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Conspiracy, when even dead children aren't enough

Conspiracy, when even dead children aren't enough

Last night was a meeting of the Eltham Traditionalist meeting and all went well until late in the evening when one regular member decided to announce that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a false flag operation. For those who don't know, a false flag operation is when Group A does something and Group B gets the blame because Group A planned it that way. In other words Adam Lanza either didn't carry out the massacre or he did carry out the massacre but someone else was behind it. At first I tried to ignore it, but he wanted my opinion so I gave it too him. Now he and everyone still there at the time knows of my contempt of those who believe in conspiracy theories and I don't see why the internet shouldn't know either.

A conspiracy is a plan formulated in secret by two or more people to carry out some kind of action. A conspiracy theory is the idea that a conspiracy has taken place.

When a conspiracy is investigated evidence will point to the existence of a conspiracy, but a conspiracy theory doesn't have evidence and sadly it doesn't need evidence. It is the idea that a conspiracy exists that is important not the actual conspiracy. Actual evidence of a conspiracy might get in the way of the idea, how is this different to how Leftist operate?

Conspiracy versus Conspiracy Theory

After I got home last night I went looking for the "evidence" and found this Top Ten Reasons Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax my dictionary defines a hoax as "a mischievous trick or something intended to deceive". Lets have a look at some of their Top 10 list:

1. Proof of death has been suppressed

They complain that no photos of the dead were released and that proves a conspiracy, to my mind all it proves is that the authorities had the common decency not to allow the media to show photographs of dead children. The proof of death isn't a photograph it's a corpse. 27 dead bodies apparently aren't proof, nor 27 funerals, nor more than 20 grieving families.

4. There was foreknowledge of the event

This was a major theme last night, that a memorial site was put up before the event. Here is what this site says about that claim "a tribute was apparently uploaded one month before the event, and web pages honoring the victims, including a Facebook page R.I.P. Victoria Soto, were established before they had “officially” died.". But when you look at it that isn't evidence, that is a claim. There is no evidence of this website existing at all. I also know that just because you put something on the internet does not mean that the internet agrees with your clock. When I started this blog it was on Bloggers server, in the United States where as I live in Australia. So an article would have a time more than 12 hours wrong. Now it is in Australian hours. 


6. Adam Lanza cannot have done the shooting

Apparently Adam Lanza was a puny boy who couldn't possibly have carried all of the weapons and ammunition he carried. To prove it they provide a photo, of a teenaged Adam Lanza, not a photo of the 20 year old Adam Lanza, a man, who actually carried out the shooting. It is also claimed he couldn't be as accurate or proficient with the weapons. But he was proficient, he had been handling weapons since he was a boy, he killed his victims in classrooms not on a firing range so he was very close to them when he fired. You don't need to be that proficient in a confined space.

8. Photos at scene and of victims look staged or fake

The photo shown with the children in a line doesn't look fake, in fact the girl in the middle looks terrified. That not all photographs were up to date should not be a surprise to anyone, it's amazing that anyone could think that it would be. 

9. The crime scene was completely destroyed

After the police have done their investigation why exactly would you still need the building? Once a crime scene has had the bodies removed and the area is cleaned, then it is no longer useful. All of the evidence has either been recovered or destroyed. Once that is done there is no need to keep the building, it's no longer a crime scene.

10. Deceased children sang at the Super Bowl

Are these people that stupid or do they believe that we are that stupid? It defies believe that a conspiracy would pretend to murder children and then have them appear at the Super Bowl!!!!!!

The best they can come up with is not all procedures were followed and some people acted strangely on what for nearly all of them will be the most traumatic event in their entire life. 

The "evidence" is pathetic!

The problem with conspiracy theorists is that they believe our world is magical and that only they can see it, how clever they are, the Harry Potters in a world full of Muggles. But I've got late breaking news for you, Harry Potter is made up and for that matter so are Muggles. They claim they are searching for the truth but they hate the truth because the truth is most things are not conspiracies they are mistakes, incompetence, miscommunications but not conspiracies. So the only thing they can uncover is what they want to find not what exists, that is only boring facts. The real irony is that they are not the answer to uncovering real conspiracies, they are the very false flags that they think they are revealing. But what they and their theories do is hide the real conspiracies. They are not the solution they are the problem.

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