Saturday, 21 September 2019

Feminism is a Test

In a recent article I asked do women have agency, in which I said that the traditional view was that men have agency and women do not. I further said that the traditional view was also the modern view. I then wrote another article feminism versus women, in which I said that feminism does not help or protect women. If that is true then why do women support feminism?

What benefit do women receive for supporting feminism?

To understand this we must accept that men and women are biological creatures, which means that we exist to fulfill a role, different roles. That is obvious if you compare the differences between the male and the female body. Men for example are much bigger and stronger than women. Today we see movies and tv programs were petite women are fighting and defeating large groups of big men. So many people are confused, on purpose, about how much stronger a man is compared to a women. One average man is as strong as two average women. Women at the peak of their physical fitness in their 20's have as much strength and stamina as a man in his mid-50's.

Women are both weaker and more passive than men. Men are attracted to his, just as women are attracted to the opposite. However in the real world men come in all shapes and sizes, physically and mentally. In a direct challenge men win, so women have had to find other ways of getting what they need or want. One method is to test men. Now most men find these tests very unfair as normally the test is done secretly, which they are, but for women they serve an important function.

There are a number of things we need to understand about tests.

1) They provide a way for a women to test a man without openly challenging him

2) Testing is normally done because a women feels insecure

3) Women do not always know that they are testing a men, it may be conscious or subconscious

4) Whether the test is conscious or subconscious she always knows if a man has passed or failed the test

5) Women are greatly comforted and attracted to a man when he passes a test and the opposite when he fails

6) Women want men to pass the tests they give them

7. A women will not help you pass your test, it's not her test, it's yours.

Like most things, testing can serve a good or a bad purpose, overdone it destroys trust, relationships, marriages and lives. Most of the time the man passes it and doesn't even realise or it creates frustrations between men and women. Men would like to know that they are being tested and women feel that that is a big part of the test. Women want men to lead, to make decisions and to have good judgement. That is why when a man passes a test women are comforted and attracted to the man.

What does all this have to do with Feminism?

Feminism is the female centred branch of Liberalism. Therefore it includes womens attributes. Women test men, Feminism is simply upscaled to include society. Instead of simply being between one man and one women, it is now between all men and all women. Which means that when Feminists insist on speaking for all women, it is men not women who must speak back. Women go along with it because they want to be lead, many want to know what to think. They are passive.

If men had simply said no to Feminism, then the world would be a very different place. But instead when Feminism made demands men accepted them. Which lead to more outrageous demands. And here is the sad truth about Feminism, the more it gets the madder it gets. It is insatiable because it doesn't want what it has or what it demands, what it wants is for men to pass the test. For men to accept their responsibilities and to provide leadership.

And even though women want men to pass this test they will not help us pass it, it's our test not theirs!

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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Melbourne Traditionalists Conference 2019 in One Month

Only one month until the Conference.

The location of the venue will be announced to Conference attendees the week of the Conference. However it is in the inner suburbs of Melbourne and as good as the last venue.

If anyone who is attending has any dietry or mobility requirements it's best to let me know via email.

Date: 18 October, Friday 7pm, Meet and Greet
          19 October, Saturday, 10am-5pm Conference
          7pm, Banquest

Venue: Inner suburb of Melbourne

Cost: Concession $75
          Full Price $110
          (everything in Australian Dollars, if you are unsure if you are Concession or Full Price send me an email)

Register: To register and pay for the Conference go to trybooking

Lecture Topics:

1. Shelley and the origins of Liberal thought

2. E.F. Schumacher: Small is Beautiful

3. From ABC to XYZ: Alt-Media in Australia

4. International Baking and You

5. Class Warfare to White Genocide: The origins of Cultural Marxism

What do you get for your money? 5 lectures, Lunch and Banquet, all non-alcoholic drinks and if last year was anything to go by some really great attendees.

If anyone has any questions please send me an email at uponhopeblog(AT)

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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Feminism Versus Women

Feminism is the Ladies Auxiliary of Liberalism. It likes to think of itself as a separate and distinct philosophy. But it's job has always been to extend Liberal thinking from 'men only' to include women. What that means is that Liberal men support Feminism, because they correctly think of it as 'their' philosophy. Put another way Liberalism and Feminism are in most regards the same philosophy.

Liberalism makes many claims about itself, many of them quite grandiose, however it is quite shy about many of it's achievements. It does not like to talk about how it achieved it's long list of 'reforms'. In 1800, there was no civil divorce, women rarely got custody of the children, women couldn't own property, they couldn't vote and abortion was both a sin and illegal.

