Sunday 30 July 2017

How Modern Liberalism Works

Over the history of Liberalism the form which it has taken has changed, but the objective has never changed. There have been disagreement about the correct strategy or tactics that should be deployed, even over morality. Over time it has changed from what we now call Classical Liberalism into a more fractured Liberalism. But that more fractured nature has meant that each side has concentrated it's power upon a much smaller area.

Before 1900 Liberalism had many enemies to fight and once it defeated one another grew to replace it. For example it believed in personal morality not in public morality so it fought the Christian Churches over the idea and it won. But Unions and Socialism rose up to challenge it.

In the Twentieth Century it was challenged by Fascism and Communism, but the great crises of that century, the two World Wars, the Depression and the long Cold War gave it great strength and confidence. It also consolidated it's power within Government all over the Western World. And at the end of the Cold War it was unchallenged, it had beaten every contender for power.  Liberalism controlled everything.

But it's greatest victory had been over Liberalism itself, because each faction of Liberalism had become the ally of every other faction. That had never happened before, before they had been bitter enemies, jealous of each others success. So what changed?

The death of Classical Liberalism is what changed, in the 1950's the internal contradictions that had built up within Classical Liberalism finally split the movement apart. Right-Liberals rejected Socialism and became obsessed with free market economics. Left Liberalism rejected all economics and absorbed the Communist idea of Class Warfare which became Identity Politics. And in the background was Feminism, nearly as old as Classical Liberalism and now embraced by both Left and Right Liberalism. All three major factions had stepped out of each others way and all other major opposition had been defeated. Instead of fighting each other they were now mutually supporting, each looking after it's own area of interest and not interfering in the others.

Right-Liberalism started by rejecting Socialism, by finding the free market principles that had once defined Classical Liberalism. But it also rejected everything outside of economics. That made it the darling of big business and that changed how Right-Liberalism looked at things. In theory they wanted a free market laissez faire economic system, but big business doesn't want a dog eat dog world of real competition, it wants to eat not be eaten. It had a very cosy relationship with Government and they wanted that reinforced and over time Right-Liberalism came to agree. So in public it talks about it's love of the free market but in private it supports what we have come to call Crony Capitalism.

You would think that Left-Liberals would be hard against this idea, that they would attack and destroy such a system. But they have their own hypocrisy, in public they talk about how much they hate Capitalism, but behind the scenes it's a different matter. They love Crony Capitalism and the reason they love it is because it is a form of Socialism, which ironically is why big business loves it because it means that Government is their protector. Big business protects the Government and in return the Government protects big business,

Here we have a system whereby both sides of Liberalism support big business and in return big business supports Liberalism. Big business follows a Right-Liberal economic policy and a Left-Liberal social policy. That is why all of these big Capitalistic companies love homosexual marriage, refugees and the like. It also means that policies that the Left should hate like Mass Immigration they now love. The Old Left was 100% against Mass Immigration, but the New Left love it, so does Right-Liberalism, why?

Because for the Right it supports their free trade, free market ideals. For the Left it is all about Identity politics. For big business it's all about driving down wages in high wage countries. All mutually supporting and all trying to get out of each others way. So you will see far Left groups like Antifa and the like supporting Immigration and by default supporting big business while at the same time blaming them for everything. There is a wide gulf between theory and reality.

And that is why things are becoming so insane, Liberalism's only remaining enemy is reality.

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Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Real Enemy is Liberalism

As we roam the internet looking for answers and inspiration, we find many answers to our problems. I know I keep finding answers that I find perplexing. Why are we in such a mess is the question. Back comes the answers, it's the Jews, the Rothchild's, the Communists, etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the enemy is Liberalism.

It is Liberalism that believes in the Autonomous Individual, it is Liberalism that always hides it's real beliefs, it is Liberalism that has turned us from Nations into mere economies.

The Jews didn't do that, nor did the Communists, Liberals did. And they continue to do it and they will go on doing it until they are stopped and not before. I see people writing about how we lost the culture wars and how we need to reinvent ourselves to win them. The reason we have lost so many battles is because so often we have tried to get Liberals to fight Liberalism. That can never work for long and it hasn't.

