Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Covid, Climate Change and Mass Immigration

The current hysteria isn't new, it seems new but in reality it's simply a higher plateau on the uplands of Liberalism. We have seen this before even though we haven't travelled quite this far. In each iteration we get the same crisis in which we must sacrifice ourselves for the greater good. But in which we only need to mouth platitudes and in which there is little personal sacrifice at all. The sacrifice is paid by the next generation. The generation that we are told we are doing this all for.  

The two world wars proved that people are prepared to sacrifice. It further proved that a crisis brings people together. Now we have real crisis and manufactured crisis, but we have to work out which is which by ourselves. You may have noticed before the current permanent crisis that we would have a new crisis every few months. It would become the most important topic in the world and then it would fade away. 

But I can't help thinking that the current permanent crisis, Covid, shares a lot in common with two other permanent crises, Mass Immigration and Climate Change. All share the idea that unless we support this we are holding back the future, that we are all in this together, when in reality it divides us. Further it is always about us the people giving up power and control and the government gaining more of both.

If you oppose mass immigration you are portrayed as someone who isn't a team player. The language that is legitimate in a real crisis is used as if this manufactured crisis was the real thing. This is for the good of the country, for the good of us all. Unless we have mass immigration then how will we be able to survive in the future?

Of course only one answer, their answer, is allowed. 

We see all of these arguments being used in support of the Covid crisis.  

Climate change also uses all of these arguments, but it adds a few of it's own. It isn't just the country that is at stake but the future of the entire planet. Every person on Earth is at risk, rich people and poor people. Even the poor animals, the coral reefs and don't forget the plants. This is a Catastrophe, a world ending event. Stop being selfish and help those who care end climate change!

Why is it that we cannot adapt to climate change?

That answer is never the correct one, no, the only answer allowed is their answer. Whereby the government gains more power at our expense.     

So much of the climate change argument is at odds with itself. Our level of technology and our consumer lifestyles are apparently to blame, but have you seen a decrease in advertisement to discourage this type of lifestyle?

Tariffs to stop imports?

You may however have noticed the hypocrisy of people living in big houses, driving big cars and travelling in big jet airliners, telling everyone else about how bad climate change is. How you need to make sacrifices, but for them it's more about being virtuous.

The contradictions are part of it's appeal, it divides the righteous from the unbelievers. This "affects everyone" is also a weapon of division.   

Now we come to Covid, just as we seem to think that things are starting to become sane, we find that insanity is the order of the day. The flu has largely disappeared and Covid has appeared. We are told that we need 70% of the population vaccinated. We are told that we need zero cases. We are told that lockdowns, masks and travel restrictions are all sane responses. But as with climate change and mass immigration, the contradictions are all part of the package. Who is on their side and who isn't?

The health threat is tiny for the total population, like all diseases there are people who are very much at risk and others who aren't. However common sense is not welcome. I have tried telling people that in Australia in 2019 an average of 434 people died everyday. Which means that we have suffered less than 3 days worth of deaths from Covid in 20 months. But these people aren't interested. They have chosen a side and it ain't our side, to be far it isn't even their side. But they chose it anyway.

None of these things are about the issue that they pretend to be about. They are all about finding out who is in and who is out. It's all about who is virtuous and who isn't. It's about dividing us so that we can be controlled while calling for unity. 

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Saturday, 11 September 2021

Numbers For The One Hundred and Second Month

The One Hundred And Second Month

United States
United Kingdom

The One Hundred and Second Month

 Here I go for the second time, I had to delete the first as things that were easy in the old interface are still impossible on the new. 

I had 2,440 visitors to the blog in the last thirty days. My best day was the 22nd August when I had 170 visitors, my worst day was the 8th September when I had 38.

I have been blogging for 8 1/2 years and at this time of year I give out the top 10 most read posts. This list is different from what is on the left of the front page, I believe the reason for that is that the list on the left is weighted towards more recent visitor numbers. While the list I will provide is not. Listed below are the top 12, the numbers in brackets are the number of times they have been clicked on.

(7139) What do Traditional Conservatives Believe?

