Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Four Of My Podcasts

Well I have recently had quite a busy time, including going to my brothers wedding at the weekend. I have two recent Melbourne Traditionalists Podcasts, last weeks and this weeks, to put up. I also have finally managed to get my talk from the Melbourne Traditionalists Conference uploaded to YouTube. It took 5 times to finally go up. And then it took 3 days!

Last, I am reloading an episode that I had put up but took the link down. The reason that I did that was that some bot had attached itself to it and I got 800 clicks, but only 80 odd views. Something wasn't right so I took it down and now it is here.

This episode is reloaded.
The Tangent Episode - Melbourne Traditionalists Podcast - Episode Twenty Eight
Episode Twenty Eight
Length: 32 minutes

I did this episode by myself and I talk about how elastic casualty figures can be and what we can learn from the Viet Cong
The Viet Cong Episode - Melbourne Traditionalists Episode - Episode Thirty
Episode Thirty
Length: 24 minutes

This is the talk that I gave at the Melbourne Traditionalists Conference. The video stopped working in the middle of my talk so we had to use a second video so there is a few minutes where my talk is repeated.
The History of Cultural Marxism
Melbourne Traditionalists Conference 2019
Length: 32 minutes

David Hiscox from XYZ is back and we talk about how domestic violence is portrayed, about how we write, Married at First Sight and it's critics and then we finish talking about Polygamy.
The Family Breakup Episode - Melbourne Traditionalists - Episode Thirty One
Episode Thirty One
Length: 30 minutes

Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future
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