Friday 31 July 2020

Conservatism Versus Traditionalism

Practically every Traditionalist started their political life as a Conservative. But what we come to understand is that the term Conservative is a confusing one as it has multiple meanings.

1. It is an outlook, a temperament

2. It signifies someone who is political and who is to the Right of centre

3. It signifies someone who is a Right Liberal 

These things are not the same, in fact some are mutually exclusive, strangely they can still overlap. It gives the impression that Conservatism can be very powerful, but it makes the common mistake of putting all of these people together. In reality of the three groups:

1. These people are not political so they are not of much practical use

2. These people think of themselves as Conservatives but they still tend to hold onto one/two/three Liberal ideas without even realising it. All people are equal, civic nationalism, Feminism, etc.

3. These people are full on Liberals, who might hold on to a few non Liberal ideas

We might be able to recruit from 1., but only if they are prepared to start thinking politically. That doesn't mean we don't need to appeal to them we do, but not if it costs us. Our aim with them is to move the Overton Window, so that they can passively support us. We need this group to write letters to the editor, argue at parties and to talk amongst their friends and in the workplace on our behalf. To normalise our ideas and to make them seem like everyday common sense thinking. Nothing scary or radical at all. We also need this group to make sure we do not become scary or radical. 

The group we can recruit from are 2., these people can be persuaded through logic and reason. But remember how hard it has been for you (and me) to reject the programming that we are all subjected to. It is a step by step process that people can only move along at the pace that they are comfortable with. By comfortable, I mean the path that causes them the least pain. Once you have reached a certain point, or to put it another way once you have taken the red pill, then forward is the least painful route. We need to be there to help guide them. 

Group 3. are our enemies and we need to never forget that. We can still ally with these people for particular campaigns and we should. But we should never be surprised that they are not really on our side in the long term.

Conservatism has a long history of failing and it fails for three particular reasons. Firstly it is divided against itself and it doesn't realise this. Secondly you cannot ask Liberals to defeat Liberalism and expect any successful outcome, that is exactly what has been happening for far too long. Thirdly, it doesn't have an endpoint, there is no goal to work towards. Every other political philosophy has an endpoint, it is working towards a goal. Which means that it has a logic, a logical progression that every adherent can follow and work towards.

If Traditionalism is to have a future it needs an endgoal, it needs to become a logic that everyone who supports it can work towards. Unlike the other political philosophies it cannot be Utopian. Utopianism is a false God that promises something that can only lead to disaster. Traditionalism needs to be about balance not perfection. Our endgoal cannot be an endpoint because even in the best of all possible Traditionalist worlds perfection will not exist. As we understand that it cannot exist. 

Of all of the political philosophies Traditionalism is the only one that believes in the future, it is the only one who believes that there will be a future. That's a pretty big trump card!

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Thursday 30 July 2020

Where To Traditionalism?

Lets start with my journey.

In the late 1980's, when I was in my late teens, I was a Conservative. I rejected Feminism and Immigration, but I accepted a lot of mainstream ideas. But I also knew that things were going to get worse as there was no real opposition to the Left and I thought if only someone else would get things organised then things would turn around. I also thought that in thirty or so years many of the ideas the Left pushed would be mainstream. That seemed a lot time away, today it's today!

In the 1990's I remember thinking that things were changing, I could feel it, but I didn't know if those changes would be good or bad. I kept waiting for the Right to get moving, to fight back but it never happened.

Only in the last decade did I decide that maybe I was part of the problem, maybe I should stop waiting for someone else to fix these problems. Maybe I could do something, maybe doing something was better than doing nothing. Which lead to fear and doubt. Did I have anything to contribute? Hadn't it all been said already? Was I good enough?