(4525) Free Trade Versus Protectionism

(4236) What is More Important, the Past, the Present or the Future?

(4216) Why Don't the Poor Marry?

(3961) Why do Conservatives believe in different social classes?

(3452) If You Need To Lie

(3146) The Balanced Society

(2891) Feminism, Why we are not Feminists

(2717) The Problems of Monarchy

(2518) Housewives, Good for the Economy and Society

I will include the numbers for this month in a separate post.


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Thursday, 9 September 2021

From Freedom To Dystopia

A Dystopia is the opposite of a Utopia. Utopia means a perfect place or situation. A Dystopia is not simply something imperfect, because that's just normal life. Instead it means " A world characterized by human misery".

When I was growing up during the Cold War a Dystopia was something that existed in our worst imaginings of the Communist world. It also existed in books and movies. But we were free, we felt free, we felt that our system of government, while not perfect, protected us. Certainly there were prophets of doom. We listened and often agreed but at the same time we thought that we would know when it was coming into being and we would destroy it. 

Today it can be hard to understand how free we felt, how free we were. Not just free but prosperous. That meant that we had options and it felt like we had a smorgasbord to choose from. Over time that shrank, I saw it shrink. Even then it still seemed like it was temporary or localised. Soon things would return to normal. What also made it hard to adjust, to see what was happening was that it was so irregular. Just because it affected you did not mean that it affected your brother or your neighbour. Added to that was the extreme and increasing individualism, even if it did affect them you might not know about it. 

Inflation also meant that as we got poorer we felt richer, with more money in our pocket but it's buying power being less than it was. Inflation affected us in more ways then it seemed. Products costing the same but going down in size and/or quality. Then we had the deindustrialization of the West and free trade. The increase in competition for jobs with automation, mass immigration and women being expected to work outside of the home. We still had our rights, we still thought that we were free. I guess what we didn't realise was that that freedom was built upon particular things and that those things were vanishing. 

Things such as widespread prosperity, job security, having options. As they vanished so did our freedoms. 

But at the same time we willingly gave up our freedoms, in return for safety. Freedom often meant not being safe. Laws came in regarding seat belts, smoking, drink driving, cars, playgrounds, the list is long. To most people these things seems like a good trade off. Give up a tiny bit of freedom to keep people safe. Each law encouraged ever more laws. Each law destroying our freedom and increasing the authority of the government and it's agents, the police, courts, the tribunals. 

Men like risk, at least up to a point, but women like safety and as women gained prominence it wasn't a coincidence that safety became more and more important. Women did what is natural for women, they mothered. However children are not free, the idea is absurd, but adults are not children and as women mothered the world it became less free. Although I should point out that men brought in these laws, men voted for them and they continue to. There is amongst men the idea that if we give women what they want then women will be happy and in turn men will be happy. "Happy wife, happy life", unfortunately it is nonsense. 

Today we have Covid-19 restrictions, lockdowns, the mandatory wearing of masks, the dividing of society into the clean and the unclean, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Travel restrictions between countries, states and even limits on local travel, with curfews. We all ask how did we get here and how do we get out?

Because today we live in a dystopia. A world in which our freedoms can and are taken from us at will. A world in which the rules are changed at a whim. In which all of the major political parties support this. In which the peoples representatives do not represent us. We are now in the world of mirrors and the end is no where in sight.  

This didn't happen overnight, it has taken decades but here we are. In a place that we thought wasn't possible. Even for those of us who thought that things were going to get worse, few if any thought that it would be this quick or this deep. The thing that gets to me the most is how willing people are to accept the lies. How when those that reject the lies still go along with everything as if there are no lies. As if they have no power to change or even to challenge anything. 

Out of everything, the lack of courage is the worst of all.


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Saturday, 4 September 2021

The Sixth Lockdown

On Monday 16th August 2021 I found the following job ad, I leave this and the 5 reasons that we are allowed to leave our home in Victoria.


COVID Administration Manager

Northern Health


FIXED TERM until 31/12/2021 with the possibility to extend.


