Thursday, 16 January 2020

Link Love IX

Time for some more link love:

A great explanation of the sexual hierarchy

A reminder that the changes we see around us is not just about bad philosophy

A sad but revealing tale of regret, even if she doesn't quite understand why

'Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another' H.L. Mencken

Maybe the Green movement and the Right have some things in common!

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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

It's About Us!

We have many enemies, we have many who want to break us down. Many on our side notice this, they notice that not all our enemies look or sound like us. They want others to notice. The Jews, the Muslims, the Blacks, the list goes on. I am not saying they are wrong to notice, or to point it out. However it does miss a very important point.

It's not about them, it's about us!

We should spend far more time on building up our side instead of noticing our enemies. We need to build our networks, our communities, our future.

I find far to many people thinking about our enemies, instead of thinking about us. We are the important people, not because we are better or worse, but because we are us. Everyone needs to look after the interests of their own people. Including us, we need to spend less time thinking about how they did us wrong and more time on looking after our own. Because once we do that we have rejected the bitterness of the black pill. We have begun to build our own future. To support our own people.

Concentrating on our enemies also does two things that we need to reject.

1. We don't think about the traitors, our own kind who are our bitterest and most dangerous enemy.

2. Our enemies are raised up as a supernatural force, one that can be hated but never defeated.

Treason is our great foe.

And the idea that our enemies can never be defeated must itself be defeated.

Everyone of us needs to do more to support our own people. Employ our people, date, marry and have children with our own people. Do everything in your power, no matter how big or small to support our people. Taste the bitterness of the black pill and then spit it out. Do not give into despair, do not give into the idea that we are defeated or that we are out of the fight. We have not begun to fight. The tide is turning and we need you!

This is not about them, this is about us!

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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Australian Bushfires - Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Twenty-Four

In this episode I have David Hiscox from XYZ and Mark Richardson Oz Conservative here with me. We talk about the Australian bushfires and how the broad Left has sort to benefit from this tragedy.

Length: 25 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!
Episode Twenty Four

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Monday, 13 January 2020

From ABC to XYZ: Alt-Media in Australia

David Hiscox, the editor of XYZ gave this talk at the Melbourne Traditionalists Conference in October 2019. In it he talked about his childhood and his political awakening. As well as talking about XYZ.

Length: 54 minutes

Click on the link and enjoy!
From ABC to XYZ

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Sunday, 12 January 2020

The Veteran Crisis

Since 2001 and the attacks on New York and Washington D.C. military personal have been in Afghanistan and since 2003 Iraq. Today there are still forces there. That means that since 2001 we have had troops returning from those wars zones. These men and they are overwhelmingly men, have returned to a veterans system that doesn't seem to work. What is failing them and what are the issues that they have to struggle with?

Lets start with some normally unrecognized things that create problems for veterans. The first is that military life is planned, what you are doing tomorrow, someone else has already decided that. The individual has little to no say over what they do from day to day. Sometimes that's not true, but normally it is. You also don't have much autonomy, the job you do you have been trained to do, in a specific way. Everything about your life is planned. Even many of your own time is planned by someone else, everyone goes for a beer, or to the gym, or whatever it is someone else has planned it. It is so pervasive that you don't even think about it.

As a civilian you need to make decisions all the time. In the military a large number of people can tell you what to do, but as a civilian that is rarely true. That means that life had a structure and now it does not. Instead of it being a solid it becomes a liquid. You also can lose a sense of purpose. In the military you have a purpose, if you don't do your job people could die. You serve something greater than yourself. But once you have left the military it can seem that no one has a purpose, that structure is gone. You need to find your own purpose, which is not easy at all.

Another factor is money, in the military you can be well paid. I know that in Australia it's probably the best paying job you can get in your late teens. You get used to that, you think that that amount of money is normal. Why wouldn't you? However not many jobs in the real world pay as well with no qualifications. For many leaving the military can see a drop in their standard of living. If your married or have children this can be quite a shock. For those who have to go on a pension it is a big drop. You have to change every expectation you had down and that is not an easy thing. It leads to depression and often people don't understand why, they understand that they have less money, but not necessarily that it can also affect how they feel about life. 

Then we have PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, this a medical condition were by people who have been in life threatening situations find it hard to cope with the aftermath. Normal stresses seem extreme, horrific moments are relived and life becomes an effort to survive having survived.

