Wednesday 27 May 2020

A Path For Women In A Traditionalist Society

Traditionalists do not like the modern world, we find much to disagree with. One of those is the place of women within modern society. Our society wants women to either be equal with men or to replace men, like much Feminist thought it wants to keep it's options open. We want men and women to be partners with each having their own sphere in which to operate without competing against the other.

I want you to do a thought experiment, think of two societies, each with the same people and economy. In one every single job is carried out by women and not a single man has a job. Now I want  you to think of the second society, in this one all jobs are carried out by men and not a single women has a job. Now both societies are extreme but only one of these societies could work. Which one?

The second society, the one where only men worked because in this society there would be a place for both men and women. But in the first society there is no place for men. Women are attracted, at least in part, by a mans successes, money, position and status. A world in which men have none of these is a world in which there is no place for men or women for that matter.

Liberalism insists that men and women are interchangeable and we know that not to be true. In a Traditionalist society men and women must have their own distinct place, their own distinct roles.

It was once said that 'a womens work is never done', that women were always busy. Ironically this is now as true as it ever was, but we no longer hear this said. Much of today's busyness is spend in transit and not in actually doing the work, whatever that happens to be. When women worked at home, because that is what a Housewife does, she could priorities work instead of needing to run around like a headless chicken. But women still want to be needed and they want to be busy. They want a life plan that gives them all of the things that women have always wanted. A husband, children and a respected place within their community.

Instead of men and women competing against each other and each finding fault with the other. We need to restore the natural attractiveness that each sex feels for the other. To encourage that natural attractiveness unlike Liberalism which seeks at each turn to destroy it. To that end this is the path that women should have in a Traditionalist society.

1. Marriage and children

2. Volunteerism

3. Education and jobs

Before the age of 25 most women should have married and have had a child. These things should happen when they are at their most beautiful, at their least cynical and when they are at their most healthy, with the most energy. That is the time to fall in love and to spread that love to their children. Not when life has made them hard and less attractive, but when life is in full bloom.

A women might need a job before she marries, this article has some great ideas for women of a Traditionalist bent.
Early career ideas for future homemakers

So what should a women do if she finds herself with time on her hands?

She should volunteer within her community to help those who need help. The elderly who need company and jobs done for them. The young who need look after or a helping hand. The sick and those unable to look after themselves. This is the proper way for women to contribute to their community while still looking after their husband and children.

When her children are able to look after themselves some women may want to gain an official qualification or work. This is when that should take place, after she has children, not before. Before becomes a way to stop women from having relationships and children. We want her to have both, a job or qualification is optional. A social worker who is a wife and mother would be better than one who has real experience with neither.

Work within the home is something that greatly aids society and helps create strong and durable families. Today it is undervalued, in a Traditionalist society it would be put back into it's rightful place.

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Monday 25 May 2020

Traditionalism - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Forty Three

In this episode I talk about Traditionalism, what it is and what it is not. I concentrate on TOF, Tradition, Order and Family. Then I talk about the way forward, what we need to be doing going forward.

Length: 30 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Friday 22 May 2020

The Revolution Is Always About Destruction

Earlier today I was on YouTube and I saw a clip entitled "Star Trek Picard Disaster | CBS Admits It Wanted Picard Humbled" by Overlord DVD.

Star Trek Picard was a show designed to humble and humiliate its hero, CBS admits on the official Star Trek website. They deliberately turned Admiral Picard into a sad joke in order to call him out for male privilege. Now they’re trying to sell another Trek show to fans and investors? Can a franchise succeed by deliberately destroying its own heroes?
This is exactly the same question Star Wars and comic fans have been asking themselves!

So why do they take these classics and destroy them?

Why do they seem to love destroying them?

The first thing to remember is that the people who currently control these things didn't create them. They are destroying someone else's work. Often they were the creative idea of one man, Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, Stan Lee for example. Some of their ideas were good and others bad but it wasn't created by a committee. Many of these are now controlled by committees. Groups of people with no love or passion for someone else's creation. Often hired because of who they are and what they believe rather then because of any talent.

So why do the companies put up with this, even when it loses them money?

Because the people who run the companies also didn't create them. They are committeemen who are loyal to the committee. In other words they like to support other peoples opinions, everyone thinks along the same lines and everyone supports the same things. Groupthink. What they are not loyal to is the company, nor to the companies investors, nor to the customers. They don't care if the company fails, it's not their money, it's the investors money and they are not loyal to the investors.

You may say but thats insane, surely they get paid by the company, surely their financial future depends on the company turning a profit?