An exciting opportunity exists for an enthusiastic, experienced and highly motivated individual to manage our Administration Clerk – COVID 19 workforce at Northern Hospital Epping campus and join the team at Northern Health.   

The successful applicant will work closely with the Operations Manager, Administrative Workforce, Nurse Unit Manager, Project Manager COVID-19 Clinics & Entry Screening, Roster Manager, HIS Program Allocations Officers, Systems Administrator – CVMS and Data Support Officer – CVMS to provide appropriate administrative support and ensure smooth operations of all COVID areas.  


As the COVID Administration Manager you will be responsible for the supervision, support, training, recruitment of Administration Clerks-COVID 19 reporting to Health Information Services (HIS).  You will be required to ensure all the general clerical duties relating to the function of each area are completed efficiently and effectively. The role is multi-skilled and requires an in depth knowledge of all roles and responsibilities within the areas as well as the ability to manage a large team of staff.


To be successful in this role you will have:


  • Experience in managing a large number of staff;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Strong customer focus with a drive for continuous improvement;
  • Be process driven and able to document processes;
  • Proven ability to manage multiple areas and foster teamwork within those areas;
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary team;
  • Experience in training, recruitment and on boarding is preferable.

If you thought there was an end to this, it seems not!

Victoria's new rules explained

  • Curfew from 9pm to 5am everyday – this will be enforced from Monday at midnight. But the premier is asking for people to follow the rules from 9pm.
  • Exercise is to be done alone or with one other person. A husband and wife may go for a walk and if they have dependant children they can join, groups larger than that are not allowed.
  • No removal of masks to drink alcohol
  • Playgrounds, basketball courts, skate parks and exercise equipment will be closed from midnight
  • Restrictions on religious broadcasts – the same production crew must be used and you cannot have rotating crew members.
  • Permits for authorised work will be re-introduced

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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Everyone's a Liberal!

 I've written about this idea before, but I think it bears repeating in a post of it's own. Over the years I have encountered people who are intelligent, knowledgeable in many areas, even important, and extremely dedicated to Liberalism and it's values. But it became clear to me at some point that they didn't understand Liberalism, their view was of a general nature, it had never occurred to them to question or to look deeper. Which meant that it was pointless to continue, as you cannot reason someone out of a position that they never used reason to get to.

But I also encountered a second type of person, when confronted with the evils of Liberalism. With it's aims of destroying what exists today, our country, our society and our civilization, they agreed. They not only agreed but they smiled, they were even pleased that someone else understood. It didn't matter that I disagreed with them, what mattered was that so few understood and that I was one of those in the know.

But why would they be so pleased that someone who opposed them understood?

Because Liberals believe that everyone is either a Liberal or wants to be. That the only reason that they are not a Liberal is because they haven't heard the right argument and once they do then they will be converted. They believe that the arguments in favour of Liberalism are so good that no sane person can resist them. 

However that isn't true and it blinds them to the reality that while they are winning, they will never win. Liberalism will destroy itself well before then.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Feminism Meets The Law

Below are two videos which talk about Feminism, one in regards to false rape claims and the second is about how nonsensical many modern laws are. 'Massaging your wife is illegal' is about a particular law. One thing that was mentioned was a 6 member tribunal that was all female. I must say that I would find it hard to believe that an all male tribunal would have given such a verdict.

Feminism Meets The Law

 Massaging Your Wife Is Illegal

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Sunday, 22 August 2021

Communism and Liberalism

There is a rather strange idea that political philosophies are so distinct that they do not interact with each other. But of course they do, that does not mean that they are all the same thing. It does however mean that they can swap ideas and practices. 

Communism and Liberalism have a long history of conflict, the Cold War was fought between these two ideologies. But that hides the fact that for an even longer period, including during the Cold War, they have been linked. Passing ideas and members back and forth between each other. If you read about different Western personalities in the 20th Century, it is not unusual to find them moving between these two ideas. Often a biography will say something like 'they had a brief foray into Communism, but left after a short time' or that they knew prominent Communists. It is so common that it goes without comment. But it does demonstrate that these two rivals were not as far apart as they are often portrayed.

