Saturday 16 March 2013

Left or Social Liberalism

Left or Social Liberalism 
While Right Economic Liberals are concerned with the economy, Left Social Liberals are concerned with society. They both agree that progress is the greatest good that can be pursued. But what does progress mean? It means the idea that the individual should be freed of constraints, that no one should be able to tell the individual what to do. That the individual is the basic building block of society, not communities or families they obscure the individual. The individual is autonomous, free from the restrictions that other people put on them. It’s base is that we are rational creatures, that we act in our own best interest, our own selfish interest at all times and they say that is how we should act. 

To achieve this they support issues such as human rights, the individual doesn’t have responsibilities to others the individual has rights. What is good for the individual is important not what is good for society. The fact that society is made up of numerous individuals doesn’t matter. Only a society made up of all individuals would be a truly human society, the society we live in now, according to many Left Social Liberals is not fully human. Only a fully autonomous individual can be totally human. Of course most of us like our families, most of us more than like our families we love them. But many Left Social Liberals say that the family, all families, hold back the individual, stops them from being fully human.  According to them families stop personal growth, they require effort and money that should be spent on the individual. The individual is set at war against all authority, with the exception of their own thoughts and desires.

 While the Right Economic Liberal values the economy being free from limitations, so the Left Social Liberal values the freedom of the individual from limitations. 

In a great irony Left Social Liberals are interested in social issues because they wish for the destruction of society. They wish for it's replacement, a world were the individual can live the life that they desire without restrictions. They believe that once that is achieved then the Human race is on a new level, more evolved, better. 

Liberalism = Progress
Progress = Freedom
Freedom = Evolved
Evolved  = Perfection

The Left Social Liberals say look at how wonderful the prize, only a fool or the evil would stand in the way, after-all who doesn't want a better world? Give it a try, who knows you might enjoy it and what can it hurt to try? I'm afraid I'm just not that brave or stupid to fall for that one.

The Left Social Liberal parties:

Australia -The Australian Labor Party, The Australian Greens, The Australian Democrats

The United Kingdom - The Labor Party, The Liberal-Democratic Party

The United States - The Democratic Party

Upon Hope - A Conservative Future

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