But on the flip side it takes a bit of arrogance to think that you can change the world and I guess I was/am that arrogant. Like many others before me I thought that if I put it the right way then people would come flocking. Like a magic spell, the right words arranged in the correct way would make magic. Instead like all those who study, magic or otherwise, I found that it was lonely work filled with self-doubt and sometimes insight. But I was fortunate in one regard, I realised even before I began that this was a long term project. That once started that it would be hard to finish.

I also wanted to know why things had gone so wrong, why did the government go along with it, even encourage it?

Mark Richardson of Oz Conservative had been doing this a long time and he had become fond of the word Traditionalist. He suggested that we should call ourselves Traditionalists, but I resisted the idea. I didn't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire. It seemed old fashioned, it seemed like it pointed to the past, it even seemed like it was a way of avoiding our current problems. But it was also clear that what we believed had some very big differences from what most people called Conservatism. It took a good while before I accepted that he was right, we had moved beyond Conservatism, we still had things in common but we also had things that it was better to give a different name to.

When I was a Conservative however, I felt like I was part of that fabled silent majority. Sure it was annoyingly silent but it was the majority. Since I became a Traditionalist I have felt exactly the opposite. That I really am an outsider and it has alienated me even further than I already felt from so much of society. As time has gone on I have come to believe that maybe we are the start of something. That while we write and talk about beliefs that are old, even ancient, even eternal, we are not doing it to an existing audience but to one that we are helping to create.

Maybe that is the arrogance speaking, maybe it's the self-doubt, maybe it's an insight, I'm not certain.

Russel Kirks ten conservative principles are a must read for anyone on the Right, if you haven't read this short article you really should do so. It's a great place to start.
 Perhaps it would be well, most of the time, to use this word “conservative” as an adjective chiefly. For there exists no Model Conservative, and conservatism is the negation of ideology: it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order.
Ever since I first read it I have wondered if he is right about this point. Is it true that Conservatism is not a ideology and by extension Traditionalism?

If so isn't it a bit like going into a knife fight unarmed?

In my dictionary Ideology is defined as:

"the organized system of beliefs or way of thinking of a person or group."

Is Hinduism an ideology?

Are members of a ghost hunting group ideologies?

Most people think of ideology as something that is political, I'd agree. Further I think that the best way to think of an ideology is a political philosophy that believes in a Utopia. That believes that it is possible to create perfect people living within a perfect economic system overseen by a perfect political system. Human life without human problems.

Traditionalism absolutely reject any such outcome, which means that we are not an ideology. But it does leave us open to the charge that we don't have any plans for the future. It also leaves us open to the charge that we are a bit wishy-washy. With no firm beliefs or agendas. Something that cannot be said for the ideologies.

I think it was necessary for us to step away from Conservatism. I further think that it was necessary for us to work on what we really believe and to look at what we want the world to look like. We have answered why things have gotten so bad, we have provided ideas on moving forward, but we need to do much more work on policy. How do we create the world that we want and how to we expose our ideas to a wider audience?

We also have a dilemma, we no longer support the current order, but we are not revolutionaries. As I have said elsewhere this is our civilization and the institutions that exist were created by our ancestors for our use and protection. How do we regain control or even influence over these institutions?

Are we an ideology?

Do we need to become an ideology?

We need to think on these points as I fear that when the time comes from us to act we will not be ready. We really need to be ready when our time comes.

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Communism - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Forty Seven   

Wednesday 29 July 2020

I am One - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Fifty Two

This is the First Birthday for the podcast. In this episode I talk about the back end of the podcast, including statistics on how well it has done. I must apologise as there are some small gaps in my talking as i'm waiting for various pages to load.

Length: 28 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Sunday 26 July 2020

Liberalism is "Nice"

One of the things that I keep encountering is that people want to be nice. Not just to fit in but they want to be able to say, particularly to themselves, I'm a good person. Religion once fitted that role. Once it was acceptable to say 'that person is a good Christian", which meant that they were a good person. Muslims still think this way. But for the rest of us we live in a secular society and that appeal to a higher being is no longer accepted, even by Christians.

