Sunday 28 March 2021

How Liberalism Will End

In our minds eye we see the end of Liberalism coming about because of it's insanity, or because of people seeing the light and accepting our arguments.  If history is any guide, Liberalism will end when the money runs out or if there is a major war. Currently my bet is on the money running out.

All of the important revolutions have come about because the government ran out of money and with that, political capital. In 2020 the US printed 25% of all US currency that has ever been printed!

How long can it be before governments start running out of money?

And political capital?

Around 80% of international trade is conducted in US currency. 

When you read about revolutions it's always about how tyrannical the government was, how bankrupt their ideas were, how people yearned to be free. What they rarely talk about is how financially bankrupt they were. This creeps up on a government, bit by bit it's options and credibility fade away. Until it is forced to ask for help. If it is far enough down, then it will be forced even further down until it ceases to exist.  

That doesn't mean that we win, it means whoever is ready will take over. Are we ready?

The short answer is no.

When Liberalism stumbles we need to be ready!

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Sunday 21 March 2021

The Modern Liberal Economy

Looking at economics I have noticed that the economy that we are told we live under is not the same thing as the economy that we actually live under. We are told that we live under a Liberal economy, one that prizes free enterprise. Often it is portrayed as if we live under a Laisse-Faire economy, except that there are a few minor rules that must be followed. But that is not the case at all. Instead we live under a hybrid economic system, a combination of Socialism, Keynesian Economics and Monetary Policy. 

Lets briefly look at each in turn.

Socialism is the idea that the economy should be controlled or managed at some level. While it shares many attributes with Communism, the difference is that Socialist normally believe that Socialism can exist whatever the form of government. The second major idea is that wealth should not be concentrated but should instead be redistributed so that there are no extremes of wealth or poverty.  

Keynesian Economics was started by John Maynard Keynes in the 1930's and it was supposed to be the answer to the great depression of that decade. It said that the government should create demand when the private sector was either unable or unwilling to provide demand. Demand meaning economic activity. Without demand, unemployment would rise with all it's attendant social and economic costs. 

Monetary Policy has been around a long time but it only really became influential from the 1960's onward. The basic idea is that the government controls the supply of money so it can borrow or print what it requires and it should do exactly that. Modern Western economies can avoid the old problem of inflation because they have so many checks and balances. These checks and balances mean that debt needs to be so extreme that the entire country would need to default for the policy to fail, Before that happens any number of measures can be made to stop it from happening.

It's hard for many people to accept that we have a Socialist economy, however hardly any government does not try to control the economy and in fact many people insist that the economy be controlled by the government. Hardly any of these people would think of themselves as Socialists. Hardly any of us want old age pensions or unemployment benefits to end, we approve of the redistribution of wealth. But we have mixed feelings about the growth of the government. Keynesian economics was designed in large part to create full employment. Joining Socialism with Keynesianism helped to create and spread big government. In time it came to see  full employment as too hard a task. So that was quietly abandoned and in it's place emerged mass unemployment, which satisfied demand. To administrate the unemployed required a large number of government workers. Most of whom were middle class, they required education up to University and that created more well paying jobs for the middle class. The unemployed existed to create government jobs, that was also true of all other social programs. 

But Socialism also existed in Business and what I call World Socialism, which were related. Business Socialism was there to look after business. The dirty secret of business is that it claims to love competition but in reality it hated competition, it wants to have a stead income that is protected. That could be and was provided, primarily for big business. Regulations were used to protect big business from competition. Sure they had top pay a price but it was a price that they were always prepared to pay. 

The third leg of this Socialism was World Socialism, which was a part, a big part, of the Globalism push. Fifty years ago China and the Chinese were poor. Poverty in China was a given. Today we find it hard to think of poverty existing in China, it does of course, but most of China is no longer poor. Only the United States has more millionaires, which makes sense as it's economy is also the second largest. This is a massive transfer of wealth, an important part of Socialism. A transfer from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries. Through the transfer of factories, expertise and intellectual properties. 