Today all of those things are legal, and they are regarded as great achievements that Feminism brought to the world.

So who made civil divorce legal? Liberal men did.

Who made no fault divorce legal? Liberal men

Who made sure that women got custody of the children? Liberal men

Who gave women property rights? Liberal men

Who gave women the vote? Liberal men

Who legalized abortion? Liberal men

Isn't Feminism supposed to be about female liberation?

But here is the dirty little secret of Feminism, it has hardly achieved anything by itself. It has always had men do the hard work while it took the credit.

Liberalism rejects human nature, man is not made in the image of God, man is self-made. Feminism says that women is also self-made. In other words we are not part of nature, but outside and above nature. We can transform nature and ourselves. It also means that our natural desires are unnatural, because we are not part of nature, so it is impossible for us to have natural desires. Breaking up human nature is part of the Liberal and therefore the Feminist projects.

It does not matter whether something is good or bad for people. If a particular policy hurts women, that is neither here or there, what matters is, is it good for the project? Is it good for creating the Autonomous Individual? That is what matters.

Feminism does not work to support or protect women, it serves a Master not a Mistress.

It's Master is Liberalism and Liberalism aim is to destroy the world as it is and to create a perfect world. A Liberal world, the world of the Autonomous Individual.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Do Women Have Agency?

Agency means 'anything which acts or produces a result'. Traditionally nearly ever culture has accepted that men have Agency, men made things happen and that also meant that men were responsible for the outcome of those actions. Men were responsible for the government, armies, religions and families. Because men were active.

Traditionally, women in most cultures, although not all, were seen as having no Agency. Their responsibilities were to people, normally relatives, not to institutions or to the wider culture or civilization. Women were regarded as passive, at best reactive. So when the Empire fell and the armies were scattered and the old Gods forgotten, it wasn't women's fault, because they had neither the power nor the responsibilities to maintain those things. It was men who had failed and it was men, other men, who had caused these things to pass. Because men are active and women are passive.

But because people are fallible this was not always adhered to, sometimes women did get the blame. Although the blame that attaches to women is nearly always about sexual and personal morality. You would think that all this would be a thing of the past, and that now that we are endlessly told about the equality of men and women it would not be an issue.

However all around us people and institutions hold on to the traditional view of agency, men are active and women are passive. If you listen to or read the news you will see story after story about events happening to women, not about how women shape events but how events shape women. Women are nearly always portrayed as being shaped by their environment. In a sense they are like rocks in a stream, shaped by the forces around them.

In those same news stories you will read about the most evil men, the smartest and the dumbest criminals, politicians, businessmen, sportsmen and what they all have in common is that they are active. They make things happen, they have agency. They are not shaped by events, they shape events. In a sense they are like water in a stream, they shape the environment around them.

This view of agency is not absolute, it is simply overwhelming.

Now one group who you would think would reject the traditional view of agency is Feminists. However much of Feminist thinking adheres rigidly to the traditional view. Whenever there is a dispute between a man and a women the man is responsible for things being this way. Men are active, men make things happen, men are responsible for the outcome of events. That is both traditional and Feminist thinking. Were they part company is that Feminism believes that women should also not be held responsible for either sexual or personal morality, something that tradition does.

Here Feminism is at cross purposes, on the one hand they insist that men are responsible in our personal life but not women. On the other they insist that women are fully capable of agency when it comes to politics and economics. There is no difference between a male and a female politician or CEO. But in dating, divorce, domestic violence, children and any number of other interpersonal issues women have no agency, these things happen to women and men are responsible.

To show how far they push this they insist that a women should be able to walk naked at 3 am through a pack of bikies and that nothing should happen to her. They believe, just as Liberalism does, that life should not have consequences. However most people would be quite shocked by this occurring, because we would wonder why a women would put herself in such a dangerous situation. Why would a women set herself up?

If something did occur to this women, Feminists would deny fervently that the women in question was in any way responsible. If women are passive and have no agency then they cannot be held responsible, because only people with agency can be responsible for an event occurring. Men have agency so anything that happens would be the responsibility of men. That's why Feminists insist that men should stop being rapists. A women cannot set herself up, men make things happen, women are passive, things happen to them. 

Our civilization does not believe that women have agency, it sticks to the traditional belief. While still insisting that if a women chooses to have agency then she does have it. Communists call this an internal contradiction, and they say that this is what causes systems to fail. It might be one of the few things that Communists are right about!