Instead we must prove that we are good.

Traditionally men did that by deed, they did things that were good for their community. For women they needed to be good, to be modest, compassionate, loving, considerate, nice. They needed to push their baser nature down and to show the world their higher nature. Men were also encouraged to do this but for men it can work as much against him as it can for him, that is rarely true for a women. But even women who do not seek their higher nature still like to think that they do. In other words even when they are bad they still like to think of themselves as good.

Liberalism has always had a feminine nature, even when it was nearly all male. It wants issues to be sorted by consensus, not by leadership. It dislikes confrontation, instead it wants to get it's way as much as possible through that consensus. It uses emotion and words to push through their agenda, threats, bullying, appeals are all used and acceptable. They do not like violence except in the most extreme of circumstances. They like to look like they are the most reasonable and most importantly, the nicest political philosophy that there is.

Actually they have succeeded in that, most people do believe that they are the nice political philosophy, the only one any modern civilized person could support and subscribe too. So as Liberalism destroys our civilization, our society, economy, the past and the future and even in many cases our own personal lives, many people cannot see past the idea that Liberal is nice.

How is that possible?

It does it by always putting forward it's best face, by couching it's words in such a way that it is inoffensive. When it fails, and it does fail, then they simply try again. They put out the same message in a way that is now even more inoffensive. You know they are lying but you also know that most people will accept it. On the Right we are blunt, a mistake that Liberalism rarely makes.

Take no-fault divorce as an example. There were no street marches, or riots or in fact any type of public campaign anywhere for no-fault divorce. Instead it was brought in behind the scenes, barely talked about in public. It was presented as a gift to the people, something that gave them choices and as something that made them freer. People were trapped in loveless marriages, violent marriages, parents arguments destroyed their children's childhood, people were even murdered in bad marriages. No-fault divorce could solve all of these social ills.

But it didn't and it never could. Instead it turned men and women against each other, it turned children against a parent, sometimes both. In short it smashed families to pieces. But you will never hear a Liberal tell you that, no, they will tell you that it is unfortunate and that it makes them terribly sad, but people need to be freed from bad marriages. To save some we must sacrifice many. Ohhh they'll never put it like that either!

Take free-trade as another example. Again there was no public campaign, again it was all done behind closed doors. Public discussions on issues that had already been decided. Again it was presented as a great way to get export industries booming, to get imports at cheaper prices and to top it all off international trade promotes peace. Are any of these true? It's not important, what is important is that they are nice.

Every issue that you can think of Liberalism has an argument for and it is nearly always nice. Something a good person could support. Sure they might made a mistake or speak to harshly at times. But that isn't normal, normally they put their best foot forward, normally they make sure that they say things nicely. People like nice, even when it's a lie....maybe even more so!

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Conservative Economics 

Wednesday 22 July 2020

How The World War's Started - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Fifty One

In this longer than normal episode I talk about how Germany's decisions lead to the two world wars. I also talk about President Trump and the US Supreme Court.

Length: 45 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

As an added bonus check this out, Less than 2 minutes long.

When Wokes and Racists Actually Agree on Everything

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Monday 20 July 2020

Where Are Our Leaders?

In Science-Fiction there is an often told story of a ships crew going to a Utopian planet. The people are at peace and all of their needs are taken care of by a computer. It makes the decisions and it provides everything that the people need. However the computer is dying or malfunctioning and control must return to the planets inhabitants. Utopia has ended.

Today we look around much like the people in that Science-Fiction story, we wonder how the world that we thought existed has come to an end. We have come to realize that the people who we elect to represent us in Parliament, don't really represent us. That the schools that should teach us are not interested in either us or in knowledge. That those who should be in charge of our moral and spiritual lives aren't interested in those things. In short the people who are supposed to be our leaders aren't doing their job at all.

