Monday 20 May 2013

Multiculturalism: The Conclusion

Multiculturalism: The Conclusion

Multiculturalism has always been a lie; it pretends that it exists to create a fairer society. That civil society is racist and that only the Government can make it fairer. That these poor immigrants need the Governments protection from the average native born citizen. When of course it is the Governments duty to protect all equally under the rule of law, not just immigrants. If any of that was true the arrival of immigrants would stop. 

Multiculturalism is supposed to mean that different cultures can live side by side, which of course means that the native culture is now not the dominate culture to which immigrants assimilate, but just one amongst a whole range of cultures and non can be considered superior. But if non is superior all standards are lost because that means there is no longer any standards. Many have pointed this out before and the argument back is always the same “that’s racist”. 

They know they cannot defend multiculturalism because what it really means is extremely unpopular. What multiculturalism really means is multi-racial, but they do not say that because they know it would be like throwing dynamite into a fire. It would expose the anti-white racism that lies behind their own policies, the policies of multiculturalism and mass immigration. 

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