Sunday 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas From the Terror Capital of Australia

Merry Christmas from Melbourne, Australia where today there was supposed to be a terrorist attack. Fortunately the would be Terrorists were very vocal about their desire and they have been arrested. Their plan was to set off a bomb in Federation Square and to gun down people at Flinders Street Railway Station and at St. Pauls Anglican Cathedral, all three are located on the same busy crossroad. Federation Square is where the first of the Reclaim Australia Rallies were held in 2015.  

Once again we have been told by our worthless Politicians to go about our business without a care in the world, but what they really want us to do is to go about without a thought in our head. They want us to pretend that the Multicultural society that they have forced upon us isn't failing right before our eyes. These latest bring the total to 80 that are currently in Victorian prisons on Terrorism related charges, yes they are all Muslims. And our Politicians are so so very proud of how successfully they have created a peaceful Multicultural society, but like everything Liberalism says it is simply another lie.

The only reason 80 of them sit in jail is because they have big mouths and we have been very lucky, how long will it be before we get our own Berlin moment?

Last week we had an African try to set a Service Station on fire, this is the link to a news report on Facebook with footage of him trying to set petrol on fire. Fortunately a Tradesmen saw what he was doing and used a fire extinguisher to drive him away. The Tradesmen then went to three Police stations to report it, at the first two he was hold they didn't have the staff to deal with it and at the third he was told that they had better things to do with their time. Please look at the news report, it's about 2 minutes long. Police are not investigating the incident because no property was damaged!

While not in Melbourne the Australian Christian Lobby had a van filled with gas cylinders driven into their building in Canberra last week. Fortunately it was at night and while the building suffered damage no one except the man who set the gas cylinders on fire was injured. All we have been told is that the man is 35 years old, an Australian national and he was seriously burned in the explosion that he set off. However the Police insist that it was not religiously, politically or ideologically motivated. Here we have another man with no name, no race, no religion and no motivation carrying out a terrorist act that the Authorities insist isn't Terrorism.

The Liberal and Labor parties are parties of treason, they have created this problem without our approval or consent. This is their problem, created by them and maintained by them. They insist that all they want is for everyone to live in peace, because all of human history is a seemingly endless list of people being unable to live in peace but no they insist that this time it will work. They have not done any of this for our benefit, they have not done any of this for our Nations benefit, they have done it for their own ideological belief, they did it because they believe in Liberalism. They are traitors and the soon we get rid of them the safer we will be!

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Thursday 22 December 2016

How Do Dictators Stay in Power?

We have all wondered how can countries like North Korea or Zimbabwe continue, but they do continue. We wonder why don't people overthrow these Governments? Well there is a constant pattern that is used by these Governments that keep them in power and here I will show those patterns, or at least some of them.

The most obvious method is of course repression. To use killing, torture and imprisonment to punish those who oppose the Government and to make others keep doing what they are told by using this as a threat. Now executions and imprisonment are not only used by Dictatorships, But the difference is that the purpose of these things in a Dictatorship is to protect the Dictatorship. Justice, punishment or rehabilitation are not important, the protection of the Dictatorship is important. But a Government that relies on repression along won't survive any serious challenge.

What a Dictatorship really needs is supporters, but who would support a Dictator? Well it has to be understood that Dictatorships exist for a reason, they do not exist in a vacuum. They exist because that nation is in crisis, societal, economic, political and possibly militarily. And that crisis has made all other forms of Government, at least for a time, illegitimate. Because Governments must work, they must function and the Dictatorship is at this time the only form of Government that functions. When it ceases to function it will collapse, but until it does it is the only thing that keeps away anarchy.

So how does a Dictatorship get supporters? It's quite simple really, it chooses a small part of the population to support it, not too small or it cannot survive a crisis, but not too big or it will not be able to support it's supporters. So lets pretend that I am the Dictator of Britain, I need to pick a group who I can rely on when times are bad. I might pick a religious group, or a political group or an Ethnic group. If I pick too small a group I just won't have enough support, but I can't pick too big a group because I won't be able to look after them. I've decided that the ideal group are the Welsh. There are millions of them so I have a large pool to recruit from for all kinds of Government jobs. But they are only about 10% of the total population so I can look after them.