We are alone trying to work out everything ourselves. Because we cannot rely upon what we are told or shown as so much of it is false. That's not normal or good, it shows the perversity that we all must endure. The reality is that we don't have leaders anymore. Leaders are not the people in charge, they are the people who take charge, the people who take responsibility. Leaders lead, but we are not lead instead we are managed and manipulated, lied to and treated like fools.

Leaders develop personal relationships with those who follow them, but we are just numbers, voters, consumers, take your pick or pick all of them. The Prime Minister is not a leader, nor is the Premier, nor the team captain. Everyone refuses to lead as that simply gets them in trouble. Don't rock the boat, don't create waves, that's the way to get ahead. Everywhere I look I see a lack of leadership, everywhere.

Of course leaders also have responsibilities, they are allowed to make mistakes, to show initiative, they are allowed to have passion and to be human. But today that isn't allowed. Instead we are told that mistakes are unforgivable. Personal failings are unforgivable. In fact people are not even allowed to have responsibilities, how many times has something gone wrong and no one takes responsibility?

You electricity bill is wrong, but you speak to a phone operator who is not responsible at all. If you get angry and yell at them they are not responsible. In fact not a single person at the electricity company will be responsible. Some mysterious force that no one can identify will be at fault, but no actual person. We see this everywhere, no one is responsible, because mistakes are unforgivable. So we are managed and manipulated, but not lead.

How do we create leaders when to make a mistake is unforgivable?

We must accept that men are flawed, you, me, every man. That leaders are not perfect men because no such man can exist.

That leaders accept responsibility, so give men responsibilities.

That leaders require followers and those followers need to be loyal. Not sycophant's who agree with everything and give false praise. Loyalty doesn't mean that, it means giving honest support, it means not rejecting them when things get hard, it means that loyalty goes both ways.

That we all need honesty, honesty that is mixed with empathy.

We need to encourage looking after our own, in every way.

Finally we need to stop being so individualistic!

We need to stop attacking our enemies with our individual fingers and instead to roll our fingers into a ball. That fist is a much better weapon then any broken fingers could ever be.

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Why Adultery Should Be Against The Law 

Sunday 19 July 2020

Link Love XIII

13, unlucky for some, but someone had to get put into number 13. As I have not been writing as such as I should be. As I want to. Here are some links to things that I have found to be quite good.

In the past two months in particular Mr. Neal over at Throne, Altar, Liberty has been writing up a storm. These three are excellent, but considering how much he has been writing it was hard to pick and it was hard to keep it down to three!

The Father

Scrap Social Sciences - Especially Sociology

The Subversion of Anthropology

An interesting idea to think on

The Original View of Original Sin

A view from The Atlantic magazine in 1903 on why women don't want the vote

Why Women Do Not Wish The Suffrage

The Franco-Prussian was started a fews day ago, 150 years ago. This article talks about why it's still important.

The Tory Tradition, something every Traditionalists should know.

Why we stopped trusting 'experts'

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Wednesday 15 July 2020

Why Are There So Many Cowards?

Recently a friend of mine talked about how cowardly the people at his work were.  How they went along with every harebrained idea management came up with. Politically they were as Woke as anything the management could come up with. But their cowardliness extended to mismanagement. It was more important to do something badly then to confront anyone over their mismanagement.

Now nothing that I have written will be a surprise to most people, most of this could have been written and been true fifty years ago. Although not all. I think things have gotten worse and for good reason. Fifty years ago people had job security and they had the support of most organisations in society. The government, business and the unions wanted people in secure employment, today that isn't true at all.

What changed?

Fifty years ago most people thought family was important, that a man who did not have a wife and children was in some way suspect. To use a modern term, he didn't have any skin in the game. A father has to worry about the future because he has a stake in it. Whats important to remember is that this was the default position, not to hold it was rare. That means that at practically every level in ever organisation this was true. It gave a stability that today doesn't exist in anything like it did.

