Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Recording My Articles

Something I have wanted to do for years has finally happened!

Since starting the podcast I have learnt a lot more about recording and Youtube. I have this week recorded the very first articles that I wrote back in 2013. Starting today one will be published each day this week.

My plan, although plans rarely work out entirely as planned, is to put up an article each day. Youtube having made it much easier to schedule content or at least it's easier to me. None of these are long, this week none go over 4 minutes in length. At this rate I have about 2 years worth of material and hopefully in that time I'll produce some more!

The articles all have the same picture, a lovely picture of a sunrise from Princes Bridge crossing the Yarra River in Melbourne.

Click on the link and enjoy!
Upon Hope Articles

Upon Hope Blog - A traditional Conservative Future
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