The executives will get paid whether the company turns a profit or not. Often they will be paid more if things turn bad because they need to be "incentivized" to turn things around. These profitable companies that have been built up over many decades are being turned into pyramid schemes. In fact that is what is happening to the entire economy. Those at the top are looting everything because that is all they know. They are not creators, they are not builders, they are destroyers.

They are also Ideologues, people who believe what they believe to the exclusion of common sense or facts. Their beliefs ARE facts to them and today they are in charge. In government, in education, in the churches, in companies and of course in entertainment. They really believe that White people are privileged, that everyone is exactly the same, that men can be women. As the Queen said in Alice in Wonderland

Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Thats just the kind of people they are. The most important thing in the world to them is what they believe, not what is good. What they believe, whether they understand it or not, is that the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the Revolution and the purpose of the Revolution is the destruction of Western Civilization. Thats why they love to destroy the things that you love. Destroying is the entire purpose of what they do, it's not about creating, it's not about creating a legacy and it's not about money. They hate you because of who you are not because of what you've done. Although they do hate you for what your ancestors did. They created a Civilization and they hate that Civilization. They hate that it isn't the world that they want and to create the world that they want they need to destroy the one that currently exists.

The only way for us to win is for them to lose!

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Thursday 21 May 2020

Everything Old Is New Again

Back in the middle 1980's I was a teenager and I used to watch the ABC and SBS, they had good documentaries and panel shows. I learnt a lot and not all of it was what they wanted me to learn.

Both channels were intellectual and Liberal, of course they hated the Liberal Party but they tried not to be. However they failed a lot. They also hated President Reagan and I learnt a lot from that hatred as well.

I wondered why they were so disrespectful of President Reagan, he was constantly referred to as Ronny Raygun. A cowboy warmonger who couldn't wait to unleash nuclear war upon us all. But I couldn't work out why they would say such things, I mean if he really was that dangerous wouldn't he already have started the war?

What I learnt was that the media hates anything to the right, no matter how extreme or mild. I also learnt that TV was a bad place to find out about America. Americans were gun nuts and fundamentalists who hated blacks and what was sad was that they really believed their own propaganda. They expected you to believe it as well.

I also noticed that they hated the past and that the future was a place that they already seemed to know. When that future was threatened or didn't seem to be happening then it sent them into a panic. The past was a place filled with prejudice, often theirs. World War II was begrudgingly talked about, so was the Cold War, but World War I was ancient history and it was treated that way. But actual Ancient History was never shown or discussed. When it comes to history it is one thing that is much better now then back then.

On the panel shows they would discuss ideas that they wanted to hightlight, although they were much more evenhanded then today. If they brought a controversial person on they actually let them talk. Sometimes they even left it up to the audience to make up their own mind. But that didn't mean they didn't propagandize, of course they did. One thing I remember very clearly was that "there are no more Conservatives being born!", or "there are no more Royalists being born". As I said they were more certain of the future than of the past. They were absolutely certain that what they were saying was true. Everyone was becoming a Liberal and everything traditional was going the way of the dodo.

One thing that they talked about was the changing sex roles, unlike today they were not cheerleaders, no they were quite apprehensive of the changes. But they did not oppose them as they saw them as inevitable and therefore it was immoral to oppose them. Those who did they always cast as old fashioned and out of date. They said that those who opposed the sexual revolution were scared of womens sexuality.

Now we are all on the other side of this, we can see that the brave new world that they promised has failed. Individually and as a Civilization we have passed through the eye of the needle. They had the chance to prove us wrong and they haven't. Instead we have gone back to learn about the future, about how to shape and how to survive in the future. We know that the society that they promised has great costs that they could and did ignore. We know that the reason boundaries existed was because we need boundaries. They will continue on their mad race to destroy the boundaries that we all need, but they don't care. They continue to believe the same old lies that they have always believed. And we are renewed, now knowing that the things that they rejected are exactly the things that we need to preserve or to rebuild.

Everything old is new again!

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Monday 18 May 2020

The Feedback Episode - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Forty Two

In this episode I answer peoples comments that they left from The Black Pill Episode and from The Nazi Episode.

Length: 29 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Saturday 16 May 2020

Link Love XII

Because I've been neglecting you all I have found these great links to various topics to keep you entertained and informed.

Why big business loves gender neutrality
It's not often an article can talk about Karl Marx and still have interesting things to say, but it does give a different perspective on why big business has supported gender neutrality so enthusiastically.

A Catholic history of the conflict between religion and science
It's amazing how deep and how old the lies we hear are. A long but good read that told me things I didn't know.

