Tuesday 31 March 2020

Death and Covid-19

Covid-19 the current virus spreading around the world sure has a lot of people worried. For some people that fear is justified. But as I have said before, unless there is something we are not being told the current death rate does not in any way justify what is going on. When I say that I get a few people telling me that I am quite wrong and that it is very serious.

So lets look at how serious this is using Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA as our sample. Population, annual and the daily deaths are rounded off.

Population: 25,000,000
Death rate: 6.622 per 1000
Annual deaths: 165,000
Daily deaths: 450
Deaths from Covid-19: 19

Population: 60,000,000
Death rate: 10.566 per 1000
Annual deaths: 630,000
Daily deaths: 1,700
Deaths from Covid-19: 11,591

Population: 17,000,000
Death rate: 8,812 per 1000
Annual deaths: 150,000
Daily deaths: 400
Deaths from Covid-19: 1039

United Kingdom
Population: 66,000,000
Death rate: 9.398
Annual deaths: 620,000
Daily deaths: 1700
Deaths from Covid-19: 1408

United States
Population: 327,000,000
Death rate: 8.782
Annual deaths: 2,800,000
Daily deaths: 7,800
Deaths from Covid-19: 3175

Death rates come from here.

Deaths from Covid-19 come from here. The figures are correct as of the 31st March 2020.

Covid-19 was first detected in Australia on the 24th January 2020, 24th January - 31st March is 68 days with a total of 19 deaths. Less than a full days worth of deaths in normal times.

In Italy it was first detected on the 29th January, 29th January -31st March is 63 days with a total of 11,591 deaths. 7 days worth of deaths in normal times.

In the Netherlands it was first detected on the 26th February, 26th February-31st March is 35 days with a total of 1039 deaths. 3 days worth of deaths in normal times.

In the UK it was first detected on the 30th January, 30th January-31st March is 62 days with a total of 1408 deaths. Less than 1 days worth of deaths in normal times.

In the US it was first detected on the 20th January, 20th January-31st March is 72 days with a total of 3175 deaths. Less than 1 days worth of deaths in normal times.

In Sierra Leone 100% of people with Covid-19 have died, that single person was very unfortunate. As are all those who have died or suffered due to this illness.

31st March 2020 here
Covid-19 cases: 802, 748
Deaths from Covid-19: 39,019
Recovered from Coovid-19: 172,319

If you do catch it the death rate is close to 5%, which means 1 in 20 people who have it will die.

Recovery from Covid-19, at the current rate that is 21%, or 1 in 5.

Worldwide there are 103 cases per million with 5 deaths per million.

It seems that the vast majority of deaths have occurred among people aged 70 and older who are already seriously sick. People who are in danger of dying in normal times. I am not saying that they should not be looked after or protected, but the truth is that we all will die. One day for each and every one of us it will be our time.

Nothing I have seen justifies what is happening right now, nothing!

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  1. The actual death rate is 21%. This is the outcomes on worldometer.

    1. When everyone who dies with it is listed as having died from it how accurate as these numbers?