Monday 27 June 2022

The Swastika - Two Anecdotes

The banning of the swastika that has taken place in Victoria made me think of two anecdotes that highlight the illogical nature of the ban. 

The first occurred in about 1996, at that time we had 24 hour trading for supermarkets in Victoria. It was late January or February, 1am and stinking hot. I decide that a trip to the supermarket was called for. I did my shopping and joined the queue to purchase my goods. I remember a man being served and after him two young men in their 20's both wearing shorts and nothing else. Which showed off one of the men's 5 swastika tattoos! 

One on his neck, neck tattoos were not that common back then, one on his chest, one on his side, one on his leg and the fifth I cannot remember where it was. Next in the queue was a short Asian women and then me. She noticed the tattoos at the same time I did and she looked back at me and saw a tall White man with very short hair. I don't think she was happy to see me at all and thoughts of Romper Stomper might have passed through her mind. In reality of course everyone made their purchases and went their separate ways. However I do wonder if that man is now illegal, or just his skin?

The second occurred in 2012, I was working on the Census and my immediate boss was Jewish, he was a good boss. He was a modeller who made models of ships and aircraft. He told me about a problem that he had building a 32nd scale stuka. Every German plane in WWII had two swastikas painted on the tail fin, one on each side for identification purposes. Painting such details onto a model aircraft requires a level of skill few possess, so instead the model companies include decals which you wet and then put onto the aircraft were it dries and stays in place. But the two swastikas were not included with the kit, in fact they had been cut out of the sheet of decals because in some Europe countries it's illegal to buy, sell or display symbols from the Third Reich. 

I asked him 'so how did you get around that?'

He told me that you can buy a sheet of 100 swastika decals of various sizes through the mail. So he bought his 100 swastikas. used two and by now he might have used a few more. But I'm guessing that he hasn't used them all, so in some Jewish guys house there are now a collection of swastikas. 

I think that might be one of those laws of unintended consequences that we hear so much about!   

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Thursday 23 June 2022

Banning The Swastika

The Victorian state Parliament voted to ban the public display of the swastika. Originally there was to be a 6 month grace period but instead it was banned immediately. The following is from the Victorian Parliamentary website.

Victoria has become the first jurisdiction in Australia to pass legislation banning the public display of the Nazi swastika (Hakenkreutz).

The Summary Offences Amendment (Nazi Symbol Prohibition) Bill 2022 passed both houses of parliament on 21 June 2022.

It creates a criminal offence which prohibits a person from intentionally displaying a Nazi symbol in a public place or in public view if the person knows, or ought reasonably to know, that the Nazi symbol is a symbol associated with Nazi ideology.

The offence carries a penalty of up to 12 months’ jail and a fine of $22,000.

So why are we banning a symbol that was legal when we were at war with the country that used it, that has been legal for 77 years after the end of that war?

Why is it more offensive now than to the people who fought against it?

Why has it taken the Victorian Parliament 77 years to ban?

Because this isn't about the past, it's not even about the Nazi's, it's about the war against symbols. I'm sure you've heard the phrase ' words are violence' or 'silence is violence', to these people symbols are also violence. Because all opposition to Liberalism is regarded by Liberals as violence. What's important to understand is that all opposition towards Liberalism is in line to be destroyed, by first being denied. That happens by proclaiming (and pretending) that something is shocking, it then proceeds to making that thing controversial, which moves onto calls for it to be banned. If it is banned then it can and will be used to persecute those who they have already been persecuting, but now it is backed by law and the full force of the state.

This week we had another controversy when the the leader of the Greens moved the Australian flag out of the way of the cameras for his press conference. Yet left the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags in place. He said that  

“For many Australians, this flag represents dispossession and the lingering pains of colonisation,”

So would the leader of the Greens vote to ban the Australian flag?

I think we all know the answer, I think most of us knew it before this week. 

The generation that fought WWII didn't ban the swastika because they valued freedom, including the freedom to be wrong. They didn't live in fear of pieces of cloth waving in the breeze, nor of graffiti. They lived in fear of their liberty to think, speak and act being taken away from them. They lived in fear of the age that we live in now.

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Friday 17 June 2022

Are We In A Labour Shortage?

I keep hearing that Australia has a labour shortage, that there are jobs out there just for the taking. The rhetoric is so red hot that I'm surprised I haven't heard that old favourite about 'the crops rotting in the field'. Maybe their saving that one for spring. So are we in a labour shortage?

The answer seems to be yes and no, lets have a look at some figures.

Unemployment Rate




Those two figures are very interesting, together they add up to 9.6%, which means that 1 in 10 people are not working or want a better job. When I say a better job, what I mean is people who are working jobs that are below what they are trained or qualified for. 