Both believe in changing the current world, that a better world awaits, that only they are capable of creating that better world, that what they believe is inevitable and that the end goal is not only to create a new and better world, but a new and better man. They share a radical view of the future. Certainly they have differences, things that they disagree about, but that should not hide the things that they have in common.

I have often noticed that former Communists keep more of their 'former' beliefs than they might realise. I recently read an article where the author said that there was no such thing as a former Communist. I wouldn't go that far, but the idea that we can just discard our old beliefs is harder then we think.

But also at work was an attempt by bother Communists and Liberals to subvert and recruit each other. To bring them to the 'true faith'. Which has meant over the past century that the two have exchanged ideas, the two have influenced each other. The Interwar years saw the two interact, the post war world saw Communist ideas move into Liberalism. Class warfare went from one to the other, the words were changed but the ideas are the same. Critical Race Theory was named in the 1980's but in reality it was a part of Liberalism from the 1950's. 

Race replaced Class, the idea that an exploiter class was replaced with the idea of an exploiter race, hence 'White privilege'. The exploited class is the future, just as today we are told that non-Whites are the future. These are all Communist ideas, but now firmly a part of Liberalism.

In turn meeting a real Communist is harder and harder, because they have been absorbed into Liberalism. Meeting someone who believes in the central control of the means of production is not common. Sure you might meet someone who tells you that they believe in Socialism, but then they go off about transgender rights. Because that is what they are really interested in, in other words they are interested in Liberalism. You also meet people who talk about 'The Revolution', the Communist revolution or the Liberal revolution?

 Communism certainly isn't dead, but it ain't in good health either.

Liberalism in turn now includes much of what was once Communism.


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Setting Up A Conservative Group

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Is Wokeism Anti-Liberal?

Over at DforDooms website he has posted the following:
Wokeism and Social Justice are not liberal ideologies. Quite the opposite. If liberalism is about having the freedom to make choices then Wokeism and Social Justice are very definitely not liberal.

Which at first sight seems like a reasonable statement to make, but I don't think it is. It is instead to confuse the part with the whole. 

Liberalism has always talked about choice and freedom, that people are held back by choices made by other people or by circumstances. People didn't have the freedom to become Protestants because the Catholic Church stopped them. Men couldn't have multiple partners because their marriage vows held them back. If people were freed from these constraints then they would be free to make their own choices. Freedom and choice were so interconnected that they were inseparable. 

Liberalism couldn't exist without these twins.

But that is to confuse aims with tactics, freedom and choice were not aims. The aim of Liberalism was to create a new man, one that was self made, unconnected to the past and therefore able to create his own future unrestrained. The question was how do you get there?

Freedom and choice were tactics or techniques, a way to turn one thing into another, not the objective itself. But it has been talked about for so long that people, Liberals and non-Liberals alike have taken it to be the aim. However Liberalism has always believed that secretly everyone is a Liberal. In their hearts they wouldn't be able to stop themselves from supporting Liberalism once they were exposed to it. They also believed that reality itself could be twisted into whatever shape they wanted. That both people and events were destined to be controlled by them.

In the real world people do support a lot of what Liberalism wants, but it is a rare person who supports everything. That leaves Liberalism with a big problem, how does it keep things advancing in the right direction?

It has come so far that many think that they can see the endpoint. That the perfect Liberal society is just over the horizon and that all they need is a supreme effort and then everything will be right with the world. But they keep encountering resistance, people who just are not on board. They also keep encountering reality, but like people they believe that they can overcome any resistance from reality. They looked for an answer to how to overcome this resistance and they have found the answer. A new tactic, a new technique. 


Liberalism has given people freedom and choice, why haven't they gotten on board?

Why are they still resisting?

How can any reasonable person resist the perfect society?

Evil people, bigoted people, religious and/or political fanatics, the reprobates. To clear up this resistance you cannot be nice or gentle. Freedom and choice has gone it's work. When all that are left are those who fight against a perfect world, then new tactics are required. Wokeism is not about freedom or choice, it is about following the program. It's about creating the new man, the Autonomous Individual, the perfect Liberal. That is why they celebrate Transgenderism. A new person, one that was self made, unconnected to the past and therefore able to create his own future unrestrained. 