Fifty years ago most people thought that class was something permanent, at least for them, maybe their children could be a different class, maybe. Class solidarity was something real and true for all classes. Each guarded it's rights and privileges jealously, the things that made it distinct, the things that gave it character.

Fifty years ago there was no such things as gender, there were two sexes, male and female and everyone was one of four types. A man, a women, a boy or a girl and it was unchanging and solid, a constant. Marriage was also regarded as permanent and the idea that a parent would be prevented from seeing their own children was something that happened in dictatorships. Family was forever!

Fifty years ago most people lived near where they were born. Immigrants certainly existed but it was possible to live somewhere and have no contact at all with an immigrant. Imagine that...if you can!

Fifty years ago people thought a job was for life, there really did exist permanent lifelong employment, that was true until the late eighties. 

Everything and everyone had a place and most people couldn't imagine a world in which that would not be true. That included the organisations that these people belonged to or who's purpose was to serve them. When people complained there was the idea that even if they were wrong they would have support, that they would not be a lone voice crying in the wilderness. Even that wasn't always true, but it was much truer then than it is now. 

Today people are taught not to stick up for themselves, not to create waves. Anti-bullying programs are not about protecting people, they are about keeping people in their place. In the past if you saw someone doing something weird you called them out, today that's called bullying. Honesty is discouraged at every turn, don't tell the weirdo that they are weird, because that's not allowed. Instead you must learn to suppress what you think and follow the program and that has occurred at every level of society. 

But why?

Why have people gone along with this?

Because there is no solidarity today, everything that seemed solid and permanent is crumbling before our eyes. You cannot count on peoples loyalty anymore, they might not be actively working against you, but they won't protect you either. That lack of support has made people passive, scared of losing what they have. We all know the competition for jobs out there and it has been that way for decades. Each year there is more competition, more university graduates, more immigration. To keep what you have you need to toe the line, no outbursts, no unpopular opinions, no mistakes, no being human.

How long can people be robots?

Until we are replaced by the robots?

Courage is easy when it doesn't cost anything, how brave will you be when it is your turn? 

This all breeds incompetence and slowly things will begin to fail. The only answer is for us to provide support to each other. We need to speak up for each other and we need to financially support each other. Hire our own people and be loyal to them. Support people on our side who we know need our help. We need to stop being individualists and start providing solidarity to each other. To be men and to watch each others backs. Organise!

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Tuesday 14 July 2020

CoronaPanic - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Fifty

In this shorter than normal episode I talk about the new Victorian lockdowns over Covid-19.

Length: 19 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Saturday 11 July 2020

The Eighty-Eightieth Month

This month has been a bit extreme for me politically speaking. I have had some great success and some failures. Ironically my great success has highlighted my failure. I was invited to speak at the XYZ Conference and my talk is available on Youtube and on Bitchute. The first 50 minutes is my talk with the remaining time being a Q and A. So far it has had 440 views on Youtube and 60 on Bitchute, 500 is a good number!

We are also up on Podbean, with thanks to one who wishes to remain anonymous, but who has done sterling work in getting all of the Youtube clips transferred.

But it also highlights how little has been achieved, how even on the right we are swimming against the tide. The WWII revisionism really gets to me, it makes me wonder if I'm even on the right side. To think that they fought on the wrong side and to still think your on your peoples side, it absolutely disgusts me. So why do I work with them? Because they actually get off their arse and fight back. I had someone say to me this week that Traditionalists don't have any fire in their belly....and it's true.

I also had two other incidents that have me questioning what I'm doing and if there is any hope of success. Even on the right it seems that there is no place for me. It seems that every success highlights more problems. Maybe I should withdraw and let others have their way without me pushing unpopular opinions. The passivity, the lack of loyalty and the revisionism is taking it's toll.

Of course if I do withdraw then I'm back to square one. All of this has had an affect on the blog as I have things to write about, things I've even started, but I don't feel the enthusiasm to finish. I hope that changes soon.