Democracy survives by bribing us with our own money. This transfer was no different, we got to buy cheaper goods and services. Cheap in the short term, but extremely expensive in the long term and all fuelled by debt. From the 1980's Monetary policy became a big part of the economy. Economic activity would be advanced through easy credit, credit cards, loans, both private and public. Debt would provide the lubrication to stop friction from developing within the economy. Debt meant that no one had to miss out.

It also meant that when the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2007 that Keynesian economics could only be paid for by printing money. Governments around the world created stimulus packages under one name or another, all designed to create demand and to keep the economy floating. Monetary policy kept debt high, inflation and interest rates low and the money printers in overdrive. Today more than a decade on we have a quiet inflation at work. It is not very apparent in everyday prices. Unless you want to buy a house or shares or anything that is connected to the financial economy, then you find that everything looks risky. Increasingly it is becoming harder to trust any investment class, everything is doing well. Which is both suspicious and dangerous. 

In the past few decades those in charge have managed to pull rabbit after rabbit out of a hat, how many rabbits are still in that hat?

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Monday 15 March 2021

No Welcome To Country

 Over the past decade in Australia a particular form of address has become popular at all kinds of events, the Welcome to Country. It is portrayed as being a celebration of Aboriginal connection to the land and it goes something like this.

"We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the (Aboriginal tribe) and their elders"

Until the 1970's this address did not exist at all and until the past decade or so was virtually unknown to most people. That is no longer the case as this address is now said in schools, at government meetings, in business conferences, on TV and at all kinds of festivals, even at commemoration ceremonies. I went to the Shrine of Remembrance to hear a lecture and the first words spoken were this. I attended a dinner of a Loyalist organisation and they had this. 

The exact length changes, certain words change such as "owners" sometimes it will be Guardians or Custodians. Traditional Aboriginal people do not own land, the land is their mother and they owe an obligation to take care of their mother. But it exposes the hollowness of this "acknowledgement", it is an invented tradition and the lie is put about that this helps to heal the rift that exists between mainstream Australia and Aborigines. Of course it does no such thing because it's not designed to do that at all. It is designed to put about the idea that "this is Aboriginal land, always was and always will be". A chant of the Left that does nothing to heal any divisions. 

Aborigines are being used to spread the idea that this country is illegitimate, that it was stolen. Sound familiar?

Yes it is familiar isn't it, the same old lie told around the world and people fall for it. Each time I have had the disgusting experience of hearing it the crowd sits in silence, like stunned mullets. Each time it fills me with disgust and anger. What's going through everyone else's heads?

As far as I can tell the days when Australians actually had a backbone are gone, it seems to me that no one complains and everyone just buckles under. Although looking overseas I see exactly the same thing. 

The truth is that I never need to be welcomed to my own country...actually no one does!

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Saturday 13 March 2021

Happy Eighth Birthday Upon Hope!

The past week has been so bad that I forgot that it is the eighth birthday of the blog!

Better two days late then never I guess. The past year has been a fairly normal year in blogging with ups and downs. I'm slightly down on this year compared to last, making this the second best year on the blog. My best month was February 2021 when I received 5921 visitors, with my worst being December 2020 when I received 2834 visitors. 

I have had 292,845 visitors to the blog in the past eight years. 

2014 15,000 visitors
2015 20,000 visitors
2016 30,000 visitors
2017 38,000 visitors
2018 44,000 visitors
2019 43,000 visitors
2020 52,000 visitors

2021 50,000 visitors

I am also doing the Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast with something going up each day, which also go up on Podbean. 

My thanks to all my Subscribestars, I greatly appreciate your support, I've started putting up most new articles over on Subscribestar first as a way of supporting those who support me. 

My most clicked on article is the ever popular What Do Traditional Conservatives Believe? which has been clicked on 6,757 times. My least clicked on article is Political Fashion which has been clicked on 42 times.