It's not anti-Liberal, it's not a new Liberalism, it is the same old Liberalism doing what it has always done. Destroying the past and the future to create it's vision of the present.

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Sunday, 15 August 2021

"But It Wasn't Real Liberalism!'

 If your as old as me you remember the end of the Cold War and you remember how it seemed that everyone agreed that Communism had been tried and found wanting. A phrase thrown around at the time was that 'it had been consigned to the dustbin of history'. 

Then in the 1990's you might remember a new phrase started appearing about the demise of the Soviet Union and it's satellites. That what had happened there 'wasn't real Communism!' or even better 'real Communism has never been tried before!'. It was always presented as a definitive statement, the only reasonable, instead of the most insane, idea.

When Democracy fails the exact same thing will happen. 'But it wasn't real Democracy'. I have in fact already heard this about Ancient Athens because women, foreigners and slaves couldn't vote! 

You can hear the same thing said about South Africa before the end of Apartheid. 

When Capitalism fails we will also hear, ' but it wasn't real Capitalism!'. 

And When Liberalism fails we will hear it once again, we will even hear, ' but real Liberalism has never been tried before'.

The reason that these things can be said is because there is a grain of truth in these statement. All philosophies, including political ones, have general meanings, but once you begin to study them you find that there are many points of disagreement, even contradiction. That doesn't mean that the philosophy doesn't exist, it merely means that life is more complex then it is often portrayed. 

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Thursday, 12 August 2021

Vox Days New Website

Vox Day's blog has been made by Blogger as Author view only. Meaning that everyone who isn't Vox Day can't see it. It seems that he posted too much on the Coronavirus and he wasn't saying the correct things. But he knew that this was only a matter of time, so he prepared.

His new website is here:


On a related note, one of my videos on Youtube was taken down today. I had posted it on the 8th August as a recording. Originally it was posted back on the 3rd October 2020. Safe on Blogger but not on Youtube!

The Article in question:

Reality and the Corona Panic

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Democracy Is Dying

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

The One Hundred and First Month

This has been my best month ever!

But, why does there always have to be a but?

Because Blogger says I have had 15,000 visitors this month and 12,100 of them are from Sweden. I have visitors from Sweden, but not 12,000 of them. The next country is the US with 934 visitors. That's a big drop from 12,000 to 900 and I don't believe it for a minute. 

Strangely I have had days with big numbers where different articles have been clicked on. Are the bots becoming more sophisticated or is that real? 

I'm going to go with real. I'm still going to give out my most visited day, even though I don't believe it, because I don't know that I can trust any day. It is what it is I guess. My most visited day was the 25th July when I had 1,417 visitors. My worst day was the 19th July when I had 49 visitors. 


United States
United Kingdom
Myanmar (Burma)
New Zealand

Monday, 9 August 2021

Free Speech Versus Traditionalism

Should Traditionalists support free speech? 

Or should we oppose it?

Here we are presented with a classic false choice, with two extreme positions that we are informed that we 'must' choose between as no other options exist. But other options do exist, in fact there is an enormous amount of room between nothing is forbidden and everything is forbidden!

What makes this even more ridiculous is that free speech, the Liberal ideal that absolutely anything should be said, does not and has never existed. Speech, in all of it's forms, has always had limits put upon it. When I was growing up 'drop dead' was a more extreme version of 'get lost'. When I said that to someone on Facebook a few years ago I got a ban, they said it was encouraging suicide. No matter who you think is in the right, it does demonstrate that there are limits to speech. Just like there has always been.

What this means is that speech requires judgement, because something said in one place or to a particular person may not be suitable in another place or to a different person. Which is common sense. Time and place matter, so does context. What you say at home might not be acceptable in public. In fact nearly everything said in private would be fine. 

Nearly everything?

Conspiracy to commit a crime, is a crime. To be honest I'm happy with it being a crime. I think most people would be. It also shows that there are exceptions to every rule.   

What we put up with we get more of.