Stop wondering why the Liberal Party in Australia, the Republicans in the U.S. or the Conservative Party in Britain never conserve anything. It is because they are not Conservative, they are parties of Liberalism. They support Liberalism and they only call themselves Conservative because like all Liberals they lie. Lying is the only way they can gain support so they do. They never talk about the Autonomous Individual instead they talk about freedom, about freedom of choice and other such nonsense. Why?

Because the Autonomous Individual has no need of a country, or a family, or a God, or anything. It is a life of hopelessness and pointlessness and they know it. They don't talk about it because they see a perfect world and the Autonomous Individual lives in that perfect world. But if they went to the next election talking about people getting to live in a perfect world people would reject them and they know that. They never talk about where their philosophy leads because to any sane person it holds absolutely no appeal. Who wants to live a life were they have no family, no roots, no history and no future, only today repeated endlessly until death?

Liberalism is the enemy and until we slay this dragon things will continue to get worse.

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Saturday 22 July 2017

The Now Generation

I also call the Now Generation, the Timeians, but who are they?

They are the people who's only loyalty is to the here and now. You know the people who tell you "who cares I'll be dead by then!" and other such things. People who are not loyal to their country, nor to it's people, or to the past or the future. They are only loyal to the present, because that is where they live.

People like Sting and Warren Buffett, both links are to their plans to not give their money to their own children. The second article, which was written in 2015,  has this interesting quote:

"While 53 percent of Boomers (Baby Boomers) feel it's important to leave a financial inheritance, that number is 68 percent for those aged over 68."

That's quite a drop, I wonder how my generation (Generation X) will deal with this, will we continue the decline or not?

In Australia we have a phenomena known as the Grey Nomads, these are retired couples who buy a new car and a caravan and tour around Australia. Now I don't begrudge people having a well earned holiday, but some of them have a very unhealthy attitude. Exemplified by the sticker "We're spending our children's inheritance!" In some cases thats a joke, in others it's a political statement. A statement from the Timeians.

Of course the Timeians are Liberals and so is their attitude. Loyal to only themselves, just as Liberalism has taught them. After all the Autonomous Individual can only be selfish. But they aren't quite there yet, they are still loyal to something that isn't themselves, the current year. Thats what makes them feel superior to you and I, they are not bound by a geographical location or to a particular people, they are loyal to a time, the current year.

This is an inversion of what was once common, the idea that you were a link in a very long chain. A chain that extended into eternity. In times past their vision was vast, but the Timeians have brought it down to the very narrowest of visions. No link, no chain, no eternity, only today, now thats a very narrow vision.

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Tuesday 18 July 2017

Melbourne Traditionalists in August, 2017

Early next month the Melbourne Traditionalists will be meeting up again. If you enjoy good political conversation along with good food and drink and your in Melbourne, Australia then get in contact.

uponhopeblog (at)

Guiding Principles of the Melbourne Traditionalists

1. Loyalty to the Crown of Australia

2. Loyalty to our British and Western heritage

3. Loyalty to the family, Husband and Wife, Mother and Father Father and their children

4. Opposition to Liberalism, Right Liberalism, Left Liberalism and Feminism

5. Opposition to the destruction of White Australia's, opposed to Multiculturalism, Mass Immigration and Diversity

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Saturday 15 July 2017

Returning to Full Employment

In 1964 the Australian Government introduced a form of selective conscription as the security situation in South East Asia had deteriorated. They wanted to enlarge the army but the problem was that Australia had Full Employment. That means that hardly anyone was unemployed but today such a thing sounds like fantasy. Unemployment is such an accepted part of modern life that it is hardly even mentioned anymore. But we can return to Full Employment, it disappeared for particular reasons and therefore it can return.

But to do so we need to change the reasons that lead to Mass Unemployment and we can. There are four major reasons that we have Mass Unemployment and two secondary ones.

The four major reasons are:

1. Mass Immigration
2. Women in the Workforce
3. Sending Jobs Overseas
4. Automation

Mass Immigration: After the end of the Second World War the millions of refugees needed to be resettled and Australia like the other Allied nations allowed immigration into the country. Then more were allowed in as the economy expanded and then when the economy stopped growing immigration did not end. Instead from the 1970's onward immigration bore no relationship to how many jobs there were or how well the economy was doing. It became an end in itself with no end in sight. That created competition that simple did not need to exist. Once Mass Immigration stops then so does the competition. I wrote a full article on this, Ending Unemployment and Immigration.