Now I don't completely neglect the other groups, I still need supporters from Northern Ireland and Scotland and England but not too many. It's particularly important that I have some people from these groups in my inner circle. That way I can always use them to show how much I care and to try and show that I don't favour the Welsh alone.

A Dictatorship exists because the nation is in crisis, some Dictatorships evolve over time and try to solve the crisis they have found themselves in, South Korea is an excellent example of that. Most try to at least keep things as good as they are, things might get better or worse but they try to keep them on an even keel. But others become a Kleptocracy, a form of Government were by corruption and theft is the main reason the Government exists or they become Failed State's. Governments who are either unable or unwilling to keep things on an even keel.

These type of States slowly get worse over time, because they promote people based on their loyalty to the Government not on their competence. So slowly, any competence that existed dies out. Now the Government must survive by looting it's own people. So let us suppose that I am that kind of Dictator, Britain is fast becoming a Failed State and I'm responsible, how do I remain in Government?

Well firstly I make sure that the police, both official and secret and the Armed Forces are loyal and taken care of, I need them. Secondly I take care of my chosen people, the Welsh. I make sure that those who are not my chosen people bare any burdens that arise. I want movable goods, cars, jewelry, anything that is of value that I can transfer to the Welsh. Now it's not important that these things be given out to all of the Welsh, only those who I think are loyal. Loyalty is most important. They get priority when trains are in short supply or electricity, they always get priority. It is important that there is one segment of the population who know that they owe everything they have to me. That way if something should happen to me or even threatens me there is a group of people who will always rally to support me. When that support runs out my Dictatorship is over, it's my job to make sure it doesn't run out.

I am not of course the Dictator of Britain, the only place my tyranny reigns is here on this blog. Dictatorships don't exist in a vacuum and each has it's own unique features but they also share common traits. I hope that here I have given some insight into why Dictatorships exist and how they manage to survive.

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Monday 19 December 2016

Why Race Will Become More Important Not Less

I hope my readers don't think I'm becoming a one trick pony, but I want to highlight something that many people think isn't important. Namely that we can ignore Race, but as time goes on it will become a bigger and bigger issue and I want to show why that will come about.

But to do this I must cover some ground I've covered before, Class Struggle. Now I've written on this at least four times before:

The Paradoxes of Anti-Racism

The White Civil War

From Class Warfare to White Genocide

Why Are Whites Always to Blame?

So why write about it again?

In short because people seem determined to pretend that Race will just vanish, but the Left won't allow that to happen and they won't allow that to happen because they believe in a Conspiracy Theory and it starts with Class Struggle. So what is Class Struggle (also called Class Warfare)? Class Struggle comes from Communism and it is a Conspiracy Theory, in fact one of the greatest of Conspiracy Theories. It divides everyone in the world into two groups or classes. One Class, the Oppressor Class gets rich by exploiting the other Class, the Oppressed Class. There are two important things to remember about Class Struggle:

1. No one is innocent or neutral, if you are not being exploited then you are an exploiter.

2. It is a theory based on envy and revenge. the reason I am not rich is because you are, you are rich because you have exploited me, you deserve everything you get. There is no such thing as an honest days work for an honest days pay, every workplace is poisoned with the idea that work is exploitation.

But this idea didn't just stay within Communism, it spread, because it's such a simple and therefore a seductive idea, that everyone in the world is either innocent or guilty. And of course your never guilty, it's always someone else who is guilty and the problems of the world can be both understood and solved. Someone is to blame and once they are removed from power then the problems that plague the world will also vanish.

For the Communists the enemy were the Rich.

For the Nazi's the enemy were the Jews.

For Feminist's the enemy were Men.

For Liberals the enemy were White's.

In each case there is one clear enemy (the Oppressor) which both explains why there is so much wrong with the world and at the same time gives a solution. Once the "Oppressor" is destroyed then the "Exploited" will be free. But in each case there must be great destruction to achieve these goals. But the cost will primarily be borne by others not by them so that is quite acceptable.

We can see the destruction caused by Communism and Nazism clearly. But many fail to see the destruction caused by Feminism and Liberalism, they think any destruction caused was either a good thing because it stopped extremism or that it was extreme in itself but that it has learnt from it. But there can be no advance without destruction. Men must be held accountable for Feminism's failures. If men would just give up everything when Feminism wanted then Feminism would work. But instead men stop Feminism from succeeding, men are the enemy.