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Saturday, 31 July 2021

The End of History

At the end of the Cold War a famous essay was published in a magazine called The National Interest, it was 'The End of History?' by Francis Fukuyama. In 1992 he enlarged his essay into a book entitled 'The End History and the Last Man'. In his essay he wrote this:

What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of postwar history, but the end of history as such.... That is, the end point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.

The idea that history was ending was quite puzzling to most people, they didn't think that they were living at the end of history. Because to most people that strongly implies that the end of history means the end of the world and that means the end of our existence. To quote Infogalactic:

The phrase, 'the end of history' was first used by French philosopher and mathematician Antoine Augustin Cournot in 1861 "to refer to the end of the historical dynamic with the perfection of civil society".

I often write about Liberalism and the Autonomous Individual, the idea that the aim of Liberalism is to create the Autonomous Individual. A person who is self made, who can choose their own identity in every way, nothing is predetermined. We are born with a sex, an ethnicity, a race, with predetermined abilities, but that won't be true for the Autonomous Individual. They live at the End of History, a time were events still take place but all of the big important issues have been decided.

The most important is that Liberalism is the End of History, no other philosophy or ideology can replace it because it is, like the Autonomous Individual, the high point of human existence. This is Utopia by another name, no different to the Communist classless society or any other Utopia. The perfect society, run by a perfect system of government who rule over perfect people within a perfect economic system. 

If all this sounds like madness to you, then that's because you're still sane! 

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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

The Covid Scaredemic

Right from the start of Covid-19 we have all been treated to the Scaredemic. This is part of something that has has been going on for decades and each year it has gotten worse. The lack of perspective, the idea that everything is solvable and the retching up of apocalyptic language. The End Times, the End of History, the Apocalypse, whatever name you prefer, the end is nigh!

I first noticed this with the weather, just the normal weather reports. Every storm was the worst, everyone was worse than any before. We were constantly warned about how bad it was going to be. But in real life nearly everyone of those storms passed without death, injury or serious damage. Then came the next weather event and you had better brace yourself for the worst. Occasionally it was bad, as we all expect, but it was never the apocalypse. The hype of the newsroom has spread to the weather and now it is just how it is done. From politics to the weather to covid to, well everything, it seems that we cannot escape the hype. Sober reportage has gone the way of the dodo. 

With it has gone perspective, everything is the worst, the most extreme and maybe worst of all, history has ceased to exist. At each point we are denied perspective. Perspective being the ability to compare, but as each event is viewed in isolation and in the most extreme way, we cannot compare. That isolation is on purpose because it maintains the hype. We see this in politics, the media, business, each event is unique, isolated from other events, sometimes the worst since the end of the Cold War or WWII. Meaning that everything before that date is discounted. History ceasing to exist. 

Then we have the idea that everything is solvable, how often have you heard the phrase 'so this never happens again!'. As if it is within our power to stop evil, not some but all evil. That it is possible to eradicate it from existence. Here is a belief that we can be perfected, that it is possible and that it is desirable. But none of those things are true. Instead some problems are unsolvable and human perfectibility is neither possible nor desirable. 

The Covid Scaredemic has simply been a continence and an acceleration of past policy. With a lack of perspective, the idea that everything is solvable and the retching up of apocalyptic language.   

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Sunday, 25 July 2021

Shorthand Versus Longhand

Shorthand and longhand are forms of writing, longhand is normal writing where each word is written out. Shorthand is a way of writing quickly, for example to write down what someone is saying in a speech. But it is not like normal writing, it is more like a code. Today it is not used much, but only a few decades ago most secretaries were trained in it, as were journalists. Shorthand is also a phrase, which means give me the quick or short version.

In politics we often use shorthand as a way of quickly explaining things or as a way of assessing something. When everyone understands that it is shorthand then everything is fine, but too often shorthand becomes regarded as longhand. Reading in shorthand is hard as we are meant to read in longhand, but shorthand has it's place. Both in writing and in politics.

The JQ is an example of where shorthand can be useful. If someone doesn't know about the JQ you know they are a normie. It allows you to see quickly how much someone knows. It also allows you to find out if someone has gone too far in their thinking. When someone uses the JQ as longhand, as a way explain the entire way the world works, it loses any value that it had. Some things should stay as shorthand.