To be fair the last time the unemployment rate was that low was June 1974, 48 years ago!

But 3.9% is still an amazing amount of people unemployed, 548,100 to be exact. That means that every 0.1% is 14,000 people and every 1% of unemployment is 140,000 people. 

So even low unemployment is far from no unemployment. At 2% unemployment the government will start to talk about Australia having 'Full Employment' because that was often the 'average' unemployment rate in the Full Employment of the 1960's. But they neglect to mention that long term unemployment back then was 3 months, since the 1980's it has been 12 months. 3 months unemployment can be stressful, 12 months you can loss your wife and your house. 

The situation is further complicated by wage increases, this week the minimum hourly rate went to $21.38, making a 38 hour weekly wage $812.44, that's $42,000 a year. Which is a very high minimum wage. The median annual wage is $62,400 and at $91,000 you are considered to be a high wage earner. In the mining industry the average wage is $138,000. 

According to this article , there are currently thousands of mining jobs being advertised that have not been filled. Of course even if those jobs were all filled today it wouldn't be for another month before they would be added to the statistics. In May 60,400 jobs were added to the economy, but at the same time 7,800 more people ended up unemployed. 

The reason that this boon has arrived is because of an unexpected bonus from Covid, immigration nearly ceased during 2020-21. This has meant that employers have had to recruit Australian workers instead of importing workers. It has also meant that they have had to pay those workers more to attract and keep them. The labour shortage may be true in some industries, but it might just be that they exist because of the Covid restrictions that have either recently ended or that continue in places like Victoria. Which means as these are lifted, so will the labour shortage.   

If immigration is restricted then we may be heading towards low unemployment and a real labour shortage. 

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Saturday 11 June 2022

The One Hundred and Eleventh Month

A month which shows that I need to write more, I have had a total of 2,710 visitors. My worst day was the 23rd May when I had 19 visitors and my best day was the 8th June when I had an amazing 580.

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Wednesday 1 June 2022

Hate: The Underappreciated Emotion

Hate is vilified, it is declared to be unlawful and something that good people do not succumb to.   

Ironically hate is hated!

Why is a normal human emotion hated?

Is it possible that it can be eradicated?

The short answer is no, so what is hate?

My Heinemann Australian Dictionary (1976) defines it as:


To have a passionate or strong dislike for someone or something

Seems pretty straightforward, but as we will see it's not quite as straightforward as it first appears.  Increasingly in popular culture and in law, hate has come to have a very broad definition. It even has multiple names, Sexism, Racism, Homophobic, Islamophobic amongst other terms. But in the end they are all called hate, even when the words used make no sense. Someone who is phobic has a fear, being scared doesn't mean that you automatically hate. One can lead to the other but they are not automatic. But as most people have noticed, words mean what Liberalism want them to mean. Which leads me to another feature, which is how all kinds of activities are described as hate. Critics and criticisms, opinions, advice, names, nasty names have all been described as hate. The list of things that are supposed to be hate just keep growing. 

But something that you may have noticed is that the things that they hate they continue to hate. They hate me as well as you, they hate the things that we love and the things that we want. Yet that seems to be alright. Why is it alright for them to hate but for no one else?

Because they believe that they are creating a new and better world with new and better people. People who are beyond feeling human emotions like hate. They are not simply new, they are new and better. People who have been perfected, people who will be able to get along with anyone and everyone. They will exist within a society without conflict, because perfect people do not lower themselves to such things. If you think that is ridiculous then you might not be a Liberal. But rest assured they do believe that.

Which means that hate gets in the way of creating these perfect people. Which leads to another thing that they believe, that what we say influences what we think. I'm sure you have been told at some point in your life that 'you can't say that!', which actually means 'your not allowed to think that'. So if they can stop people from saying 'hateful' things then they can stop people from thinking 'hateful' things. Of course in reality it is the other way around, we say things because we think them first, it can't work any other way. But in one way what they say is true, people censor themselves, we all know it, we even do it ourselves. So stopping people from saying particular things makes those things unpopular to say. However Liberals also find it frustrating as no matter how unpopular these things are people do keep saying them. Don't these people know they have lost?

What Liberals think they are seeing and what is really happening are two different things. Liberals believe that human nature is changing, that people are becoming less 'hateful'. But in reality what is happening is fashion. Speech like clothes go in and out of fashion, today it is unfashionable but that will not always be true, human nature will take care of that. 

But at the core of the issue is the that entire concept that hate is wrong, even a crime, is bizarre and wrong.  There are things that you should hate, you should hate those who prey upon the weak, treason, disloyalty and lies. Hate is not something that is alien to our nature, it is a firm part of our nature and it will not be dislodge by mere fashion.

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