Thursday 30 May 2019

30 Questions Globalists Can't Answer

Not my video, but I think you'll agree that there are some great questions in there. Unfortunately Youtube is playing silly buggers and won't let me download to it....but here is the link...check it out!

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Saturday 25 May 2019

What do Left and Right Wing Mean?

Today many commentators say that the old idea of there being a Left and a Right wing in politics is outdated. I absolutely do not agree with that argument. The problem is not that it doesn't exist but that it is used to describe too much. In other words it is stretched so far out of shape that it doesn't look like it should.

The best way to explain this is to start with the origins of the terms Right and Left wings. In 1789 in France the King summoned the Estates General, the French Parliament. The King was bankrupt and he needed the Estates General to grant him the power to raise new taxes. However they had not been summoned for decades and they wanted regular Parliaments. This is what started the French Revolution because those who wanted change became impatient with waiting for that change. However not everyone did want change. Those men sat to the right of the Speaker of the Estates and those who did want change sat the left of the Speaker. Those on the Right Wing supported the King and the Church, those who sat on the Left Wing increasing wanted the destruction of those things.

In a wider sense the two wings also represent two views of human nature. On the Right that human nature exists and that we have limits. The Left, that human nature is flexible and that it may be so flexible that for all intents and purpose it doesn't even exist. That way of thinking leads to Utopian thinking, that man and his institutions can be perfected. That if he can be perfect then it is a moral imperative that such perfection be achieved and that it should be achieved as quickly as possible.

The Left Wing won the French Revolution and it has influenced every political philosophy that has come to be since that time. That means that Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Nazism and of course Liberalism are all strictly speaking Left Wing. All believe that human nature is flexible and improvable, even perfectible. All are against Kings and religion. All seek the destruction of such things.

Which means that while the Right Wing exists it is minuscule. It rules in no country and has very few political parties or representatives. We on the Right must accept that we have sunk to such a low level and that it is time to begin rebuilding. That we live under Left Wing governments and Left Wing institutions and that it is not time for despair but instead that it is time to rebuild. It is time to get back into the fight.

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95th Anniversary

Saturday 11 May 2019

The Seventy-Fourth Month

The third month with only three real posts, although I have a real world excuse his time. I have been orgainising a Festival called Britfest that was held on the 4th May. It was a celebration of British heritage and culture. Last year we attracted 300 people, this year 500, which was my target. But it meant I couldn't keep up to date here.

Now I want to change that as the site has been playing second fiddle for too long and it has suffered for it. On the plus side I had an article published at an Australian alt-media site called XYZ, how to vote and help our side, which is pretty much the same article as the one I've published here. Why is it called XYZ? Because the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the ABC ran an ad for many years with the tagline "it's your ABC". Sadly it was obvious that it was their ABC.

I also got a link from A Thrifty Homemaker, always appreciated!

This month I have had 2,975 visitors in total. My worst day this month was when I had 41 visitors on the 26th April. My best day was three days later when I had 260 visitors on the 29th April. My pageviews since I started in March 2013 is currently 199, this week I should click over the 200,000 mark.

April - May

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United Kingdom

United States
United Arab Emirates
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Unknown Region, Brazil and the United Kingdom are the only countries that have gone up this last month, if you can call Unknown Region a country?

The United States, Australia and Russia are down.

France, Italy, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine are in the top 10.

Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Cambodia are out of the top 10.

I have also received visitors from the following countries: Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Kazakhstan, Israel, U.A.E., India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina

I look forward to seeing you all again.
Mark Moncrieff

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The Seventy-Second Month

Thursday 9 May 2019

How to Vote and Help Our Side in the Australian Election

Your vote is your own, you get to decide who to vote for. Obviously I want you to vote to the right of the Liberal party. But it’s not only who you vote for that is important, it’s also important how you vote. Who you vote for may decide who gets into Parliament and who gets to form government. How you vote decides things like financing.

If a candidate in the House of Representatives or group in the Senate get 4% or more of the vote then they get funding from the Australian Electoral Commission, if not then they get nothing. 4% isn’t much, however for a minor candidate or party it takes a huge effort to reach that. For the major parties even running a candidate that is sure to lose will, except in rare cases, get them at least 4%. Meaning that they will normally run in every electorate.

That 4% is only for candidates or groups that are voted for with a ‘1’, in other words for your first vote. Your second and subsequent votes do not count towards funding. So even if your candidate is going to lose but you want to vote for them, if enough people put them ‘1’ then they can still benefit.

In our system of preferential voting all votes flow to the candidates with the highest and second highest votes. Unless a candidate get 50% or more of the vote, voting continues until someone does have 50% or more of the vote. Once that threshold is reached then that candidate has won. However benefits can still be obtained even though a candidate has lost. All candidates regardless of whether they win or lose, who get 4% or more of the vote receives $10,080 in funding. So if 25 candidates each received 4% of the vote in the same electorate they would each get $10,080 in funding. Highly unlikely but theoretically possible. In reality it’s rare for even three candidates to get over 4% each.

For all new candidates that 4% should be the goal.

There is however a second thing to consider when voting, how far down the list do you put the major parties. If your in an electorate with three candidates then there is not much you can do except vote for who you like and against who you don’t like. However if your like me and you have eight candidates then how you vote matters. I urge you to vote as follows:

  1. Any candidates to the right of the Liberals
  2. Any candidate to the left of Labor
  3. All major parties last Liberals/Labor/Greens

Where the Nationals should go is a hard one, they are as ready as anyone to sell us out, but they are good social conservatives, your choice.     

It won’t stop the major parties from getting elected or from forming government, but behind the scenes they take notice. Here is another way to put them under pressure, to let them know that we are not happy with their policies.

So remember

  1. Vote ‘1’ for the best candidate to the right of the Liberal party
  2. Vote first for candidates to the right of the Liberals/to the left of Labor and then the major parties.
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