Monday 26 March 2018

Why Do Women Test Men?

Both men and women were once children and mostly we leave our childish nature behind as we grow. However both sexes continue to have a portion of their childish nature.

For men it is our love of toys, games and competitions. We love sport, gambling and our hobbies and toys. Now some men might take exception to that. But any tool that we do not need for our job is in reality a toy, cameras, guns, if you own a boat and your not a professional fisherman than it's a toy. Hardly any man does not have a love of these things and for women it is inexplicable, frustrating and intriguing. Women often cannot work out why men spend so much time, money and effort on things that don't have any benefit. Although this also shows men creativity and romanticism. Because believing that you can have the definitive collection of Albanian stamps is form of romance.

Women are much more practical and therefore correspondingly unromantic. But the thing that women carry over from childhood is testing limits. Children start off very small and entirely dependent. But by the time that child reaches adulthood, they should be able to operate mostly independently. Children get from being totally dependent to mostly independent by pushing limits, physically, emotionally and intelligently. Anyone who has experience with children will be familiar with this, the seemingly constant need to say no, to correct behavour, to stop yourself from automatically saying no. Parenting is a hard job and this constant testing is one of the reasons for that.

But women never stop testing, they are very good at making quick character judgments and so they use this skill. And women never tell you that you are being tested, just to be even more confusing women are so used to testing they are not always aware that they are testing. So what are women testing for?

They are testing to see if a man fails, they don't want him to fail but they need to know if he will. To give an example, a man approaches a women he doesn't know, at some point in the conversation she will stop talking and look down. It is a test to see what the man will do next, many men fail this test because they assume that she isn't as interested as he first thought. But she wants to know if he is a leader, will he take control of the situation or will he not know what to do? To most men this seems unfair, it would be easier if she didn't test him or if he knew he was being tested, but that is part of the test. A man who complains or trys to find out if he has passed has automatically failed.

Women want a man who knows himself, who is capable of leading and who doesn't want her to lead. The truth is that women don't want to lead, but they don't want to be bossed around either. So they continue to test men over and over again, even when it fails to serve any purpose, even when it is actively harmful. It is not uncommon for a women to test a man without even consciously knowing it, but she will know when he has passed or failed.

Let me give you an example. It is no secret that women like to both talk and to complain.  Most of the time it is simply about communicating what she thinks or feels. However sometimes she will slip in a test. You have been saving to buy a rare Albanian stamp and she complains about you spending money on something so stupid. You ask yourself if maybe she's right. Here's the test, is there a real reason to spend the money on something else? Is your house going to be foreclosed on? Is there a medical problem that needs addressing? Is your Mother going to thrown out of her aged care facility because you haven't paid the bill? In other words is there a real world problem that could be fixed by that money instead of buying that Albanian stamp? If there isn't and you instead don't buy the Albanian stamp and spend it on something she wants, holiday, kitchen extension, a pony etc. Many men would think that they passed the test, but they didn't.

There are two tests and both are testing your leadership, or to put it more bluntly whether you or your wife has your balls.

Test 1: There is a real world problem that could be solved by not buying the Albanian stamp.
You pass if you didn't buy the Albanian stamp, a real leader does not put himself first but instead looks after those he is responsible for.

Test 2: There is no real world problem that can be solved by not buying the Albanian stamp.
You pass if you buy the Albanian stamp, a women will not respect a man who gives up on his passion. It shows that he is weak, doesn't know or trust himself and if he can give up that passion what is to stop him from giving up his passion for his wife or family.

Women test because they are insecure, they need that constant reassurance that her man is strong enough to protect and support her. She experiences strong emotions raging inside of her and that scares her. She is continually questioning herself and she extends that to the man in her life. She needs to know that he can cope with her emotions. It is why women think they want men to be more emotional but hate it when they are.

This continuous testing puts an undue strain upon men and relationships. It is not that women test men, it is not that men do not know that they are being tested, it is that it can be done so often that a man has no choice but to fail. That disappoints women and they then make sure that men are disappointed. The more that both men and women know about testing I think the better it will be for both sexes.

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Friday 23 March 2018

Why Isn't There More White Advocacy

When Whites are victims of crimes or discrimination, we often wonder why isn't there some group who looks out for White interests. Why is it that other ethnic or religious groups have interest groups devoted to their interests, but Whites do not.

First of all lets look at why other ethnic, racial and religious groups can look after their own. They feel that they are outsiders, that they need to look out for each other as they cannot fully trust those outside of their own group. They show group loyalty and they wonder whats wrong with Whites, why don't Whites show loyalty to other Whites?

But Whites do not think of themselves, in most places, as outsiders. Western Civilization was built by Whites and currently that civilization is dominate. Within White countries the Institutions that exist were built by White people. They were also built for White people. Leftists call this White privilege and it is also why those who are not White always feel as if they are outsiders. But Whites do not feel that they are outsiders.

So when there is a problem they feel that they should be able to use the Institutions that Whites built to look after their interests. Most Whites still think that that is true. That the Institutions that their ancestors built still have their best interests at heart. But anyone who has been paying attention knows that this is not true. Multiculturalism, Mass Immigration, No-Fault Divorce, Gender Equality, The Homosexual Agenda are all designed to push Western Civilization over the edge. To create a world without race or sex, a world in truth without humans. But this is insane, it certainly sounds insane and the truth is that most people do not want to know the truth about the world they live in. The truth is too scary, and their right it is scary. 