Liberalism believes in the Autonomous Individual, that every person should be free from social restraint. Along the way it has decided that Ethnicity and Race are problems because people cannot decide these things for themselves, therefore they must be destroyed. Liberalism exists in the Western world, in White countries, so it is here that they set out to do their damage. Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism, Diversity are all about destroying Whites as a distinct people.

An excellent example is shown here Were meant to listen to this guy? Here a Professor writes on Twitter that "We should commit mass suicide", meaning that Whites should commit mass suicide. So here we have someone who believes in "White Privilege", in the idea that Whites are "Oppressors" and this idea is spreading throughout the Left and you can be certain into the Universities and into Government and the Courts.

Race, like sexism is going to become a bigger and bigger issue, because the Left cannot push it's agenda without it. And every time we retreat so as to look "respectable" we lose because we give everyone the idea that we cannot defend ourselves because our ideas are indefensible. It is time to stop being moral cowards and to start fighting. It is time to understand that the people that we fight are not simply wrong they are evil.

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Monday 12 December 2016

The Forty-Fifth Month

I have had another great month, last month was my third best ever, this last month topped it to be the new third best month ever!

I have had some great support this month, Sanne at A Thrifty Homemaker gave me three links which I much appreciated. As well as links from Another Politically Incorrect Blog and Oz Conservative.

In November I had 3644 visitors, my best day was the 7th December when I had 234 visitors and my worst day was the 24th November when I had 43 visitors. I'm really happy with those numbers and this month seems quite good so far.

Australia is back in second stop, my number of visitors from Australia went down and my numbers from the United States went up, it's as if everyone sensed an imbalance in the Force and decided to correct it!

United States
United Kingdom

United States
United Kingdom
Saudi Arabia

The United States is back over 1000 again and Russia has come back in the last few days in a big way. Canada has tripled and the Netherlands is higher.

Australia is down but still much higher than two months ago and the United Kingdom is down. France and Germany have really fallen in numbers and India has only just made it into the top 10.

The Netherlands is basically the same and Saudi Arabia has left the top 10.

I have also received visitors from the following countries: Belgium, Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia (FYROM), Bulgaria, Moldova, the Ukraine, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Israel, U.A.E., China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand, Aruba, Brazil, 

I thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.
Mark Moncrieff

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Wednesday 7 December 2016

Living Within Our Means

It always amazes me that the idea that both we and our Governments should live within our means is controversial. But I was reminded recently that it is, that many people find it very difficult to separate what is, from what could be or even what should be. So what do I mean by "living within our means"?

I mean that debt is bad, that sometimes we have no choice but to go into debt but that when we do have a choice we should choose not to be in debt. Because in many cases we do have a choice. Let me give you an example. You like camping but you've decided you want to do it in abit more comfort so you start looking at caravans. You find the perfect caravan for your needs and it costs $16,000. Now for some that is way too much money, it might be perfect but it is out of reach. But lets assume that you do decide to purchase this caravan, do you save for it or do you use credit to pay for it?

If you decided it was too much and did not buy the caravan you are living within your means.

If you decide to save up and only purchase it when you have saved the money, you are also living within your means.

If you decide to use credit to buy the caravan you have put yourself into debt. It would be very hard to pay back anything less than 10% of the purchase price. Right there is $1,600 that you could have used on anything you like, but instead it goes to a finance company. You are living beyond your means.  

A caravan might be a nice thing to own but it is really a necessity. But lets assume that you have lost your home in a natural disaster. You need somewhere to live and urgently. That same $16,000 caravan bought on credit is now a need not a want. You need it to live in and that comes back to what I wrote above, sometimes we have no choice but to go into debt. It is important to make a difference between need and want.

Now when I say debt is bad people always bring up houses, I'm not a fan of the real estate market but it is true that is how most people buy their home. But houses are different to nearly every other thing that you can buy, most things are less than your yearly income but a house will rarely fit into that category. So buying a house is something that most people will need to go into debt to buy and there is really no way around that. But a house does fall into the need category so in most cases that debt is acceptable. However if you buy a house that you can only afford because interest rates are low or for some other artificial reason then the really is that this is beyond your means, it is bad debt.