Blogger has also changed how it does things and this month it plans to change completely from the old format to the new. This month I'm going to provide the 11th June-11th July instead of giving the last two months.

My best day in the past month was the 30th June when I had 281 visitors, my worst day was the 20th June when I had 67 visitors. Over that month I had 3,845 visitors, in June I had 4,080 visitors. This week, unusually, I have had more Australian than American visitors.

United States
Unknown Region
United Kingdom

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Monday 6 July 2020

The Deep State - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Forty Nine

In this episode I talk about the Deep State, where the term comes from, with some historical examples. Then I talk about the United States, including the origin of the Deep State, the Military Industrial Complex, President Nixon and Watergate. I finish off talking about President Trump.

Length: 30 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Saturday 4 July 2020

Family, The Only Socialist Institution

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"

First appearing in 1851, this phrase made famous by Karl Marx, but not originating from him, is often used as shorthand to describe Socialism. But in reality that is not how Socialism has worked. Society instead would change, sometimes quickly other times slowly, the ruling class. The working class who this was all supposed to be about promoting, remained. But there has been one human institution that has always believed in this idea. The family.

The family looks after it's members, the young, the sick and the old. We know that even in the stone age cripples were looked after for years, because we can see the condition of their bones. We know if a bone has been injured and if it repaired itself. The thing that is most needed is time, which means that this person who was effectively useless wasn't cast aside. They were feed and protected, maybe they worked at some other task we don't know. What we do know is that they were cared for.

While all of us can point to examples were family have let people down. One reason that we can all do that is because we think it's wrong. Like a soldier running away from the battle we might be able to sympathize but we still think that it is wrong. Because we know that family should look after each other. That each member needs to be looked after, even when someone has gone bad we still feel guilty for not looking after them. Even when they are beyond help.

Most of the time family works as it is supposed to, although again most of the time we are not put to the test. We do look after each other, we give aid and comfort, because we know that it is the right thing to do. Some people try to upscale the family, to pretend that all of society can be treated as if it is one big family. Which doesn't work, because we cannot treat everyone as if they are family. That destroys our own family, it makes them less important than strangers.

Communist say that communism is man's natural state, that in primitive societies no one owns property and the community looks after all of it's members. Which is true, but it misses a vital point and that is that everyone in that community is related, they are all family. Family looks after family, that is man's natural state.

It is also why socialism cannot be upscaled. A family must be small enough for everyone to know and care about each other. In fact they need more than that they need to be related by blood. Biology matters. Today that needs to be said.

From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs, works perfectly within the family. For anything larger it is simply a recipe for bleeding those with ability dry. Sooner or later they get sick of being used for no benefit and they stop having as much 'ability'.

Family is the only socialist institution and it always will be.

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Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Six

Friday 3 July 2020

XYZ Conference, My Talk

I apologise to anyone who tried to watch my talk and couldn't. On Monday night Tom Sewell spoke and Youtube took his talk down. They also stopped any new uploads to that channel, so an alternative channel was found. Unfortunately I was given the wrong link by mistake. My talk is now available on both Youtube and Bitchute.

Youtube link

Bitchute link

I am very happy with my presentation and I encourage you to both view it and to pass it on to others. It is probably the most compact presentation of Traditionalism out there. My talk goes for just under 50 minutes and the rest is a Q and A that I also thought went quite well. The first few minutes it seems like nothing is going to happen, that is because it was a livestream and the livestream hadn't started when recording began. After a few minutes it starts by itself.

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Wednesday 1 July 2020

Update for my Traditionalist talk tonight!

I am dues to give a talk at the XYZ Conference tonight at 8pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time), due to Youtube some of the details have changed.

You can see my presentation live here:

I believe that it will also be available live here:

All of the talks will be made available, the first is already up here:

The second and subsequent talks will go up over the week.

I hope you get a chance to watch!

Mark Moncrieff