For most Whites they can ignore the truth most of the time because most of the time the truth doesn't affect them. Or if it does there are other options, I don't like my new neighbours so I move, I don't like what they are teaching at the local school so I find another, I don't like my new co-workers so I get another job. Bit by bit those options are running out. To be honest it can be hard to understand both the big and the small picture, whats happening to both yourself and your country. 

White advocacy isn't about saying I am White and proud, it is about looking after the small interests of White people. Helping them find jobs, housing, sticking up for them when attacked, looking out for each other. We thought that as we built the Institutions that they would be loyal to us, but the truth is that we have been betrayed. They do not serve us or our interests. 

In the future we need to rebuild Institutions, and to do that we need to start rebuilding White communities, White families. Build contacts and help others, do as much as you can without hurting yourself. Lets start to rebuilt and reclaim our Civilization!

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Saturday 17 March 2018

The False Choice of Democracy

Today, the 17th March 2018 there is a by-election in the electorate that I live in. The last Member of Parliament had to resign due to him having joint citizenship. The High Court of Australia has made a complete and utter mess of the issue, but that is for another time.

The electorate of Batman, named after the explorer John Batman not the superhero, is one of the most left wing electorates in Australia. At the last election Labor got around 35% of the vote and The Greens got another 35% of the vote. Labor won the seat by around 1% because of preferences.

The area was once solidly White working class, then it became White and ethnic working class. Since the 1990's the south of the electorate has become increasingly middle class, with a large number of homosexuals, particularly lesbians. Of the 10 suburbs in Melbourne with the largest homosexual population, 3 of the them are in my electorate. The south is solidly Green, the north is solidly Labor, the dividing line is said to be Bell Street which is a major thoroughfare in the northern suburbs of Melbourne Although this election might change that. I live in the north.

Australia has preferential voting, which means that you can vote for anyone you like but you will still end up voting for the winner or runner-up. So there are 10 candidates, but in reality the race is between two, the Labor and the Greens candidate. I will vote Labor in 8th place and The Greens in 9th, but non of the other candidates will win, so my vote will continue to be counted until it ends up with one of those two candidates. In the last election more people voted Green, but more preference votes were for Labor, so Labor won.

When I go to vote in an hour I will get the choice between a refugee loving, Feminist women or a refugee loving, Feminist women. The choices are simply amazing!

The false choice of Democracy.

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Sunday 11 March 2018

Happy Fifth Birthday Upon Hope

Here I am five years to the day after I began this blog, I know that I have lasted longer than most blogs. I'm even more uncertain of the future than I normally am, it's been a tough year. On the other hand I know that there are a number of pokers in the fire, so wish me luck.

The Melbourne Traditionalists are growing in size, slowly, but we are getting good people, solid Traditionalist. Which has encouraged me to organise a conference which I must admit I'm really looking forward to. There are also groups in Sydney and Perth, who I hope to see at the conference.

A constant question I have is why do so few people leave comments? I really don't know. If you want to contact me my email is on the right side of the blog, just above my name. I do receive emails, but to say I get a handful a year is overstating it.

I have heard other bloggers say that blogger will one day simply disappear as it is run by Google and they are Leftists. Maybe, but I must admit I have never really had an issue with either Google or blogger. So I intend to continue as I have up to now.

I have had 148,386 visitors to this blog since I started five years ago, 44,000 this year.
In 2013 I had 15,000 visitors
In 2014 I had 20,000 visitors
In 2015 I had 30,000 visitors
In 2016 I had 38,000 visitors
In 2017 I had 44,000 visitors
As you can see each year has gone up, which I'm grateful for.

My most clicked on article is What do Traditional Conservatives believe? which has been clicked on 5,721 times. I have two equally unpopular articles 95th anniversary and Women in the military, both with 38 clicks each and both on the military.

My visitors fall into three main categories, Americans make up around 40%, Australians around 15% and the remaining 45% are from the rest of the world, non of them are over 10%, but Russia is close on 8%.

Here are some graphs that blogger give me:

Graph of Blogger page views

The biggest spike was in May 2017 and I had 7,655 visitors, the next closest month was July 2016 when I had 5,575 visitors. June 2017 was my worst month in the past year, when I had 2,178 visitors. The downward trend at the end is the current month and we are only 11 days in, so it looks much worse than it is.

Below are the top 10 articles that have been clicked on, with the number of visitors have has received.

What do Traditional Conservatives believe? 5721

Free trade versus protectionism 3319

Why don't the poor marry? 2829

Why do Conservatives believe in different social classes 2722

Feminism, why we are not feminists 2050

What is more important, the past, the present or the future? 2039

Housewives, good for the economy and society 1573

The problems of Monarchy 1523

The balanced society 1394

The discrimination of anti-discrimination  1171

This list will be different from the most popular blog list on the front page of the blog. I believe because that list is weighted towards more recent clicks.

I was told the different between a "Referring URL" and a "Referring Site", but I must confess that I've forgotten what it was.

Referring URLs

Referring Sites

Search Keywords

EntryPageviews maternity leave language:en
upon hope
free trade vs protectionism
free trade versus protectionism
traditional conservatism
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protectionism vs free trade
conclusion of multiculturalism

Here is a map showing the top 10 countries to have visited the blog in the past five years.

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom

The United States, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany are all in the same position as last year. Canada and France have changed places. The Ukraine and the Netherlands are in the same place. China has left the top 10 and has been replaced by Ireland.

Here's looking forward to a bigger and better year and a big thank you to all of you who read this blog!

Mark Moncrieff

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