Women in the Workforce: Women have always worked, but today women are encouraged to compete against men. That was not how it worked in the past, back then men had their jobs and women had theirs. Now Governments and large organisations all discriminate in favour of women and therefore against men. They say they are simply correcting an historical wrong, but by their own rules that is ddiscrimination, but as well all know it';s one rule for them and one for us. But there is an economic problems with women taking mens jobs, it means that their are now more people available to do the same jobs. That might be good for companies as they get more choice, but it is bad for everyone else as now there are more people than jobs.

Sending Jobs Overseas: At the same time that competition for jobs has increased tariffs have been abolished. That means that things that once could not be imported or that would be too costly to import now could be imported. So instead of paying high wages they could send those jobs overseas and make more money. Meaning that there are less jobs available.

Automation: I am using a computer to type this out but that same machine has destroyed jobs. Jobs that once required multiple people can now be done with the help of machines. Some jobs can be done entirely by machines. That is only going to get worse not better.

The two secondary reasons are:
1. High Wages
2. Regulations

Both of these make running a business quite expensive, it encourages companies and those who run them to find ways of cutting costs. Most of those costs come at the expense of jobs. In a perverse way these factors make those who have jobs better off and those without jobs worse off. High wages and regulations protect those with jobs but they stop those without jobs from getting a foot in the door.

So what can be done to end Mass Unemployment?

1. Stop immigration, stop the unending competition for jobs. Having Mass Immigration in a time of Mass Unemployment is unethical and immoral.

2. Support young men getting jobs.

3. Support Family, encourage marriage and children. Let us put the family man back upon his throne.

4. Put tariffs back in place with the sole objective of keeping jobs in Australia. I suggest that if unemployment is 5% than we make the tariff 5% if it's 10% then it's 10%.

5. Australian companies should have to pay foreign workers Australian wages whether the job is located in Australia or overseas. Unless the company can justify why they have jobs outside of Australia. If the jobs can be done in Australia then it should be.

6. Machines do not need jobs, men need jobs. The tax system should reward companies that hire workers and that retain them. And it should punish companies that get rid of workers.

7. Make companies responsible for training their own staff and then retaining them.

Australia should exist for the benefit of Australians, the Australian economy should exist to support the Australian worker and his family.

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Wednesday 12 July 2017

Mr. Turnbull is Right About Something!

The Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Turnbull is currently in London and a day or so ago he said the following in a speech:

'Menzies said: 'We took the name 'Liberal' because we were determined to be a progressive party, willing to make experiments, in no sense reactionary but believing in the individual, his right and his enterprise, and rejecting the socialist panacea','

Mr. Turnbull is the leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, a party that is always referred to as a Conservative party, but Mr. Turnbull is quite correct the party is not Conservative. It is a party of Liberalism, once upon a time Classical Liberal, recently Right Liberalism, now moving to Left Liberalism while along the way having some genuinely Conservative moments. Mr. Turnbull thinks that Left Liberalism is the sensible centre of Australian politics, well there are only two words wrong with that!

But then to show how bad things are in Australian politics, two other Parties got on the bandwagon.

I first saw that Senator Cory Bernardi' from the Australian Conservatives had tweeted his thanks to the Prime Minister for pointing out that the Liberal Party was not Conservative. I then saw that  Senator Pauline Hanson from One Nation had put out a message "Confirmed, Malcolm Turnbull declares One Nation, Australia's largest Conservative party!", Conservatives seize on Malcolm Turnbulls centreright Liberal Party claim.

Both then used the occasion to invite Conservatives to join their respective parties. I'd love to, but.

Senator Bernardi seems to me to be a Classical Liberal, socially conservative but economically Liberal. And I'm still sadly not convinced about One Nation, it's much better on the National Question but it's not clear enough on the issue to get really excited about. They both seem Liberal lite in too many ways. I wish I was wrong, if I thought I was I would join and support one of them.

Senator Bernadi has said he supports halving Australia's immigration intake straight away, which is great!

He then spoiled it by saying that Sir Robert Menzies, the founder of the Liberal Party would today be a member of Australian Conservatives and not the Liberal Party. But here's the thing, Sir Robert named the Liberal Party the Liberal Party, he was a Classical Liberal and Classical Liberalism leads to the place we are now in. So having him as a member of your political party is a bad thing not a good thing.