Over the past year the number of Americans has gone up to 42%, my Australian visitors are also up to around 17%, which leaves the rest of the world at 41%. In the next two months I should reach a total of 300,000 visitors.

Below are the top 10 articles that have been clicked on with the number of visitors each has received.

6757 What Do Traditional Conservatives Believe?

3966 Free-Trade Versus Protectionism

3804 Why Don't The Poor Marry?

3795 What Is More Important, The Past, Present Or The Future?

3540 Why Do Conservatives Believe In Different Social Classes

2874 The Balanced Society

2751 If You Need To Lie

2662 Feminism, Why We Are Not Feminists

2483 The Problems Of Monarchy

2361 Housewives, Good For The Economy And Society

The list will be different to the list on the left as I believe that they are weighted towards more recent clicks.

Top referring URLs

Here is the list of where and how many people have been to this site over the past seven years.

United States
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Thank you for reading the blog and I hope that thing keep heading upwards!

Mark Moncrieff

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Happy Seventh Birthday Upon Hope!

Thursday 11 March 2021

The Ninety-Sixth Month

This past month has been good, 5990 visitors, although I am suspicious of how many I have received from Sweden. Like last month it is abnormally high, with large numbers appearing and leaving at the same time. I do get Swedish visitors but normally in more modest numbers. In the past I have had other countries do this and I do not know why.

My best day was the 9th March when I received 787 visitors, my worst day was the 25th February when I had only 44 visitors. 

United States
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
South Africa

Monday 8 March 2021

February 2021 Podcasts

I must get better at putting these out, but this past week has been a strange one. I have been distracted and I have not got as much done as I should have done. 

For those who have missed them here are the four podcasts that I put out in February. Two with David Hiscox from and one with Mark Richardson from and then one by myself.

These can also be listed to on Podbean:

Facebook with David Hiscox

The Covid Ride Never Ends

BLM, The Ideas Behind Them with Mark Richardson

David Hiscox Returns!

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Wednesday 3 March 2021

Approved Rebels

 Have you noticed that we often get quite outlandish ideas pushed upon us and that the government hardly ever appears to notice them?

It goes on as if this outlandish idea has never been presented at all. Take Drag Queen Story Hour as an example. It's outrageous that men dressed as women should be invited to public libraries to read to preschool aged children. But we live in an age where that occurs and the government takes no action to stop it and at least publicly no action to encourage it. Maybe behind the scenes one or both happen, maybe, but publicly nothing. 

Why aren't these things raised in Parliament?

Or asked in interviews or press conferences?

Why do these public issues remain undiscussed?

Because these actions are approved, the people who believe themselves to be rebels fighting to overthrow or resist the system are working in support of that system. They achieve results, or at least publicity, because they are fighting against no official resistance. In other words they are pushing against an open door. That door has been left open on purpose.  

Being approved rebels means that they escape most scrutiny as those who's job it is to scrutinize look the other way. The government, both the bureaucracy and elected officials, the media, the law, often but not always the police. Behind all of this is a philosophy, Liberalism, which is a logic and once a person has accepted the logic of Liberalism, often the next move is implicitly understood. The path forward is approved of by people who have accepted that logic. They often don't need to be told as it is so obvious that they can work it out themselves. 

This also means that not only do they support it but that they defend it. One of the best ways to defend something is to make it appear to be inevitable. Why would anyone question something that was inevitable?

So don't question, just accept it, this inevitable thing that in reality is nothing of the sort. So that means no questions, or if you must soft questions that can be ignored. It also often means no legal consequences and if there are, soft sentences. It means good publicity or no publicity if it cannot be shown in a good enough light. 

But these approved rebels appear everywhere, politicians who are instantly everywhere, activists who you just can't avoid, causes that arrive one day seemingly out of the blue. All approved rebels, fighting against the system that supports and rewards them!

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