I think of this as a filing problem, think of this. Your mind is like a filing cabinet, every experience you have is filed away in the filing cabinet. However most of our experiences are perfectly mundane, things that we have experienced hundreds, if not thousands of times before. For example we get up in the morning, get dress and walk to the shops, very mundane. Each experience is filed into it's appropriate place. But what happens if you get up in the morning, get dress, walk to the shops and a meteorite hits the Earth and kills a group of people in front of your eyes. Your mind tries to file these things away in there appropriate place, but where is the appropriate place for a meteorite crashing to the Earth and killing people?

So instead of it being filed away it instead keeps repeating itself over and over again looking for a place to file it. Experiences need a place to reside in our mind, even bad experiences. When they are filed then they are contained. Many people find this too painful and they turn to drugs, legal and illegal and/or alcohol to help them cope. And while these things may be needed for a time. For the mind to get back under control it needs to be able to think and the purpose of drugs and alcohol is to stop the thinking process. To numb it into submission. However in reality that prolongs the agony, the mind needs to file this experience away it needs to get the experience under control. Until this happens the mind cannot heal.

Then we have something that is becoming a bigger problem for everyone, isolation. After WWII people liked to join everything. But from the 1960's onward's that has reversed. Today people don't like to join anything. They want everything to be informal, no commitments. However this means that you do not interact with people. Sure you might have 1000 friends on Facebook or on some other part of the internet. The internet tricks us, it makes strangers seem like they know us, like we know them, but thats not true. The reason we can talk so openly to people on the internet is because our relationship is in reality superficial. There is rarely any substance there. Only in real life can you gain that substance. Most people are lucky to have 5 people who they could call friend. And a friend is not someone you know, or even someone you call a friend. A friend is someone who you can turn up on their doorstep at 3am and they are glad that you turned to them for help.   

The best way to help yourself is by reengaging with other people and with organisations in real life. Find others who served and talk to them, do not try to pretend that that part of your life didn't happen. But also connect with people and activities that are not service related. Join a group or start a group, be active in your community. Do not isolate yourself and be of service to others, serve a cause greater than yourself.

A veteran might not be able to change the system but they can help themselves and the lives of others. I encourage you if you are a veteran to help.

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Saturday, 11 January 2020

The Eighty-Second Month

In December I had 5,103 visitors making it my fifth best month ever. Between the 11th December and the 11th January I had 4,058 visitors, so lower than last month. But on only 6 days have the numbers been under 100, every other day has been over.

I have also started to record my articles and have begun putting them on the Melbourne Traditionalists podcast on YouTube. They have quite small numbers, but every bit helps get out the word. 

My best day this month was the 15th December when I had 511 visitors and my worst day was the 25th December when I only had 41 visitors...I guess people had better things to do that day!

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region
Australia is the only country that is up.

The United States, Russia, France, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Canada, Unknown Region and Germany are all down.

Argentina has left the top 10 and Spain has come in.

I have had visitors from the following countries: Ireland, Isle of Man, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Turkey, U.A.E., Iran, Nepal, Seychelles, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan, Nigeria, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina.

I look forward to seeing you all again
Mark Moncrieff

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Friday, 10 January 2020

Children Need To Play

'One in four Aussie kids doesn't have anywhere to play at home' that is according to research commissioned by Ikea. That's appalling!

In the past children could play in the street or in their backyard, but now that is getting harder to do. Today most people do not have experience with children, in the past that wasn't true. Whether you wanted to or not you had experience. And of course most mothers did not work, so that meant that children could play in the street because many eyes we keeping them safe. Cars were much noisier which also meant it was safer to play in the street.

We the increase in the size of houses and the destruction of backyards, the available space for children to play has also decreased. They cannot play in the street or in a backyard, their option are limited.

Parents are also much more involved than in the past, instead of letting children find their own entertainment. Yes this sometimes let to trouble. It also lead to self reliance and parents disciplining their children when things did lead to trouble. To develop into self sufficient adults children need time to work things out on their own. To find out their own limits and interests. They need time to be bored and to find ways to not be bored...or boring.

Today another obstacle to play is technology. TV's, computers, mobile phones, even headphones. All of these things restrict play. It is not that they do not have there place, they do. It is that while they may provide entertainment or distraction, they do not allow children to play. Play serves two purposes, one it allows children to learn about the adult world and secondly it helps to develop their physical and communication skills. Play helps children to grow and children who do not play suffer.

Play is not simply fun for a child it is education, development and growth, all in one. Sure they need other things, play is not all that a child needs. But they do need play and they need a place to play. They need to be able to design their own rules, they need to fail, they need to learn about human nature, they need to learn their limits, they need to learn other peoples limits and they need to succeed on their own as well. Play allows all of this to happen and as a society we need to give children a place to play. We need to stop building bigger houses and build bigger backyards!

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