It will be quite interesting to see how this plays out with a Liberal Government that has decided that it is a Left Liberal Government and that it is no different to the Labor Party on most issues.

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Tuesday 11 July 2017

The Fifty-Second Month

Well the last month has been terrible!

May was my best ever month with 7,655 visitors and in June I had 2,178 and it's all my fault. I haven't been posting as much as I normal do as there are renovations going on at my house and everything has been disrupted. Hopefully by the end of this week it will be finished so things will start getting back to normal.

My best day over the last month was the 4th July when I had 248 visitors, my worst day was the 22nd June when I had 34 visitors.

The United States, Australia and Russia have all reached milestones in the number of visitors since I started this blog, although the U.S. reached theirs a month ago.

United States

As always each month is from the 11th of one month to the 11th of the next month.


United States
United Kingdom

United States
United Kingdom

Russia, Ireland and the Netherlands are up.

Brazil is basically the same.

The United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada are all down.

Belgium is back in the top 10 and France has left.

I have also received visitors from the following countries: France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Lebanon, U.A.E., India, China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Morocco, Zambia, South Africa, Mauritius, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Ecuador

I hope to see you again.
Mark Moncrieff

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Wednesday 5 July 2017

Russell Kirk Fundraiser

Russell_Kirk is a very important figure in Traditional Conservatism. Maybe I should just let  Infogalactic tell the story.

"Russell Amos Kirk was an American political theoristmoralist, historian, social criticliterary critic, and fiction author known for his influence on 20th century American conservatism. His 1953 book, The Conservative Mind, gave shape to the amorphous post-World War II conservative movement. It traced the development of conservative thought in the Anglo-American tradition, giving special importance to the ideas of Edmund Burke. Kirk was also considered the chief proponent of traditionalist conservatism."

I must admit that he has had a big influence on myself and he has also been an inspiration to my thinking and writing. I do not agree with every one of his ideas but he was a deep thinker and he wasn't afraid of putting forward his ideas. He was also a real Conservative and not a Liberal hiding under the label of a Conservative which in it'self is quite refreshing.

Next year is the centenary of his birth and there is a plan to put up an Historical Mark to honour the occasion and of course the man himself. A Fundraiser is looking for money to pay for the Historical Marker, I plan to donate some money myself. But of course the more the merrier, I encourage anyone who has gotten any benefit from my writing to contribute and honour a great Conservative thinker.

You can find out more about Russell Kirk here:

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Sunday 2 July 2017

The Issue is Never the Issue

A few weeks ago I read something that has been playing around in my head ever since. The quote was this:

The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the destruction of Western Civilization.

Here is a truth so clear and profound I had to find out who wrote it, but instead I found out it is a misquote. The original is very interesting as well.

The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the Revolution.

Now here is a different take, the issue is never the issue is presented as a positive instead of as a negative, but the meaning is exactly the same, destruction. Destroying what exists today so that the Left can rebuilt it in their image. But what does "the issue is never the issue" mean?

It means that whatever issue the Left puts up as important, civil rights, homosexual marriage, anti-war, refugees, etc. it is merely a smoke screen for the real issue. The real issue is always the Revolution and the Revolution is always about the destruction of Western Civilization. Because they believe that once they have destroyed Western Civilization then they can build the world that they dream of, but that world will never be built because it is easier to destroy than it is to create.

If I may put an image into your mind, imagine a castle, tall and strong all in stone, now imagine someone on top of the tallest tower with a hammer and chisel. They chip away bit by bit by bit, if there are enough people and enough effort one day that castle will not be tall and strong. With enough people and enough effort the only thing left will be dust and pebbles. Once they have destroyed Western Civilization than they can build. But answer me this, what can you build with pebbles and dust?

The truth is that it is much easier to destroy than to create and that is all they can do, they can never build or rebuild anything. They love the thrill of destruction, that is why they love doing things that upset people. They love the reaction, they love knowing that they have power over people. Thats why they love to do things like this.

In The Lord of the Rings, King Theoden of Rohan asks the question "What can men do against such reckless hate", it's a good question. How do we defeat an enemy who's only purpose is to destroy?

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