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Monday, 16 September 2019

Melbourne Traditionalists Episode Nine

Normally we do the podcast on a Monday morning, but last week and this week, due to circumstances we moved it to Thursday. So why are you getting this on Monday? 

Because for some reason Youtube didn't upload the video. Today it did it in 15 minutes which unheard of for me. Anyway you should get two this week, one now and one Friday or Saturday.

This week we talk about women and a little about immigration, but mostly about women.

27 minutes long

Click on the link and enjoy!

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Saturday, 14 September 2019

Competition or Collusion?

This weekend I am interstate, I'm visiting family in Adelaide and using my brothers computer to write this. I was hoping to move some furniture at the same time so I contacted some hire companies to hire a moving van.

I called Budget, one of the hire companies and spoke to a women in the Philippines who quoted me $109 which I queried as it seemed to cheap. The women insisted that the price was correct, but I didn't book a vehicle as it was smaller than I wanted. I then rang Eurocar who quoted me $642 for the exact same thing. I then called Thrifty and they said I had to hire the vehicle for 5 days at a cost of $1800!

The next day I went into my nearest Budget store to see if it really was $109, it wasn't. The Indian man who served me told me I had to hire the vehicle for 2 days and it would also cost $1800. I said no thanks and went home to see what quote the call centre would give me now. I called and spoke to Mr. X ( in these call centres they all have fake English names, some have very good English and others can hardly pronounce their fake names correctly), Mr. X is neither his real or his fake name.

I told him what I was after and then I asked him for a quote and he said to me that the computer system was down and that he would call me back when it came back online. I waited and waited and I was getting worried so I decided to call Avis. I called and the operator said his name was Mr. X, that's a coincidence I thought. I told him what I was after and then he said 'our computer system is down' at which point I realised it was no coincidence, I was speaking to the exact same operator!

I started laughing at which point Mr. X asked me 'is that you Mark!'!

At which point he started laughing and why not.

So now I know that Budget and Avis use the exact same call centre in the Philippines, the question is how many of these 'competitors' use this call centre?

Just how competitive is this industry?

I'd also like to know why an Australian in Australia trying to hire a vehicle to use in Australia, needs to speak to someone in the Philippines?

From the prices I was quoted I felt like I was buying gold instead of hiring a vehicle for a day. In the end I didn't hire anything. We are supposed to have a free enterprise economic system, whereby competition should drive down prices and that is our reward for the inequities of the system. There is no such thing as perfection in human affairs, most people accept that. Economics is no exception. Today the old arguments do not work, what justification exists for us being exploited by corporations for the exclusive benefit of corporations?

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

The Seventy-Eighth Month

The last month has been my second best month ever!

In August I had 5,910 visitors, in the last 30 days I have had 5,477 visitors, which puts the last 30 days in third place. I'm very happy with those figures. My best day was the 31st August when I had 657 visitors and my worst day was the 16th August when I had 54 visitors.

I have been blogging for 6 1/2 years and at this time of year I give out the top 10 most read posts. This list is different from what is on the left of the front page, I believe the reason for that is that the list on the left is weighted towards more recent visitor numbers. While the list I will provide is not. Listed below are the top 12, the numbers in brackets are the number of times they have been clicked on.

(6362) What Do Traditional Conservatives Believe?

(3678) Free Trade Versus Protectionism

(3370) Why Don't the Poor Marry?

(3193) Why Do Conservatives Believe in Different Social Classes?

(2308) Feminism, Why We Are Not Feminists

(2211) What Is More Important, The Past, The Present or The Future?

(2058) The Balanced Society

(2016) The Problems of Monarchy

(2001) Housewives, Good For The Economy And Society

(1290) Multiculturalism, The Conclusion

(1268) Is There a Path For Men Anymore?

(1228) The Discrimination of Anti-Discrimination

In the Seventy-Eight months that this blog has been running I have had over 91,000 American, 33,000 Australian and 15,000 Russian visitors.

August - September

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region
July - August 

United States
United Kingdom
Unknown Region

As you can see I have had a massive increase from the United States!

Australia, Germany and Canada are also up.

Unknown Region is basically the same.

The Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Russia are all down.

The Philippines has entered the top 10 and France has left.

I have also had visitors from the following countries: Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Israel, U.A.E., India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Ghana, South Africa, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Brazil, Peru, Argentina

I look forward to seeing you all again
Mark Moncrieff

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