Banks triage for $45b bad debt tidal wave
An article from the Australian Financial Review which gives an idea of how much trouble our economy is in.

The Rise and Fall of Unitarianism in America
This goes for 17 minutes and in that time you will get a good look at why Christianity is in trouble and how it got that way. The Unitarians are simply in front.

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Tuesday 12 May 2020

The Nazi Episode - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Forty One

Why do people like the Nazi's?

Why didn't they succeed?

Why Traditionalists are not Nazi's.

Length: 32 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Monday 11 May 2020

The Eighty-Sixth Month

Since I've started doing the Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast by myself, I've been spending more mental energy on it than I should. It's not that it isn't important, it's that it takes away my focus from the blog. For example I have four articles that I have started but not finished because my mental energy has been elsewhere. Not an excuse simply an explanation.

For the first time ever, today non of the view counts on any article is visible, not sure why!

In April I had 3,916 visitors, from the 11th April to the 11th May I have had 3,717 visitors.  My best day was the 3rd May when I had 221 visitors, my worst day was the 7th May when I had 74 visitors. During that time I had only 6 days under 100.

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region

The Netherlands and India are up.

Canada and Unknown Region are basically the same.

The United States, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and France are all down. Annoyingly Australia has spent nearly the entire month above 1000!

The Ukraine is back in the top 10, while Ireland has left.

I have also had visitors from the following countries: Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan,  Turkey, Cyprus, U.A.E., Pakistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Argentina

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.
Mark Moncrieff

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Saturday 9 May 2020

Fifty Years In

Today is my Fiftieth Birthday!

I was planning a big party but instead the world decided it had other plans. Just one casualty of what has proved to be a massive overreaction. So instead I'll be having a roast.

When I was a teenager I thought about what would be a good age to die and I decided that 75 was a good age. Old but not to old. That seemed like a long time when I was a teenager, now it's only 25 years away.

I'm a single man with not much prospects, carrying a bit more weight then I should, with a health issue that isn't a problem today but might become one. Maybe I won't make it to 75.

On the other hand I'm reasonably healthy, I get about and the last time I was in hospital was about 25 years ago to have my appendix out. Maybe I'll live to a grand old age.

To be honest I worry more about my finances then my health. But I have never felt that I was going to live for ever. I have always been aware that my time here was finite and it pushes me to get things done before my time is over. I'm always surprised that other people seem to feel that they have infinite time or at least that is how they act. The young can be excused, but how baby boomers can feel that way is beyond me.

I wish that I was more of a doer, but instead I'm a thinker. I wish I was more successful. I wish I had a clearer view of the future, not clairvoyance but at least a clear direction. But whatever the future holds I'll have to face it, just like everyone else.

Anyway, here's to the future!

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Tuesday 5 May 2020

The False Choice

How often have you heard that if you don't support one extreme position then you must support another extreme position?

Probably more than you can remember. Today it is the preferred way to present an argument and it hardly ever changes.

Support Climate change or destroy the Earth!

Support Trans people or you want them dead!

Support women or your a misogynist!

On and on the list goes, every position is extreme and you are expected to support one. For most people this argument wins because most people do not want to argue with a nutter. They rightly fear the nutter and that is why we see this argument used, because it works!

The first thing that we need to do is to understand that this is a false choice. It is not a real position, it is not really a choice between extremes. All nuance has been removed, on purpose. The idea is to present people with two extreme positions. 

Secondly these choices are always presented as moral and immoral choices. Again as two extreme positions. Either you support this or your immoral. 

This is used to force people into supporting choices that they would never choose by themselves. When you watch the news you will be presented with false choices. When you read a newspaper, even in discussions you will be presented with a false choices, with choosing between two extremes and only between two extremes. 

In all of these false choices you find that there is in fact a great deal of middle ground. A great deal of nuance. That you do not need to make that false choice at all.

Beware of the false choice!

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Monday 4 May 2020

The Black Pill - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Forty

This episode is about my recent experience with the black pill. My disappointment with the current state of the Melbourne Traditionalists and I wonder if it has a future.

Length: 28 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Sunday 3 May 2020

Ending The Corona Crisis

Currently the world seems to be in a bit of a stalemate. On the one hand the crisis has not been as bad as many feared, on the other hand maybe the worst is still to come?

Where can we go from here?

What is feared is that just as society and the economy are reopened more people will become sick or die because of the virus. That is a big possibility if everything is reopened all at once. Why don't we reopen everything in stages. For example next week all businesses are open on Friday, the following week Thursday and Friday. Each week we can add an additional day until in 7 weeks everything is reopened.

