Wednesday 5 September 2018

Leftism & Occultism

Over at Amerika I found this

I began to look into the occult a few years ago. Staring into that abyss until it revealed itself to me, I found Solomon’s old adage to be truer than it had ever been to me: There is nothing new under the sun. Like most people living in America, I used to be lost as to the tactics of the enemy. I wondered in the same manner as most, asking questions like, “How can people not see where we’re headed? How can they not see what’s going on?” These questions are easily answered by looking into the tactics of the enemies our ancestors faced, which are the same enemies we face today. Human history is like a circular cycle moving across a linear timeline. Those who would have us prisoners within our own minds use the same tactics every time, and because of our nature as humans, we fall for the tactics over and again.

Leftism is, in my view, occult. It seeks to keep Truth hidden. It is unlike God, who desires that we know the Truth. Leftism is much akin to the original Mosaic Law in the sense that it creates systems that no human being can possibly live up to, as the original Law was intended to demonstrate. And rather than grant people the freedom of any grace at all, Leftism, under the guise of pseudo-humanitarian lies and virtue-signaling, hides and denies grace and forgiveness of human nature, instead demanding lockstep adherence to ideologies that reality cannot sustain. It’s the damned serpent, personified politically.

What a great insight!

What is clear is that all of the Ideologies, whether it be Liberalism, Fascism, Communism have more than a touch of the Occult. The Occult is concerned with hidden knowledge, particularly of a magical or supernatural nature. Which leaves an interesting question,  as all of the Ideologies are materialistic. In other words they believe that magic and the supernatural doesn't exist and that only the material word, the world you can see and touch is real. Which seems like the case is closed, however I think of the French poet Charles Baudelaire's quote "The devil's finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist".

Whether the devil does or does not exist is not the point, the point is that the Ideologies did not spring from nowhere. They have both histories and prehistories and in both the Occult influence is there. The search for hidden knowledge, knowledge that only they can see and understand. My first thought was the unintelligent writings from Academics. I had always thought that they wrote so badly because they wanted to appear more intelligent then there ideas warranted. Many people bizarrely believe that if they cannot understand something then it must be profound. But in the Occult unintelligent writing exists not to impart knowledge but to hide it in plain sight.

Does that explain why so many people don't understand what is happening? I'm not sure.

But it does help explain how the Ideologies believe in the idea of perfection. Christianity rejects perfection, instead it says that the world and the people who have been made in God's image are "fallen". Which means that we are imperfect and that our real struggle in life is to strive towards being a better person even though we can never be perfect. In other words it is possible to be a better man but it is not possible to be a perfect man. And that on the day of judgement we will be judged not only for our sins but for our efforts to be better than our fallen nature.

However the Ideologues reject all of those things, they all began as Christian ideas and then became heresies. They all decided that it was possible to make perfect people who live in a perfect world and all without God. But they also believe that they have secret knowledge that no one else knows about or understands. In that they may be right, after all how did these disreputable philosophies ever gain power?

The here is another paradox, Liberalism and the Left have set such high standards that no one can possibly live by them. You cannot be racist, but how is that possible when noticing that race exist or being White makes you racist? You cannot be sexist, but how is that possible when noticing that different sexes exist or being a man makes you sexist? In their world you can only exist by understanding that you are not one of the Occult masters, but that they are. Only they understand the secret knowledge. However in the past, under the Nazis and even more so the Communists that wasn't enough. Under Liberalism the same is coming to pass, submission is everything and that is not enough. How will anyone be able to survive

with no room for grace, forgiveness, human nature or reality.

The Occult is not very forgiving.

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  1. I'm not saying he's wrong, but he could be more convincing, particularly to a secular reader.

    There is certainly a misplaced sense of intellectual superiority and imaginary hoarding of esoteric knowledge amongst Academia, especially the fake social sciences. That can certainly to be characterised as occult thinking, which lends itself to elitist brahminism, I just don't think he hammers the point home. Needs more examples and explanation imo.

  2. . "They all decided that it was possible to make perfect people who live in a perfect world and all without God"

    I especially hate it when the lefty tries to make a point by quoting the Bible. Most lefty are agnostics at best and atheists for the most part. Not only do not believe in a Supreme Being but hate the entire idea of religion. Especially hate Christianity.

  3. "The entire idea of religion" does not involve "a Supreme Being". Only the Abrahamic religions think that way - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    Other religions, such as Hinduism, Shintoism, Third World Animism, and European Paganism are not made up of agnostics and atheists, and do not "hate the entire idea of religion".

    Broaden your mind with regard to spirituality and religion, my Anonymous friend. There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in the Bible.