not Liberalism, it failed and it also claimed that it's failure was the only moral thing to do.

I fear that when Liberalism stumbles we will not be able to take advantage. I'm not saying that we can take over, but we can put ourselves into a position were we are seen as a viable option. Someone who has part of the answer is better than someone who states that having no answers is the only moral option. But unless we organise then we will once again have missed our chance. Liberalism has entered it's own room of mirrors, it doesn't know which way to turn. We did not create this situation, it did it to itself. Next time I'd like us to have been part of their problem.

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Tuesday 2 June 2020

The Way Forward

If you think things are bad now just imagine how bad things will get. Liberalism is a progressive philosophy, which means that it cannot stop it must constantly move and change. But it will change according to the logic that is Liberalism, towards creating the Autonomous Individual and the breaking apart of everything that stands in it's way. So unless we stop it things can only get worse.

The question of course is how do we stop it?

Before we get to that I want to talk about the four things that we need to concern ourselves with:


Ideology is what do we believe and why do we believe it.

Politics is how do we get political power.

Policy is what do we want to do with political power once we have it.

Organisation is putting it all together, along with everything else that is required to achieve our aims.

I think that currently we are stuck in the ideology phase. We keep having the same discussions relating to the same subjects. Of course it is important to know what we believe and why we believe it. That is the correct starting point but it is a lousy finishing point. To achieve our aims we need to move from ideology without losing track of our ideology.

We need to start focusing on politics, policy and organisation. The gaining of political power, what we intend to do with that power and we need to create the organisation to get there. None of these things are easy but they all need to be done. We would all like to short circuit the system and to change things right away, but I do not realistically see that happening. We need to learn patience and to accept that we need to do more than want things to change, we need to act.

But not in a stupid way, we need to do what Liberalism has done and create a logic. That way it is hard to lose your direction because that logic determines your direction. We need to be consistent in our thinking and in our direction. In war there are four phases:


We need to understand that all four are valid in war and politics and that we will not always win and to prepare for that. We are far to ready to accept defeat, instead of accepting that it is a phase that we have a choice in changing. We must stop thinking of ourselves as flotsam without any control over the future. We must stop simply complaining and begin the much harder job of changing things. To do that we need to organise, to do things while accepting that victory is only one possible outcome, that it is not preordained. But that that should not stop us because this is a long war. It will not be won in a day, a year or a decade, it will last longer than us. This war is eternal, politics has no winners, only constant fighters and if you stop fighting you can lose.

There is the paradox that we face, that while we can never win 100% of what we want we can lose 100% of what we have. We need to defeat our defeat and to do that we need to fight. In politics you fight as much with your mind as with your physical efforts. The way to fight is with organisation, lets get organised!

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Monday 1 June 2020

The Return of the Prodigal Son - Melbourne Traditionalists - Episode Forty Four

David Hiscox has returned!

In this episode we talk about Covid-19, the good and the bad, about why he thought it was a much bigger thing than it has turned out to be. We also talk near the end about Star Wars, Star Trek and Warhammer 40K.

Length: 36 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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