Social distancing would have to be maintained, which means that opening and closing times might need to be staggered. For example businesses starting with the letters A-H opening between 7:30-8:30, I-Q 9:00-10:00 and those starting with the letters R-Z opening from 10:30-11:30. Closing times would also need to be staggered if social distancing rules are to be maintained. A-H 3:30-4:30, I-Q 5:00-6:00 and R-Z 6:30-7:30.

That way social distancing could still be used and not disable the public transport system.

It would also allow everyone to adjust back to normal gradually. Managers, workers, customers, suppliers, everyone is going to need time to get back to normal.

So what happens if the virus gets worse instead of better?

Then we would have two choices:

1: Close everything down again

or my preferred choice

2. Reverse the timeline and close down a day a week until we had things back under control. Then gradually reopen again.

This plan would allow things to return to normal and if they were announced people and businesses would gain some certainty. Something that is desperately needed!

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Friday 1 May 2020

Why Adultery Should Be Against The Law

Over at anotherpoliticallyincorrectblog an argument has been made that it is silly for adultery or fornication to be against the law. He has made out a number of arguments to explain why recriminalizing these acts would not work.

The reasons it’s ludicrous are pretty obvious. For one thing it would be entirely unenforceable. How would you prove such a charge in court, given that it’s almost certain that neither partner would have the slightest intention of co√∂perating with the prosecution? Would you force the woman to undergo a medical examination? Would you subject a woman (who might well be innocent) to such a humiliation? I suppose the police could keep the homes of suspected fornicators under surveillance, but does anyone really want cops peering into people’s bedroom windows to find out if they’re having non government approved sex? Does anyone want a police Chastity Squad kicking in people’s doors? All this quite apart from the fact that it amounts to the kind of social control one associates with 17th century Puritans.

However I think he is wrong and missing the point.

These kinds of arguments have been made by Liberals for over 50 years and while The Politically Incorrect Australian is not a Liberal, he is using the same arguments. I mostly heard them in regards to decriminalizing homosexuality. That two consenting adults should be allowed to do as they liked in the privacy of their own home. That idea seemed reasonable to most people, myself included, and now we have public nudity and simulated sex acts at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras every year.

If homosexuality was illegal then that simply could not take place. Homosexuality is important here as it is where most of his argument comes from. The ideas that were used to justify homosexuality also lead to adultery and fornication being legalized.

Adultery, fornication (sex outside of marriage) and homosexuality were all illegal in most of the world 50 years ago. Not everywhere but in most places, including most places in the West. Yes in 1970 these things were illegal in most countries. We do not have to go back to the Puritans or to the 1600's.

The Vice Squad was the section of the Police who's job it was to enforce such laws. You might find that your local police still has a Vice Squad, although in some places it's name has changed. They enforced laws in regards to sex, including prostitution, they also enforced gambling and sometimes drug and alcohol laws. These things were vices, hence the name.

Liberalism and the Counter-Culture of the 1960's came to view these crimes as 'victimless'. A problem of morality and that the law should not be about morals, but that it should instead be about stopping people from hurting other people. That you should be free to do whatever you wanted as long as it did not interfere with another persons freedom.

Traditionally, the law also existed to protect you from yourself, there fore there could not be a victimless crime. Hurting yourself was a crime, which is why suicide was once against the law. But the idea behind making these things illegal was not to punish people, the idea was to make people consciously think before they broke the law. It was not a murky area, it was crystal clear, this vice that you were about to commit was against the law. It was a mental barrier that had been placed there on purpose. The victim of these crimes was you and you needed to be protected from you.

Adultery most certainly is never a victimless crime, a husband or wife has been made the victim. It creates anger, jealousy, distrust, hatred and can lead to the breakdown of marriage, violence, even murder. For the community all of these things were bad. They were also victims and they need to be protected.

Fornication, sex outside of marriage was also not a victimless crime. Sex has consequences and making it a victimless crime pretends that it does not. That is the world we live in today, a world were casual sex is encouraged. Were we are lead to believe that it has no consequences. However emotions are real, love is real, marriage is real, disease is real, pregnancy is real. All of these are real consequences which we are told to deny.

Instead of the law being on our side, instead of being protected from our own vices, we are instead told that these things are of no consequence. Rarely were these crimes prosecuted, normally because other ways were found to work around them. But they let everyone know in no uncertain terms what was right and what was wrong. That mental barrier was very important, it protected people and today it does not because it does not exist. Hurting yourself needs to be against the law.

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