Although I notice the opposite problem with Feminism. Hardly anyone calls themselves a Feminist, yet most people support Feminism. Using shorthand here leads to much confusion. 

"Are you a Feminist?"

"No way, they are just man haters. I'm not like that!"

"So do you support women having professional jobs?"

"Of course!"

What they say and what they believe are two different things. That doesn't mean that shorthand doesn't work, but it does mean that shorthand has it's limitations just as it has it's uses.

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Australian Pride March

Sunday, 18 July 2021

The Fifth Lockdown

Victoria's Premier Dictator Dan has put the entire state under lockdown for at least 5 days because there are 16 cases of Covid-19 in Melbourne. Like every one of the past 4 lockdowns it was done with the bare minimum of notice, in this case about 15 hours. I have been opposed to each and every one of these lockdowns. Even in February 2020 it seemed overblown to me, but I was prepared to be proven wrong, which I have not been. Once again we are under house arrest by another name.

But I must confess that I am perplexed by all this, many things don't make sense. 

Why is it that people just keep putting up with it?

Why is it that so many want to hear lies?

Why is it that small business hasn't revolted?

How can Australia have a lower unemployment rate today then it did before Covid-19?

Why is it that the science and medical profession are going along with this?

Why is it that every profession and industry has gone along with it?

Economically all of this is being paid for with debt and the printing of money. Modern Monetary Policy says that the government cannot go bankrupt as it can create it's own money and it has the entire economy as it's reserve currency. In the past this has always failed, today we are told "it's different", but it ain't. Once confidence goes and the funny money that we are all living off is viewed for what it is, things get very bad. The question is when will that happen?

As Adam Smith said, there is a lot of ruin in a nation.

It seems like everyone is so complacent. Collectively it seems that we enjoy being told what to do and what to think. Which is a very feminine way of living. It seems that Feminism has had consequences that go beyond simply women having jobs. Our society doesn't want to rock the boat, instead it wants to blend in, no matter the cost. I notice nearly all women wear masks, even when it is not required. Although to say that this is confined to women would be wrong. Today men seem to be following the lead of women. Conform and do as the authority figures want.

I particularly think of how no professional groups have raised even the slightest concern with the lockdowns or Covid-19 restrictions. Not the Unions, not the Churches, not any of the professional organisations, not any of the Industry groups, all silent and compliant. Everyone it seems has lost all sense of proportion. 16 people being sick in a state is not a reason to put 5 million people under virtual house arrest. 

I did read another reason for the Covid-19 panic and that was Risk Management. Since the 1980's everything has gotten more and more managed and controlled. The idea behind risk management is to minimise risk and then to eliminate risk. To make everything perfectly safe, which is an insane standard. In reality what it has meant is that risk is feared by management. So it spreads that fear to everyone else. Be afraid, be very afraid... of everything! 

I don't often quote FDR but, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

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Thursday, 15 July 2021

Link Love XIV

Using Roman numerals seemed like a good idea when there won't so many of these, but now it's up to 14 I'm not as sure as I once was. Anyway, recently I've read some really great articles and I wanted to share them with you all. 

This one is from the Zman, it is both an article and an hour long podcast, you can do one or the other, or you can follow my lead and do both. The theme here is that "Wokeness" is a new religion. I'm not sure how I feel about this one, 60% yes, 40% no. However I also think that this idea is a good starting point to working out what is going on in the enemies head.

The New Religion

The Left like to talk about how they are on the right side of history, but they have flaws that don't help them achieve their goals. 

The Myth Of Progressivisms Shiny Future

A short article on why man is not God.

Mans Creatureliness 

Here is another article about what is in the enemies head. The meat of the article starts about a third of the way in, although I found the entire article of interest.

The Left And Sex

A retired College lecturer writes here about how the constant push left affected his career and conduct. What he doesn't understand is that he was part of the very problem he complains about, but still an interesting article.

How All My Politically Correct Bones Were Broken

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Upon Hope Blog - A Traditionalist Future

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Dress Codes And Conservatism