The Government should operate much the same, it should live within it's means. Now there is a genuine reason for Governments to borrow money. It has expenses that need to be paid regularly but it's income does not arrive with the same regularity. So to cover the gap it borrows  money to cover this cost. However in most cases there is very little that is too expensive for a Government to buy. If it needs new dams or airports, if it needs to repair bridges or a railway fleet. These things are expensive but they are not so much that Governments really need to borrow money to pay for them. It is however how those things are paid for now and in the past. But when you think about it it becomes a very expensive way of doing business. Lets say a Government wants to build a dam and it will cost $16,000,000, if it saved up and paid for it there would be little addition cost. If it decides to borrow the money as they so often do then we end up paying interest on that money. Money paid on interest should instead be spend on other things but instead it goes towards paying for something we already have. That bridge will end up costing alot more than $16,000,000 in the end, thats alot of dead money.

Government can and should save to buy things, they should rarely be in debt. War is one of the rare things that normal Government revenue cannot pay for. In that case or in other extreme emergencies then of course Governments should go into debt. But in normal years Governments should have money in the bank, they should not be borrowing money. And the same goes for you and I. Debt is bad, we should all try to live within our means!

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Friday 2 December 2016

Race Versus Ideology

Since President elect Trumps election there has been a bit of a push back by some Conservatives against the idea that Race is important. Over at Another Politically Incorrect Blog the blogger DforDoom, who frequently comments here, has put up at least two posts saying that Ideology is more important than Race, Trumps Victory and White Nationalism & The Alt-Right, Pro and Con. On Facebook I belong to a closed Traditional Conservative group and the exact same issue has arisen, as it has on a few other sites I look in on.

Over at Oz Conservative, Mr. Richardson has in the last month written three posts about how Whites are threatened and thought of by the Left. Feminist Professor On White Men, Whiteness Is Like & Kelloggs Pumps $75,000,000 To Radical Left. It seems that Whites are controversial!

But I believe that both Race and Ideology are important, not just one and I am totally against rejecting one to support the other.

I'm White, why would I be against that? I know the Left in all their guise's are against it, but I am not. I reject totally their Ideology that Whites are to blame for the wrongs of the world and that we have to pay for it. Mass Immigration, Multiculturalism, Diversity, I reject them all. I reject them because they seek to destroy my Family, Ethnicity and Race. Or to put it another way, my Family, my larger Family and my enormous Family because all three are the same thing writ large. 

I have seen it written that Ideology is more important than Race because what Conservative wants an Atheist Marxist simply because he's White. No in this idea it would be better if they were not White but Conservative. But I have a serious problem with this. An Atheist can become devout, a Marxist can have a political awakening and become Conservative. You don't have to travel far in Conservative circles to see examples of either. But a man of another Race can never be White anymore than a White man can cease to be White. Your Ideology can change but your Race never can.

You should be loyal to your Race, you should be loyal to your Ethnicity, you should be loyal to your Family and you should be loyal to yourself. If Ideology is more important than Race, then how are you different to the Left?

I feel that too many Conservatives have taken on board the ideas of the Left, that Race is polluted, a perverted idea, but Race is not an idea it is a reality. One of the Lefts favourite tactics is to pretend that if you are positive about being White then you must hate other Races. What they are trying to say is that if George says "I loves being White" that must mean that he is a racist, but if George told you he loves his Wife, would you think "Ohhh no George hates every women who isn't his wife". No of course you wouldn't, but there is no difference between the two things George has said, both times he told you he loves, not that he hates. Stop thinking like the Left and saying that one must mean the other, it's rubbish.

As for Ideology, if I wanted to live surrounded by Leftists I could move to that suburb today, I really don't want too. But I don't want to live in my current suburb right now either. The one filled with Foreigners who share practically nothing with me. We have no shared culture or history. I do share those things with White Leftists. But I do not like or approve of their ideas regarding, well nearly everything. I'm not willing to comprise on either my Race or my Ideology. 

Asia for Asians
Africa for Africans 
White countries for Everyone!

No way.

White countries for Whites!

Because Race matters.

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